WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – MAY #19-23

Deborah Sheedy photography

  • Spanish coldwave /darkwave solo project, Ingreso Cadáver “Desalmados” single                                         

Newcomer one-man band from Spain delivers an atmospheric chasm of cold Darkwave gloom, cloaked in doom and melancholy, that fuels a murky dim veil of steady crashing beats interlocked with sharp clicking clave-like rhythm patterns, hypnotic, throbbing bass lines, buzzing synth FX, obsessive poignant abysmal guitar flourishes, and numb detached vocals, walking soulless and dead through the bustling city lights.

  • Hungary darkwave /post-punk project kékmandarin “A Teremtő már nem békül” single                       

The fourth single, “The Creator no longer makes peace”, by the enigmatic Hungarian project unleashes an uncanny, driving Cure-sque 4-note bassline that rumbles and pulses hauntingly, crawling through skipping drum beats and eerie glistening and scorching guitar riffs around dire, emotional vocal suffering, to deliver an apocalyptic poem wept in shame, agony and defeat.

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico shoegaze /darkwave /post-punk duo (FKA The Dead Souls), Ritual Desire “Fires Around Me” single                                                                                                                                                       

After a 2021 debut single steeped in reverb-drenched shoegaze textures, return more effective than before, with sparkling and unflinching effect-laden booming 6-string urgency and deep sonorous vocal drama recalling the epic tones of early Chameleons, through a burst of pent-up tension injected by somber anthemic ringing guitar echoes, underlied by syncopated drum beats, and grumbling bass lines, to hiss and swarm around aching, haunted vocals and falling cries, trying desperately to hold on amid a raging storm of fiery disenchanted passion.

