WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – April #16-21

Francis Mortimer, Reflection, 1950

  • UK minimal synth /electronic duo comprised of singer, songwriter and formerly one-half of ’80s synth duo Oppenheimer Analysis, Andy Oppenheimer and electronic musician & producer Mahk Rumbae (Mitra Mitra and Konstruktivists), Oppenheimer MkII “Out In The Field” new 7″ Double A Side Single on TONN Recordings

Veteran UK duo combines beautifully morose deadpan vocalizations with sheer instrumental prowess in a poignant synthetic pop new single laced with austere, insinuating, and dramatic moods over which hovers a rarefied dim brightness, in a dizzying whirlwind of urgent and crackling rhythms along with bubbling, vibrating dynamic low ends, to draw algid and dark tones fraught by angst and disconnection, lit with icy soaring epic synth swathes and sparse quick stacking twinkling keys, layering sad, anxious vocals onto a hellish field of death and sacrifice.

  • UK darkwave/coldwave/post-punk solo project Bone Pixie “Never” new single

UK solo project makes a compelling rentrée into the new year with a swelling, gothic-tinged romantic cathedral reverie with eerie, melancholic synth tones blurring ceremonial vibes through hypnotic lashing beats, and buzzing stuttering bass pulses to lift airy haunted male vocals and beautifully piercing female cries into a floating, glowing stratosphere of aching narcotic bliss.

  • Tampa, Fl new wave rock n’ roll 4-piece GLOVE “Glass” new single                                                                       

Not easy to find these days a stylish, charming, and music-wise distinctive North American band, even the usual glamourous NY or SF seem too short for the part, 4-piece Gloves come instead from sunny Florida with a refreshing take on the ’80s British synthetic new wave sound, as well somehow suggesting to me emotional-ridden echoes of the Pulp and The Manics, fueled by an impassioned, magnetic frontman. The sweeping and dancy new single “Glass” is an array of mechanical rhythms, ominous swaying and buzzing bass tones, icy cosmic synth radiations, and searing sparkling guitar melodies, whilst urgent, angsty vocals croon dire harmonies left sulking in modern dystopic bliss. Check for the live visuals here.                                           

