WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – JULY #28-22

Robert Hutinski photography

  • Brighton UK-based EBM /Darkwave /Coldwave duo Ilyana Vanderbilt & Caitlin Horne AKA Massive Luxury “Drive” from “Climax” EP

The Brighton-based duo drop their most balanced work to date, deft in combining deeply forlorn and melancholic moods with bouncy mechanical pulsations to trigger tantalising dance rituals, through tight and slashing rhythms, industrial percussive edges, and hypnotizing menacing old-school EBM bass lines, to lay the throbbing and vibrant foundation to a mercurial minimal, yet flashing and swirling wave-tinged electronic architecture, spiced with tinkling synth-pop flair along with stuttering Italo disco grooves, over angsty and evocative vocalizations making for a dark, sensual and powerful EP packed with gripping, moody emotions.

  • Russian EBM /synthpop /futurepop act Mental Discipline “Addict” new single on skyQode

Mental Discipline‘s new single “Addict” bounces through shadowy turbulent lovelorn electronic moods infused with a strong melancholic dark pop sensibility, layering sidereal trancey synth swirls, epic strings of wistful keys and invigorating guitar riffs into stirring restless passions of longing and obsession around a crystalline forlorn vocal pierced by urgent, aching romanticism, drifting hopelessly into the lonely, impatient sands of hanging time.

  • Saint Petersburg, Russia new wave /post-punk solo project BLAZH | БЛАЖЬ “Чужой / Stranger” single

Russian doomer unleashes urgent pounding rhythms, interspersed by vibrant crispy percussive patterns, that throb at breakneck speed towards ominous, obsessive dimensions, fueled by a relentless gloomy punchy bassline, stabbed by piercing effect-laden sparkling guitar strains, swelling with hopeless despair over angsty, haunted baritone broods and hypnotic echoes to drive isolation and fear from an exposed dark chasm of chilling, nihilistic moods.

