WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips – JUNE 2024 – #27-24


  • Odilon’s Grip // Dancefloor de la Mort – Episode No. 17

Odilon’s new mix does not take any prisoners this time! With new music from AVELINE, Le Prince Harry, Ruben Seoane, Nghtly, Comfort Cure, Dark Vektor, WLDV, Zaatar, Crystalline Stricture, Antipole / Mareux, Kontravoid, Paranoid London, David Carretta, and many others.  More info on Odilon’s Mixcloud page here.

  • L.A. two-piece post-punk band The XRAY5 “Strange Girl” single

’80s stirring atmospheric Post-punk nostalgia imbues the band’s new single where darkness falls on a lost and lonely ghostly “Strange Girl” as she suffers in isolation and pain, soaked in an immersive dramatic aura woven by enveloping wistful synth strings and sombre guitar melodies, punctuated by tinkly emotive keys, bleak chugging bassline and hypnotic tight beats, to surround shifting emotional vocals of worried sadness and hopeless fear with endless spirals of heartache and despair.

  • Bremen, Northern Germany Dark Wave /Gothic Rock /Post-Punk band led by Fabian Schulz, Attic Frost “How Will the World End Today?” first single from the upcoming third album “A Sad Thought Made Dance”.

Blackened Darkwaver from Bremen unleashes a rousing and haunting epic, goth-dusted cavalcade brimming with urgent pain-fueled thoughts, throbbing breakneck on hard-hitting beats to drive fear through a dire hopeless rush of rapid humming bass vibrations, swirling synth drama and bleeding guitars, obsessively piercing and resonating over cold baritone broods, ceremonially sulking in the doom and gloom of “How will the world end today?”

  • Bay Area goth /wave /post-punk /synth-pop duo Red Scare “A Fool Won’t Ask Why” debut single

A blend of melancholy and euphoria, reminiscent of New Order or OMD, drives the debut from the Bay Area duo laced with nostalgic ’80s hopeless romance that bounces through obsessive pulses of bittersweet shiny synth loops, far swirling shimmers and ominously swelling droning bass lines, to slowly haunt breathless angsty vocals, aching in the confusing feelings of love.

