WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips – MAY 2024 – #20-24

photo by Elena Vojvodina


  • Spiritual Darkness 1st Episode w/ CATELLO TIRANNO

Spiritual Darkness is a show that blends Darkwave, Post-punk and Synth Wave, recorded for @PIPRadio where the Italo-Dutch DJ-producer wants to reach people who live dark and deep moments through music. The feeling of isolation, oppression, hopelessness or shame is common in every human being and the connection with music is often used as a medicine to get over these moments.

  • Essen, Germany electro /cold disco /synth wave project of Harry Haller, FOKKER “At the Polytechnic”

Distinctive Fokker’s minimal, bleak and cold synth-driven electronica, icily futuristic and desolately nostalgic, without ever exceeding into the ‘maximal’ he’s known for, amidst repetitive skeletal beats, ominous rippling buzzing bass pulses, and warm evocative spindly layers of eerie synth melodies, surround soft detached spoken world vocals, describing the hopeless romantic encounters of an alienated soul at “the polytechnic.”

  • North Carolina goth post-punk /dark wave solo project SAIPH “Her Eyes” single

Rightly forged by a beloved father’s record collection, the young musician and composer from North Carolina has developed an orthodox black-clad Darkwave sound cloaked in gothic aesthetics, of suggestive and decadent tones, and laced with ghostly, elegant and atmospheric arrangements. Just like a story of Gothic Romance, the new single unwinds through ethereal reverbs of poignant sparkling guitar melodies, and wistful key chimes, to envelope somberly haunted baritone broods, aching with eternal shadowed longing for, “Her Eyes.”

  • Brussels, Belgium-based Coldwave /Synth Pop duo, Pornographie Exclusive “Icon” single via Antibody label

Inspired by the glacial coolness of the unforgettable “Crash” actress Deborah Kara Unger, the third, equally surprising and compelling instrumental single from the Belgian duo outlined by an obscure and imaginative immersion into mesmerizing and resonant hard-hitting beat-driven buzzing, clattering and simmering Darkwave electronics, drifting into a dramatic cinematic outflow of evocative cello-driven harmonics, and glittering rolling synth arpeggios, throbbing under a seamless fit of lights and shadows managing to break through the clanking and humming environ to caress the body in warm emotional lush sensations.

