WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips – APRIL 2024 – #16-24

photo by christopher lee donovan


  • Dresden-based, German EBM /darkwave /synthbass /synth wave artist Oliver Decrow “I’m Too Young To Die” title track of the debut album “I’m Too Young To Die”  [Cold Transmission Music]

Finally, the long-anticipated debut album from the Eastern German electronic musician is an incoming reality, teased by the nostalgic, and heady lead track that churns on the droning dark foundation of a bubbling and undulating bassline cut through by crisp punchy snares, circled by a vibrant and swirling poignant frame of weeping icy bright synth chimes, and warped melancholic glows, around a vocal shift between emotionless spoken words and warm aching insights imbued with stunted and hopeless emotions.

  • UK darkwave /post-punk /coldwave /electronic producer Earth Surrender “Late” single

Following last end of the year’s atmospheric cover version of The Stone Roses classic, “I Wanna Be Adored”, the English gloom maker returns with a restless and bittersweet new single laced with urgent yet reflective beat-driven danceable energy ala Black Marble, darkened by wistful New Order tones and hazy emotive mists of swirling synth glows, whilst hopeless deep vocals brood with endless angst and doubt, left in an obsessive mental loop of, I know it is too ‘Late.

  • UK eclectic post-punk /darkwave solo project from Kendal, Claustraphobia “Those Precious Nightmares” single

The DIY British musician concocts a spellbinding dark surreal reflection, cadenced by the bleak hypnotic pace of cold martial beats, where overarching eerie ethereal hums, crestfallen reflective stabs of wistful keyed melodies, and sinuously poignant soaring orchestral swathes, slowly immerse and consume secretive haunted vocals in the vile despicable pleasures lurking within.

