WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – JULY #29-23

photo by Philippe Conquet

  • East Germany new wave /darkwave /synthwave solo project, Oliver Decrow “I Close My Eyes” single [COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC]

Fresh from signing to the usual attentive Cold Transmission, East German bass synth prone dark electronic artist unleashes ceaselessly dancing undulating low end sequences interlaced with cutting echoing crispy claps and repetitive slashing beats, shaded by lonely looping synth stabs, whilst desperate aching vocals, reverb fear and despair into an ominous obsession of disconnected visions.

  • Kazakhstan post-punk /darkwave solo project moonvampire “Pathetic” single

Young newcomer from Kazakhstan, who although in his overtly lacking of originality, through his recently released early 3 tracks so far, shows glimpses of an unrefined yet intriguing talent in wandering on gravely melancholic and nostalgic dark strains of Post-punk, made of cold drum machines, barren stark shady riffs, throbbing bass line ripples, and eerie sinister synth stabs, while, as in the latest short and intense “Pathetic”, a cold confident vocal confession, drop doubt and shame into dire shivering glows of insight and regret.

  • Mannheim, Germany industrial /darkwave solo project Endless Me “Feast Upon The Living” single

Atmospheric, relentlessly enshrouding, menacing Bass-driven Darkwave from South-Western Germany, that slowly unfolds in murky dusk over a transfixing bleak pensive interplay of a sonorous broody bassline, glistening pained guitar echoes and sprawling forlorn humming synths, to haunt dry, cold soulless vocals with sinister thrills and predatory auras.

