WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – JUNE/JULY #27-22

Rimel Neffati photography

  • Désordres Sonores // “Moon Of June”                                                                                                  

Montreal, Quebec‘s ‘Musical Rendez-vous’ devoted to Coldwave, Darkwave, Post-punk, Synthpop, Shoegaze and all other obscure discoveries. This week a two-hour mix featuring her June favourites.  Subscribe to Désordres Sonores’ Mixcloud profile here.

  • Amsterdam-based electronic /post-punk /new wave /darkwave one-band man Grimdeluxe “Fire Walk With Me” [TONN Recordings‘ Summer Synth Previews]                                                                                 

Dutch one-man band, whose profound alluring voice increasingly hints at Stan Ridgway of Wall Of Voodoo fame, delivers minimal, energetic and emotional-ridden, most of the time danceable, dark electronic storytelling combining diverse elements varying from throbbing Techno-Wave, musing Post-punk to noir-ish Synth-pop. The riveting new track, a teaser from the next Autumn release, just one of the interesting many unveiled this week from Tonn roster, marches through steady lashing snares and somberly undulating buzzing bassline to delve into surrealistic droning and brooding claustrophobic realms of desolate darkness on which melancholic twinkling synth chords, sparkle obsessively around alienating deep vocals with slightly metallic tones, delivering desperate spectacular lyrics into an eternity of fatal dreams.

  • Ulyanovsk, Russia coldwave /post-punk band PROSHAY “Kogda ee ne stanet” from the new EP “Na samyj chernyj den’. Chast’ 2″

The Western Russian band Proshay profess to ‘love synths, alcohol and darkness’, how to blame them, I would add a salacious element, but it’s better to avoid it in sad times of ‘politically correctness.’ A refreshing take on the coldwave sounds mixed with shades of Slavic despair, hopelessness, and melodrama between tireless and urgent beats, blazing guitars, and quivering whirlwinds of icy bright synths teeming with visceral drama that curl in despair and drift with romantic abandon, to wrap tormented, achingly abrasive baritone, wading in introspective heartache pain and sorrow.

  • Brussels-based post-punk /synthpop /new wave 4-piece Turquoise “Le Brut” from the 2-track single “Lumio” on Freaksville Records.

Belgian quartet Turquoise return a two-tracker, coloured with a flashy sci-fi progressive rock-like cover, rife with the band’s moody, darkly, and catchy bubbling fuss of sparkling New Wave keyboards, gloomy Post-punk undercurrents and kinetic Synth-pop rhythms heightened with impassioned female vocals. “Le Brut”, which recalls me of the invigorating energy of Indochine to promptly stir my teenage nostalgia, elicits an urgent concoction of distorted and pounding rhythms, obsessively punchy bassline, piercing guitar strains, and swirling bright synths throbbing and sizzling in mercurial penetrating and resounding spirals of emotional pain over disquieted vocals swaying sorely into tumultuous despair.

