WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #29

  • Belgian electro/coldwave/synthpop duo based in Brussels, ULTRA SUNN “Keep Your Eyes Peeled” new single
Brussels synth duo back with their elegant and lush brand of 80s-tinged synthpop. Enticing, hypnotic moods swirl into icy bright synth chords, oscillating bassline menace, and lashing beats, as urgent deep male vocals cast mystery and allure into the dizzying array of noir-ish danceable retro grooves.
  • Ventura, Ca synthwave/coldwave/darkwave project Pink Depression “1460’s” from the debut mini-album “pd”

Promising debut for a solo project from California that delivers, on several engaging episodes, a painfully yet alluringly enveloping and atmospheric darkwave sound, built on pulsing drum machines, swathy wistful synths, sparkling wistful guitar wails, all over desperately distorted male vocals plaintively sinking into a depressing tapestry of melancholic malaise.

  • Berlin’s dark punk/post-punk 5-piece (members of Diat, Vexx and Useless Eaters), Clock of Time “Rotten Master” from debut 7-track album “Pestilent Planet” on Static Shock Records

From a band formed by members of Diat, Vexx and Useless Eaters what could you expect if not a chaotic, turbulent and edgy dark post-punk, soaked in punk attitude, swept in bleating sharp guitar lines and abrasive riffs, low throbbing bass line, and sturdy rolling drums surge around breathless vocals cloaked in a relentless momentum of claustrophobic urgency. The press talks about possible Joy Division and The Sound hints in addition to deathrock inflexions, we shall see, but ‘sounds’ too good.

