WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – JULY #28-23

Photo by Dara Scully

  • Italo/Spanish/German dark synth electronic collaborative project, LoveTheMachine & Fokker “lllegal OBon Driving” from the forthcoming vinyl album [TONN Recordings]

A collaborative ItaloSpanishGerman project at “Casa Tonn Recordings” with the first preview, in association with Cold Beats Records, characterized by a heady murky concoction of compelling buzzing bass oscillations, crisp and tinny hypnotic percussion patterns and tinkling stacking synth stabs, to build cold and haunting analog intrigue around an emotionless, magnetic, at times vocodered, vocal narrative about the thrill, danger, and mystery of “Illegal Obon Driving”.

  • Toronto, Ontario coldwave /synth wave /minimal analog synth experimental musician Ethan Harman aka ALAN HARMAN “Operation” from “Field Report no.1” EP the first of two EPs series

First installment of possibly more than a couple of sonic explorations into cold, dark, analogue, minimal Synth realms fuses skeletal tinny looping percussive patterns, pulsing buzzing low ends, and wispy desolate tinkling synth sequences, gleaming with hopeless melancholy, to provide a bouncy, metronomic, subtly uneasy, counterpoint to alienated bleak vocalizations, smeared by slow sprawling spindly drifts, gradually dissipating into shadows of bleakness, loss and decay.

  • Padua, Italy post-punk /new wave /synthpop band LINDUSTRIA “ComeTo Me” single

Italian act returns after a long hiatus to rouse a nostalgic and moody combination of 80s New Wave-infused glowing loose-limbed synth swathes rife with dizzying melancholic euphoria, grounded by meandering bleak post-punk basslines, to immerse breathless aching romantic vocals with intense quivering drifts of longing, passion, and letting go.