  • Darkwave/EBM/Synthwave female solo project from TurkeyBEWITCHED AS DARK “We Have Not” new single                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Spanish electronic /minimal synth /darkwave project from Barcelona, INTERSIGNO “Horror” from 2-track single “Horrors” single
  • London-born, experimental /dronegaze /slowcore /neoclassical project of nomadic songwriter Olin Janusz, aka Bare Wire Son “Fingernest” from the upcoming cassette album “Off Black” on Sination
  • Vienna-based beats /synths /vocals /tribal wave solo project of (daytime) researcher and (nighttime) musician Madame Psychosis – “Traveler (feat. Louison)” from MP’s upcoming album »BSV« – soon out via CUT SURFACE.                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Swedish dark synth /synthpop solo project of Brotherhood‘s singer Micke Lönngren, Lønnkrog “Are You Alright?” (Lucinda Williams cover) from the EP of cover versions “Förfalskad (Counterfeit)”
  • Russian post-punk / cold-wave /synth-punk duo based in Saint Petersburg, SUPERNOVA 1006 ” Hands Around My Throat (Death In Vegas cover)”                                                                                                         
  • Mexican goth /dark electronic /post-punk project of TGRLL, La Tercera Parte de la Noche “Dance” (Single)     
  • Parisian dark electro wave duo Minuit Machine “Sisters” from the EP “Basic Needs” on French label warriorecords.                                                                                                                                                 
  • London, UK minimal analogue synth primitive-electronic DIY music project THIS IS THE BRIDGE “Get Out” from the new album “Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace”
  • Austin//Boston darkwave /minimal synth /coldwave duo of Faiza Kracheni (vocals) & Travis Benson (synths), FLESH OF MORNING “In Crisis” from the upcoming debut album “Here In Heaven” on Blind Rage Records
  • Netherlands body music /electro-industrial all-female queer duo DESIGNER VIOLENCE “Revolution” from the second “Televised State Lies” EP
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan synthpop duo of Chad Pratt and Alex Hughes, aka SAME EYES “Goodbye” new single
  • Connecticut-based wave /synthpop band The Last Years “TV Romantic (Jetfire Prime Remix)” from “Future Ghosts – The Remixes” album
  • San Antonio, TX synthpop /dark pop band Shadow Fashion “One Black Rose” new single
  • Belarusian post-punk /new wave trio from Minsk, Dlina Volny “Bipolar” new single
  • London-based dark electronic duo, Dead Lights “Plastic Girl” from upcoming LP “Dead Lights” on Cold Transmission
  • LA-based deathrock /post-punk /synthpunk outfit, VR SEX “Dog Complex” from upcoming 2×7″ “Cyber Crimes” EP on Dais
  • Chicago experimental/electronic pop duo of Keely Dowd & Essej Pollock, GRÜN WASSER – “123 Windows” new single on Holodeck
  • Leipzig based EBM /goth /techno /darkwave /synthpop solo project SHOSTA – “Wachsen” title track from the debut EP “Wachsen”
  • Los Angeles-based Synthwave /Darkwave artist EM_LEN “Linger In Place ” new single
  • Berlin-based dark electro /synthpop /dark pop artist Rene Nowotny (half of AD:KEY with his wife Andrea), RECTOR SCANNER “Radioteleskop (ahoi pop rework feat. Merry Chicklit)” from the album “Radioteleskop” (Bonus Tracks Version) on Alfa Matrix
  • Los Angeles based dark electro-pop artist BARA HARI “Weapon” off upcoming EP “Dark New Wind Day​” on Re:Mission Entertainment
  • Liverpool, UK dark synthwave artist DEADLIFE “What It Means To Ache” new single on FiXT Neon
  • UK/Russia gothic-electro band ANTILAV “Fall Down” single
  • Atlanta/Portland witch house /dark electronic /synthwave project by Corey Davenport (Cairn Elan) & Kyle Mac (Dead Fe†us), SUFFER RING “Henker (Dkryption Remix)” from remix album “Reverentia Remixed” upcoming on Re:Mission Entertainment
  • German electro/synth-pop/synth wave/new wave musician Philipp R. Münch, The Rorschach Garden “Sometimes” (unreleased) from “Dangerous Isolation Site” 7″ vinyl on ant-zen
  • German synth wave/post-punk/synthpop project from Hamburg, VIDEOTRAUM “Vermissen” new single
  • Madrid-based industrial /new beat /darkwave /dark electronic project A Z O T E · M E N T A L “Maldito Humano”                                                                                                                                                                   
  • London, UK based industrial /dark electronic / EBM / techno /post-punk Lithuanian producer, and Meta Moto label founder, EGZOTIKKA “Kaukes”                                                                                                                     
  • Ukrainian EBM /darkwave /new wave /techno /post-industrial electronic one-man band formed in Lviv in 2020 by Anton Shiferson, aka SHIP HER SON “Gott” from the upcoming album “ESSEN”                               
