WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – MAY #21-22

  • Swedish post-punk /darkwave /synth electronic duo from Sundsvall, RED MECCA “The Longest Hour” single   

Swedish synth-pop duo is back with a new single that plunges into a soul-stirring synth-pop able, with refined elegance, to amalgamate reflective melancholic melodies, lush nostalgia and at the same time dancefloor leanings, rambling as close to neon light as to a romantic cinematic haze. Driven by steady lashing beats and undulating somber basslines, icy bright synth swells, along with hollow twinkling pads, waxing and waning, around soft, lost emotional vocals into a whirl of ethereal and subtly restless trance-like emotive moods.

  • South Carolina goth /darkwave /post-punk solo project of multi-instrumentalist Bruce Nullify, aka ORCUS NULLIFY “No Justice” single                                                                                                                             

To celebrate World Gothic Day one-man band from South Carolina draws sinister Goth-Post-Punk apocalyptic tones that ring and clatter around droning menacing bass vibrations, harrowing and wiry effect-laden guitar melodies squealing with obsessive intensity, and scattered rumbling percussion, to invoke dark, ancient demonic energy around dramatic emotional cries rising and falling with desperate echoes to deliver a beautiful poetic metaphor infused with biblical and modern dystopic imagery, left wafting in the haunted, suffering oppression of broken and unattainable dreams.

  • Los Angeles‘ raw /minimal /electro-punk outfit SECRET MUTILATOR “As They Drive The Nails Into The Messiah” from the new LP “Insane Un Knowns”

Brand new album under his original Secret Mutilator moniker replete with driving crisp hypnotic beats and menacing undulating textures mixes darkness, tragedy, and no chance for hope around distorted layered vocals depth defying delivery of hate-fueled apocalyptic fate, through a bitter and dissonant collection of mechanical, schizoid and destabilizing electro-punk splinters, teetering between paranoia and frustration, as well as irony and nihilism.

