WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips – MAY 2024 – #19-24

© Jaime Aelavanthara


  • Salt Lake City, Utah post-punk /darkwave solo project BALDUVIAN BEARS “Everytime” single via darkTunes

I have to confess I was a little taken aback by the first external impact of SLC’s mysterious project a few months ago. Still, its catchy, dynamic and danceable Darkwave style immediately sorted it out. The brand new single is about feeling empty, propelled by warm throbbing rubbery basslines and punchy snare beats through eerie glaring synth flashes and encircling haunted shivering glows to surround plaintive hopeless vocals with relentless bouncing swells of endless heartbreak.

  • Norwegian goth /post-punk /darkwave solo project (FKA Brides In The Floodlights), BRIDES “Napalm Jesus” single [Produkt 42]

Cloaked in a morbid and murky aura, the minimalistic slow-slung new single reflects on the dark side of life, unfurling on a blanket of ostensibly perpetual buzzing darkness weaved by soft meandering synths, underlined by relentless steady beats, and hypnotic sinister pinpont bass pulses, to flow mysteriously under harsh gravelly baritone vocals, inviting the listener to ‘come under the shadow.”

  • Minimal Coldwave /Post Punk solo project from Italy, Love of Consolation “In uncertainty” from “Un Homme Qui Dort Session…” EP

Seemingly inspired by “cinematic reading” of a 1973 novel by Georges Perec, the Italian musician as usual delivers a restrained stripped-down post-punk sound made of skeletal yet somberly tuneful arrangements, with soft tinny motorik drum machines, spindly reverberated guitars, sprawling mellow angsty synth radiations, meandering warm bass lines, and detached monotone vocals perpetually lost in a void.

