WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – JUNE #24-22

Annelise Kretschmer: Worpswede, 1937, copyright Christiane von Königslöw

  • Hønefoss, Norway shoegaze /new wave /post-punk / ‘doomsday pop’ duo The Murder Mystery – “Amphetamine” new single

The “doomsday pop” duo from Norway return with the captivating re-work of an introspective and haunting song from their first demo, that simmers its way, amid 80s Echo & The Bunnymen reflections, if not the intensity of Interpol and Editors, through the dark burning passions injected by a hypnotically murky, pulsing rhythm section and shimmering, magnetic guitar riffs over brooding vocals, tormented by aching longing, whilst slowly cloaked in swaying dimensions of numb and stinging pain.

  • Italian dark wave /post-punk trio from Bologna, EUROPEAN GHOST “White Foals” first single from the upcoming LP via Icy Cold Records

Bologna-based 3-piece delivers a dark, a lush and atmospheric single of modern and imaginative darkwave flair, that dances across percolating and slashing rhythmic drives to envelop and intoxicate with nocturnal decadent moods, built by swelling buzzing basslines, dazzling boundless synth spatiality and effect-laden somberly sparkling guitar melodies, reverberating with ethereal haunted nostalgia atop passionate, angsty vocals, aching and longing in breathless urgencies.

  • Swiss wave artist and producer from Zürich, Blanche Biau “Kette aus Diamanten” single

With the assistance on production duty of fellow musician Carlo Onda, the now London-based Swiss Wave artist drops gleamy synthpop nuances to her hazy and immersive Cold Wave sound driven by steady hypnotic beats stabbed by a buzzing, bouncy bassline and twinkling keys, to inject subtly disturbing strains into soft icy gauzy pads and sprawling lonesome synth drifts, layering mystery and intrigue around aloof, persuasive German spoken word vocals and lost quivering cries, to evoke mesmeric alienation and bewitching affected melancholy.

