WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – MAY #22-22

Clarence Hudson White photography early 1900

  • Paris, French post-punk /coldwave act led by actor and singer, Günther Vanseveren, aka VANSEVEREN “Black Sky” produced by Echoberyl via their Mother Solitude Records

Parisian artist returns with wintry, spectral and gloomy gusts of angsty Coldwave allure imbued by hypnotic beat-driven cool bright synth washes of alienation and fear, pierced by suffering baritone guitar jolts in winding achingly emotional unison with edgy, angered gripping vocal delivery laced with dystopic lyrics wrought in an escapist fantasy of denial and anxiety.

  • Synth Post-Punk duo from Colombia, Das Kelzer ”An Dich Gebunden” [Nevel Records]                                       

Teutonic-inflected Colombian duo churn out dark, gritty and cavernous Post-punk dance that bounces its way through stark stomping beats, shivering buzzing bass tones, and alienated, glistening guitar tensions to encapsulate anguished and distorted vocals with agonizing frequencies of lyrical oppression and dread.

  • Vancouver, BC post wave duo Decomme “Disarray” from 2-track “II” single

Following last year’s compelling debut, Vancouver‘s duo are back with a two-tracker of their distinctive wistfully melodic, atmospheric yet subdued neurotic post-wave. Punchy hypnotic beats, droning, warbling bass pulses, sparkling guitar strains and airy glaring synth whirls wandering and resounding with nostalgic moods to provide the undulating framework of despair and melancholy for soft romantic male vocals confessing fearful mistakes, misunderstood denial and betrayed loyalty into an obsessive “Disarray” of broken dreams.

