WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – June/July #26-21

Alicja Brodowiczw Photography

  • Odilon’s Grip Edgy Electronic Beats 30/06/21                                                                                                           
Dancing in darkness with discoveries of the week, new albums by Mila Dietrich, Nastia Y, and FLUX, new releases from my favourites NNHMN, ULTRA SUNN, and S Y Z Y G Y X, and new music from RNXRX, Local Suicide & Skelesys, Years of Denial, Ein Sir, Ludviq, Harlem, Alpha Sect, Cavalry Stone, Kris Baha, DJEDJOTRONIC, Franz Scala, and many more. More info on Odilon’s Mixcloud page here.                                                              
  • Bremen, Germany goth /post-punk /darkwave solo project ATTIC FROST “Sell-out of broken dreams” from the cassette debut EP “Now is all we have”

One of the most welcome surprises of the week is the Northern German outfit ATTIC FROST that deftly combines, with viscerality and pristine flair, the timeless melancholy and introspection typical of the darkwave and coldwave from the 80s, immersing it in the dystopian alienation of post-modern society. Supported by heavy rhythms at times martially slow at other times dancing, glistening guitar lines in continuous painful distortion along with bleak bass pulses, washed to airy and icy synth flows, deepen inner turmoil and angst , to engulf lost haunted male vocals and distant falling back-ups in the doom, gloom, and vast nihilistic coldness of ‘broken dreams.”

  • Mexico new wave /post-punk one-man band, Sombras Etéreas “Pensamientos” second single

Lead by dynamic off-tempo drum beats and languid meandering bass pulses, enveloped in a thick nightly mist, obsessively dappled by reverbed, Cure-esque sparkling wistful guitar lines and sheer layers of glacial synths, to submerge the murky malaise of male vocals and haunted whispers in an aimless wander through a relentless nightmare of racing ‘thoughts.’ Once again the lesson from the 80s is internalized and shaped with heartfelt intensity and winsome songwriting for an utterly compelling listen.

Bremen, Germany goth /post-punk /darkwave solo project ATTIC FROST “Sell-out of broken dreams” from the cassette debut EP “Now is all we have”

  • Sacramento, Ca minimal /darkwave /coldwave solo project of John Anton Malinowskj, EX-HEIR “Connexion” from 2-track single “MUTE SMUT”

DIY one-man band from Sacramento has dropped four track, through two singles, “Mute Smut” and “Young One Morning”, of raw, minimal and visceral synthetic cold wave, as disturbing and emotional, as it is gloomy and restless, laced with raw stark beauty. Claustrophobic , reiterative and brooding the latter, whilst rhythmic, edgy and danceable the former. Scratching droning basslines, stubborn pounding mechanical beats, industrialized clangors, smudged by glacial hallucinated synths chords swirling ominously around distorted, disjointed, baritone male vocal’s one-way transmission into the bleak dark abyss of sinister interference and simmering moods.