  • Melbourne, Australia retrowave /dark wave /electronic /modular synth musician Wild Audio Society – “Excerpts from the index of another star” from the album “The endless never holiday”
  • Leipzig, Germany experimental /synth wave /dark wave act Lebensstreik “Reasonable” from 2-track single “In der Sinnhaft”
  • Italian Electronic /Coldwave /Post-Punk moniker of musician, Cristian HC Usai, aka LOVE OF CONSOLATION “Inside The Box” from the EP “Memory Box pt.2”
  • Danish analog minimal electro /synthpop solo project from Copenhagen, DELAYSCAPE “Finland” from the previously unreleased album “Latest Assignment”
  • French industrial /analogue minimal electro project of A// [le syndicat Electronique], aka Anechoic Chamber “C.o.n.f.u.s.e.d. [long version]” off of 7″ single “Anechoic Chamber [xss04” via [X.S.S. rec.] Xperimentation In Sound Science
  • Port Hope, Ontario coldwave /synth wave /minimal synth musician Ethan Harman aka ALAN HARMAN “Phosphene Activity” from the cassette album “Human Research Program” on Suction Records
  • East Germany new wave /darkwave /synthwave solo project, Oliver Decrow “Hidden Darkness” (Single)
  • Glasgow, Scotland synth-punk /industrial electronics project of Dave Clark, Craig Clark & Katie Shannon, AKA Kübler Ross “Victims of Victimless” from the vinyl 12″ album “Kübler-Ross” on Suction Records
  • Berlin based experimental /dark electronic new project of Tommi Tokyo (group A, Tot Onyx) and Nicky Mao (Hiro Kone), Enxin/Onyx “Dorothy” from the upcoming EP “Dorothy”
  • Berlin based ItaloPolish body music /electro wave collaboration between Cristian Camporesi and Aga Wilk (former 77™), aka Chris Shape and Romance Disaster – “Head Against The Wall” one-side 7″ vinyl version on Circonstances A.
  • Brooklyn, NY‘s electro post-punk /synthpop duo The Vacant Lots “Chase” from the upcoming album “Closure” on Fuzz Club
  • Dark Wave /Post-punk duo from Uruguay, DUAL PARTS “Contempt” single (Ombra INTLD’Oro UNLMTD 03)
  • Italian dark disco /kraut /new wave /post-punk /electronic musician and Luminance Records co-founder Marco Catapano, aka AMARCORD “Friends (They Come & Go)” from “To Shape The Future” EP on Ritmo Fatale
  • Italian gothic /dark electro-wave duo Ohne Nomen “No Lights” single via Cold Transmission Music
  • Frankfurt-based EBM /dark post-punk /coldwave duo Babes of Enola Grey “Freiheit Sicherheit (Curses Remix)” from the tape album “Anfang Vom Ende (Remixed)” soon on Crave Tapes
  • Berlin-based, NewYorker electronic /Italo disco /new wave /post-punk /coldwave /dark techno producer Luca Venezia aka CURSES “Miriam (The KVB Remix)” from new “Miriam Remixes” EP [Dischi Autunno]
  • London, UK-based trans-European kraut /synth-pop /electronic /post-punk band, THE UMLAUTS “Another Fact” from “Another Fact” EP on PRAH Recordings
  • Spanish synthpop /synthwave /minimal synth project of Jose Enterrado from Barcelona, AKA Proyecto Periferia “Mentira Y Terror”
  • Athens, Greece one-man experimental /cold electronics project BLAKAUT “Τσιμέντο” from the new album “Χορός & Αλλοτρίωση”
  • Chicago, IL EBM /coldwave /darkwave /dark electronic anonymous masked duo NONE OF YOUR CONCERN “HEXED” from “SPECTRAL” EP
  • German Dark industrial /EBM /electronic project Prager Handgriff “Du Bist Wie Du Bist” from the upcoming LP “Das Letzte Gefecht” on Infacted Recordings
  • Copenhagen, Denmark synth-pop duo Disrupted Being “Sailor” new single.
  • Mexican electronic /post-punk /synthpop act Amadeus Hegel “Delictio” single on Electrosound label
  • Toronto, Ontario melodramatic synthpop maker, Theo Vandenhoff “Alles Ist Besser” single via Safe Sounds.
  • Stockholm, Sweden post-punk /darkwave /dark analog synthpop project of Claes Nordling, aka Retrograth “Holy Trinity” new single
  • Stockholm-based, Polish minimal electronic /EBM solo project La Santé “Szeptuchy” from 2-track single “Rankor”
  • Stockholm, Sweden EBM /goth /industrial /dark electronic act The Operating Tracks “1001” from the new album “Once And For All” on Progress Productions
  • Sweden‘s dark electronic/ EBM /synth act Sturm Café – ”Gustav I” from “Disco Imperium” EP
  • German robotronic music act from Berlin, REAKTON “Entertainment” from upcoming new album “micro:macro:nano”
  • California EBM /electro-punk duo Critical Limit “Aliased Freq.” off of the debut S/T album
  • French post-punk /coldwave duo NoaRt “Behind my window” from the debut 4-track EP
  • Swiss Post-Punk solo project of Zürich-based artist Josip Tijan, aka THYMIAN “A Great Divide – Fen Doi Remix”
  • Coachella, Ca electronic /synthpop /darkwave alter ego of Ben Seymour (former guitarist for The Del Padres, Tribe-O), AKA Manx Dreams “Black Spark”
  • Bryansk, Russia post-hardcore /post-punk /coldwave duo Take Me Home “не вижу сны” from the EP “Без даты”
  • Magdeburg, Germany Dark Wave band PLASTIC AUTUMN “Angst” single
  • Goth Synth Post-Punk duo from Colombia, Das Kelzer – “Alles oder nichts” from the new album “Erinnerung an die Zeit” on Nevel Records
  • Pittsburgh, PA post punk /darkwave /sorrow-wave duo, Bring Her ”The Last The Worst” from the forthcoming second LP “Comfort In The Shame” on Knife Hits Records
  • Italian psych /old-school gothic rock /darkwave band Words and Actions “Luce bianca” from the cassette EP “Licht demo” on Detriti Records
  • Swedish new wave /post-punk band The Secret French Postcards – “Dreaming At Last” new single on Cold Transmission Music
  • Bratislava, Slovakia noise rock/ post-punk band, 52 Hertz Whale “Phil” first single from upcoming album “Present Sense Impression” on Full Moon Forum and Weltschmerzen
  • Dublin, Ireland indie rock /noise /post-punk band M(H)AOL “Bored of Men” single on TULLE
  • Berlin-based post-punk /punk rock outfit (featuring members of Clock Of Time, Exit Group, Cage Kicker, Idiota Civlizzatto, Lacquer and more), GLAAS “Easy Living” from the upcoming debut LP “Qualm” on Static Shock Records
  • Belgian prog /egg /garage punk duo MIT “Bloody Nature” from the cassette album “The Male Idiot Theory” on Discos Peroquébien
  • Melbourne, Australia art-punk /post-punk band, Heir Traffic – “Smoke Taint” first single from the upcoming debut LP “No Hearth” via Marthouse Records
  • Melbourne, Australia lo-fi darkwave /synth wave act Spiritual Slum “Flash Of Light” from the album “Broken World”
  • Portland-based post-punk band Soft Kill – “Always Running” from the Soft Kill/Lesser Care 7” vinyl split single on à La Carte Records
  • Boston‘s post-punk /new wave trio HOUSE OF HARM “Feel My Heart Beat” from the double-A side single “Feel My Heart Beat / In Threes”
  • Glasgow post-punk collective (featuring members of The Liquidators and Kaputt), Memorabilia “Moral Agent” from “Memorabilia” EP on Future Shock (USA), Gob Nation (EU) and Unwound Records (AUS)
  • Hungarian post-punk,synthwave band from Békéscsaba, Empty Story “Remeg a föld” single
  • Barcelona‘s post-punk /dark electronic /darkwave 3-piece NOVENA SENDA “Laberinto De Voces” second single of our upcoming album of the same name
  • Russian doomer /indie rock /post-punk band from Tula, Культурное Наследие “Гильотина” single
  • Mexican Coldwave /Post-Punk project of Angel S Core, AKA Divina Blasfemia “Muerto” from the album “1998 EXPERIMENT”
  • Tours, France indie /synthwave /darkwave project SAD33 – “Timeless sadness” from the debut EP “Xanax”
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina dark wave /electro rock artist Pablo Iglesias (Присма) “Ausencia” first single from the second EP “Después de las Ruinas” soon on No Me Escucho Records.
  • German wave /post-punk one-man band Another Abyss – “Dead Flowers” single
  • Russian emo-post-punk collaborative single between Rostov/Krasnodar bands, Nauchnyy Sotrudnik & АУТ “За слоем слой”
  • New York based new wave /post-punk solo project Postlooperish “Wildflower” single.
  • German lo-fi /coldwave /post-punk project German Bot “Nicht Genug”
  • New Zealand‘s synthwave /indie rock /new wave duo Social Union “Abscond” from “Fall Into Me” EP on Blackjack Illuminist Records
  • Berlin-based DanishCanadian new wave /dream pop /indie folk multidisciplinary-audiovisual artist and singer-songwriter SALLY DIGE “You” single

Photo by Robert De Mitri