  • Greek urban dungeon electronic music project of Τουλκερίδης Φώτιος, AKA Ουλφαάμ “Νύχτα της χαράς” from “Μνημόσυνο ( Άγιοι Επαναστάτες )” Split cassette album with Heaven on Athens’ label Λα Μουρμίντζ
  • Library Music /Soundtrack /Minimal Synth project of Italian electronic DJ, Producer, Remixer, and head of Berlin-based Mannequin Records, Alessandro Adriani “A6 PR 001 – V” from the upcoming double vinyl album “Program & Rhythm” on Mannequin Records
  • Polish coldwave /electronic /darkwave /synthwave project Żywica – “Underneath” from upcoming album “Music For Noone”
  • Vienna, Austria coldwave /synthpop /synthwave producer BLANK PICTURE “The Kiss Of Death” (Single)
  • Romanian dark electronic /synthwave artist Ramone – “One Last Goodbye (The Circulating Light REMIX)”                     
  • Bialystok, Poland dark wave /goth horror /electronic music producer Air Midnight “Shells” from the EP “Higher Sky” on F-A-R Music
  • Canadian Goth /Post-Punk /New Wave solo project No More Light “Residual” lead single from “Residual” EP on Matriarch Records
  • Scotland‘s goth /darkwave /coldwave new project of Lea Torn (AKA The Secret Experiment), AKA Lords Of The Northern Sky “Selene (Please Wake Me)” single
  • Vilnius, Lithuania indie /post-punk solo project Wheels of Doma “Lietvamzdis v. I” from debut EP “Striukė”
  • California synth-wave /darkwave /coldwave solo female project THE NEW ARCTIC “Paradise Lost” from the debut LP “Vault” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • French coldwave /synthwave /minimal synth project from Brittany, Irène de Milo “St servan contre lui” from “Cécile a la rougeole” EP
  • Athens based Greek post-punk /darkwave band Boxes Of Blow “Out Of Control” from the upcoming debut album “Dystopia” on Wave Records
  • Chicago‘s art-rock /post-punk four-piece Ganser “People Watching” from “Nothing You Do Matters” EP on Felte
  • Chemnitz, Germany noise /dark post-punk 4-piece L’APPEL DU VIDE “Delirium” from the debut 7″ vinyl EP “Abwärtsspirale”
  • Santiago, Chile jangle rock /new wave /post-punk band TØLVA “Pegasos” (Single)
  • French Post-Punk /Cold Wave /Oi! /Punk band from Brest, SYNDROME 81 “Lumiere Magnetique” from “Prisons Imaginaires” LP on Sabotage Records, Destructure Records & Blackwater Records.
  • US hardcore /post-punk /dark wave band BLEACHED CROSS “Suffer” from upcoming s/t album on Protagonist Music
  • Paris coldwave /post-punk /gothic rock band The Cemetary Girlz “Eternal Night” from the upcoming album “L’envol du corbeau” to be released later this year.
  • Ulyanovsk, Russia coldwave /post-punk duo PROSHAY “Листья” from the EP “На самый черный день. Часть 1″ on Curved
  • Saarbrücken, Germany synth /post-punk outfit ANGST4 “Ein Bild (erste Version)” from the cassette mini-album “Was bleibt”
  • Kendal, UK eclectic darkwave /electronic music project Claustraphobia “One Day” single
  • Russian synthwave /synthpop project of Дмитрий Берсенёв (London Sadness) and Lord Mictian (Город Сна), AKA Xitin {Хитин} “Volni” single
  • Dalarna, Sweden coldwave /synthwave /synthpop producer Lars-Göran Forsberg aka FOPMUSIC “There´s a new tomorrow” new single
  • Umeå, Sweden synth-pop duo UNROYAL “I Wanna Be Your Problem” from “After Life” EP
  • L.A. new wave /synthpop duo Sacred Skin “Far Away” from the vinyl 12″ debut LP “The Decline of Pleasure” on Synthicide
  • Glasgow, UK based electropop /synthwave artist, Marcel Wave “Wolves” from the mini-album “Discretion Guaranteed”
  • Sheffield, UK-based (formerly London and Vancouver) synth-pop artist JJD aka SOFT RIOT “Windows To The Wild (Soft Riot’s Sodium Glow Version)” from upcoming “Windows To The Wild (Versions)” EP on Possession Records
  • London, UK ‘primitive electronic’ DIY analogue synth solo project This Is The Bridge “Expectations” from the new album “Iconoclasm”
  • German electro /synth-pop /synth wave /new wave musician Philipp R. Münch, AKA The Rorschach Garden “Stealth Black” title track from the upcoming album “Stealth Black” on Ant-Zen
  • Brooklyn, NY electro/ cinematic /synthpop solo project AMITURE “Julian” from the upcoming EP “Swimmer” on Dots Per Inch Music
  • London, UK post-punk /synth-pop band The Umlauts “Non è Ancora” (an ode to ‘Annarella’ by Italian 80s punks CCCP Fedeli alla Linea) on PRAH Records
  • Rotterdam-based synth /wave /experimental electronic project of Vienna-native Leonard Prochazka, AKA Geier Aus Stahl “Unterland” from the upcoming debut album “Strapazen und Genesung” on Knekelhuis Records
  • Stuttgart, Germany dark wave electronic producer and vocalist, Agnes Underwoods aka Anastasia M, aka sieXXmi “1000bits” single
  • Wetzikon, Switzerland darkwave /synthpop act RODJA “Sad times” from the debut “Dunkel” EP
  • Mysterious EBM /darkwave /’neo goth club music’ project Skin Temple – “Mistreat” from the debut EP “Lust”
  • EBM stylish music solo project from Sweden, ALL SYSTEMS OUT “Restricted mode” single.
  • Philadelphia‘s EBM /punk /noise /industrial /synthrock act led by Daniel McCullough AKA Silver Walks “In Consequence (Leaether Strip remix)” from “In Consequence” single
