WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – MAY #18-23

  • Marseille, France coldwave/new wave/post-punk band CONFETTI MALAISE “Men of Influence” from upcoming debut LP “A Thousand Burning Suns”

The third band from Marseille I listened to recently, with an old-good-classic-yet-ever-fascinating 80’s guitar-driven Post-punk sound, along with Catalogue and Miss Parker. The first fury-fuelled teaser from the debut album is unleashed by steady slashing beats that drive winding pain-filled spirals of ringing and bleeding guitar melodies along with thick, chugging bassline throbs, churned by somber glaring keyboard swathes, whilst dramatic angry vocals, declaim disenchanted discoveries into a limitless barren desert of lies and corruption.

  • Ukrainian darkwave /post-punk solo project Квартира Номер 6 [Apartment Number 6] “Мені час” single

New single for the Ukrainian solo project, after a good debut album, which while retracing already known paths, is always pleasant to listen to with its chilly, lovelorn Curesque inflections, to drive racing beats and meandering digging and resonant bass lines through an obsessive echoing entanglement of glistening guitar melodies whilst cold numb, breathless vocals deliver a romantic apology of guilt and fear.

  • Phoenix, AZ goth /surf /deathrock /post-punk band Rare Kreature “To Whom” single

The Phoenix-based band continue their surf-streaked wandering, at times with mixed yet increasing results, around multifaceted shades of the ’80s post-punk sound, this time through a jagged and taut forlorn rainstorm of chugging bass lines and poignant piercing echo-laden guitar work, bleeding into rippling aches and pains, washed by eerie spectral synths, over haunted emotional vocal urgency, lost and suffering in the realization that a loved one is gone.