  • Australian neofolk act Sun Vessel “See The Pines” single
  • French Alternative /Post-Punk /Dark Rock solo project HURLENOIR “Anomalie” single
  • Berlin, Germany experimental /electronic /darkwave spoken word trio STEPPENKIND “Rhythm Chamber” from the second album “Undefined Lovers” on Maakuda Records
  • Dark-dance electronic side project by Adriano from the Parisian duo Echoberyl, AKA Fluid Ghost “Sweat” from the new LP “Persuasion Deluxe” on Mother Solitude                                                                                                      
  • Frankfurt An Der Oder, Germany future pop /synthpop 4-piece Solitary Experiments “Wonderland” new single on Out Of Line Music
  • Vienna, Austria coldwave /synthpop /synthwave producer BLANK PICTURE “The Kiss Of Death” (Single) for A-Dur Records
  • Mar Del Plata, Argentina new wave /synthpop duo FM TOTAL “El día después de todo” from the debut album “Escenas abiertas”
  • Lyon, France lo-fi /industrial /post-punk / synth wave solo project DONNY VEGAS “CFT, ILY” from the cassette album “Pharmakós” on Z Tapes
  • Synth-pop /New Wave one-man project from Germany, Kaysa “I don’t miss you I miss the feeling” single
  • Swedish synthpop /electronic duo Hatif “City Beneath The City (After)” from V/A “This Is Deathpop” compilation on GIVE/TAKE
  • Istanbul-based dark synthpop /post-punk Turkish one-man doomer band, ALTAN “İnkâr” single
  • Mexico City Post-punk /New Wave /Synthwave solo project ALKALÁ “Actos Violentos” single
  • L.A. industrial /synthpunk /minimal synth solo project Ashly Vargas “Qipp Tier” first single
  • Rennes, France /dark electronic /minimal synth /synth-pop /dark wave solo project CARRIEGOSS – “Outrance” from benefit split cassette EP with Organes Frits Man
  • Mechelen-based, Belgian DIY dark electro-wave pioneer Enzo Kreft “Duck and Cover” first single from the forthcoming album “Shelter”
  • Niagara On The Lake, Ontario new beat /coldwave /electro industrial project of Daniel Belasco from Canadian synthpop act Glass Apple Bonzai, AKA Razorback Hollow “The Third Kind” title track from the new EP “The Third Kind”
  • Californian electronic darkwave solo project Fornicata “Icon” (written for the Darksider Playlist hosted by @pfaender)                                                                                                                                                             
  • Slovakian darkwave /synthpop /minimal wave /electro artist and owner of 4mg Records, ImiAFan “Words” from the V/A compilation 12″ EP “429″ on Waste Editions
  • French EBM /synthwave /darkwave /synthpop musician from Paris, SYDNEY VALETTE “Adieu” from the upcoming 6th LP “Home Alone” on Young & Cold Records and Wave Tension Records
  • Mexico City-based industrial /electronic /goth /darkwave solo project of JC Lobo, aka RITUALZ “Static Noise” fourth single off the second new album “RADICAL MACABRO”
  • French DIY post-punk /synth wave /electro freak act LISA PUNG “BB’s in the box” (Single)
  • Melbourne, Australia electronic /post-punk /synthpop project of George Pappas (former keyboardist from 80s band ‘Real Life‘), aka ALIEN SKIN “Saviour (Version 2022)” 2-track single
  • French synth wave/ dark synthpop solo project from Paris, After L’Amour “Oublie-toi” single
  • German electro /synthpop /post-punk /synth electronic trio (AKA Pola Woman, Sceti, Sugartin and She Lies) from Stuttgart, REWORK “Take Me Out” from the new album “Real Love” [Exlove Records]
  • Mons, Belgium kraut /new wave /post-punk /noise rock duo LA JUNGLE “Another Look To The Woman In the Gloom” from the 5th album “Ephemeral Feast” 2xLP on Stock Records, Black Basset Records, À Tant Rêver du Roi Records and Rockerill Records.
  • New York-based dark electronic /synth-punk artist (Fka Ghotha from the collective project Unboned), RHOYA “Sepulcrum meum” from the LP “Red”
  • Swedish darkwave collaborative project between Tobias Bernstrup and Erica Li Lundqvist (singer of Abu Nein), O+HER “Nothing Like Midnight” new 2-track single