  • L.A. based EBM /industrial /techno /dark electronic /darkwave duo Black Light Odyssey “Destroy! (ÆON RINGS Remix)” from “Remix Kontrol” EP
  • 1994 formed German experimental electro industrialists Maurizio Blanco and Boris May, aka KLANGSTABIL “You may start” from the 7″ single “You may start / Kill all lifeforms” (both included in the 2004 album ‘Taking nothing seriously’) on Ant-Zen
  • Portuguese/British darkwave /synthpop collaboration, Pedro Code & Joe Whitaker – “Where Was Your Heart” (1984) taken from V/A “Bleak Is Our Favorite Cliché (A Soft Cell & Marc Almond Tribute)” compilation on Coitus Interruptus Productions
  • Turin-based Italian electronic /darkwave artist Paolo Virdis “A New World (feat. Carmelyne Void)” single
  • Tel Aviv‘s bedroom synthpop solo project FoE “Diamonds (feat. Alina Valentina)” single
  • North of Spain‘s darkwave /post-punk /coldwave solo project URCO “Broken” (Depeche Mode cover)             
  • São Paulo, Brazil industrial /trip-hop /electronic /darkwave producer Kevin Martins AKA Velvetic – “For Rainy Days” from “Departure” LP
  • Norfolk, Virginia goth /darkwave /post-punk act The Blood Pact – “Medicine” from the EP “We’ll Watch The Sky Fall”
  • Dark melodic post-punk band from Los Angeles, DECEITS “En Soledad” single
  • Parisian post-punk /cold wave band JE T’AIME “Love U (feat. Mikkel from The Foreign Resort)” from fundraising “KISS THE BOYS” EP on Icy Cold Records/Manic Depression Records
  • Swedish post-punk /goth-gaze band THEN COMES SILENCE – “Chain” single
  • Berlin-based post-punk /synth wave duo Infant Sanchos “Schäume” from the upcoming vinyl 12″ debut LP “Schäume” on Contraszt!Rec. and DPG Records.
  • German indie rock /post-punk musical collaboration between songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Stephen Dawes and singer Katja Dreßler, The Comfortably Strange “Mr Nowhere”                                                              
  • German post-punk /gothic rock started in 1989 by singer and songwriter Sascha Tayefeh, aka GHOSTING “The Order of Things” from the upcoming EP “The Order of Things” on Alice In…/Dark Dimensions Label Group.                                                                                                                                                       
  • 1982 founded Leeds, UK goth rock /new wave /post-punk band Skeletal Family “My Own Redemption” single from the sixth official Skeletal Family album due out summer 2022.
  • Colombian electronic /darkwave duo based in Bogotà, Noromakina “Orobla” from forthcoming debut LP “Vile Vortex” on Cold Transmission Music
  • French post-punk /darkwave /gothic rock band Sexblood “Sleeping Angel” from the LP “Teach Me To Cry” on Swiss Dark Nights.
  • Minneapolis‘ electro-industrial/ EBM /dark techno trio The Seven Whores of the Apocalypse “Enter Delirium” from the upcoming “Wicked Hands” EP via Scanner / Dark Dimensions Label Group.
  • Portland, OR goth shoegaze /post-punk /electronic 3-piece, DARKSWOON “Eaten By Wolves” single from the upcoming record “Bloom Decay” due on September 14, 2022, on Icy Cold Records
  • Russian post-punk /indie band from Moscow, ГРУППА ХМУРЫЙ / GRUPPA HMURIY “К ответу! / To the answer” single
  • Dortmund, Germany new wave /post-punk /coldwave duo ISOCULT “Atmosphaere” from the album “Discomfort In Silence”
  • Los Angeles synth-punk /post-punk 4-piece AGENDER “No Nostalgia” title track from the second “No Nostalgia” LP.
  • Philly‘s dark post-punk goth rocker (FKA Lord Travvis), NIGHT RITUAL “Night Ripper” single
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia new wave /post-punk solo project Чайки улетают с моря [smorya] “Синица” from the EP “Синица”
  • Australian Post-Punk / Surf-Goth solo project of D.Calleja from Melbourne, AKA Desmond Doom “Now That You’re Gone” single
  • Manchester, UK post-punk /psych /electronic /shoegaze duo The KVB “Lumens (Trentemøller Remix)” on Invada.
  • German post-punk /coldwave /postwave solo project, A Transition “Virtual” single
  • Russian indie rock /new wave /post-punk trio from Saint PetersburgДурной Вкус (Durnoy Vkus) “Не уходи” from EP “III”                                                                                                                                                            
  • Wolverhampton, UK based Post-punk collective Baudelaire “Lethe” single
  • Croatian punk /deathrock /post-punk project of Apsurd‘s singer/bassist Dragana, AKA Crna Žuč [Black Bile] “Izgažena Budućnost” from debut 6-track S/T cassette on Doomtown Records
  • French post-punk /wave /punk 4-piece Le Coeur des Garçons “Rock N’ Roll” from “Demo 5 Titres” EP on Jour de Pluie Records
  • Chicago, IL noise-pop /post-punk 5-piece Dendrons “Double Ending” from the upcoming debut LP “5-3-8” on Innovative Leasure
  • Berlin, Germany new wave /dark indie rock band The Halo Trees “The Last Nite” from the EP “Reverberations Of A Gloomy Summer”
  • Umeå, Sweden dub /no-wave /electronica /post-punk band Horseface “Jokin meni rikki” from the album “Sanakirjan Takana” co-released via Kopotikop, Joteskii groteskii and Sing a Song Fighter

Clarence Hudson White photography early ‘900

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