  • Brazilian Dark Wave /Post-punk / ‘Raw Wave’ project of “Mamede” from Rio de Janeiro, Seashore Darkcave – “Insomne Mare” from “Synthtales” EP on Paranoia Musique
  • Minden, Germany electronic pop solo project Wellenstrom “The Perfect Ratio”
  • North American ambient /drone /kraut /cosmic disco /psychedelic /wave /experimental music project led by Kip Uhlhorn, aka Cloudland Canyon “Internet Dreams” from S/T album [Medical Records]
  • Helsinki/Leipzig-based Synth-pop /Electro /Wave trio LSSNS “Gemini” single from the upcoming debut album “Transit” on sinnbus                                                                                                                                                      
  • NYC darkwave/ambient noir /coldwave /electropop solo project R. Missing “My Time As a Ghostly Someone Else” single
  • Copenhagen, Danish post-punk /dream pop act Violence “Sublime” single
  • England industrial /synthpop /new wave /deathpop act (FKA Vukovar), The Tearless Life “The Conversations With Angels” debut single via Other Voices Records.
  • Montreal-based goth /post-punk /darkwavers 4-piece Scene Noir “Another Night Of London Rain” from “Violent Summer” EP via Velouria Recordz
  • Quebec lo-fi /electronic /synthpop solo project of MD (ex-singer/guitarist of duo Calomine), Nœud – “Cracked Shadow” single
  • London, UK minimal analogue synth primitive-electronic DIY music project THIS IS THE BRIDGE “Centrifuge” from the new album “New English Pastoral”
  • Fukuoka, Japan primitive mutant wave solo project Mojo Beatnik “Hex” from s/t album [Kernkrach]
  • Swiss dark electronic /synth-pop /synth-wave duo CØLDSTAR “When Night Falls” single
  • Portuguese EBM /electro /synth-pop /darkwave producer from Lisbon (aka FX Return, U.M.M., Mindphaze), Floating Ashes “Lies” off the new EP “Impulse”
  • Magdeburg, Germany Synth-Pop /Dark Wave band PLASTIC AUTUMN “Wasted Years” from the album “Dystopia”
  • San Diego-based Mexican synth electronic /post-punk /deathwave solo project, Vestron Vulture “Tell me when I’m telling lies” single
  • Sacramento, CA goth /post-punk /darkwave solo project PLEASURE POLICY “Eaten Alive” from the new EP “Everything Is Done In The Service Of Intensity And Emotion”
  • Californian dark house /dark wave /electronic producer Vick Vapors “It Didn’t Work” single
  • Nashville, Tennessee goth /post-punk /wave /synthpop music project by Jay Leo Phillips, aka General Trust “Stripes” single
  • Alicante, Spanish new wave /darkwave duo, Nueve Desconocidos “Soledad” single
  • West Palm Beach, FL post-punk /synthpop /synth-wave duo Violet Silhouette “Hierda Demoniaca” single
  • Mexican goth /post-punk /darkwave duo Rey Rata “Eres Loco” single.
  • Little Rock‘s post-punk /synth-pop /synthwave /darkwave one-man-band Clusters Of Fornication “Elegy (featuring Jaime Lee)” single
  • Seattle, WA gothic /industrial /darkwave /synth-wave act Mostellaria “Club Diabola” single
  • Russian electronic /alternative /darkwave duo DIVOLE “Stains” single
  • Milwaukee, WI industrial /techno /EBM solo project Choke Chain “Burial” single from the upcoming album “Mortality”
  • Chicago, IL industrial metal act led by Dave McAnally, aka Derision Cult “Deaf Blood (Actors Mix)” off “Mercenary Notes Pt 1” EP on Glitch Mode Recordings
  • Hamilton, UK goth /darkwave project of Lea Torn, The Secret Experiment – “Fireworks” from V/A “La Danse Macabre 14” compilation via At Sea Compilations
  • Santiago, Chile Post-Punk/ Goth-Rock 3-piece VACVVM “Espinas” single
  • Mexican goth /post-punk /synth wave /darkwave band Ritual Body Mind “Silencia” single [We are one Records]
  • French goth /darkwave /shoegaze /blackgaze solo project of Parisian artist Remi Lauvergne, AKA Sad Madona “Chloroform” single
  • Brooklyn, NY-based minimalistic post-punk /synth-pop rock’n’roll duo The Vacant Lots “Amnesia” from upcoming 5th LP “INTERIORS” on Fuzz Club Records
  • Brooklyn, NY new wave /post-punk band Lathe of Heaven “Ekpyrosis” from upcoming cassette LP “Bound By Naked Skies” [Sacred Bones Records]
  • Ohio-based dark post-punk /gothic rock supergroup 5-piece (members of The Wake, This Burning Effigy, The Eden House), October Burns Black “Shimmer – [Black] Shimmer Mix by Simon Rippin” from “fault line reprise” remix single
  • Bologna, Italy psych /shoegaze /new wave /post-punk solo project of former Be Strass singer and guitarist Leonardo Cannatella, aka LEVA “Crown” single
  • Los Angeles post-punk outfit Mirror Of Venus “Never Say Forever” debut single
  • Los Angeles, CA Dark Post-Punk band DECEITS “Drowning In An Empty Sea” first track from upcoming LP
  • Europe-based AngloArgentinian Goth Rock /New Wave /Post-Punk duo Night Hexe “The Witching Hour” single
  • Early-mid ’80s Eindhoven-based, Dutch pop /new wave band W.A.T. “Wax” from the compilation album “World According To” vinyl 12″ on STROOM.tv
  • Glasgow, UK indie /new wave /post-punk 4-piece Current Affairs “Casual Radicals” from the album “Off The Tongue” via Tough Love
  • Salt Lake City, UT Post-punk /Nü Wave band Sculpture Club “Cursed or Hexed” from “Cursed” cassette-single [Born Losers Records]
  • Boston, MA post-punk /new wave /coldwave trio HOUSE OF HARM “Madhouse” from “Taste the Light / Madhouse” cassette single
  • Lima/Minneapolis darkwave /new wave /post-punk group led by Peruvian artist Luis Mauricio Málaga Fuenzalida, aka JOAO “Quédate A Dormir” single
  • Knoxville, Tennessee cinematic synthpop solo project of Brandon Biondo, aka The New Romantics “Hard to Let You Go” single
  • Eugene, Oregon ethereal wave /shoegaze /dark wave /post-punk project LESSER ANGELS “Hot Sugar” single
  • Oakland, CA experimental /dub /post-punk /new wave band (members of Naked Roommate, the World, Famous Mammals, and Preening), aka Non Plus Temps “Heads of State Roll” from cassette EP “Dark On Harmon”
  • Ambient /Dark Electronic /Industrial /Disco /Soundtrack project of Gus from Boy Harsher, aka Augustus Muller “Fur and Metal” from the upcoming album “Cellulosed Bodies (Original Score)” on Nude Club Records

by Milika Marković