WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – JUNE #23-23

  • UK eclectic post-punk /darkwave project from Kendal, CLAUSTRAPHOBIA “Nothing Left” single

I have somehow a bitter memory about Danse Society, one of those times, a few fortunately although painful because unrecoverable (Nirvana and Disco Inferno) when you show up at the venue, but the gig is canceled. It’s right from the early 80s darkest and gothic period of the Yorkshire band, namely the rawest and urgent Bauhaus-eque songs like “Clock”, the Post-punk revival one-man band from Nottinghamshire claims to be inspired for the new single about the tragic moment when there is “Nothing Left” in a relationship. Amid the classic icy bright spatial keyboard shivers, not unlike those of Simple Minds’ Mick MacNeil, racing rhythms, rambling basslines, and piercing reverberating guitar riffs will certainly not displease those who are looking for fresh, sharp and heartfelt craftsmanship of a familiar sound.

  • Italo/Czech EBM /electro-goth /dark wave /synth-pop duo Nová Síla “F.Y.F. (Face Your Fear)” from the upcoming sophomore cassette EP “Další Den” [Democide Products]

Despite the nowadays sneaky censorship, the collaboration between the Electro-Goth Italo/Swedish duo and the underground Italian label CR¥PTO ORD€R keeps going with the release of the band’s second cassette EP. The song explores dark unhinged moody Dark Wave /Synth Pop domains through marching pounding drum beats, chugging bass lines, chilly alarming strains, and angsty glowing swirling swathes to surround cool aloof haunted vocals and ghostly cries, with suggestions to close your eyes and “Face Your Fear”.

  • Los Angeles‘ darkwave /synth-wave project Amor de Paris “I Want To Touch You” single

L.A.-based homespun solo project, although not one of the most prolific, is slowly tweaking a dark, cold, and forlorn melodic ’80s-inspired Dark Wave sound. Amor de Paris enters the new year with a heartfelt and poignant Synth-laden single, drifting through steady marching drum beats, throbbing bass lines, somber glistening synth washes and icy bright flashing chords, over dry aching, devastated vocals, longing and begging, “I Want to Touch You” again, in stirring drifting spiral of pure agony-laden melancholia.