  • Post-punk /darkwave solo project moonvampire “Dying for you”
  • Berlin-based dreampunk band led by Alexander Leonard Donat (Vlimmer), Fir Cone Children “It Feels Complete” from the 9th CD/cassette album “The Urge To Overtake Time” via his own Blackjack Illuminist Records
  • L.A. ambient /goth /shoegaze /folk /psych /new wave /dark wave project of Deb DeMure and collaborator Mona D, DRAB MAJESTY “The Skin and The Glove” from the upcoming EP “An Object In Motion” on Dais
  • Austin, TX-based gothic rock /darkwave /post-punk band HAUNT ME “Lejos De Mí” from the EP “En Tu Cama”                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne UK-based Electro Post-Punk Rock one-man band William Denton Wilde “Dark Lonley Highway” single
  • Melbourne-based shoegaze /darkwave /post-punk solo project Hentai 404 – “Top 25 Wastes Of Time”
  • Wichita, Kansas post-punk /shoegaze /synthpop /dark pop duo of Annie Adams and Mason Monigold, aka Remains to be Seen “Keeper” from the new EP “Touchless”
  • Cleveland, OH experimental /EBM /techno /electronic solo project Nature Nvoke “Shadow” single
  • Oakland, CA dark wave /minimal synth /analog synth act led by Nikk Moreno, aka Pleasure Palace “Fight” from the EP “Outsider”
  • Montreuil, France EBM /coldwave /synthpop /synth-punk solo project Oscar Palace “Highway” from the album “Lexomil Superhero” on Vorota
  • UK eclectic post-punk /darkwave /synth wave project from Kendal, CLAUSTRAPHOBIA This Party Is Over (Edit.)” [originally from 2021]
  • Stockholm-based darkwave /electro-wave synth project by Joel M (member of Hidden Lines and Sourire Duchenne), “Hiding In The Disco” debut 2-track single (digital version of Kernkrach’s sold-out 7″ released last year) [Kernkrach]
  • German dark & wavy synth-solo project from Leipzig, нат.аша “v.har (blood mix)” from the upcoming CD album “Liebeskreis”
  • French electronic /wave /synth-pop solo project Archet Cassé “en quad”
  • Hamburg based synthpunk /NDW /analog minimal synth project Ernst Leben “Mehr Altona für alle” off of “Nicht dein Ernst” 7″ single [Ernst Label]
  • Sidney, Australia electronic duo Finn Parker + Jack Mannix, aka dusk2dawn “Heaven Is Only In Hell *demo(n)” single off upcoming debut album via DERO Arcade
  • Hamburg-based cold wave /minimal synth-pop solo DJ-producer (one half of Shari Vari), Pose Dia “Phoenix” first single from the upcoming LP “Simulate Yourself“ [R.i.O. label]                                                         
  • Athens, Greece ambient /punk /dungeon synth project ξόρκι “ΣΤΑΧΤΕΣ” from “ΣΤΗ ΓΗ ΤΩΝ ΜΕΓΑΛΩΝ ΜΑΝΙΤΑΡΙΩΝ”
  • L.A. darkwave /techno /electro /EBM solo project of Josh McVety, aka Mellow Code “Ich Stehen im Blut” from the album “Objekt Reality” on Hush Ltd
  • Richmond, VA Goth /EBM /Industrial Techno /Dark Electronics /Darkwave act, Petrified Entity “Meaningless” second single from the upcoming album, ‘Vortex’
  • Sweden‘s EBM /synth /electroclash electro queen Emma Nylén aka EMMON “Like a drum (Potochkine Remix)” via Icons Creating Evil Art
  • London-based ambient /acid /coldwave /dark disco /downtempo /psych /indie dance /electronic Greek artists and Inside Out Records bosses Stavros Potamitis (aka Stevie R) and Constantinos Parisinos (aka Parisinos), Stevie R & Parisinos – “Alles Obskur Ft. Taltsie” from the upcoming EP “Alles Obskur [Nein Records]
  • Lyon, France emotional body music /darkwave /electro act led by Timothée Gainet, POISON POINT “Fallen Hearts (Modern Men Remix)” from the ltd. vinyl edition of the 2022 album “Poisoned Gloves”
  • Berlin-based goth /industrial /EBM /post-punk /synth-punk collaboration of producer Manos Simotas and performer/activist Petra Flurr, aka UNHUMAN+PETRA FLURR “Unzivilisiert” from the upcoming 12″ vinyl album “Mala Vida” [BITE]
  • Canadian-born ambient /EBM /techno /industrial producer (Front Line Assembly, Conjure One and Delerium), Rhys Fulber “Rogue Minority (Years of Denial Remix)” from the EP “Brutal Nature Redux” EP 12″
  • Italian dystopian EBM /Synth-punk duo Kokeshi Milk “Femme Guerriere” from the CD album “Lost And Found” [1Q84 Tapes]
  • L.A. synth-wave /synth-pop brainchild of musical polymath Tyler “Fournames” Fortney, CUFFED “Deceiver” single on Dune Altar
  • Italian sci-fi synth-pop from the space, Radioklub “La Lune (Remastered)” 2-track 7” vinyl single on IDIO[T]PHONE RECORDS
  • Barcelona based indie /new wave /technopop act Comando Suzie “La chica del chándal” second single from the upcoming mini-LP on El Genio Equivocado
  • Moscow based goth /darkwave /synth-pop duo, Dance My Darling “Fate” single on darkTunes                 
  • Austin, TX wave /synthpop trio Night Drive – “Cover Your Eyes” [Chicken Ranch Records]
  • Manchester, UK dark electro synth band Mercury Machine “Second Life – Remixed/Remastered”
  • Berlin-based synth-pop /post-punk project of electronic producer and guitarist Anton Koba, aka ROUTINE “Tears” single
  • German Synthpop /Post-punk /Darkwave band from Stuttgart, MILICENT “Unhappy” from the debut LP “MYRSKY”
  • Spanish post-punk /synthpop /darkwave trio Sex Code “Karuweii” single
  • L.A. goth /coldwave /post-punk solo project DEATHFAUNA “When It All Comes Crashing Down – KNOWNPLEASURES REMIX”
  • Los Angeles‘ post-punk/electro-synth band led by Colin Ambulance aka BITE MARX “Nos Voro Venenum” single
  • São Paulo, Brazil occult EBM /techno /darkwave act Obscure nexus “By the empty streets” from the album “Urban Tristesse”
  • Austin, TX dark wave /post-punk trio Urban Heat “Blissful Neighbor” from the 2-track single “Goodbye Horses”
  • Memphis, Tennessee surf rock /dream pop /new wave /post-punk band Catholic School “Sailors” from “Sailors/Vomit” single (unreleased tracks from the Summer Darling Tapes‘ EU cassette version)
  • Swedish gothic metal project Dwell In Doom “Lost in Heaven” single
  • German gothic rock band from Regensburg founded in 1991, The Timeless Valley – “The Ghost in You” single
  • Tallinn, Estonia post-punk /goth rock /deathrock band Misery Eden “Crawling Back Home” from the debut EP “Thorns and Woes”
  • L.A.Post-Punk band THE XRAY5 “Slither” first single from the upcoming album “Elegy”
  • Mexico City deathrock /post-punk band ZOTZ “Tengo un Pasajero (Parálisis Permanente cover)”
  • Puerto Rican hardcore /post-punk /deathrock power-trio Desahuciados “Rastros” single
  • Italian post-punk /punk band ASTIO “Bocche Stanche” title track of the upcoming “Bocche Stanche” 6 tracks one-sided Mini-LP via Agipunk Records
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia new wave /post-punk solo project Чайки улетают с моря [smorya] “Мы не обещаем вам новый мир, но мы тоже строим его каждый день” title track of the new EP
  • Glessen, Germany bedroom-pop /garage /cold wave /post-punk band Curd Neptun “Harpies” title track of the EP “Harpies”
  • Central Coast, Australia new wave /post-punk duo Procession “Midday Movies” single via Team Glasses Records
  • Smolensk, Russia coldwave /synthpop project from the vocalist of post-punk band Goremyka, ОТМЫЧКА [Otmichka] “Даль” single
  • Italian new wave /post-punk band Vasa Kumora “Lust Loves Loss” single
  • Lo-fi /New Wave /Post-punk solo project from Ukraine, Квартира Номер 6 “Твій сум” from the EP “Фантасмагорія”
  • Georgian post-punk one-man band Guram Tsagareishvili “Mivdivar” single
  • Saint Petersburg punk blues /dark rock /post-punk /gothic-Americana band fronted by former Salome’s Dance and The Burning Giraffe guitarist and vocalist Alexander Korzun, Martovskiye Idy (The Ides of March) “Я видел церковь” single                                                                                                                                     
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana Medieval dark ambient /dungeon synth project Kyvon “Courtier (ft. Lone Sentinel)” from the cassette album “Courtier” [Kyvon Tape Co.]
  • Maine ambient /fantasy /comfy synth /dungeon synth project Deep Gnome “Tales of Old Belfast Harbor” off “The Lady from New England” [EP]

Photo by Dara Scully