  • German dark ambient / fantasy /medieval /dungeon synth duo Gilgareth “Hinab in die Zwergenbinge (Single Version)” from “Hinab in die Zwergenbinge” [EP]
  • First ritual /nordic folk collaboration between Dutch singer-songwriter and producer Jonathan Barendsman with Italian neofolk act, aka Gealdýr & A Tergo Lupi “Inn Riki” single
  • Oldham-born, England dark ambient /post-classical /folk singer-songwriter and actress Keeley Forsyth “A Shift” from the third album “The Hollow” via FatCat Records
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico Gothic Post-Punk project Blood Relations “death never” single
  • Runcorn, UK ambient /coldwave /folk /experimental /electronic /synth project of musician Gordon Chapman-Fox, AKA Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan “A Shared Sense of Purpose: Vince Clarke Remix” from the vinyl 12″ LP “A Shared Sense of Purpose” [Castles In Space]
  • Soundtrack music collaboration between Berlin-based Belgrade‘s synth-pop duo and South Slavic pianist and composer, Sixth June & Andy Pavlov “Sweet Sensation” from “Nemirni – Music from the original TV series” a 2-track single part of the soundtrack for the TV Series “Nemirni” in 2023 [A Sweet Sensation]
  • California synth-wave /darkwave /coldwave act THE NEW ARCTIC “Man of Smoke” single
  • UK psych /darkwave /gothic rock /post-punk project of Fabio Hattock, aka Columbarium Station “Board Boy” single
  • England‘s ’90s gothic /wave /post-punk act Isabel Shrine “Lost and Found (Long Version, 2023)” from “Lost and Found” EP
  • Philadelphia, PA goth /post-punk /cold wave /darkwave /modular synth duo R E P < > L ^ K N T “PURGATORY (A NIGHT IN)” from the album “DOSAGE”
  • Minsk, Belarus post-punk /coldwave side project of Nürnberg member Jan Pyatranka, фарфоровые коты [Farforovyekoty] “Run Away” from the album “Everything Ends”
  • Stockholm, Sweden darkwave/ synth project of Erik Marklund, aka Mellowlands “The Joy of living” from “For Those Who Are Living” EP
  • L.A. jangle dreampop/synthpop duo Drab Majesty “Photograph” single via A24 Music
  • Motorik maximal wave from Europe, The Language Of My Love “Buried Love” first single
  • Russian indie /synth-pop /dark wave duo Supernova 1006 “How I Need You” single via Negative Gain Productions
  • Skopje, Macedonian dark wave /dreampop band Waltz in Wires “Juda” off Prazna soba” EP via Шарла / Sharla Records
  • Madrid, Spain post-punk /dark wave /cold wave act, NOTDAH “ola redentora” single on escarmiento grabaciones
  • New York electronic /synthpop solo project OBSERVATION ROOM “Heaven’s Watching” single
  • Melbourne‘s cold wave /post-punk /synthpop solo project Midnight Magazine “Japan Radiates” from the new album “The Sound of Subway Tunnels”
  • Montreal, Quebec industrial /post-punk /synthpop /post-punk /synthwave band MINDREADER “Leviathan” from the debut EP “Cope With Me”
  • Kendal, UK eclectic darkwave /synth wave musician and composer (aka Claustraphobia), Klaus Devore “Euro Visions” single
  • Edmonton, Canada darkwave /synthpop artist ANI “Forever” from the debut album “Folie à deux”
  • Swedish futurepop /synth-pop act Vanguard – “Punches” (Single) via Infacted Recordings
  • Leipzig, Germany EBM /synth-pop /electronic duo Glizna “Ceci n’est pas” from 2-track single “Ceci n’est pas ~ Denk nicht, schau!”
  • Texas-based EBM /Italo /dreampop /synth-pop artist LLORA “Let Me In” from cassette S/T album [SYNTHICIDE]
  • Zagreb-based, Croatian industrial /darkwave /synth-punk /minimal synth solo project of Goran Lautar, aka Neon Lies “Strange Place” from the 4th album “Demons” on 12” vinyl by Wave Tension Records & Cosmic Brood Records and CD version by Diffuse Reality sub-label Periphylla
  • Dresden-based, German EBM /darkwave /synthbass /synth wave artist Oliver Decrow “Lost Adult” from the debut album “I’m Too Young To Die” via Cold Transmission Music
  • Trondheim, Norway / Brighton, UK post-punk/wave duo Antipole & Paris Alexander “Nightshade (Clan of Xymox Remix)” from upcoming remix LP “Perspectives III”
  • Brooklyn, NY minimal wave /synth-pop /minimal electronics duo Liz Wendelbo and Sean McBride (of Martial Canterel), Xeno & Oaklander “Magic of the Manifold” new single via Dais Recordings
  • German disco /synthwave /minimal house duo Rework – “Love Someone” from “Lipstick” EP [exlove records]
  • Geneva-based FrancoSwiss cold wave /synthpop producer Orphia ‘Nuit Veille’ single via Les Disques Magnétiques/Les Disques Bongo Joe
  • Swiss EBM /dark electro industrial /post-punk band A Sinister Light “Eternal Death” from the debut LP “Discerning Spirits” via Cold Transmission Music
  • Depeche Mode – “Enjoy The Silence (Raul Parra Remix)”
