WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips – MAY/JUNE 2024 – #22-24


  • 𝑯𝑶𝑹𝑹𝑶𝑹 𝑺𝑯𝑶𝑾 #38 MADMOIZEL                                                                                                                             

Paris-based ace composer, performer and producer wanders back and forth seamlessly from the ’80s to this day, showing the usual artistry, we are accustomed to.

  • Belgium-based cold analog synth one-man project of Jan Vinoelst (Cluster M13, Messier 39), Cryptochroma “My Made Up Friend” single

Industrial-inflected intense and atmospheric new single from Belgian cold synth act,  shrouded in oppressive and menacing glooms, driven by a mechanical drum machine and ominous churning low ends, charged by treacherous droning riffage, whilst edgy lustrous synths, swirl and drift desolately around a strained emotional, at times sinister, vocal, brooding in haunted memories to evoke loneliness and dread.

  • German Goth /Dark Wave duo of Tina Mar & Stefan Scott, aka Caput Medusae “Eerie Dance” from the upcoming debut album, “You Can’t Negotiate With Zombies”

Dreamy and atmospheric new vision from the German darkwavers arouses warm ceremonial reedy organ-like swells woven with a ghostly romantic male-female vocal interplay dancing somberly in eerie shadowy realms, blazed by poignant glistening guitar melodies, in a trance-like, thoughtless rapture of velvety sensuality and hopeless desire.

  • Glasgow, UK shoegaze /new wave /post-punk duo Vacant Pavements “Pripyat Love Song” second single from the upcoming debut EP, “The Cost of Complacency”

Evocative ’80s-tinged second ever single from the newcomer English Post-punk duo wrapped in the bristling restlessness of an obsessive wandering web of achingly effect-laden sparkling guitar lines, punctuated by metronomic swishing drum machines, bleak humming bass pulses and spectral synthesizer washes, echoing with high-pitched intensity around deep heartfelt romantic vocals, letting a friend know, “I will always be there.”