  • Trondheim, Norway post-punk /darkwave /neo-folk band led by Mats Davidsen, aka Painted Romans “In a Fiery Night” [Single]
  • UK ’90s gothic /wave /post-punk act Isabel Shrine “The Window” single
  • Tacoma, WA-based dark /cold wave /post-punk musical project of Geoff Zalot and Steven H, aka Replicas “Breath” from the debut album “Near”
  • Mysterious lo-fi /dub /post-punk /minimal wave duo F. Romero and L. Kiesgen, Le Contrôleur Des Flux Sortants “Rêve de Lui” from the cassette EP “Le Contrôleur des Flux Sortants” [Cimatario Fuexo Recordings]
  • Cologne, Germany dream-pop /coldwave /post-punk solo project Betty’s Brother – “Former Grace” from “EP 1” remastered version originally released in 2020 as demo [apt.3029] via appartement 3
  • French New Wave /Coldwave project of Orson Wald, aka Villa Vide “Terrain Vague” single
  • Kendal, UK eclectic darkwave solo project of Klaus Devore, aka Claustraphobia “The Dying Light” from the LP “Dreams Again”
  • French experimental /post-punk /coldwave solo project of Yannick Rault, aka Closed Mouth – “All Of The Time” from the vinyl album “Forgotten” via Icy Cold Records
  • Paris-based post-punk /coldwave duo Total Resistance – “Daylight” single
  • Synth /Post-Punk duo The Bleak Engineers “The Mystical Dream” (Single) via Ufological Club
  • Lisbon-based Post Punk /Dark Wave musical project that began in 2015 by the Portuguese musician Pedro Code (The Dream Collision, and Rainy Days Factory) with Vitor J. Moreira on synths, IAMTHESHADOW “Pain Come Close” single via COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • London-based, Greek coldwave /darkwave /synthwave solo project Night in Athens – “Frozen Landscape” from the vinyl/CD/tape album “Wasted Reflektions” via Wave Records
  • German Goth /Post Punk /Dark Wave duo of Tina Mar & Stefan Scott, aka Caput Medusae “Colder Than Ice” from the debut album “You Can’t Negotiate With Zombies”
  • Electro-Wave /Dark Wave band from Germany, Plastic Autumn “My Dreams Are Built On Sand” from “Destroyer” EP
  • Irish goth rock /dark wave /post-punk solo project pMad “Electric” single
  • Gothic /darkwave solo project Bleak Cathedral – “Veiled Dreams”
  • Berlin-based industrial /post-punk /darkwave solo act Madmeer “Kristall” from “Die Splitter” single
  • German techno /coldwave /dark wave /synth-pop solo project based in Leipzig, нат.аша “tra.inen” off the cassette album “666evil” via UNTERSCHALL
  • Nottingham, UK Post Punk /Coldwave duo Llight “Drive” debut single
  • Montréal, Quebec new wave /post-punk /coldwave band Couleur Dauphin “MAP” first single from the album “Cadeau Rochiste”
  • Richmond, VA goth /dark electronics /darkwave solo act Petrified Entity “Austere” single
  • Verona, Italy/Berlin, Germany synth-punk project RUHR “Gestalt” from the self-titled EP “RUHR”
  • Stockholm based Polish minimal electronic /EBM solo project La Santé “deszczowi ludzie” single
  • Arras, France EBM-electronic-industrial band PSYCHOSOMATIK “Stress” from “STRESS” EP
  • German EBM /synth pop /dark electro music project of Matthias Bischoff from Hamburg, M/A/T “Augenblick” 2nd single from upcoming debut LP
  • German industrial /dark electronic /future pop /synthpop /cyberpunk /electronic producer from Hamburg, FADERHEAD “Emotional Baggage” new single
  • UK dark electro /EBM act Ghosts For Comfort “Submission” from “Trauma” EP
  • Chicago, IL goth /industrial /darkwave duo [melter] “Blacklist” single
  • Finland gothic /electro /synthwave /dark electronic duo Flesh Games “Void Inside” from the EP “Expired Tape (demo)”
  • Montreal, Quebec-based coldwave /minimal synth musician Ethan Harman aka Alan Harman – “Friendly Fire (Timothy J. Fairplay Remix)” from “Friendly Fire” ltd. single 7″ [Unrealistic Expectations]
  • Barcelona-based ItaloSpanish post-industrial /post-punk /minimal synth duo DAME AREA “Si no es hoy cuándo es” from the upcoming album “Toda la verdad sobre” via humo internacional and Mannequin Records
  • Paris, French synthwave /synthpop /EBM /electronic musician, Sydney Valette “The Wanderer” single
  • Austrian EBM /Darkwave /Synthwave solo project, Violence against Man “Bleed me Dry” single
  • Mexican/German/Spanish future pop/synthpop collaboration Experiment Nórdika + Monträume “Maybe” single [Aquo Rec Records]