  • Adelaide-based ambient/electronic/dream/synthpop musician Harriet Fraser-Barbour (Workhorse / Fair Maiden / Wireheads / Ripple Effect Band / Introduction!), MILLENIUM COWBOY “Wilson Tanner” off upcoming 5 track EP “MC-MOOD” on Magnetic Dreams
  • Berlin-based trip hop/ambient/industrial/electronic project founded by  Nicolo Sommer and Christy Taylor, BIINDS “Titan” new single
  • Lyon, France new wave/synth wave/electronic producer S T R K T U R – “Stupidwave” from the upcoming album.                                                                                                                                                           
  • Melbourne/Naarm garage/punk/post-punk band, Big Bill and The Bigots “Black Crows” from the debut “Let The Empire Burn” EP on Dead Family Pets
  • Russian dreamsynth duo from Saint Petersburg, Blooming Limbo “Clearly Obsession” from “Lorem Ipsum Demos” EP
  • Milwaukee, Ws experimental/new wave/post-punk project breathingSpell “Orchids & Eden” new single
  • Latvian shoegaze/post-punk trio ABUSES “Don’t Speak About It” debut single
  • Melbourne, Australia gothic-folk/post-punk project led by Bradley M Hunter, aka The Unbelievable Truth “Bat-Wing Girl” from the new EP “Shadows”
  • Boston post-punk/new wave outfit HOUSE OF HARM ‘Vicious Pastimes’ title track from the upcoming LP ‘Vicious Pastimes’ on AVANT! Records
  • Northampton, UK bedroom/dream pop/post-punk solo project bloody/bath “ARP-87” new single
  • US post-punk/synthwave solo project (one half of New Today), TWO ONE SIX “Slicer” from the new “Slicer” EP
  • Brooklyn, NY post-punk/darkwave solo project Shadow Figure “Empty, free” from the debut EP “Accept & kneel”
  • Chile darkwave/post-punk DIY solo project of Agustine Frances, aka 8i8 (Ocho-Uno-Ocho) – “Volver A Bailar” from the debut album “Loop Machine”
  • Indonesian Dark Post-Punk teen trio from Jakarta, CAMLANN “The Forgotten Lost Fragments” title track from the debut LP “The Forgotten Lost Fragments” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Portland‘s dream pop/coldwave/post-punk band VACANT STARES ‘dreamlessly’
  • Los Angeles-based post-punk/new wave/coldwave solo project, The Sea At Midnight “We Share The Same Stars” new single
  • New York‘s goth/darkwave/post-punk duo of singer Alex Virlios (Blue Images) and guitarist/producer Andrew Sega (Iris, The Alpha Conspiracy), HALLOWED HEARTS “Electric” from upcoming debut LP “Into The Fire”
  • Synth solo-project based in Berlin, ECHOIC MEMORY “Amber Room” from V/A “Serpent Round the Sun [Spiricom Tapes compilation 2]” tape compilation on Lost Soul Enterprises
  • Québec City, Canada post-wave band Handful of Snowdrops “Love Letters Perfumed With Ether” from the last and final “Blanc” EP
  • Portland, Or post-punk/synthpop trio SEX PARK “Rose Absolute” new singles (+ remixes)
  • Greek experimental/goth/post-punk/darkwave duo from Athens, HADA 肌 “Moonstone” from the upcoming album “Abrahadabra” out on July 31 through Swiss Dark Nights Records.
  • Russian post-punk band from Ufa, Где Фантом? ‘Рельсы’ from the EP ‘До боли знакомое’
  • Lisbon, Portugal coldwave/darkwave/dark synth solo project of Pedro Morcego from Phantom Vision, Liquid Land “Face To Face” 
  • Maryland post punk/darkwave duo Dark Narrows “Dark Psychology” from “Splinters” EP
  • Antioquia, Colombia darkwave/post-punk duo Insepulto ~ “Falsía” new single
  • Los Angeles based goth/new wave/darkwave/electro-pop/post-punk project of Carlo Mancia, MortalBoy “I won’t tell you I love you, but I do”                                                                                                                          
  • London, UK dark minimal synth primitive electronic music project THIS IS THE BRIDGE “You’re So     
  • Melbourne, Australia synthpop/new wave solo project Midnight Magazine “My Struggle”                     
  • Barcelona‘s new wave/synthpop outfit Comando Suzie “Nubecita y tormenta” new single on El Genio Equivocado
  • Augsburg, Germany minimal electro project of Thomas Meier-Goldau aka THX 1971 “Was ist” from the new album “Fortschritt ist Rückschritt”
  • UK based electropop duo of Gene Serene and Lloyd Price, THE FRIXION “To Hell and Back (Radio Edit)” lead single and title track for the new album “To Hell and Back” on AnalogueTrash
  • Pittsburgh, Pn art-pop/synthpop solo project of Erik Harris, aka Vampire Disco Club “Glory” new single
  • Californian darkwave/synthpop/electronic group out of San Diego, MATTE BLACK “Pure” first single from the debut album “I’m Waving, Not Drowning“
  • Atlanta-based industrial/dark electro/synthpop project of producer Matt Weiner, TWINS “The Signal” from the EP “Great Barrier”
  • Colombian dark synth/post-punk project from Bogotà, THE POSTMODERNISM FORMS “Alteraciones Digitales” title track from the new album “Alteraciones Digitales” [Southern waves and frequencies
    Vol. VI]
  • Dutch EBM/darkwave/noise/new beat/’electronic bonding music’ duo from Tilburg of Wessel van den Broek (To Adelaide) and Sjoerd Aarden (Docile Bodies), TOTAL AGE BOYS “Koga Miyata” from S/T EP
  • UK dark electro act (Athamay Side Project), Torturetekk – “Win Your Love” new single
  • Athens, Greece synth-punk/post-punk project CagøT “Monumental Cowards” title track from the debut mini-EP
  • UK post-punk/darkwave splinter project by Klaus Devore from Nottingham, CLAUSTRAPHOBIA “Transmission (V3)” from the new album “Shame”
  • Californian darkwave solo project from Oakland, Phantom Veil “Tragic Dance” from debut EP “Fragments”
  • Los Angeles synthwave/darkwave/post-punk project NASS ZURUCK ‘I wanna be your dog cover’ (Iggy and The Stooges cover)
  • Austria-based indie/new wave/post-punk project of young Russian musician Mikhail Shlepin, aka Скубут ‘Художник/Artist’                                                                                                                                         
  • Gothic/underground project from Orland, CA. Mercury’s Butterfly “Wave Party For One”                               
  • Croatia new wave/post-punk band from Zagreb, PARNEPAR ‘Luka s kvarta’ from the debut cassette album ‘Dobar dan, izvolite’ on doomtownrecords
  • Sydney/Warrang-based lo-fi post-punk band (featuring members of EXEK, Whores and Circle Pit), THE NO “The Eternal Labour of Love” from the debut cassette album “Volume 1” on Faustian Haus
  • Boston, Ms DIY new wave/post-punk band Sweeping Promises “Hunger for a Way Out” title track from upcoming debut album via Feel It Records
  • Late ’70s/early ’80s influential Scottish DIY electronics experimentalist Robert Rental “A.C.C.” from “Paralysis” 12″ vinyl expanded reissue of his debut 7” single “Paralysis /A.C.C.” on Regular Records in 1978, co-released by Dark Entries and Optimo
  • Melbourne doom drone metal duo Divide and Dissolve “RVR” from upcoming “TFV” 7″ single on Saddle Creek
  • Rome, Italy Japanese free jazz noise project by members of Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte, Siegfried and Last Call at Nightowls, SENKETSU NO NIGHT CLUB 暴力と不平等の人類史 off of 沈丁花 EP on Aquarellist