  • Scotland/Germany experimental /spook /haunted folk collaboration between Grey Malkin (The Hare & The Moon, Widow’s Weeds, Sedna Chronicles) and Fogroom (Mimsy), Grey Malkin & Fogroom “The Coast” from “Shoreline Ritual” EP
  • Houston, TX Dungeon Synth solo project Hexpartner “Death Can Dance” single
  • Bristol, UK goth /metal /doomgaze /slowcore act THROTH “A living proof” from “Traumatic Reinforcement” EP
  • Los Angeles, California‘s darkwave /drone folk project of Sera Timms, aka BLACK MARE “Low Crimes” (2018) from the LP “Outsiders” a collection of rarities and long-out-of-print tracks
  • Obscure early ”80s Birmingham, UK indie /post-punk /new wave band The Dealers “Share The World (Part 2)” (1980) from the V/A “No-Ones Listening Anyway – UK DIY Post Punk & Dubs 19801984 (Volume 1)” Compiled By Jason Boardman ( Before I Die Records) LP 12″ [CTR]
  • Philadelphia-based industrial /experimental /post-punk duo Indigo Ranch “Day of the Dot” from the debut “Hard Gloss” LP 12″ via Happy Families.
  • Adelaide, Australia Dark Wave / Post-Punk duo The Cold Field “Tiny Beads Of Light” from the new album “Alive” [Cold Transmission Music]
  • New York-based goth /new wave /post-punk /synth-wave act, Ren Flowers “The Wheel Spins Backwards” single
  • Southern California dream pop /shoegaze /electronic /wave /post-punk duo Fashion Focus “Telling Lies” single
  • Columbus, OH gothic rock /post-punk /dark wave solo act Kann Kein Deutsch “The Kiss of an Angel” 2-track single
  • Dunedin, New Zealand dark synth wave solo project of Bianca Amber Skye (Strange Harvest, and Rise of the City Cat Cult), Embedded Figures “Wounded Animals” from “6 Lovers” EP 12” via SDZ Records
  • Poznań, PL based cold wave /minimal synth analog electronics British/Polish multi-instrumentalist Vincenzo Wieczerzynski, aka Chaos International “A Deathly Hunger For War” from S/T EP via Stanze Fredde Records
  • Mexican Cold Wave /Minimal Synth act ESQUELETO OBSOLETO – “Vida Vacía” from V/A – “WAVEFORM vol.1” compilation via Electrosound
  • Nantes, France coldwave /new wave /synth-pop solo project PRINZESSIN “Trigger – Crystalline Stricture Remix” from “The Security” EP on TONN Recordings
  • Brussels analog dark synth-pop female musician AVELINE “Electro Sad” from the CD album “Amours Noires” via UNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS
  • Dutch cosmic electro /synth-wave /’Neue-Niederländische-Welle’ duo from Utrecht, STAATSEINDE “Midtsommernatt” 2-track single via Etch Wear Records
  • Bern, Switzerland industrial /kraut /post-punk /coldwave /synth wave collective PLAGUE PITS “Sleep of the Just” from the upcoming cassette album “Bukolik”
  • Northern Ireland cold synth electronics musician based in Belfast, Crystalline Stricture “Refurbishment is Obsolete” single
  • Namur, Belgium coldwave /synth-wave producer Aemone “Phone Down” from “Phone Down (Shitty Archive)” LP
  • Covington, Virginia synthwave /darkwave music project Silver Cord “There’s No Other”
  • German coldwave /minimal synth /synth-punk solo project Projekt Ortsschild “Bildschirm” from the upcoming EP “Unmut”
  • Adelaide, Australia gothgaze /minimal wave /darkwave act Monoworld “Corrupts (single version)” from “TIME / CORRUPTS” 2-track single
  • Greek goth /dark wave group based in Patra, Grey Gallows “Nothing to Believe (feat. Cleopatra Kaido)” 2-track single [Cold Transmission Music]
  • Guadalajara-based Dark Electro-Wave duo Red Industrie “Going Round 2024” from the album “Spiritualizer” CD/vinyl 12″ via PürZynth Rekords
  • Richmond, VA dark electronics /darkwave solo act Petrified Entity “Hardly Ever Know” from the new 11th album “Buried Alive”
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas goth /darkwave /dance /post-punk /synthpop /scuzzwave solo project, Damien Hearse “NEGATIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE” single
  • Stockholm, Sweden EBM /industrial /minimal synth duo Svaj. “Cut Me Up” (originally written by Daniel Kaufeldt/Alien Waveform in 1989) on TZW Produktion
  • San Diego, CA industrial /dark wave /electronic group Matte Blvck “Pupula Duplex” single
  • EBM /Italo /darkwave /synth-pop solo project of Los Angeles-based artist Josh McVety, aka Mellow Code “Filed to Knubbs (Visitor Remix)”
  • Antwerp, Belgium Dark Wave /Dark Electronic duo, Hoc Eritis “No room for the weak” single from the upcoming debut LP
  • Stockholm, Sweden electro /synth /EBM artist Emma Nylén, aka EMMON “Skin” from “XCEPTION” EP via Icons Creating Evil Art
  • Mysterious Swedish goth /sci-fi /electronic /synthpop band Priest “Demon’s Call” from the LP “Dark Pulse” via Blue Nine
  • Los Angeles-based post-punk /coldwave /synth-pop solo act Sinnerella “Bloody Mary” from “Midnight” EP
  • Minsk, Belarus synthwave /retrowave rock project by artist-producer Ars Nikonov, Fury Weekend “Galaxy of Love (feat. Platforms)” [Single]
  • Graz, Austria Dark Wave /Synth-Pop solo act Violence against Man“The Emptiness” title track of the new EP “The Emptiness”
  • London, UK darkwave /electro-wave solo project Stay Sleeping – “Vampires” from V/A “GOTHFLESH” 8th charity compilation via Darkness Calling
  • Oakland, CA based electronic /synth-pop act led by Glitter Wizards frontman Wendy Stonehenge, aka Candy Whips “A Drop Will Do” single on Kitten Robot Records
  • Richmond, Virginia goth /post-punk /darkwave solo project ACITYASLEEP “We Move In The Night” title track of the EP “We Move In The Night”
  • Buenos Aires post-punk /dark wave act THE TERROR “Frio” from the 6th álbum “Tiempo Oscuro” via No Me Escucho Records
  • Berlin-based Grunge /Goth /Synth Wave /Post-Punk band William Bleak “Skin on Skin” single
  • Brooklyn, NY-based surf goth /indie rock /new wave /post-punk solo project Stare Away “I Dream of Nothing” title track of the new EP “I Dream of Nothing”
  • German post-punk /indiewave /postwave solo project, A Transition “The Fly” single
  • Sammichele Di Bari, Italy electronic /post-punk solo project The Spoiled – “Love Is Pain (Radio Edit)” single
  • Lyon, French coldwave /post-punk project Nebelkalt – “Usine de pensées (dans ma chambre froide)” off the debut cassette EP “Les Fantômes de Janvier” via Intrépide (Malgré la Fièvre)
  • Paris-based synthpop /coldwave /new wave band, Les Clopes “Les dimanches à Trentemoult” from the album “Sinq”
  • Düsseldorf, Germany 4-piece indie rock /post-punk DIY band Championne Mondiale “Carcinisation” from the debut “ÉPique” EP
  • Leipzig, Germany wave /post-punk band Mantarochen “Im Sand” from the EP “In The Badgers Cave” via Its Eleven Records
  • Polish lo-fi post-punk project BZDET “Widziałem” from the cassette album “Nieład” via Syf Records
  • Tokyo, Japan-based synth-punk trio Eyelash “With Tension” from cassette S/T EP
  • Chicago‘s 4-piece noise /post-punk band Model Living “Record Strength” from the first LP “Agreement”
  • Nashville, TN punk band Snooper “I Think I’m Falling In Luv Again” (DEVO cover)
  • Lima, Perù goth /darkwave /post-punk solo project SOMETHING OBSCURA “Rain” from the album “The Sorrow We Share”
  • Bay Area solo darkwave gothic music project No Horizon “Crown of Thorns” from “Sorrow’s Ghost” EP
  • Brooklyn, NY post-punk /wave /dream pop SHE’S A VAMPIRE “You and I (Demo)”
  • US Dark Ambient / Dungeon Synth act DARKEST DUNGEONS “Time and Space” from the album “Unknown Mysteries Volume I” [Endmusik Records]
  • Iowa dark ambient /old school dungeon synth project Tyrant of Gorgon “Deathless” from the album “No Light”
  • Dark ambient /drone /new age /dungeon synth project The Rose Sun “Anze” from “Meditations On Thra” debut album
  • Spanish fantasy /dungeon synth act Lord Bakartia “The Kingseeker” from the LP “For When The Night Comes (Remaster)”

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