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas goth /darkwave /dance /post-punk /synthpop /scuzzwave solo project, Damien Hearse “WE’RE LIVING IN A FASCIST SOCIETY” single
  • Washington D.C. goth /post-punk /dark synth /EBM /dark electro artist, Maduro “Lips Like Venom” single via Re:Mission Entertainment
  • Stockholm, Sweden EBM /dark electronics /industrial pop artist, Majestoluxe “Humanity is Vile feat. J△3 sEUQCAJ” single via Icons Creating Evil Art
  • Brussels/Montreal dark ambient /industrial /EBM /techno collaboration Ottoman Grüw & Inside Blur – “Requiem for a Collapsing Star (sch_tsch remix)” from “Endless Desert” LP [Khoinix]
  • Antwerp, Belgium-based lo-fi /post-punk /synth-punk multidisciplinary art project of Kevin Schuit and Ioana Ciora, aka badtime “Escape” from “badtime vol. 4” EP via Geertruida
  • Russian post-punk /minimal synth /coldwave band from Saint-Petersburg, мой друг магнитофон – “ИЖ-303” from the vinyl 12″ album “Track Compilation” via Destroyed Room Tapes
  • Italian new wave/darkwave project Love The Ghost “Shadow 23” single
  • Stoke-On-Trent UK art rock /synthpop /new wave trio, Formal Sppeedwear  “6 Lofty Ash” from “S/T EP on Melodic Records
  • Jacksonville Beach, FL post-punk /new wave solo act TUFF TURF “Ruff Stuff” cassingle
  • Mexico City darkwave duo Dataísmo “Ritmo Solar” from “Aural” EP
  • Malaysian, Petaling Jaya-based wave /post-punk outfit, Mrizalmustbedestroyed “Like Death” from “Love & Darkness EP
  • Oslo, Norwegian shoegaze /psychedelic /post-punk band Mayflower Madame “A Foretold Ecstasy” first single from Mayflower Madame’s third album via Icy Cold Records
  • Berlin-based post-punk /noise indie rock band founded by New Zealanders Joseph Thomas and Erin Violet, aka Dead Finks “Answer” from the third LP “The Death & Resurrection Of Johnathan Cowboy” via Urge Records
  • Manchester, UK indie /garage /post-punk band Gdansk81 “Susan George” from “Walking Beside our Dead Selves” EP
  • San Antonio, TX goth /dark wave /post-punk band Haunt Me “I Crave Only You” from “Come Now, Sleep” EP
  • Richmond, VA dark electronics /darkwave solo act Petrified Entity “Stoned” from the new vinyl LP “Incomplete”
  • Kazakhstan post-punk /darkwave solo project moonvampire “Gas Station Carnivals” single
  • German EBM /goth /techno /darkwave /synthpop band Shosta “Bruch” from the debut vinyl 12″ LP “Wandel” via Unterschall
  • Polish gothic /post-punk duo L’Enfant Terrible “Act” from S/T album via Bat-Cave Productions
  • Marina Alta, Spain 4-piece post-punk /new wave band Oscuro Deseo “Mi Ciencia” from “Sana Culpa” EP [Andalucía Über Alles]
  • Chicago/Rockford, IL darkwave /post-punk band Bleached Cross – “Grief’s Eternal Wound” off upcoming split 12” LP with The True Faith “Columns of Impenetrable Light” via Protagonist Music / à La Carte Records and Summer Darling Tapes
  • Northampton, UK darkwave /post-punk 5-piece band led by singer-songwriter Kailan Price, aka bloody/bath “Suffering” new single
  • Atlanta, Georgia post-punk /deathrock band (former members of Predator, Manic, Hawks, No Touch, and Web), Whiphouse “Evil” from the debut “Demo” EP
  • French post-punk /darkwave /gothic rock band Sexblood “Out of the Dark” from the LP “Intimidating Visions” on Swiss Dark Nights
  • Sweden darkwave /gothic rock band Dark Side Cowboys “The Undertaker (Arrival)” from the 14th studio album “Beyond”
  • Kyiv-based 3-piece post-punk band ДК Енергетик “Квіти” from the LP “Наживо. Касетний запис”
  • Kortrijk/Ghent, Belgium 4-piece (post)punk /no wave outfit VAAG “Paniek!” from ‘PANIEK!’ EP via Eat Dust label
  • Winterthur, Switzerland grunge /wave /post-punk trio ANGER MGMT. “Echoes”
  • Malmö, Sweden goth rock /post-punk band Missiles “Dead Summer Moon” from the upcoming debut LP “Weaponize Tomorrow” on Svart Records
  • Perth, Australia post-punk band Lounge Tourist “Dogpile” from the EP “Sprine”
  • German garage /power pop /post-punk solo act DBR “Stick” from cassette s/t album via Turbo Discos
  • Portland, OR lo-fi /post-punk solo project Nick Normal “Mixed Lettuces 1&2” first single off the forthcoming debut full-length
  • UK dark ambient /dungeon synth act Vermin Halls – “Revenant’s Elegies Pt. 2” from the split album “Mortwight & Vermin Halls” via Realm and Ritual records (tape)
  • Virginia dark ambient /old school dungeon synth act Askemåne “Throne of Cinders” from “A Pale Dominion (Demo I)” EP [Eastern Black Metal Inner Circle]
  • Raw dungeon synth /black metal project from Russia, Petrichor Veil “Loneliness – ingrown armor” from the album “Dromomania”
  • Dark ambient /occult dungeon synth act An Old Witch’s Hat “The Ceremony of the Eleventh Opal Crest” from the album “Devouring Such Immaculate Flesh from the Womb of Thy Emperor Famine” [Serpent’s Sword]

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