  • Milan, Italian wave /post-punk /martial /neo-classical /neo-folk ensemble established in 1994, Camerata Mediolanense “Embryo Ventosa” from the sixth studio album “Atalanta Fugiens (Deluxe Edition)” via Prophecy Productions
  • French experimental /post-punk /coldwave project of Yannick Rault, Closed Mouth – “Broken Wings” single
  • New York enigmatic Dark Wave /Post-Punkish solo act Postlooperish “Kings” from the new EP “Gilded Cage”
  • Queens, NY dream pop /indie rock /post-punk solo act Sea Shapes “Shock” single
  • Marburg-based, East-German shoegaze /post-punk /new wave trio, Tricor “Black Oceans” from the S/T album
  • Italian post-punk /synth-pop /wave duo CABAN “Come Lie Down” from the sophomore “29” EP
  • London, UK new wave /post-punk project led by James Burgess, aka Static Palm “Candle (Soho)” (demo)
  • Swedish indie /post-punk quartet from Stockholm, IT’S FOR US “Ballad of The Body” from the third LP “Out Of Time” via Novoton
  • UK-based, Anglo/Italian goth dark wave /post-punk band Monte Grisa “Shotgun” from the debut “Resurrection” EP
  • Freiburg Im Breisgau, Germany wave /post-punk duo Worn Out “Echoes” from the debut LP “The Coming Flood”
  • Californian new dark post-punk project by Andres Ruiz (False Figure, Adrenochrome), NUEVO CUERPO “Alma Macriada” the title track of the debut S/T EP “Alma Macriada” via Transylvanian Recordings
  • Québec City coldwave /synth wave /post-punk solo project Liminal Prison – “Lo que quieres” from 4-track debut Demo EP
  • Adelaide, Australia Dark Wave / Post-Punk duo The Cold Field “Quiet On The Border” off upcoming LP “Alive” [Cold Transmission Music]
  • Los Angeles based darkwave /synthwave collaboration Fevr, Vick Vapors, In Shadows “HURT ME” single
  • Melbourne-based post-punk /darkwave /electropop project of a former member of 80s band Real Life, George Pappas, aka ALIEN SKIN “I Put Her Dress On” from “Nihilistic” EP (Part 6 of the ‘DARK DAYS EP SERIES)
  • Toronto-based minimal synthpop band of Andreas Gregor & Dave Rout formed in 1984, TECHNIQUES BERLIN “Planet 21” from the 2xLP 12″ compilation album “The Language of Machines [1985-1991]” via Mecanica
  • Northern Ireland cold synth electronics musician based in Belfast, Crystalline Stricture “Can you see yourself?”. (unreleased)
  • Hull, Québec dark wave /synthpop duo, Menthüll “Parade” single
  • Baltimore, Maryland art-punk /minimal wave /synth-punk act Uphor!a “Synthrom” from “Eroma” LP
  • Schaffhausen, Switzerland post-punk /minimal wave /synthpop duo Walter Frosch – “False Prophets” from the second LP “Star 10110” via Mangel Records and Irascible Records (EU) and Glowing Dagger (US)
  • Vancouver wave /minimal synth duo Aja Emma & Nic Emm, aka Cosmetics “THE LOOK [live]” from “Cosmetics Versus America” live single (2014)
  • Rome, Italy-based Polish dark wave /minimal synth solo act Olgha “Jak naprawić ten świat?” from “Jak naprawić ten świat?” EP
  • Detroit-based body music /post-punk /industrial /experimental electronic duo Mission to the Sun “Needle of Deceit (Body Moves Mix)” single via Felte Records
  • Madison, WI female-fronted darkwave industrial electronic band Sensuous Enemy “Fire in the Dark” from the LP “The Awakening” via Distortion Productions
  • L.A. goth pop /synth-pop solo project Apology Kink “Let Me Be Your Heartthrob” single via GIVE/TAKE
  • Russian dark electronic /synthpop solo act THENAVE “Kamomile (The New Division Remix)” single via skyQode
  • Russian new wave /post-punk band, PLOHO ‘Занавес (Qual Remix)” from “Remixes” LP via Artoffact Records
  • Buffalo, NY kraut /industrial /synthpop /dark wave duo Night Slaves “Eliminator” from “Acceleration Prose” EP via Swimming Faith Records
  • California-based goth /Italo /new wave/dark synth-pop duo of James Edward & Frank Shark, MALE TEARS “Regret 4 Nothing” from upcoming LP “Paradísco” via Avant!Records
  • German minimal wave /synthpop artist (aka Acid Ernst), Konstantin Unwohl “Dissoziation Dreiundzwanzig (Die Selektion Remix)” from “Im Institut Für Strömungstechnik – Remixed” EP 12″ [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
  • German electro industrial/electroclash/EBM act of electronic musician Stefan Böhm (aka NULLVEKTOR) and singer Sina Hübner, aka  S.I.N.A “Little Girl” from upcoming “Alte Liebe…” EP [HANDS]
  • Chile industrial /EBM /post-punk electronic project New-Age Girlfriend “Capital Girl” off the debut EP “Absoluto Penetroso” [Pink Bunker Ltd]
  • Australian industrial /new beat /darkwave /dark electro solo act (Grane, Hilda, Rule of Thirds), SECOND SIGHT “Pure Form” from “MEGABREAKZ 05 – SECOND SIGHT” EP 12″ vinyl via Oráculo Records
  • Detroit, MI industrial /electronic /EBM /techno solo act Comfort Cure “I’m the Drug” from the cassette EP “I’m the Drug” via DKA records
  • Slovakian EB /industrial /minimal /cyberpunk /dark electro project of Tomasz Lukowicz, aka Fractal “Stories and Dreams” from the LP “Overload” [aliensproduction]
  • Hamburg, Germany EBM /industrial /synthpop electronic music project M/A/T “Replikant” single
  • Bialystok, Poland dark wave /goth rock music producer Air Midnight “Rain” 2nd single from upcoming LP “Long Farewells and Love Letters”
  • Mexican synth wave /darkwave solo act Rotten and Broken “Liar” from the LP “No Hope”
  • Columbus, OH goth /post-punk /dark wave solo act Kann Kein Deutsch “Human Scorn” from the debut album “Cold Cigarettes”
  • Gothic rock band from Finland, Distant Stares “Eksistentiaalisuudessani” single
  • Darkwave project of French songwriter, performer, and engineer frelu, NLIGHT “Endless Light” from the debut LP “LUX IN TENEBRIS”
  • French post-punk /darkwave /gothic rock band Sexblood “Doctor Death” from the LP “Teach Me To Cry” on Swiss Dark Nights
  • Venice, Italy Electro /Industrial /New Wave /Post-punk band 30 Denari “HERE AND NOW” from the debut “Banco Dei Valori Morali” EP
  • Denver, CO darkwave /emo /post-punk band led by Ross Ryan, Dead On A Sunday “Strange New World” from upcoming second LP “Cold Red Sea”
  • Ventura, CA synthwave /coldwave /darkwave duo Pink Depression “Dark Files” from the EP “Delft Blue″
  • León, Mexico post-punk /dark wave band Pesadilla Gris “Día Normal” single
  • Hungarian Synthwave /Post-punk band based in Békéscsaba, Empty Story “Áldozat” single
  • Italian shoegaze /post-punk band Uppo “Gloomy Heritage” single via Rebuilding
  • Texas lo-fi shoegaze /darkwave /dream pop solo project The Bradley “Red Tide” from “In Memoriam” EP
  • Electro-post-punk /noise band based in London, UK, Venus in Noise “What I Want” single
  • Groningen-based Dutch indie rock /post-punk /no-wave quartet GEO “Big Fire” from the upcoming debut LP “Out Of Body” via Erste Theke Tontraeger
  • York, UK dub /no wave /post-punk trio Neon Kittens “Bouncing in the Red” from the LP “It’s a NO Thing!” on Metal Postcard Records
  • Zagreb, Croatia punk /post-punk band DDR “4 AM” preview off upcoming second LP
  • Atlanta, Georgia indie rock /post-punk /rock and roll band Ultra Lights “Nostalgia” from “Nostalgia b/w Clockin Out” 7″ single via Chunklet Industries
  • Leeds, UK post-dub /post-disco /post-punk band led by James Heselwood with musician and producer James Mabbett, aka Ultimate Thunder “I’ve Got No Bees In Your House” from the upcoming “A Spider Will Come To Eat Your Flesh” EP via Easy Listening Records
  • Miami, FL new wave /no-wave /funk /post-punk /dance performance art band DONZII “Station″ single
  • Melbourne-based no-wave/post-punk /new-wave /art-punks Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice “Kerosene” from the album “Total Reality” via Marthouse Records (AU) & Erste Theke Tontraeger (EU)
  • US ambient /fantasy /dungeon synth project Aura Merlin “Illuminations” title track of the vinyl album “Illuminations” [Dungeons Deep Records]
  • US old school dungeon synth project (aka Coniferous Myst), aka Forsaken Kingdsoms “Embrace From The Woodland Starlight” from the cassette album “Winds of Winter” Record Live Winter ’24 [Lost Armor Recs.]
  • Berlin-based ambient /comfy /fantasy synth /dungeon synth project Willow Tea “The March” from the album “They Who Saw The Sun”
  • US Ambient /Dreamy Dungeon Synth act Keys to Oneiria “A Shimmering Golden Radiance” from the cassette album “Relics Abound”

photo by Christopher Lee Donovan