  • Spanish dark ambient /drone /ethereal /neo-classical /spoken word collaborative project, Maud the moth + trajedesaliva “Perdí pie” from the upcoming concept album “Bordando el manto terrestre”
  • The Hague, Netherlands one-woman experimental analog dark synth project Dim Garden ‘Soleil Tartare’ off upcoming album ‘Soleil Tartare’ 12″ vinyl on Rotterdam’s young label Yarrow Ballet
  • Finnish/Argentinian cyber-punk /dark synth /darkwave /witch-house collaboration Crystal Cage + MORGVE “Kuolonmaski” single [Untitled Burial]
  • New York City/Lisbon-based goth post-punk /darkwave duo Hours of Worship “Smoke Yourself to Sleep” from upcoming cassette EP “Death & Dying Vol. I”
  • Spanish darkwave duo Dave Rodríguez & Marina Aguilar from Madrid, In thy Flesh – “It’s Seventh Name” from the debut s/t EP
  • Goth /post-punk /cold wave /darkwave one-man music project of Nicholas Dagger, aka Devoted Sinners – “Nothing Lasts Forever” the title track of the upcoming second Devoted Sinners’ EP
  • Birmingham, Alabama synthpop /darkwave /electronic music project of multimedia artist Byron Sonnier, aka B. SONNIER “In Fever Dreams” 2-track single
  • Mexico City synthpop /post-punk /coldwave act Escuela de Aviación “Al filo de la noche” from upcoming LP “Fábrica de Uniformes” on Flexidiscos
  • UK experimental electronic Goth Rock solo project from the wild West of Yorkshire, Ashes On The Cemetary Ground “Invasion Of The Metal Men” single                                                                                 
  • Synth /Goth /Dark Wave project based in the Pacific Northwest, Dark Recollection “Death Angel” ltd. cassingle on Neon Taste Records
  • Toulouse, France dark electro /coldwave duo Psychicold “Haunted by the Night” from the album “Cross the Line”
  • Los Angeles-based dark electro modular synth wave one-man band A Million Machines “Your Eyes” single
  • Hungarian post-punk /synthpop duo Post Analog Disorder – “Hol A Kezdet” single
  • L.A. synthpop brainchild of musical polymath Tyler “Fournames” Fortney, CUFFED “Possessed” single on Dune Altar
  • Chicago-based Coldwave /Synthpop producer A Charming Defense “Separating Flesh” single on Systemica
  • Vilnius, Lithuanian electronic /wave /synth pop collaboration SOLO ANSAMBLIS x ROE DEERS “Slidu” from upcoming EP “SAoRD” [Good Skills]                                                                                         
  • Australian new wave /synth band based in Melbourne, ALIEN SKIN – “Love Me To Death” from the upcoming “These Days Are The Darkest” EP
  • Copenhagen, Denmark Dark Wave artist Kasper Deichmann AKA St. Digue “I Live In Spite” from the debut LP “Toxic Kiss”
  • Scandinavian electronic /new wave /synthpop 2-piece band based in Copenhagen, LUST FOR YOUTH “Giorgia” new single via Sacred Bones Records
  • Oslo, Norway new wave /post-punk /techno /synthpop artist MRD “Let Her Go” from the debut album “Løvehjerte” [Live From Earth Klub]
  • Melbourne-based indie /synthpop /post-punk trio HIGHSCHOOL “Colt” new single on Dalliance Recordings
  • London based Noise Rock band Novi Sad “M.S.K (Curses Remix)” from “M.S.K (Curses Remixes)” EP
  • Burbank CA based synth-pop project featuring LA-based vocalist Andrea Becker and Stabbing Westward, Prick, the The, Exotic Birds alumnus Andrew Kubiszewski, aka Discothèque “Tiny Little Pieces” maxi single
  • Los Angeles-based dark electronic synthpop duo Brian Belknap (Mind Machine, SilverScene) & Adam Collier (Beautiful Crisis, SilverScene), aka BLAKLIGHT “Devour” from the new album “tHE pADDED rOOM”
  • Stockholm, Sweden future pop /synthpop act Vidéo L’Eclipse “Almost There” new single
  • Moscow goth /electronic dark pop act APNOIE – “Ivory Tower” single on darkTunes
  • Toronto-based dark retrowave /synth wave /dystopian electronic collaboration, Dark Tapes & Bill Cutbill “IN FORMATION” from upcoming EP “OBELISK” via Safe Sounds
  • Swiss industrial /post-punk /electro body wave duo Kleio Thomaïdes et Shlomo Balexert, aka Bound by Endogamy – “Sexe Faible” off “Dial M / Sexe Faible” single [Copypasta Editions]
  • Denton, TX-based body music /dark electro /modular synth duo PYTHON POTIONS “Burning” from upcoming EP “Illustris”
  • Industrial /dark wave /heavy electronic music act from Seattle, WA. Missing Witness “Night” single
  • San Antonio, TX Synthwave /Industrial /EBM act MVTANT “Damaged Goods (Gang Of Four cover)” from upcoming cassette “Low Culture Metal Bodies (remixes and covers)” [DREAM]
  • Valencia, Spain EBM /industrial /electro /techno DIY electronic duo Ana Escudero and David Garrido, Spammerheads “Trashtalker” from V/A “ER046 Compilation V5” cassette album [Eclectic Reactions Records]
  • Phoenix, AZ-based Industrial Electro Body Beat duo, Hexmaschine & Sineater “Trauma Bondage” maxi single
  • German industrial /electro /synthpop /old school EBM act TENSION CONTROL “Rusted Machines” single
  • San Diego-based, Mexican lo-fi /post-punk /deathwave solo project, Vestron Vulture “Cassie of the Dead” 2-track single
  • Reykjavík based experimental post-punk trio from Iceland, Virgin Orchestra “Give in” from the debut LP “Fragments”
  • North Dakota Darkwave /Post-Punk band LOUM “Waxing Moon” from the debut single “Can You Survive”
  • New York new wave /post-punk artist Postlooperish “Colder (Sublimation Mix)” from the album “Ghosting”
  • Europa-based New Wave /Synthpop /Post-Punk AngloArgentinian duo Sam Young & Pablo Casadey aka Night Hexe “Drag My Bones” single
  • Vancouver, BC goth /cold wave /post-punk solo project The Ruments “Abuser” from the debut album “Abuser”
  • Los Angeles, CA darkwave /post-punk trio Digital Drvgs – “Bruja” debut single
  • Quetzaltenango, Guatemala new wave /post-punk project GUERRA FRIA “El Miedo En Tus Ojos” single
  • Mexico City post-punk /gothic rock band Sombrío “Claro de luna” single
  • Voiron, France cold wave /post-punk /synth-punk band NO FILTER “Un samedi soir dans la plaine” from the cassette album “Sans Filtre”
  • Russian indie garage rock /post-punk band (formerly The Steering Wheel) from Yekaterinburg, Enemy Of Soviets “Depress” from “No Sense” EP
  • Gothenburg-based, Swedish Post-punk four-piece Ond Cirkel “Tunnare för var dag” from the debut album “Bräcklig Jord”
  • Russian minimalistic post-punk 2-piece from St-Petersburg, LIVINROOM “Leave Me Alone” single
  • Rostov On Don, Russia post-punk duo ТЭЦ [Tez Tez Tez] “Каир” single on I’m Home Records
  • Australian post-punk duo based in L.A., DEATH BELLS “Intruder” single off upcoming LP “Between Here & Everywhere” on Dais Records
  • Halle, Eastern Germany power pop /garage /rock’n’roll /punk 4-piece EXWHITE – “Too Late” from the vinyl LP “This Is Future” on Mangel
  • New York City‘s psychedelic /shoegaze /noise rock /post-punk band A Place to Bury Strangers “Let’s See Each Other” (unreleased) from the LP “Live at LEVITATION” archival vinyl series 12″ [The Reverberation Appreciation Society]
  • Zurich / Bern, Switzerland wave /noise /post-punk DIY band Zuckerbecker “Dead Pony” from upcoming s/t album on mörtelsounds and Au Geil Records
  • German Post-punk /Experimental /Krautrock /Synth trio from Berlin, Talisman “Träumerei” from the second album “Die Letzten Ecken” on Static Age Musik
  • Rotterdam-based experimental post-punk 5-piece Tramhaus “Minus Twenty” title track of “Minus Twenty” last of three 2-track 7″ single series on Subroutine
  • Malmö, Swedish experimental /minimal kraut /post-punk /art rock band VED “Wing beat frequencies” from the upcoming LP “If the door is opened, it’s opened from the outside” on Kontra-Musik
  • London-based industrial /post-punk /kraut /minimal synth new project from Beige Banquet‘s T.E. Brierley, aka DESTRUCTION RACE “Unify” from the cassette debut single “Unify / System” via Just Step Sideways                                                                                                                                                             
  • Brussels experimental /kraut /wave /post-punk /avant-pop band of composing cineast Benjamin Cools and search-singing actor Ferre Marnef, aka Sergeant “This Song Emanates From the Common Man Claiming His Right to Poetry” from the debut s/t album [STROOM.tv]
  • Berlin-based EBM /minimal wave /NDW /electronic music duo formed in 1980 by Thomas Voburka, Weltklang – “Auferstanden aus Ruinen” from “Heimat aus Ruinen” EP
  • Augsburg based synthpop duo Nadine Green & Adam Usi, Trauma Twins “Other lives” from the new single “Other lives / Dream again”
  • Viennese Dark Wave /Synth Wave /Cold Wave producer Blank Picture “Behind My Back” (Single) for A-Dur Records