  • Parisian darkwave /electronic producer Icy Lust “Megamüter”                                                                               
  • Denver goth rock /post-punk solo project of PaulB, aka Redwing Blackbird “An Accident from the Future” from the single “An Accident from the Future/Corpse of An Orchid” part of the evolving album “Human Z and the silver vessel” on LABEL
  • California post-punk /darkwave solo project PLEASURE POLICY “Burial Jewelry (Redux) – Control I’m Here Remix”
  • Italian occult/coldwave/darkwave duo, aka iamnoone “Luce” from the new EP “Besides” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Hamilton, UK goth/darkwave project of Lea Torn, THE SECRET EXPERIMENT “All Rivers To The Sea Will Flow” from the new EP “Charms and Knots”
  • English goth-folk pop duo (former Noddy on the Cross), Antipodeans “Lazarus Tree” from the new EP “Lazarus Tree”
  • Mid 80’s French coldwave /synth /medieval darkwave band from Bourges, Opera Multi Steel “Jardin du Souvenir” from the 12th “D’une Pierre Deux Tombes” on Wave Records
  • Orland, CA Post-Punk /Gothic Rock / Darkwave /Wave project of Ean Martin, Mercury’s Butterfly “Treasure Box” promo track from the upcoming Mercury’s Butterfly album “Treasure Box” due fall of 2021.                               
  • Mysterious electronic /darkwave project ???????????????????????? [l̶o̶g̶i̶c̶a̶l̶] ???????????????????? “WHAT MAKES U MOAN” (demo)                
  • Amsterdam-based industrial /dark electro wave German artist and performer Sophie Hütten aka “Vrouwe Fataal”, aka Sophie du Palais “Boys Tears” from “Endurance Of Pain Is The Power Of Being” LP on Btx3R/F01101/Exe.
  • Berlin-based/Australia-born ethereal /Italo /techno /coldwave project of DJ, vocalist, producer, and performer (former Linea Aspera and Keluar) Alison Lewis, a.k.a. ZANIAS “Untethered” from the upcoming second album “Unearthed” on Fleisch
  • Parisian minimal /darkwave /synthwave one-woman-project of Phosphor and Minuit Machine’s Hélène de Thoury, HANTE. “A Lifetime of Desires” from the new album “Morning Tsunami” out now on Synth Religion
  • Portland-based Goth Coldwave/Darkwave/Post-Punk project by Conor Knowles, aka DANCING PLAGUE “A Pale Replica” from the new album “Bleak Moments”
  • Mexican dark synth /electro /post-punk /deathwave solo project from Monterrey, Vestron Vulture “Rest In Peace 1996″ from “Hecatomb” mini-album part of “The Serpent Rider Trilogy”
  • Southern Poland darkwave /dark electro /synthwave duo STRIDULUM “Bleeding” from upcoming LP “Soothing Tales of Escapism” out soon via Manic Depression Records.                                                                 
  • Finnish dark electronic/synth-punk project of Jacques Saph (Wild Roses Of Winter, Virgin in Veil, Masquerade), aka Carnal Machinery “Twilight Zone” from the debut LP “Cluster A”
  • Montreal, Québec synthpop / synth-punk project LAURA KRIEG “Fin du travail, vie magique” from the forthcoming EP “Vie magique”
  • Dresden, Germany EBM /industrial /minimal wave /synth wave act Klassenfeind – “Ich Lieb Dich Nicht” 2nd single on G50 Records
  • Dutch wave /post-punk /electro /analog synth wizard Pascal Pinkert (aka De Ambassade), a.k.a. Dollkraut “Wie Ein (Slow) Groupie” from “Vuile Leugenaar” EP vinyl 12″ on Viewlexx
  • Sidney, Australia lo-fi goth /post-punk /darkwave solo project Chlorine Gargoyle “Brood” (Single)
  • Cape Town, South Africa dark minimal synth /electronic music project of Ashley Brandon Glass, TEARS ETERNAL “No Meaning” from the album “Last Kiss of a Dying Sun”
  • Sacramento, Ca minimal /darkwave /coldwave solo project of John Anton Malinowskj, EX-HEIR “Decision Missing” from 2-track single “YOUNG ONE MORNING”
  • Portland, Or Post-Punk /Darkwave /Drama Pop solo project PLEASURE VICTIM “Reaper” (Single)
  • French Electro EBM group composed of Arthur65 and DJ BODYHAMMER, aka KALT “Shame” from “Nomenklatur 01” [EP]
  • German electro-industrial darkwave band IN STRICT CONFIDENCE “Inside” from the reissue of 1995 debut album “Cryogenix” (25 years edition) plus bonus unreleased tracks
  • Mexican dark synth /electro /post-punk /deathwave solo project from Monterrey, Vestron Vulture “The Straight Edge” from “Heretic” mini-album part of “The Serpent Rider Trilogy”
  • Glasgow-based, Canadian synth artist JJD aka SOFT RIOT “We Are The Chopped (Second Version)” [Nomeansno cover] from the compilation album “Second Lives” on Possession Records
  • Lisbon based synthwave /post-punk /synthpop project of the frontman of Portuguese darkwavers She Pleasures HerSelf, Nuno Varudo aka Lisboa Negra “Gritos Dentro (with Pedro Code) from the debut album “Pára. Recomeça.”
  • East Germany new wave /darkwave /synthwave solo project, Oliver Decrow “Falling Down From Heaven” (Single)
  • Polish electronic /darkwave /synthwave project Żywica “Lunar” from new EP “Vivcissitude”                                 
  • Trento, Italy dark /electropop /synthwave /post-punk band, Darvaza Wave “The World (of the Elder Things)” (Single)
  • London / Bielefeld based synth band Iris Paralysis “Self Numbing” from debut S/T album
  • Russian coldwave /synthpop band from Yekaterinburg, Toy Gun Preachment  “Soon” from S/T cassette album on HИИ
  • Austin, TX lo-fi /darkwave /dream pop project Misty Days “Eldritch God” (Single)
  • Swedish new wave /synthpop solo project by Markus Enström, CURRENT ONE “An Empty Frame” (Single)
