WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #30

  • Augsburg, Germany based synthpop/post-punk solo-project created by Belarusian musician Arthur Tsymbal with partial support by Moscow’s keyboarder Egor Ivakhnenko, The Violent Youth – “Ya Vlublyon / I’m In Love” new single from the upcoming album “Tam Gde Nas Net”.

Belarusian outfit approaches the new album in vibrant and riveting fashion, through bittersweet piercing guitar melodies sparkle through glittery waves of icy synth and skipping pulsing rhythms, whilst nostalgic vocals long for better times. Ya Vlublyon!

  • Palmira, Colombia EBM/synthwave/minimal wave solo project of Anthony Said Grueso, aka HUMAN 80 Feat Allienmi – “Camino Equivocado” on Nevel Records                                                                                                

One of the two of powerful minimal synth-driven cuts delivered this week by the Colombian synthesist, to unleash high energy hypnotic obscure-dancefloor-embedded rhythms, that unravels with pinpoint rambling bass pulses, peppy lashing beats and icy sinister synth expansions, as distant robotic female vocals cast ominous haunting echoes into the cold dark void.

  • Los Angeles darkwave/synth-punk project of Darrack Death of Secret Mutilator, Walls Of Poland “Waved Ones”

L.A. based minimalistic destructive synth-punk sinner (also known as Secret Mutilator) in his less nihilistic yet most melodic form, whose detached distorted vocals flirt and tease with cold buzzing and alluring numanesque synth charm in regards to being “Strong Again.”

