WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – JUNE #25-23

  • Montreal, Quebec based Gothic /Post-punk /Dark Electro act  SEXSOMNIA “Nocturne” from “DORMANT” EP on Manic Depression Records

The post-punk/electro-darkwave with industrial overtones act from Montreal finally releases its debut  EP that explores the dark subconscious realm of inner demons, restless sleep, shameful secrets, and traumatic fears through a discomforting lens of shadow self-discoveries whilst vocals shift from alluring sinister whispers to raspy monstrous distortions, taunting superior personas, and harsh merciless growls, syncing seamlessly with the dynamic shape-shifting moods of the psychological soundtrack. The 4-tracks wind their way through thick menacing and restless drifting mists of mental suffering, punctuated by stark and mechanical drum machines, convulsive throbbing murky undercurrents of cavernous post-punk basslines and dim icy bright synth sweeps, to build nightmarish auras full of penetrating tension around gravelly distorted vocal menace imbued with turmoil and paranoia, to haunt and mesmerize the listener until the last note.

  • Russian coldwave /synth-pop duo Synthese “Закрой глаза” single

Cold angsty, sprawling synth melodies, buzzing flashing low end throbs, and crispy frenetic drum programming depict a ghostly, paranoid reality imbued with restless daydreams, bouncing with droning unpredicted off-kilter moods around bewitching vocals, layering cold celestial cries with soft nervous fears.

  • Argentina post-punk /darkwave /coldwave project of [S] (of Kazeria), AKA Zudpöl “In Fear” first single from the forthcoming second album on No Me Escucho Records

Argentinian musician delves once more into the cold grey mists of an eternal winter of the soul, hopelessly crushed by an obsessive fear, stumbling through a skipping doom-laden drum machine along with resonant Joy Division-like bassline’s melodic bleakness, stabbed by sharp glistening guitar strains and chilly keening flows of liquid synth desolation, around haunting layered vocals, aching in desperate, naked dirges for the sky to burn.