  • Paris‘ minimal synthwave one-woman-project of Phosphor and Minuit Machine‘s Hélène de Thoury, HANTE. “Blank Love” first single from the forthcoming album “Morning Tsunami” due on July 2 via Synth Religion                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Electronic /minimal /coldwave /darkwave /synth project RINA PAVAR “Lake of Ice” off upcoming album “Vivid Night”
  • Baltimore, Maryland shoegaze /coldwave /darkwave solo project, 4dversary “Infernal Coil”                            
  • Greek Post-Punk /Electronic Music Composer /Digital Artist /Writer Alex Insouratselou “Die”
  • German lo-fi /coldwave /post-punk project German Bot “Distanz”                                                                       
  • Italian post-punk trio from Riccione, S.A.D. “Complice”                                                                                         
  • Austrian minimalistic post-punk artist from Wien, BRUCH “Back To Boredom” (Dot Dash Cover, 2010)         
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia electronic post-punk DJ, record producer, remixer, and songwriter OHOTA “Детство Прошло” new single.                                                                                                                                                 
  • New Zealand synthpop /post-punk /coldwave solo project of Rupert Piers (The Rabble, Deer Thomas), MAD TRAGIC “A Cold Place” debut single
  • Toronto, On shoegaze /new wave /post-punk duo StillWaves “Regressing Times” debut single
  • Lucerne, Switzerland indie rock /post-punk trio Laddermen “Welcome to the 20’s” taken from upcoming Laddermen’s debut album “Special Kind of Violence” out 2021 on Waterfall of Colours.
  • Sidney-based, Australian dark noise-rockers REPO MAN “Winter of Fire” from “Repo man.” LP
  • Philly‘s dark post-punk goth rocker (FKA Lord Travvis), NIGHT RITUAL “Eidolon” new single                                                                     
  • Greek dark minimal project from Athens, DAS NOIR “The Girl” from the new album “Music While Drowning”
  • Russian New Wave /Post-Punk duo based in Saint Petersburg, MА́ITSA “Кронштадт” second single
  • Rubi, Spain dark wave /new wave /post-punk /synthwave project of project of DJ Jaime El Energúmeno, aka ALQA “Construcción De Mentes” from “Oscuras Influencias” EP
  • UK post-punk/darkwave solo project from Nottingham, Claustraphobia “The Cabinet” (Das Kabinette Cover – originally released in 1983)
  • Washington, D.C. post-punk band Strange Boutique “Jet Stream” title track from the upcoming EP “Jet Stream”
  • New York goth-rock /post-punk /new wave “Rock-Nouveau” solo project of Joseph DeMichele, aka Shelley’s Lullaby “Just For One Night” from the new “A 1000 Kisses Goodbye” EP
  • Mexican deathrock /horror /post-punk trio Skeletal Bats “Enterrado Vivo (Putrefacta Versión)”
  • London-based, Polish lo-fi/post-punk/coldwave solo project NOSHADOW “yet to come” title track from the new live EP “yet to come”
  • Pirmasens, Germany shoegaze /new wave /post-punk outfit PUYYOL “Annoyed By People” off debut S/T EP
  • London, UK noise post-punk four-piece ITALIA 90 “Borderline” from the new single “Borderline / Declare” via Brace Yourself Records
  • Vancouver noise /punk /grunge /post-punk trio ANYBODYS “Do We Disgust You?” from the 7″ vinyl EP “Acts of Endurance”
  • Dublin, Ireland garage /post-punk /alternative rock band Mary Bleeds – Riddle” the first single from the upcoming S/T debut album
  • Brno, Czechia noise rock /post-punk trio SINKS “Serotonin” off upcoming debut album ”Sinks” via Korobushka Records
  • Vienna, Austria noisy post-punk band, Modecenter “Deceit” new single of upcoming debut S/T LP via Numavi Records
  • Chicago, Il synth/new wave/post-punk project of brothers Theodore and Ronnie Appert, aka Dramatic Shapes “Backwards in the Rain” new single
  • Washington, D.C. lo-fi post-punk band, Nice Breeze “Musicmusicmusic (for Viv Albertine)” from the LP “Magician’s Rabbit”
  • Glasgow‘s post-punk band Ace City Racers “Gideon Takes The Train” on Last Night From Glasgow.       
  • Leeds, UK noise rock /post-punk 4-piece English Teacher – “R&B” new single on Nice Swan Record
  • London, UK noise /industrial /post-punk 4-piece Body Horror ‘The Gimp’s Gimp’ debut single
  • Richmond, Va post-punk 4-piece Hard Copy “Big Poppy” from the upcoming cassette EP “Hidden Beat” on Birds Again
  • German post-punk /noise punk trio Maulgruppe “Im Pferd geblieben” from the upcoming LP “Hitsignale” on Major Label 
  • Ukraine Sovietwave /new wave /synth-pop project of Daniil Kovalenko, aka Прожектор Перестройки “Samurai” from the EP “Entartete Kunst”
  • Spanish darkwave /dungeon synth /electronic project Kvlt0 – “Herákleitos” from the album “Theory of Hyperchaos”
  • Madrid, Spain Dark /Chill /Jazz /Downtempo project of Vadym Sycantrhope, BLACK SHAMAN “The Last One Standing” from S/T EP on creepy sound

Photo by Laura Daddabbo