  • London-based coldwave/minimal wave/dark electronics project of Bram Droulers, SOIL “The Glovemaker” from the new single “Surreal City”
  • Brooklyn, NY synthpop/coldwave/dark pop project of Noah Anthony, aka Profligate – “A Little Rain” from the upcoming album ‘Too Numb to Know’ on Wharf Cat Records
  • Colombian EBM/post-punk/acid/dark electro-conspirator/activist/Dj and producer, SPÆCIALISTA “The Human Game” from “Pacta Sunt Servanda” EP on Pildoras Tapes
  • London, UK experimental industrial electronic live duo of Rommek & Aimée Mullen, aka Torn Relics – “When The World Could Not Sleep” from V/A “(Vol.II) – in aid of Ruff Sqwad Arts Foundation” on Loose Lips
  • US darkwave/’lushwave’ collaboration Order Ov Thee Octopi & Fornicata – “Mastermind”                                                         
  • Los Angeles based new wave/darkwave/electro-pop project of Carlo Mancia, MortalBoy “Only in death will she be heard”                                                                                                                                                               
  • Orlando minimal wave/post-punk solo project CALEB J “Interwine”                                                                               
  • Cincinnati, Ohio darkwave/post-punk solo project of Avery Stanken, aka SMILEGROUP “A Lost Heart” new single
  • Ulyanovsk, Russia coldwave/post-punk duo PROSHAY “Kak ya bez tebya” from the debut EP “Posmotri kak vipal sneg”
  • Tennessee experimental/darkwave/dark electronic project of Daniel Holt, Human Figures “40 Days” from the cassette album “Footsteps” on popnihil
  • Legendary Dutch goth rock/darkwave pioneers CLAN OF XYMOX “Into The Unknown” from new album “Spider On The Wall” on Metropolis
  • Italian Post-Punk /Darkwave trio from Naples, GEOMETRIC VISION “Slowemotion (Hapax Remix)” from the maxi single “Slowemotion” out on Swiss Dark Nights
  • American/Swiss new wave/post-punk duo Crying Vessel “The Abyss” from the upcoming album “Pleasures For The Wicked” on Cleopatra
  • Denver, Co post-punk/dreampop project of former Gauntlet Hair composer Andy Rauworth, aka CINDYGOD “Rhys” from upcoming “EP2” due out August 14th 2020 on Fire Talk
  • Lincoln, UK new wave/coldwave solo project of Glenn Gibbs, ICE “Deep Joy” off the EP “IC30” on v92dvg recordings.
  • Polish coldwave/post-punk outfit Higiena “Choroba Mas” from the upcoming cassette EP “Relacje” on dreamland syndicate
  • Kuantan, Malaysia garage/new wave/post-punk solo project QUARTER LIFE – “Satisfied” from the new cassette EP “Cult’s Guide Book” on Deleted Record
  • London, UK Goth Rock/Post-Punk band BLACK ANGEL “She Said” new single off the upcoming second LP “Kiss Of Death”
  • French goth/Batcave/coldwave/post-punk dark music band from Paris, The Cemetary Girlz “The Wanderer” new single
  • Barcelona goth-rock/darkwave/post-punk 4-piece NOVENA SENDA “Olvido” from S/T debut EP
  • Hamilton, UK goth/darkwave project of Lea Torn, THE SECRET EXPERIMENT “Thorns” new single
  • Bucharest goth/post-punk/dark-gaze solo project, FAUNLET “Anatomy” from the new EP “PSYFI”
  • German new wave/synthpop duo from Düsseldorf, Flingern Attic “Mono”                                                                                                 
  • Lisbon, Portugal post-punk/darkwave project of She Pleasures HerSelf frontman Nuno Varudo, The Paper Road “bring u back”                                                                                                                                                   
  • Doncaster, UK industrial/darkwave band Jan Doyle Band “The Body Balanced”                                                     
  • Lancaster, UK noise-pop/post-punk band TV FACE “She Gets Old” from upcoming “Work Hard, Have Fun” E.P.
  • Oakland, Ca 5-piece indie/post-punk band led by songwriter Candace Lazarou, BODY DOUBLE “The Floating Hand” off the upcoming first album “Milk Fed” on Zum Audio
  • New York-based legendary ’80s Christchurch, New Zealand noise-rock trio led by former Gordons guitarist Alister Parker along with Gordons bassist John Halvorsen and drummer Brent McLachlan, BAILTERSPACE “Glaciite Rain” from the new LP “Concret”
  • London, UK based John Foxx fronted synth electronic supergroup featuring former Ultravox guitarist Robin Simon, Benge (Ben Edwards) and Hannah Peel, John Foxx And The Maths “My Ghost” off the upcoming 5th studio album “Howl”
  • Legendary early 80’s Australian post-punk/electronic/noise/post-industrial band and founders of the seminal M Squared label, Scattered Order – “And Then There Is Revision” from the upcoming new album “Everything Happened In The Beginning” on Provenance
  • Łódź, Poland new wave/synthpop/dark electro one-man-project MARTYR “Deny The Sin” off debut LP “The Understatement”
  • Veteran Vancouver-born, Glasgow-based synth-pop artist JJD, aka SOFT RIOT feat. IV/AN “Solitary Figures (Original 2019 Demo)”                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Russian dark electro/experimental project from Moscow, ElektroTerapi “Side Effect” new single
  • German electro-wave project of electronic musician Thomas Meier-Goldau from Augsburg, BOY 83 Featuring Michaela Steber “Am Abgrund” title track from the new EP “Am Abgrund”
  • London, UK-based industrial/darkwave/post-punk duo Corlyx “Porcelain Skin” from the new album “Together Apart” on Negative Gain
  • Houston, TX industrial/electronic/synthpop/darkwave solo project of James Reyna, aka MELODYWHORE “this is how we were taught to pray (Amaranth‘s thoughtcrime remix)” from “this is how we were taught to pray” EP
  • Houston, TX veteran darkwave/synthpop/dark pop band PROVISION “If This Disintegrates” from the new album “Hearts Turn Dark”
  • London, UK industrial electronic project of David Marvelly, AKA Corvax “Pills” from the debut EP “Talk to the Man”
  • La Crosse, Wi industrial/techno/EBM Choke Chain “Grave” from debut S/T EP
  • Oslo, Norway synthpop/dark electronic duo, KANT KINO feat. Die Robo Sapiens – “Verschwende Deine Jugend” from upcoming V/A “Wir Sind DAF (DAF Tribute)” on Alfa Matrix
  • Swiss experimental/NDW/coldwave/post-punk/minimal wave project of Carlo Onda, KARL KAVE “Noise About”                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Synth-pop \ EBM \ SynthWave project from Russia, Silent Heart “I Will Never Call You” debut single
  • Berlin-based, Moscow‘s synth-pop/coldwave/synthwave project of Magnetic Poetry duo Oksana and Dima Ivashinin, aka Låska – ‘Potoki’ from the upcoming album “Strangers” on DKA Records.                             
  • Los Angeles‘ Dream Wave /Synth Wave /Retro Wave project SelloRekT /LA Dreams “Remotely Close” from the new album “Lavish”
  • US future synth/synthwave solo project CASPRO “”Frond Hills” from “Making Waves” LP