  • Oslo/Los Angeles post-punk /shoegaze /dream pop collaboration, Mirror of Haze & ghost georgie “The Lake” single
  • Turkish Gothic /Dark Wave one-woman band Bewitched as Dark “Synchronistic Rites” off upcoming album “UNHOLY”
  • Chicago, IL industrial /electronic /darkwave duo Robert Hyman & Jax Allos, [melter] “Catwalk” from [melter] EP
  • Gothic /Synthpop /Darkwave band from Finland, Distant Stares “She’s My Jesus White” new single
  • French goth /dark wave /synth-wave /post-punk solo project NLIGHT “INSOMNIA III: Like A Nocturnal Animal” single
  • Metz, France wave /synth pop / chanson /solo project, Noir Boy George “Enfonce toi dans la ville” from “Noir boy george” maxi 45t
  • Vienna-based Austrian dark wave /cold wave /electronic /experimental artist Tina Bauer, aka Terz Nervosa “Nacht” from upcoming LP “Shadow Eyes” via Tender Matter
  • Berlin/London Italo disco /dream pop /synthpop Argentinian brother-sister duo Minimal Schlager “Tomorrow Never Knows” (The Beatles cover) from the album (of remixes, demos and covers) “Dance Is A Place Of Resilience” on Duchess Box Records
  • London, UK/Montreal, Quebec synth-pop /coldwave /minimal pop duo New Cross & Chloé Jara-Buto, aka Chambre Claire “Mains d’Or” single
  • UK post-punk /synth-wave /gothic rock side project of BatBoy Slim aka Lee Meadows (bassist of The Glass House Museum), aka CODENAME: LOLA – “Canton” from V/A “Still Life in Polaroids (A Tribute to the works of Japan and Beyond)” album on Coitus Interruptus Productions
  • Mechelen, Belgium veteran dark electro-wave composer and visual artist Eric Vandamme AKA Enzo Kreft – “On the Run Looking for Shelter” from the new album “Shelter”
  • Croatian synth electronic musician (previously Narrow, Umrijeti za strojem, I/II, Split Personalities) from Zagreb, Iv/An – “Tko?” from 3-track ltd. CD EP “Tko?”
  • Northern Ireland synth electronic musician based in Belfast, Crystalline Stricture “Dogs At My Feet” single                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Montreal, Quebec / Antioquia, Colombia darkwave /minimal wave duo NO + ANA – “Jaded” from upcoming V/A “Miseria Upperwave Selections Vol. 3” tape compilation [Miseria]
  • Berlin-based Synth Wave /Electronic /Darkwave duo Lee & Laudarg, aka NNHM– “Hungrige Liebe” off the upcoming album “Circle of Doom”                                            
  • Antigua, Guatemala modular minimal synth /wave project, Nublo Roboten “Brisa Labrisa” from “Demos 2017/2018” EP
  • French synth wave /coldwave /post-punk band from Toulouse led by Mathis Kolkoz, Blind Delon “La Violence feat. Fivequestionmarks” from the upcoming third album ‘La Métamorphose’ [VEYL]
  • Athens, Greece / Odessa, Ukraine industrial /techno /synthpunk /darkwave /EBM collaboration, The Hanged Man X Extensive Infarction – “Flesh and Blood” from V/A “Miseria Bodywork Selections Vol 3” tape compilation [Miseria]
  • Italian experimental /industrial /metal /noise /techno /synth-punk DJ-producer Andrea Natale, aka ANNA FUNK DAMAGE – “Tom You Was A Good Player” from the upcoming cassette album “Il Corpo Che Si Rompe” [Osàre! Editions]
  • Vancouver, BC solo EBM /minimal synth artist Robert Katerwol (Weird Candle, Wire Spine), aka Total Chroma “Such Filth” 3rd single from the forthcoming album “L A P L A N D” on Negative Gain.
  • Los Angeles-based darkwave /coldwave project of Aryan Ashtiani aka MAREUX “Killer” from the album “Lovers From The Past”
  • Sacramento, CA gazed-out romantic post-punk party-goth band Creux Lies “Misunderstanding – (Ash Code Remix)” from “Divine Remix” EP                                                                                                                             
  • Rome-based Italian industrial /darkwave /synth-pop 4-piece of Riccardo Sabetti (Spiral69), Pasquale Vico (Date at Midnight), Andrea Freda (Spiritual Front) and Alessio Schiavi (Avant-Garde), THIS ETERNAL DECAY “Perfection” from the upcoming fourth LP “Nocturnæ”                                                               
  • Patras-based, Greek Post-punk /Darkwave group Grey Gallows “Deafland” from the fourth LP “Strangers” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Seattle post-punk /synth wave /darkwave DIY solo project of Daniel Hart aka Festering Wounds “Problems”
  • LA-based industrial /synthpop /darkwave solo project of Tara Jane, aka Caress “Parasite” off V/A “The Pains of Existence” Compilation [Destroy / Exist]
  • Palmira, Colombia minimal wave solo project HUMAN 80 – “Cold winter” from upcoming V/A “Miseria Bonus Tape Vol. 3” tape compilation [Miseria]
  • EBM /darkwave /synth-punk solo project of Helsinki-based musician Jacques Saph, aka Carnal Machinery “Révolte” from the single “Révolte/La Folie”
  • Californian EBM /cyberpunk /dark synth /dark electro act Orphan Zero “Umbra” single
  • Chicago‘s dystopian dark synth /darkwave /coldwave /synth wave trio, REPLICANT “Heavensent” two-track single from an upcoming full-length album due out later this Summer.