  • Russian industrial /gothic metal /synth-rock project led by the multifaceted music producer Ars Nikonov, Cold In May “Don’t Even Think” single [skyQode]
  • Greek dark electronic music project /band from Athens, Nutrelectra “Σιμπόργκια” single
  • Stockholm, Swedish Dark Synth Pop duo Nicklas Stenemo and Christian Hutchinson Berg, aka KITE “Changing” from the upcoming remastered singles compilation LP “VII” via Dais Records
  • London-based industrial /soundtrack /downtempo /electronic project of Martin King (Test Dept / Pigface), Roberto Soave (Associates/ Presence) and Jared Louche (Chemlab / Prude), aka Dogtablet “Tinted Windows (Ft. Jane Jensen)” from upcoming EP “Six Lives”
  • Swedish electronic /synthpop artist Molly Nilsson “Jackboots Return” from the 11th studio album ” Un-American Activities” on DARK SKIES ASSOCIATION and Night School Records
  • Dutch Synth-Pop /New Wave siblings Ruben Pol and Matthijs Pol, aka POL “Masks” single via New Arms
  • Californian synthwave /synthpop duo, GLASS SPELLS “Without You” single
  • Logroño, Spain indie /synth-pop duo Espanto “El último rumor” single
  • Los Angeles-based new romantic /wave /darkwave duo Lost Tapes “Fall” single
  • Athens, Greece retro /sci-fi /synthwave /electronic music project Fonoptikon – “Liquid Skies (feat. Myrto Stylou)” single
  • London-based post-punk /dark electro rock trio Secret Cameras “Scientific” from “Surrender To The Process” EP
  • California goth /post-punk act EYELIDSS “MISERY” off 2-track S/T debut single
  • Denver, CO goth rock /deathrock band Ceremonial Leather “Hollow” single
  • Seattle‘s dark post-punk /goth rock /deathrock quartet, NOX NOVACULA “Flood” from the upcoming album “Feed The Fire” via Artoffact Records
  • Milan, Italy based Argentina-bred post-punk /deathrock band Eucaristia “Myself in the Mirror” single
  • Chile-based, Spanish synthpop /coldwave /darkwave solo project, Ingreso Cadáver “Tanto tiempo” single
  • Phoenix, AZ power pop /post-punk 4-piece (members of Take Over And Destroy), U.S. GRAVE “Flirting With A Burnout” single
  • Rome, Italian goth /new wave /post-punk project of singer and guitarist Nube, aka UmbraMatte “Alienation” from the debut album “Empty Heaven”
  • UK synth-pop /sophisti-pop /new wave duo PLASTIC ESTATE “Open Eyes” from “Code d’Amour” EP via AVANT! Records
  • New York enigmatic post-punk solo project Postlooperish “Factors” from “Amor Fati” album
  • Melbourne post-punk /new wave /art pop band Kosmetika ”Fish” 3rd single off the upcoming new album ”Luxury” via Spoilsport Records
  • One man Post-Punk project out of Germany, ANOTHER ABYSS “Make Us Remember” new single
  • Kingston, NY industrial /noise rock /post-punk band Rider/Horse “Bored By The Infinite” from the LP “Matted” via ever/never records
  • Leeds, UK angular danceable indie rock /no-wave /post-punk band Pop Vulture “Comforting Lie” from “Another Success” EP 12″ via Come Play With Me
  • Brooklyn, NY three-piece experimental no wave /post-punk band Half Human “Seeing” from the upcoming debut album “Shape Language” via Specious Arts
  • Como, Italy deathpunk band Spectre “Find Me” from the upcoming EP “Slow Emotional Death” 12″ vinyl via Venti3
  • London-based indie rock /post-punk /punk 4-piece Crows “Bored” from the upcoming third studio album “Reason Enough” via Bad Vibrations Records
  • Brussels-based lo-fi /dark electronic /ethereal /minimal /wave /dub /synth-pop artist Bulie Jordeaux “La Voyante” from the cassette album “Visions” [Grande Rousse Disques/WOMB music]
  • Bilbao, Pays Basque dark electro /synthwave producer and composer Peibol “Obsolete Minds” single
  • Indianapolis-based ambient /ethereal /hauntology /library music /psychedelia /experimental /soundtrack /avant pop multi-instrumentalist-singer & songwriter Jackson VanHorn “Refraction” from the instrumental EP “Liminal Music vol. 2”
  • UK dark ambient /fantasy /dungeon synth project Atlantean Sword “Thorgrim” from the cassette album “All is Dust” [Dungeons Deep Records]
  • French sci-fi /dark ambient /drone /soundtrack /dungeon synth project CAVERN “Icebreaker” from the cassette album “Permafrost Paradise” [Mondes Sonores]
  • Denton, TX martial industrial-tinged dungeon synth act, Mortwight “A Corpse for an Empire” from the cassette album “Militant Melancholia”

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