  • Italian Post Punk / Darkwave trio from Parthenope, GEOMETRIC VISION – “Luna” single
  • Colombian dark electronic /darkwave duo based in Bogotà, Noromakina “Grave” from the Vinyl 12″/CD debut album “Vile Vortex” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Italian brutalist industrial lo-fi dark wave musical project from Venice, KARBOKROMA “Nudi Corridoi” from the cassette album “Sparks” on IDIO[T]PHONE RECORDS
  • Kazan, Russia darkwave project London Sadness “Birth, Life, Death” single
  • French goth /post-punk /coldwave /darkwave solo project of half of Bluebeard’s Castle, Bela Goosy “Death has Many Faces” from the album “Vain Prayers”
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia new wave /post-punk solo project Чайки улетают с моря [smorya] “Знак (кавер The Sadness)” from the EP “Поливай”
  • French coldwave /post-punk duo from Amiens, STRUCTURES – “Nothing Ever Lasts” from the double A-side single “Expectations / Nothing Ever Lasts” on Divorce Industries
  • Austin, TX Post-punk /Darkwave band HAUNT ME “Wish You Were Here” title track from the new EP “Wish You Were Here”
  • Athens, Georgia Post-punk /Goth Pop band, Vision Video – “Beautiful Day to Die” first single off Vision Video’s second LP “Haunted Hours”.
  • Lyon‘s new wave /post punk solo project of solo project of psych-garage band Lazzzy singer & guitarist Elisa Artero, aka LEOMID – “YOUSHOOKMEOUT” from V/A “Solstice d’Été 2022” via Lyon‘s label/collective L’Enfant Pneu
  • Detroit, MI post-punk /synthwave/ darkwave 4-piece Siamese “Hollow” (Single)
  • Swedish post-punk /goth-gaze band THEN COMES SILENCE – “Blood Runs Cold” from the LP “Hunger”.
  • Melbourne, Australia deathrock /doom goth /post-punk band SEA LUNGS “Truffle Pig” (Single).
  • US dark post-punk /gothic rock 5-piece (members of The Wake, This Burning Effigy, The Eden House) led by James Tramel (The Wake – US), October Burns Black “Regress” from the debut album “Two Worlds Collide”
  • Finnish goth rock /post-punk band from Helsinki, THE FLATFIELD “In Vain” from the album “The Shadow Self” on Bat-Cave Productions
  • Italian goth rock /Batcave /post-punk band THEY DIE “Absolution” from new LP “Emptiness Prevails” on SwissDarkNights
  • Polish Alternative /Post-punk /Cold Wave band KĀVE “Nago” new single                                                                    
  • German dark electronic /synthwave /darkwave collaboration ENFIN NOIR & Tom Laukemper – “PAX ORBIS”
  • Marseille, France coldwave/ post-punk trio KOLOWSKI “Red High Heels” first single
  • UK post-punk /punk trio UHR “Sports Day” from upcoming second single “Sports Day/Ugly Children” on Own It Records.
  • US post-punk/ darkwave/ coldwave duo of Daniel Srungaram (Two One Six) & Dante Palomba (Casuistry), NEW TODAY ‘Flowers” new 2-track single
  • Rouen, France synthetic instrumental post-punk solo project of Isthmaël Baudry, AKA Spleen XXX “Dislocation Of The Real” title track from the new LP “Dislocation Of The Real”
  • Szczecin, Poland noise /post-punk outfit Brúsit – “Laba” from live recorded debut S/T EP on Syf Records
  • Valencia, Spain Industrial /post-punk /punk band PODIUM “Una Coraza” from upcoming new EP on Slovenly
  • Portland, Or post-punk /punk trio HURRY UP “Can’t Anticipate Myself” from the vinyl 12″ LP “Dismal Nitch” on Comedy Minus One
  • Seattle, Wa post-punk /synth-punk trio SPASI “HTCM in Block City” from the single “HTCM in Block City / Jerk Squad”
  • Yekaterinburg, Russia new wave /post-punk one-man band В.Р.ЕД. [VRED] “ПБДВ” new single.
  • German postwave DIY solo project, A Transition “Many Miles Away”
  • Russian nerw wave /post-punk band from Kaliningrad, BLIND SEAGULL “Passing By” from the new album “Personal Decay” on AVANT! Records
  • Chicago new wave /coldwave /post-punk band led by Brian Flores, French Police “Good Girl” from “Onyx” EP
  • Memphis, TN garage /noise /post-punk band Off Peak Arson “Vivid” single
  • Colombian post-punk /new wave band from Medellín, Memorabilia “Alpes de Blanco a Negativo” single<

Rimel Neffati photography