  • Swedish synthwave /synthpop trio Violent Gandhi “1990” (Single)
  • Dallas, TX electronic /synthpop project of Colin Fulmer, aka Genesis Salon – “Deathwish” new single on Toast Toast Recordings
  • Portland, Or indie rock /synthpop /new wave singer-songwriter Neon Greyjoy “NEON” from the EP “Facts Machine
  • Sidney, Australia disco /synthwave /synthpop act Moroderhead “Be Like Diamond” from the album “Multiplied”
  • Yekaterinburg, Russia sovietwave / retro synthpop act аудиопреступление / Audiocrime “Холодным ветром сентября” from the cassette EP “Это тебе” on HИИ
  • Atlanta experimental /ambient /industrial /coldwave /post-punk solo project Saint Martyn “The Hidden One” from the LP “Smile” on Latex Records
  • German Goth /Darkwave /Post-Punk band URBANDONED “Only Heartache” (Single)
  • Brussels based dark wave /new wave / post-punk duo PARTIKUL “I’m yours” from the debut album “Related memories” on Exit does not exist Records
  • Florence, Italy dark wave /post-punk solo project of Luigi Buonaiuto aka TERMINAL SERIOUS – “Lamb” from the album “Love Was Lie” on Meuse Music Records
  • Adelaide, Australia darkwave /post-punk duo The Cold Field “Floating Above the Wasteland” from the upcoming LP “Hollows” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Austin, TX post-punk /darkwave band, FIGURE FACTOR “Windscar” from the debut LP “Rituals in Transfigured Tone”
  • Colombian Deathrock / Post-punk 4-piece from Bogotá, OKVLTA “Nocturna” from the upcoming first EP “En las entrañas de la bestia” on Discos Maraña
  • Brasilian post-punk /darkwave solo project from São José dos Campos, Gótia “Antes Que Eu Morra” new single
  • Enigmatic darkwave trio from South of Sweden, ABU NEIN “Black Light (feat. Henric de la Cour)” from the new 7″ single “Black Light / Waste” on Progress Productions
  • Italian art-wave band from the ‘Eternal City‘, La Grazia Obliqua – “Oltre” from upcoming “Oltre” EP 12″ on Toten Schwan Records
  • Tbilisi, Georgia new wave /post-punk 4-piece KOMMA “Televizori” from debut EP “Rain” on Leno Records
  • Mississippi shoegaze /indie rock /post-punk solo project DETECTS “Attachments” from new 2-track single “Low Gravity”
  • Augsburg, Germany based synthpop/post-punk duo from Minsk, created by Belarusian musician Arthur Tsymbal with Moscow‘s keyboarder Egor Ivakhnenko, The Violent Youth – “Позже | Later” new single
  • Miami, Fl indie rock /post-punk solo project PRISMS “Late Night Television” (Single)
  • Russian experimental /post-punk duo from St. Petersburg, Sob Violently “В бетонных стенах” new single off the upcoming album “Повседневность”                                                                                                                 
  • Chelyabinsk, Russia new wave /post-punk trio Моногород “Вокруг все сходят с ума” from the EP “Футуризм” on Русский пост-панк
  • Canadian DIY new wave / post-punk collective based out of Vancouver, N0V3L “Group Disease” from their upcoming LP “NON-FICTION” on TAR / MM / UOH
  • London, UK based post-punk trio Sanctuary of Praise “Golden” from the upcoming cassette debut album “Hours” on INFOrmatiON!
  • Moscow, Russia post-punk band вещивкартоннойкоробке “с пустотою я знаком” (Single) on Русский пост-панк
  • Frank (Just Frank) – ‘Ride Of A Lifetime (IXΘΥΣ Love Commodere Edit)’ from ‘Midas Mixtape’ by L.A. based IXΘΥΣ on Lux Aurea
  • Florence, Italy cold wave /post-punk 4-piece Morgana “Provare Ancora” debut single
  • Russian coldwave /new wave /post-punk one-man band from Russia, ANGLETER “Дамер (Dahmer)” from the new EP “Теперь все будет по-другому (Things will never be the same)”
  • Leeds, UK kraut /synth /post-punk band CODED MARKING “Imovane” from cassette debut ‘EP’
  • Madrid, Spain post-punk /dark-psych-noise rock trio HO HAY DOLOR “Ventrículos” from the new EP “Vuelo Improvisado”
  • Los Angeles, CA post-punk band Band Aparte “Whole Wide World” (Wreckless Erik cover) from “Spring/Summer EP NO.1 2021”
  • Norwegian New wave | Post-punk | Indie rock from Oslo, TÅSEN TEA PARTY “She’s The One”                           
  • Derry, Northern Ireland based garage /art-rock /post-punk band led by Mancunian singer, guitarist and songwriter Adam Leonard, INVADERBAND “Handcuffed Man Shoots Himself” second single from Invaderband’s forthcoming second album, “Peter Gabriel”,
  • Melbourne, Australia new wave /post-punk /synth-punk band DR SURE’S UNUSUAL PRACTICE “Infinite Growth” the first track from ‘Remember The Future? Volume 2’ LP via Marthouse Records 
  • Vienna, Austria punk /post-punk DIY band ROLLTREPPE “Lebenslauf” from debut vinyl 12″ s/t LP on Bachelor Records
  • French electro-punk /coldwave /post-punk five-piece from Paris, FRUSTRATION “Oddities” from 2-track single “FRUSTRATION” 7″ on Born Bad Records                                                                                                     
  • Philadelphia, Pe dark ambient /doom /industrial /post-punk solo project Lotus Thrones “Diametric Retrograde” second single from the forthcoming debut album “Lovers in Wartime” on Disorder Recordings.
  • Synth Post-Punk duo from Colombia, Das Kelzer ”Der Friedhof” off “Quälen” LP on Nevel Records
  • Swiss experimental /NDW /coldwave /post-punk /minimal wave project of Carlo Onda, KARL KAVE “Jungfrau-Bahn” from the instrumental album “Oberland”

Alicja Brodowiczw Photography