  • Berlin-based Italian dark post-punk /new wave /coldwave act Words and Actions – “The snake’s head” from the single “The snake’s head / A new dawn” on Detriti Records
  • Gävle, Sweden EBM /synthpop /electronic act, Sturm Café “Zeitgeist” from the upcoming album “Zeitgeist”
  • German industrial /dark electronic /electro /EBM solo project Urban Matrix “Das Objekt” from the album “Das Objekt”
  • Aleksandrow Lodzki, Poland Dark Electro /Industrial /Synthpop /EBM one-man-band GEttNER “The Drone Strike” single
  • Rockford, IL dark synth /synthpop /synth-wave project Shadows and Mirrors “No Exceptions” from the album “The Secret of My Success” on Electric Dream Records
  • French Electro Synthwave /Synthpop duo Guillaume VDR & Ange Vesper, aka Dark Minimal Project “Infected By Love (Radio Edit)” second single off the forthcoming LP “Ghost Of Modern Times”
  • Mesa, AZ industrial /coldwave /dark wave /post-punk project SpellxCaster “You Deserve Roses” from the single “Dear Fairweather Friend, You Deserve Roses”
  • Brooklyn, NY Krautrock /Post-punk band of DC expats Eli Janney (Girls Against Boys), Geoff Sanoff (Edsel), James Canty (Chain And The Gang, The Make-Ups, The Nation Of Ulysses), Sohrab Habibion (Edsel, Savak, Obits), Zwei Null Zwei “SUV (On Fire)” from the single “SUV (On Fire) // Hate This Feeling”
  • Athens-based Greek goth /new wave /post-punk band, cold i “Μακρυά (Far Away)” from the third album “ΜΕΡΕΣ ΝΕΚΡΕΣ (Dead Days)” on Scarecrow Records and Extinction Records
  • Morocco/Lebanon Industrial /Levantine /Maghrebi /post-punk Arabic-sung experimental music project by artists Othman Cherradi (Prophän) and Joseph Jadam (Maltash), aka Araf “Hawks / هاك وارا” from “Bathrah” EP [Antibody label]                                                                                                                                 
  • Louisville, Kentucky-based dark electronic post-punk trio led by the founding member of Coliseum, R. Patterson, FOTOCRIME “Turn Away” from the upcoming LP “Accelerated” on Artoffact Records
  • Toulon, France goth /darkwave solo project of JLuc Courchet, aka SPIRYT – “Darklights” single
  • Boston, MA post-punk /new wave /coldwave trio HOUSE OF HARM “Taste the Light” cassette single
  • Leeds UK post-punk /space rock /psychedelic band Deathtrippers “To Light (BCF Demo)” to be released on the Deathtrippers 3rd Album in early 2024
  • Early ’80s Christchurch, NZ post-punk rockers Playthings “Dumb” from the vinyl 12″ compilation “Playthings” (1981/82) via Leather Jacket Records
  • Vienna-based darkwave /industrial /experimental pop /post-punk /art-project duo of Turkish origin, Zack Zack Zack “Yaradan” from upcoming LP “Album 2” on Trost                                                                         
  • Ravenna, Italy shoegaze /post-punk /new wave band The Doormen “Silence” from the 5th album “The Truth in a Dark Age” on Mia Cameretta Records / Goodfellas
  • Europa-based New Wave /Synthpop /Post-Punk AngloArgentinian duo Sam Young & Pablo Casadey aka Night Hexe “She​-​Wolf” single
  • Spanish new wave /post-punk solo project from the Canaries, Luz Futuro “Calle del Acuerdo” single           
  • Post-punk /Dream Goth band from Los Angeles, Velvet Wounds “Gothic” from the debut album “Jardin Silencieux”
  • Mexican darkwave /Batcave /deathrock /electro horror rock project Cementerio De Eskeletos “†Flores Para T톔 new single
  • Madrid, Spain post-punk /dark punk trio RATA NEGRA “Ella Está En Fiestas” from upcoming “Bien Triste” 7” single via La Vida Es Un Mus
  • Italian electronic /new wave /darkwave duo from Padua, And We Were Shadows “Nanga” from s/t album
  • Granada, Spain punk /post-punk DIY band Error de Paralaje “Sangre en las paredes” from the demo EP “ERROR DE PARALAJE”
  • Baltimore, Maryland lo-fi /shoegaze /darkwave / post-punk solo project, 4dversary “Doom and Gloom” from the album “Demos Vol. 2”
  • Brisbane, Australia Goth Post-punk band Locust Revival “Afraid Of Love” from upcoming LP “Good Grief”
  • Los Angeles-based darkwave /synth wave /new wave solo project FEVR “Hold Me Tight Ft. In Shadows” single
  • Lawrence, Kansas Indie /Noise Pop /New Wave /Post-punk duo, Sweeping Promises “Eraser” from the upcoming second LP “Good Living Is Coming For You” via Feel It Records (US) and Sub-Pop (ROTW)
  • Madrid, Spain synth-punk band MISS ESPAÑA – “Marte Rojo” off upcoming debut LP “Niebla Mental” via La Vida es un Mus
  • German underground garage /post-punk /punk outfit (members of Poky, Ambulanz, Dee Bee Rich, Ex-White, Verräter, and Lassie), LAFFF BOX “Just A Fool” from the debut S/T album via Turbo Discos (EU) and Neon Taste Records (US/CAN)
  • Post-punk /indie-pop outfit from the SF Bay Area, NEUTRALS “Substitute Teacher” from V/A “ILLUSION OF CHOICE” LP 12″ A Girlsville Benefit Compilation For Feline Rescue, Inc.
  • Swedish dark ambient /dungeon doom project Hollow Moon “At Night (Demo)” on Dark Dungeon Doom Productions

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