  • Late 70s/early 80s cult Belgian post-punk /new wave band THE NAMES “Mort D’Amour” from “Volume” EP via Spleen +
  • Los Angeles/Denver dark wave /post-punk /dreampop collaboration Shhadows & Small Planets “Grey Cell Green” (Ned’s Atomic Dustbin cover) via Re:Mission Entertainment
  • London-based DIY lo-fi wave /punk /post-punk singer-songwriter Yuki Shevi, aka Yuki “Angel Ezequiel” from debut cassette EP “Private Dreams Public Nightmare” via Lost Wisdom
  • Milano, Italy psych /dreampop /post-punk /hardcore /synth-punk trio (of punk band Kobra and founder of label-collective Sentiero Futuro Autoproduzioni), Festa Del Perdono “Corpo Di Smeraldo” off upcoming “Società Mentale” EP via La Vida Es Un Mus and La Tempesta Dischi
  • German coldwave /post-punk band Bleib Modern “T.W.T.I.A.” from the upcoming S/T LP via Young & Cold Records
  • Transatlantic experimental goth /darkwave /post-punk UK musical duo Lunar Paths “Alone (MetaGoth#2)” single
  • French coldwave /post-punk solo project, Closed Mouth “But No” (Colin Newman cover, 1980)
  • French Cold Wave /Shoegaze /Post-punk one-man band from Toulouse, DRIM “My internal clock” from the EP “Dreams Rain in Minds”
  • Netherlands darkwave /post-punk /coldwave duo Cold Union “Desolate” from the debut album “Deep In My Memory” via Batcave Productions
  • Quetzaltenango, Guatemala new wave /post-punk solo project GUERRA FRIA “Jardín De Piedras” title track of the new LP “Jardín De Piedras”
  • Sacramento, CA shoegaze /synth-pop /post-punk duo Life Without Love “Goodbye” single
  • Naarm/Melbourne-based electronic /post-punk musician and composer Ruby Marshall, aka ENOLA “It’s Not Love” single via Our Golden Friend
  • Athens, Georgia Post-punk /Goth Pop band, Vision Video – “Stay” single
  • Melbourne post-punk /new wave /art pop band Kosmetika ”Pictures Are Gone” first single off upcoming new album ”Luxury” via Spoilsport Records
  • Montreal, Quebec post-punk /dark wave /coldwave project Phil Fortin “Champs de ruines” from the EP “Le crépuscule des serviteurs”
  • Malang, Indonesia new wave /synth-pop band re:NAN “Eternal Love” from the EP “Lost Consciousness, Pt.2” via Haum Entertainment
  • Sacramento, CA post-punk /darkwave /electro-punk duo Alma Morta “Mortal Love” single
  • Oakland, CA dark minimal analog synth wave project Pleasure Palace “System Shock” single
  • Paris, France new wave /cold wave /synth-wave solo act Giirls “Fears (feat. MODERN MEN)” from upcoming LP “Time of Glass”
  • Berlin-based darkwave /post-punk project of musician Anton Koba, aka Routine “Get Off Me” single via Wave Records
  • Philadelphia post-punk/darkwave/synthpop/gothic duo Night Sins “The Lowest Places You’ll Go” from “A Silver Blade In The Shadow” EP [Born Losers Records]
  • Enigmatic Malmö-based, Swedish darkwave trio ABU NEIN “Unwanted” first single to be released from the band’s upcoming thrid album via Progress Productions
  • London-based post-punk /cold wave /dark synth /synth-punk solo artist of Greek origin, Night In Athens “Words Unspoken” (Single) via Wave Records
  • Richmond, Virginia industrial /electronic /dark electro /synth-pop act Severed Skies “Stay (Summore song feat. Severed Skies)” [originally from Summore‘s 2023 album “New Pain”]
  • Melbourne, Australia electronic /post-punk /synthpop project of George Pappas (former keyboardist from 80s band ‘Real Life‘), aka ALIEN SKIN “Ici les étoiles pleurent (ft RoBERT)” from the single “Club in Seine (ft. RoBERT)”
  • Montreal, Quebec Post-punk /Minimal Synth solo act NO “Drive Faster” preview of the forthcoming album by No on TONN Recordings
  • UK darkwave /post-punk /coldwave /electronic producer Earth Surrender “Change” single
  • French post-punk /synth-punk /cold wave duo Monsieur Crane “J’observe” preview of the forthcoming album via Tonn Recordings
  • Gatineau, Quebec Cold Wave /Synth Pop /Dark Wave duo Gabriel and Yseult aka MENTHüLL “Culte” single
  • Italian electro /retro-wave /synth-pop solo project from Turin, ZOLTAN FREITAG “Buio Stellato (ft. Anomys)”
  • Montreal, Québec Italo /electronic /minimal wave/synthpop producer and songwriter Xavier Paradis, aka AUTOMELODI “Cavallo” single
  • Los Angeles-based industrial synthpop project of Robert Alfons aka TR/ST “Soon” single via Dais Records
  • Paris-based EBM /post-punk /synthpop /synth wave producer Sydney Valette “La Maman et le Fantôme” single
  • Berlin, German new beat /techno /coldwave /EBM project of Wie Ein Gott label head Johannes Stabel, aka XTR HUMAN – “Frust” from “SCHRANK” LP [Negative Gain Productions / Wie ein Gott Records]