  • Santiago, Chile darkwave /gothgaze solo project Dead Serpent “Future Dream” from the EP “Epitafio”
  • Berlin based Goth Dark Wave solo project Nxvrve “Antwerp” single    
  • Scotland‘s goth /darkwave /coldwave new project of Lea Torn (AKA The Secret Experiment), Lords Of The Northern Sky “Mountains of Light” new single
  • Italian minimal wave /synth-wave solo project ZOLTAN FREITAG “Brainwashing” single                                     
  • Quebec, Canada‘s dystopic Dark Wave duo Gabriel and Yseult, AKA Menthüll “Dark Person” off of the debut s/t EP
  • Toulouse, France Darkwave /Synthpop one-man band August Angst “I’ll Be There” new single
  • Northern Ireland‘s synth electronic musician based in Belfast, Crystalline Stricture “Unsettled” single
  • San Diego, Ca based coldwave /darkwave /synthwave artist EM_LEN “Entries” bonus track of latest “Ophelia Memorial Gardens” EP
  • Greek retro-sci-fi-noir electronic music project from Athens, ΦΩΝΟΠΤΙΚΟΝ [Fonoptikon] – “Gravity (feat. Myrto Stylou)” single
  • L.A. new wave /synthpop duo Sacred Skin “Circles” from the upcoming debut album “The Decline of Pleasure” on Synthicide
  • Italian synthwave /Italo disco /new wave /synthpop duo Alessandro & Davide Piatto AKA Mono Han feat Fred Ventura – “From Day To Day” from upcoming single “From Day To Day” on N.O.I.A. Records
  • Canadian post-punk /cold wave /dark electro /synthpop artist from Montreal, LA MÉCANIQUE “Extravague (ULTRA SUNN Remix)” on Cold Transmission Music.
  • Asheville, NC EBM /electro /disco goth /dark wave duo Cold Choir “Glass House” (Skinny Puppy cover)
  • Belarus dark synth-rock project of Ars Nikonov (aka Arsenio Archer), aka Cold In May “Dress Me into Black” from the upcoming LP “Written In Cold” via skyQode
  • Tampa, FL dark synthwave /industrial /darkwave band Gulf Blvd Ft. Night Wolf “The Lunar Legacy” single
  • French trip-hop /electro-synth pop solo project BRIGADE APACHE – “Firefly In My Hole” from the upcoming debut album “Science fiction et pop corn”.                                                                                                                 
  • Berlin-based industrial /darkwave /dark synth electronics duo of Carmen Burguess & Tomás Nochteff aka Mueran Humanos “Desastre Personal (aka “Cuidado”)” from the upcoming new record to be released in 2022 on their own label Sterbtmenschen Records.
  • French industrial /minimal analogue electronic project of A// [le syndicat Electronique], AKA Anechoic Chamber “The Cleaning” ltd 7″ single via [X.S.S. rec.] Xperimentation In Sound Science
  • New York-based industrial /EBM /wave /electro DJ-artist R GAMBLE “The Ones With the Eyes” title track from the upcoming cassette album “The One With the Eyes” via Marguerite Records
  • New Orleans, Louisiana industrial /glam /no-wave /synth-punk 4-piece SPECIAL INTEREST “(Herman’s) House” single [Rough Trade Records]
  • Austria based minimal synth /new wave /synthpop one-person project IVUR [Infraviolet Ultrared] “Feel” from the debut EP “ALPHA”
  • Munich, Germany post-punk /minimal synth /coldwave /synth-punk trio RUE OBERKAMPF “Never Stop to Dance” single
  • Berlin-based goth /dark electro /post-punk project of Benjamin Schmidt, AKA Spinne am Abend “Die Chemie [feat. Axana]” from the upcoming mini-album “24h Minimalausfall”
  • Italian EBM /Punk Electronic project based in Florence, ZUG [Zona Utopica Garantita] “Clinik Psikiatrik” from the CD album “…Che Stress, Punkettone!” on La Statua Sommersa Produzioni
  • Belgian retro-wave /synth-wave /new beat act from Brussels, Analog 80 “Stoemelings Beat” single
  • Portuguese synthpop /darkwave act from Lisbon, FLOATING ASHES “Not There (Midnight Version)” from “Signals” EP
  • Ukrainian Darkwave solo project from Zaporizhzhia, GROTTA “Внимать” single
  • Paris, France based post-punk /synthpop /new wave /coldwave solo project of multi-instrumentalist composer Anton Guillou Paris, aka GARDEN DYNAMICS “Entity” from the forthcoming EP “Mask”
  • Florence, Italy dark wave /post-punk solo project of Luigi Buonaiuto aka TERMINAL SERIOUS “Gift For You” title track from the new EP “Gift For You”
  • Seattle, Wa based DIY Coldwave /Darkwave solo project Festering Wounds “Parasites for Rulers (Single Version)” teaser track in preparation for forthcoming double EP “Dark Futures in Fluorescent Lights” coming later this year.
  • Madrid-based coldwave /darkwave /post-punk /new wave solo project of Marco Torremocha, aka DUNKELWALD – “Luces Muertas” from the debut album “Waldrauch”
  • Athens, Greece new wave /post-punk /darkwave solo project REFLECTION BLACK “I Ran (So Far Away)” (A Flock Of Seagulls cover) from debut EP “Entering Dreamtime” on Razorbleed Productions
  • Darmstadt, Germany‘s Synth Wave / Dark Wave trio DELTΔ KOMPLEX “Metronome” from upcoming “Veils” album on Unterschall
  • UK Electronica /Post-punk /Darkwave solo project KILL SHELTER “The Necklace ft Agent Side Grinder” single from Kill Shelter’s sophomore album “Asylum”
  • Bialystok, Poland hard rock /gothic rock /electronic /dark wave music producer Air Midnight “Dance of the Vampires” last single from the upcoming “Higher Sky” EP on F-A-R
  • Finnish dark ambient /black metal /synthwave /witch-house /darkgaze collaboaration Crystal Cage + Yövisio “Howl” single
  • Vienna based darkwave /synthpop /post-punk duo Touch by Touch “Trash the Memory” from the debut 2-track single “Touché”
  • Italian post-punk /darkwave trio The Coventry “Julian (Single Edit)” from the ltd. Cdr single “Julian / Sweets To The Sweet” on SwissDarkNights Label.
  • Mannheim, Germany Post-Punk /Darkwave project ENDLESS ME “Stay” second single
  • Post-punk /darkwave act HALFSLEEPER “Cast Away” from the debut EP “The Hook That Killed The Ocean”
  • Synth Post-Punk duo from Colombia, Das Kelzer “The Entrails” on Nevel Records                                                      
  • New York-based Britpop /indie rock /darkwave /post-punk trio Aiers – “Miles away” from the debut LP “Shadowland”
  • Russian post-punk /coldwave duo Midnight Passage “Desire” from the debut mini-album “Sleepwalker”
  • Chilean dark psychedelic /dream pop /post-punk /shoegaze band SEATEMPLES “Further [2022 Version]” from the upcoming “Further 2022” [Maxi Single]
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia new wave /post-punk trio ЗЭ ПЭЙДЖ “Не напрасно” single                                                
  • Ausburg-based synthpop /post-punk act led by Minsk-bred musician Arthur Tsymbal, The Violent Youth “Glaza” single
  • Ottawa, Ontario indie rock /dream pop /post-punk /shoegaze solo project THREE PORTRAITS AND A PRAYER “Sepulchral Hearts (Feat. Robin Kenny)” new single
  • Warsaw, Poland alternative rock /post-punk /indie rock /dream pop /shoegaze /dark pop artist Baṣnia “Sisters in Us” from the second album “In Parts Messed Up”
  • Russian dream pop /new wave /post-punk band from Rostov-on-Don, MOTORAMA “Tomorrow” single.         
  • Spanish darkwave /post-punk /coldwave solo project URCO “La Playa” single                                                                                
  • Vienna, Austria post-punk /synthpop /darkwave duo Touch by Touch “Trash the Memory” from the first 2-track demo “Touché”
  • NYC based industrial /indie rock /goth band led by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Fred Schreck, The Ancients “Leveler” title track from the new album “Leveler”.
  • Italian kraut-punk /no wave /synth-punk trio from Pordenone/Milan, TV Dust “Falling (It’s Clear EP)” from the upcoming “4” EP (a double tape collection that includes their first three EPs plus the last “It’s Clear” EP) via Maple Death & My Own Private Records
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota garage pop /post-punk duo Jim Blaha and Annie Sparrows, AKA Green/Blue “In Lies” from the upcoming third LP “Paper Thin” on Feel It Records
  • St. Louis‘ minimal synthpop /post-punk band Trauma Harness “Last Action Hero” from the compilation album “Ten Years of Trauma” [20122021] on Lumpy Records
  • Norwegian New Wave | Post-punk | Indie rock from Oslo, TÅSEN TEA PARTY “Integration”                                 

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