  • East London-based Dub /Post-Punk /Electronic collaboration between drummer-composer Valentina Magaletti and music-producer-multi-instrumentalist Zongamin, aka V/Z “Candles (Version)” from the album “Suono Assente” [AD 93]
  • Polish electropop /electroclash /trip-hop act ROZMAZANI – “Endless Game” [Periphylla]
  • German minimalist /power electronics /post-industrial /angst pop duo Haus Arafna ~ “Dunkelheit Bleibt” ltd. 2-track 7″ single [Galakthorrö]
  • Bucharest dark analogue electro /industrial duo TANZ OHNE MUSIK “Mescaline Swimming” from the 7″ EP “17” [Ant-Zen]
  • Berlin-based darkwave /new wave /post-punk solo side-project of Golden Apes frontman Peer Lebrecht, VOYNA “Moulding Heart” from “And The Heresies…” EP on Icy Cold Records
  • US goth /synth /post-punk solo project TWIN TEARS “I Was Wrong” from the EP “All My Worries Come At Night”
  • Louisville, Kentucky-based darkwave /post-punk solo project Scary Black “Unlove” single
  • Los Angeles darkwave /synth-wave /new wave band FEVR “Fate” single
  • Italian Post-Punk /Dark Wave one-man band of Federico Piegaja from Lucca, Le Brame “Non Ti Abbandonare” second single from upcoming debut EP
  • US post-punk /darkwave /coldwave act Saltsick “Ghostling” from “Ghostling” EP via Dark Entry Records
  • Berlin-based, Buenos Aires‘s dark disco /dark electronic /post-punk /dark wave producer Skelesys “Painless” from V/A “KEYI MAGAZINE Charity Compilation 2023″ [KEYI]
  • Paris‘ dark cosmic disco /synth-pop /electronic producer and Biologic Label head Harold Boué, aka ABSTRAXION “Burning” title track from the album “Burning” [Dischi Autunno]                                                 
  • Montréal/Medellín minimal synth /cold wave collaborative project recorded in late 2022 featuring TONN Recordings artist No and electronic artist Ana Gartner, aka NO+ANA “See Through” from S/T mini-album [TONN Recordings]
  • Ukrainian minimal wave /synth duo Bez Gruntu – “Radist bez boliu” from the s/t EP on ОЧІ
  • Mexico City‘s Minimal Synth Wave solo project Obsolenia “Espacio Industrial” from the collection “Secuencias Mínimas 20202023
  • Tel Aviv-based, Russian Coldwave /Minimal Synth one-man-band Kondratie “LAISSE TOMBER LES FILLES” (Serge Gainsbourg cover)
  • Leeds, UK Ephemeral Dark Wave solo music project of British composer and artist Iris Voss, Rites Of Sin “Nobody Told Me I Was Dying” from s/t debut LP
  • Paris, French EBM /techno /synthpop /synth wave artist-producer Sydney Valette “I Want To Know” from “Adieu” EP
  • São Paulo, Brazil post-punk/coldwave/minimal synth duo Pink Opake “Minha Voz, Minha Vez” from upcoming LP “Matéria” on Wave Records
  • French/Argentinian électro-punk /synthpop collaboration Lesión Française avec Ale Siniestro “Vide Grenier” from the cassette album “Feu d’Artifice” [Jit Jot Records / Idio(t)phone Records]
  • French lo-fi synthpop project Cleseph – “Hello Ghost Calling” from V/A “Solstice d’Été 2023” compilation  via L’Enfant Pneu
  • Boston, MA industrial /darkwave /synthpop band Europa Clipper “Grievance” single
  • Berlin based Dark Synth Wave project Paura Diamante “Ghosts” single
  • Italian Post-Punk /Synth-Pop duo from Turin, Angst “Staring at dark skies” from 2-track s/t single
  • Melbourne based dark /new wave /synthpop solo project of Peter Endall (keyboardist for 1980s band Schizo Scherzo), Suburban Spell “12 Causes of Pain” from the new EP “Falling Down”
  • Mar del Plata, Argentina EBM /dark electro /synthpop /dark electronic band Hidden Souls “Sinking In Despair (Edit Version)” maxi single on Echozone
  • German/UK dark electro /synthpop collaboration Menschdefekt & J:Dead – “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” on Infacted Recordings
  • Swedish electronic synthpop visual artist/musician from Gothenburg, Tobias Bernstrup “Legend (Gretsch Hammer Mix)” from the second single “Legend” off the upcoming LP
  • Córdoba, Argentina synthpop /dark synthwave solo project Juno Martian “Alone In The Dark” single
  • Los Angeles industrial /dark synth-wave duo FUEDAL “Movin” off “Unit 1” EP
  • Santiago, Chile Post-punk /Dark Wave solo project Conjuro Laico – “Flores Secas” second single
  • Lisbon coldwave /synth wave /darkwave solo project of Pedro Morcego from Phantom Vision, AKA Liquid Land “The Man Is Not Afraid Anymore” new single
  • Europa-based New Wave /Darkwave /Synthpop /Gothic Rock /Post-Punk AngloArgentinian duo Sam Young & Pablo Casadey aka Night Hexe “Hunter” single
  • Berlin-based goth /darkwave solo project of Argentina-native music producer Gonzalo Schwindt, aka Deus Ex Lumina “Black Lipstick” new single
  • Portland-based deathrock /goth rock /post-punk trio TEMPLE “Pressure” from upcoming LP “Submission” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia minimalistic post-punk duo LIVINROOM “Silence” single
  • Europa-based New Wave /Darkwave /Synthpop /Gothic Rock /Post-Punk AngloArgentinian duo Sam Young & Pablo Casadey aka Night Hexe “Seance” single                                                                           
  • Georgian Post-Punk duo from Tbilisi, KOSMOSS “Molly Manga” from the sophomore LP “FUTURA”
  • Montevideo, Uruguay-based six-piece Post-Punk Revival band Hangwire “Shimmer” from the debut album “Farewell”
  • Marseille/Paris, France disco /new wave /post-punk band TASTE “Pile of Guilt” single [Les Enfers / Couleur KO]
  • Nürnberg, Germany post-punk solo project of Philipp Renner, aka THAL “Offene Augen”
  • Adelaide, Australia post-punk /noise-rock 5-piece Placement “New Disease” single
  • Australian art-rock /post-punk duo Xanthe Waite (Terry, Primo) and Raven Mahon (Grass Widow, Green Child), aka ROCKY “Repeater” from upcoming debut s/t album on Lulu’s Sonic Disc Club
  • Las Vegas, NV goth /darkwave /post-punk solo project of F.S. Kolodzie, aka Restless “Calm” from the album “Path To Nowhere”
  • UK goth /darkwave /deathrock band Ritual Blood “Ritual Blood” from the album “Blessed Moon” on Matriarch Records
  • Athens, GA deathrock/ post-punk project originally formed in 2003, Tears for ʇhe Dying “生き残った (Ikinokotta)” (single)
  • Los Angeles, CA synth-punk band IZM “Cellar Door” from cassette s/t EP on Popular Affliction Records
  • Zagreb, Croatia post-punk /dark punk band KORIDOR “Kvadrat Ludila” from 4-tracker “Kroz pukotine” teaser of the upcoming LP
  • Cleveland, Ohio new wave /post-punk band Key to the Mint “Tungsten Road” single
  • German post-punk /postwave /indiewave solo project, A Transition “Glaring” (single)
  • US indie /darkwave solo project GelloFever “Reception” single
  • Iowa based dark ambient /fantasy /dungeon synth solo project Tomb Wizard “Poisonous Light from Warlocks Wand (Pt.1)” from the album “Toward the Pale Gloom”                                                                   
  • Missouri lo-fi /ambient /dungeon synth producer Forgotten Relic ”Weeping Before the Blade” from the album “Cult of the Jeweled Dagger”
  • Swedish dark /doom dungeon synth project Iskall “Iskall (2023 Version)”

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