  • Portland, OR industrial /EBM /cold wave /darkwave solo project of Nic Hamersly, ORTROTASCE “Distant In Time” from the upcoming LP “Dispatches From Solitude” via Dark Entries Records
  • UK techno /EBM /industrial electronics project of William Maybelline (one half of Lebanon Hanover), Qual “Techsick” title track from upcoming 12″ EP “Techsick”
  • Swiss electronic /Italo disco /minimal wave /post-punk /coldwave /synth-pop music producer, Carlo Onda “Bad to the Bone (A State of Flux Remix) from the album “EURORAMA” alternative vision of the 2023 “EURO89” LP via Cold Transmission Music
  • Bari, Italy Post-Punk /Electro /Synthpop /Darkwave duo Karma Shock “Your Time Is Over” single
  • Danish synth-pop act The Flower Cartel “Chasing Ghosts” single
  • Californian goth darkwave /synthwave act Orphan Zero “Spider’s Cradle” single.
  • Hungarian synth noir duo Emese ‘Emke’ Arvai-Illes (vocals) and Krisztian Arval (synth), aka Black Nail Cabaret “Teach Me How The Techno (Remastered Extended Version)” from the remix EP “Teach Me How The Techno” on Dependent
  • Berlin-based, German new wave /synthpop project of Blutengel-mastermind Chris Pohl, aka She Hates Emotions “Don’t you think?” single on Out Of Line Music
  • Atlanta, GA dark wave /synth-pop /goth-pop duo Teardux “Violets” single
  • Belfast, Maine goth /darksynth /synthwave /darkwave project Rayne Reznor “Shadow Sides” single
  • Toronto, Canada goth /synth wave /darkwave solo act Kahveh “Thorns” from “Proud Other” EP
  • Chile-based, Spanish synthpop /coldwave /darkwave solo project, Ingreso Cadáver “Océanos de sangre” single
  • Seattle, WA goth /post-punk project of multi-disciplinary artist Taylor Mc Dermott, aka Taylor Void “Blackberry” single
  • Albuquerque, NM gothic /darkwave /coldwave /post-punk band Slow Danse With The Dead “Today Is A Good Day To Die” single
  • Mexico City goth-post-punk band Stranger and Lovers “Wasted” from the vinyl 12″ LP “P3RV3RT”
  • US/French goth /post-punk /darkwave /coldwave collaboration, Perpetual Midnight & Villa Vide – “I Felt The Nothingness” from the album “The Process”
  • Vietnam-based coldwave /darkwave duo Slower Avenue “Black Rose” single
  • German post-punk /indie-wave solo DIY project, A Transition “Forest is calling” single
  • Aigio, Achaia, Greek indie rock /post-punk band Low Ceiling “Elixirio ( Ελιξήριο)” from upcoming debut 10″ mini-LP “Mode” via Old Bad Habits Label
  • Berlin-based experimental /leftfield /post-punk duo of Tobias (of Diät) and Adam, aka Young Team “Oh Death” from the cassette  S/T EP via Billo
  • Toulouse, South of France-based Coldwave /Synth-punk one-man band trait union “Exil Mental” third single from upcoming first LP via Frozen Records
  • Antwerp, Belgium wave /funk punk /post-punk four-piece Plexi Stad “Siren Dance” title track of the 7″ EP “Siren Dance” via Mangel
  • London-based, Minneapolis-born art rock /indie rock /angular post-punk solo act Steak Blake “Under Kives” from the upcoming cassette EP “This One” via Just Step Sideways
  • California synth-punk solo act NTSC PAL “Suggestive Rex” from the cassette EP “Full of Spots” via Popular Affliction Records
  • İstanbul, Türkiye lo-fi egg punk /synth-punk band Goblin Daycare “Business is Business” from the album “AGITPROP HOTLINE!!” via Dedstrange
  • Buxtehude, Germany post-punk /darkwave one-man project of André Grafert (of late 80s wave band Liquid Dreams), Coloured Tears “Ever removed” from the LP “It´s all said and done”
  • Leipzig, Germany batcave /horror punk /post-punk deathrock band Illegal Funeral “Shadow Grave” from 2-track single “Undead Cheerleaders Tryouts”
  • Vancouver prog /noise /gothic rock band The Silence Industry “Headlong (General Strike!)” 4th in a series of digital 7-inch via Aenaos Records
  • Munich, Germany gothic rock /electronic /post-punk band The Burning Addiction “Dancing In Shadows” from “Shadows” E.P.
  • German goth /dark rock / post-punk band ROPE SECT “Rope of the mundane love (ft. King Dude)” from the LP “Estrangement”
  • US fantasy /dragon /medieval folk/dungeon synth act Page “Path to Knighthood” from the LP “The Way Home”
  • Western Himalayan dungeon synth act PIYAKDU माल रोड – २ from the compilation “DEMO 1,2,3,4,5” via Grime Stone Records
  • New York dark ambient /chiptune /dungeon synth act Hollow Crypt – “In The Shadows Of Ancestors” from the cassette split album “WIZARDQUEST – Moonlit Path / Hollow Crypt” via Nocturnal Curse Records
  • UK dungeon synth act Frost Void – “Fable of Value” from the Frost Void & Altar Of Moss‘ cassette split album “A Cursed Path” via Personal Uschi Records

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