  • Woodstock, NY occult goth /dark synth /electronic /horror soundtrack solo project Hororhaus “Phantasmal Gravitation” from “La Pisadeira” first ambient album
  • Phoenix, AZ based Dream Pop /Dark Wave DJ duo Bella Lune “Up The Down Escalator” (The Chameleons cover, 1983)
  • Philadelphia based goth rock /post-punk 4-piece The Ire “The Chariot” from the debut LP “What Dreams May Come”
  • Austin, TX goth /post-punk band Haunt Me “Dopamine” single
  • Seattle, Wa based Coldwave /Darkwave solo DIY project Festering Wounds “Leave”
  • Montreal-based Coldwave /Post-Punk one-man-band founded led by Francis Nothingwater, LA MÉCANIQUE “Trois” from “0” EP on Cold Transmission Music
  • Saint Ouen, French post-punk /synth wave solo project Grand Garçon “Nuage”
  • New York occult dark electronic /synth-punk artist (Fka Ghotha from the collective project Unboned), RHOYA “Mindbody”                                                                                                                                                               
  • Mexico City minimal wave /minimal electronics solo project of Iván Porto, aka Obsolenia “Avanza” new single on We Are One Records
  • Glasgow, Scotland minimal synth /wave /industrial electronics project of Dave Clark (AKA Sparky and one-half of the production/remix team Optimo), Craig Clark & Katie Shannon, AKA Kübler-Ross “Go On Your Way” from the upcoming S/T album on Suction Records
  • Swiss coldwave /minimal wave /synthpop duo Karl Kave & Durian “Hühnerei” from the album “Total Liquidation” a ltd.CD compilation of musical oddities via Choléra Cosmique
  • Bogotà, Colombia darkwave /coldwave duo ANTIFLVX “Silueta de Luz (feat. Ambivalencia)” single on skyQode
  • Lethbridge, Alberta goth pop /synthpop act Queen Death “Take My Hand” from the debut single “Kisses in the Dark”
  • Wien, Austria new wave /synthpop artist EUROTEURO – “Mond” single on Siluh Records
  • Lethbridge, Canada synthwave /synthpop artist Golden Future “Automaton (Here Forever)” from “Automaton” EP
  • ’80s Synthpop solo project of a member of the Swedish Electro-Pop band S.P.O.C.K, VAL SOLO “When Reagan ruled the world” single
  • UK electronic /synthpop /electropop artist FUSED “Nightlife – Remix” from the new single and upcoming remix collection “Nightlife”
  • Swedish electronic /synth-pop duo (formerly Mr Jones Machine), TELESKOP “Stings and Burns” from the debut “One” EP on Progress Productions
  • South London based AngloIrish indie /electronic /post-punk/new wave duo NIXER “Low” from “PEOPLE FEEL” EP on Irish label Blowtorch Records                                                                                                              
  • Greek dark electronics /analogue synth project of Toxic Razor (Beatbox Machinery, Eerie Sopor, Paradox Obscur), METAL DISCO “Exterminate” from 2-track CD single “Αρνητική Επιρροή”
  • French darkwave /coldwave /electro-punk duo from Toulouse, Tendresse Violence “Signe Du Versang” from the cassette/CD EP “Démo Globine”
  • Swedish electronic /synth-pop duo (formerly Mr Jones Machine), TELESKOP “Stings and Burns” from the debut “One” EP on Progress Productions
  • Dark Electro /EBM group from Lima, Peru, FÜHRERIN “CYBERSANGRE” (DEMO)
  • Chicago, IL EBM /coldwave /darkwave /dark electronic anonymous masked duo NONE OF YOUR CONCERN “B PATROL” from the “SPECTRAL” EP
  • Madison-based experimental /post-industrial /dark electronic project SØLVE “Void-Of-Course (Inferno)” from the LP “Earth Inferno” on Re:Mission Entertainment
  • Sweden‘s EBM /synth /electroclash electro queen Emma Nylén aka EMMON “Purebloods (feat. Emanuel Åström of Agent Side Grinder)” single on Icons Creating Evil Art
  • México electronic /indie dance /wave /dark disco producer Bernardo Barrera, aka MUFTI “Replicate” single on Ombra International [D’Oro UNLMTD 02]
  • London based dark synthpop project of Alessio Croe (former lead vocalist from Italian post-punk band In Loving Memory), MY HYSTERIA “Golden” single
  • Denver, CO darkwave /synthwave /synthpop project of Zachary Johnson (Fka Chapelle Ardente), HEX CASSETTE “Faith” from the album “Pomegranate Death”
  • Wilmington, NC goth /post-punk /darkwave duo DEAD COOL “Send Me An Angel” (Real Life cover, 1989)
  • Morlaix, France post-punk /coldwave solo project of William Chevalier, AKA Au revoir Bruno “Sans controle” single
  • Russian synthpop /post-punk /new wave solo project from Ekaterinburg, Roobanok “Midnight Express” on SkyQode.
  • Gold Coast, Australia post-punk /minimal wave music project of musician and producer Jed A. Walters, Chiffon Magnifique “Cyanide” single
  • Barcelona‘s post-punk trio (members of Psychic Terror Kult, Nitch, Purgatorii and Assassani), Ultimo Templo “Tus demonios” from the cassette EP “Nuevo Hechizo Punk de Amor y Mística” on Flexidiscos
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania garage /noise-punk /post-punk trio Cult Objects “Lungs” from the cassette album “Secrets of Pain-Free Living” on World Gone Mad Records
  • Brest, France experimental /IDM /techno /synthpop /electronic project Bravo Béton ! “La nuit est sombre” from “Barde de Jour” EP on Harpies Records
  • Phoenix, AZ proto-punk /post-punk solo project JAMBUKA “Mono No Aware No More” (Single)
  • Detroit, MI post-punk /darkwave 4-piece Siamese “Covet” from “Nothing Left” EP
  • Barcelona, Spain new wave /post-punk one-man band El Destello “Brillos de carmín” single
  • Portugal‘s post-punk /darkwave producer David Wolf, AKA When The Roses Die “Second of You” single
  • British Gothic Rock band formed in the 80s by Porl King, Rosetta Stone “Third Enigma (Female Vocalist)” from the compilation album “DEMOS AND RARE TRACKS 1987-1989” on Cleopatra Records
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland Post Punk /Darkwave act Hidden Hand “Hole In The Heart” title track from the new EP “Hole In The Heart” on Sudden Strike Records
  • New Jersey‘s egg goth /synth-punk act OPERANTS “Financier’s Dream” from the cassette single “Financier’s Dream / Summer of Discontent” on Defective Tapes
  • Leipzig, Germany garage /kraut /post-punk outfit, Ambulanz “Room” from debut S/T EP
  • Portland, Or lo-fi /rock ‘n’ roll /post-punk /proto-punk power trio NO KNUCKLE “Advertisement” from S/T EP 12″ vinyl
  • Fremantle, Australia garage /new wave /punk 4-piece SWEAT “Parking Fine” from “Sweat” EP
  • Nashville, TN based Shoegaze /Post-Punk /Indie Rock band led by songwriter and producer Joseph Lekkas, Palm Ghosts “Amaya” single on Ice Queen Records
  • Kyiv, Ukraine darkwave /industrial dance /synth-pop project of Stan Przhegodsky, aka Black Light District “Slow Moving You”
  • Spanish post-punk /shoegaze /darkwave solo project OSCURIDAD ROMÁNTICO “You Deserve Better”
  • Paris experimental /kraut /psychedelic /post-punk /avant-garde trio of multi-instrumentalists Frédéric D. Oberland, Stéphane Pigneul and Mondkopf, aka OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE “A Man Alone (In A One Man Poem)” from the upcoming double album “WHAT ON EARTH (Que Diable)” co-released by Sub Rosa & NAHAL Recordings