  • L.A. ambient /goth /shoegaze /folk /psych /new wave /dark wave project of Deb DeMure and collaborator Mona D, DRAB MAJESTY “Vanity (feat. Rachel Goswell)” from upcoming “An Object In Motion” EP on Dais Records
  • Berlin-based experimental /ethereal /dark ambient /darkwave /post-punk /coldwave project of Anna Nin (aka None), aka Glaring “Insanity Among Penguins” from the upcoming new album “VOID”
  • French experimental /coldwave /synthpop /dark folk project of Victor-Yann (of the duo Bruta Non Calculant with his elder brother Alaxis Andreas G., aka Le Syndicat Electronique), SWESOR BHRATER “The Kingdom of Mortals” from the vinyl 12″ album “Green Children” via Eins:Zwei:Acht (vinyl) and his own IDIO[T]PHONE RECORDS
  • Berlin-based Italo-post-punk-electro-wave-punk multifaceted New York-bred artist of Italian origin and Ombra International boss, Curses “Premonitions” from “Premonitions / Salvation” single [Riotvan]
  • Philadelphia, PA goth /post-punk /cold wave /minimal synth /darkwave /synthpop duo R E P < > L ^ K N T “Neon Something” off the album “Partial Response”
  • Hamburg, Germany NDW /minimal synth /synth-punk act Ernst Leben “Kompetenz” (unreleased) from the remastered vinyl edition 2021 album “Bald wirds ernst” originally released on Minimalkombinat
  • Quebec, Canada synth-wave /new wave /minimal synth duo, VIOLENCE “First Car” teaser from the forthcoming vinyl 12″ album “La somme de mes soiffes” on TONN Recordings
  • Hamburg, Germany 1989 founded, experimental /industrial /post-punk /kraut /ambient duo Siegmar Fricke & Dieter Mauson, Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide “We con’t care (pre-mix)” from the cassette album “Evil” (originally released on Delta-Sleep-Inducing Productions, DSI-P 005 in 1992) [Infinite Expanse]
  • Turin, Italy analog synth electronic solo project ZOLTAN FREITAG “Pseudo Verità” from V/A “RESISTENZA, NON RESILIENZA” compilation on hellbonesrecords
  • Psychedelic, minimal and mutant synth-pop solo project out of Glasgow by Canadian creator JJD, aka Soft Riot “It Never Takes Long To Say No” from the upcoming tenth album “No.” on Possession Records (UK) and Wave Tension Records (NL)
  • Vancouver, WA post-punk /darkwave /coldwave solo project, This Cold Night “Circuits (R.23 Version)” from 2-track single “Pick Up A Phone” off the upcoming album “Retrospective XXIII”
  • Los Angeles synth wave /darkwave project of Damian Daviid, aka CELLAR DOVES “Coma White” (Marilyn Manson cover) from the cover album “Televersions” on love death disco
  • Bremen, Germany Dark Wave /Post-Punk /Gothic Wave band Attic Frost “A Heart is the Deepest Dungeon” title track of the new album “A Heart is the Deepest Dungeon”
  • Bloomington/Indianapolis goth /industrial /dark wave /post-punk project created by Josh Kreuzman (jfkreuz), Twice Dark “Orphans of the Storm” title track of the new EP
  • Bialystok, Poland gothic rock /retro electronic /dark wave music producer Air Midnight “Call Me” (Single) from the 4 songs written for the “Air Midnight” self-titled album redux [F-A-R]
  • New York‘s goth /darkwave /post-punk duo of singer Alex Virlios (Blue Images) and guitarist/producer Andrew Sega (Iris, The Alpha Conspiracy), HALLOWED HEARTS “Open your eyes” single
  • Austin, TX Post-punk /Darkwave /Alternative band HAUNT ME “Bésame” single
  • Szczecin, Poland new wave /post-punk /punk solo project BZDET “pkp” (unreleased) from the cassette “MAYBE IT IS ENOUGH?” compilation
  • Madrid, Spain post-punk /coldwave /darkwave solo music project of Marco Torremocha, aka Dunkelwald “Lobos Ciegos” single
  • Békéscsaba, Hungarian Post-Punk /Synthwave duo Empty Story “Jövőnk csak ábránd” single
  • New York DIY dark wave /synthpop solo project LIKE WHAT “Unpunctuated” title track of the new album
  • Brazilian new synthpop project, conceived and performed by veteran musician & experimental filmmaker Arthur Caria (surrmenage /clipoems), A Little Ball in Motion “No-fly zone” from the debut “LOST INSIDE NOSTALGIA” EP
  • West Palm Beach, FL post-punk /synthpop /synth-wave duo Violet Silhouette “Strange Wind” single
  • Russian darkwave /synth-goth project of Dmitry Nordman, aka Elezoria “Temporary (Assemblage 23 Remix)” single on skyQode
  • Los Angeles‘ industrial /EBM /wave /synthpop duo (FKA Yar), FUEDAL “NHTS” from the cassette EP “Unit 1” [DKA Records]
  • Seminal Detroit-based EBM-techno 4-piece, Code Industry “Behind The Mirror (Image mix)” from the upcoming Dark Entries Records‘ vinyl 12″ reissue of “Structure” EP originally released in 1991 via the legendary Antler-Subway label
  • Phoenix, AZ goth /EBM /industrial /post-punk solo act TASSEL “Deepest pit” from “NEW COVENANT” EP
  • London-based industrial /cyberelectro /glamgoth /dark dance electronic duo, Dead Lights “I Am Electric” single on darkTunes
  • Vancouver, Canada retro synth-wave /synthpop project FM Attack “Strange Ways” single
  • Ocala, FL new wave /synthpop duo Cold Eyes “Take It All Back” single
  • Los Angeles-based post-punk /new wave /synthpop solo project FEVR “On My Mind” single
  • New York new wave /post-punk artist Postlooperish “Ethereal Merial” single
  • Dark Wave /Post-punk outfit Tabike “El Espejo” [Todos Tus Muertos cover] on Holy Trash Records
  • Turkish post-punk /darkwave duo based in Istanbul, Ductape “Marian” (The Sisters of Mercy cover)
  • Montreal-based post-punk band TALLEEN “House of Khan” single
  • Austin, TX Post-punk /Darkwave /Alternative band HAUNT ME “Dormido” single
  • Kuantan, Malaysia darkwave /new wave /post-punk 5-piece band Quarter Life – “Disagree” off the new EP “Pt.1”
  • Baltimore, Maryland shoegaze /post-punk instrumental solo project 4dversary “Cool Night Air”
  • Italian post-punk /new wave band from Matera, God in a Black Suit “No. 7” from s/t debut album
  • Bremen, Germany shoegaze /post-punk band MAKIMONO “(exeunt)” demo single
  • Talcahuano, Chile post-punk band Dosis “No Sirve De Nada” from cassette s/t album
  • Seville, Spain indie rock /punk /post-punk 4-piece (members of Culebra, Interzona and Tentáculo), Liminal “Anemia” from cassette s/t album via Andalucía Über Alles and Polze de la Mort.
  • Lawrence, Kansas Indie /Noise Pop /New Wave /Post-punk duo, Sweeping Promises “You Shatter” from the upcoming second LP “Good Living Is Coming” via Sub Pop
  • Melbourne-based lo-fi /indie pop /post-punk group (featuring members of The Shifters, The Living Eyes, and Parsnip), The Toads “Two Dozen Functions” from the debut LP “In The Wilderness” through Upset The Rhythm (UK) and Anti Fade Records (AU)
  • Memphis, TN deathwave /noise-pop /post-punk band The Switchblade Kid “Love Has Gone Away” from the album “3”
  • Bristol, UK based experimental /psych /post-punk noiseniks Repo Man “Sirhan Sirhan” from upcoming 4th album “Me Pop Now” on Cruel Nature Records (tape) and Totality (CD)
  • London-based industrial /noise rock /post-punk trio Bo Gritz “Rut” off debut album ‘Chroma’ via Glasshouse Records
  • Cincinnati, OH punk /rock’n’roll supergroup (members of Vacation, Tweens, Pale Angels, and The Drin), Motorbike “Potential to Ride” second single off self-titled debut album on Feel It Records.
  • Brighton, UK noise rock /post-punk 5-piece band DITZ “Riverstone” 7″ single on Suicide Squeeze Records
  • US dreamwave /synthwave /synthpop musician from Miami, Trevor Something “Wicked Game” (Chris Isaak cover) new single