WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – APRIL #15-22

  • FAUX NAIF Mutant Gathering at Boat Live London [11.03.22]                                                                                 

London based FAUX NAIF has previously held her own event series MIIM, curating sounds that showcase the underrepresented genres of EBM, Darkwave, Post Punk & Synth/ Goth across the dancefloors of London. 

  • Salt Lake City, Utah ethereal /darkwave /gothic rock independent solo project of Nyx Linnae, AKA Cemetery Siren “Nothing Left (Homeless Demo)”

Cemetery Siren, the independent solo project of Nyx Linnae, suggests in the bio leanings mostly toward gothic bands from the 90s, with whom she shares seductive and sinister moods, driven by dread and obsession as sharp and shiny as shards of glass, spooky lullabies and eerie fairy tales. Even if apparently a demo, “Nothing Left” stirs desperate desire through a haunted landscape of ghostly whispers, warped, twinkling melodies, and slow, dragging deceptions to draw the hopeless lyrical inflictions from tormented vocal tragedy into a cold bleak existence of homeless, loveless pain.

  • Portland, Or Kraut-Rock /Dark-Psych /Post-Punk 4-piece Murderbait “Lost” from the upcoming EP “Nostalgia Like Cancer”

The Portland-based outfit is back from the unsettling pandemic mazes severely resized into a 4-piece, albeit with the first preview from their next EP with their hypnotic, evocative and haunted post-punk, struck by reiterated krautrock echoes, heavy mesmeric psychedelic giddiness, doomy noisy bursts and epic torrid transcendental desert rock introspections. Dark burdensome textures forge darkness and pain, stabbed by evocative tinkling keys, amidst a dense heavy droning distorted mists permeated by primaeval reverberant sorrow, to surround aching emotional vocals with disturbing insights, rising and falling dramatically through lysergic sore guitar echoes, into deep-seated trauma, and inglorious delusions of grandeur.

  • Stockholm, Sweden electro /coldwave solo project AVDB – “Ja” from the debut EP “Upadam”

At its debut, AVDB delivers chilling and alienated monochromatic electronic-charged coldwave from icy northern lands, boosted by gripping crunchy and tight percussive patterns, made of stumbling, mechanical beats that pulsate tightly and inexorably, soaked with ominous swells of droning low ends and bleak airy synth drifts atop ominous baritone breathes of haunted pain and shadowy secrets, descending fearfully into a dark and sinister chasm of murky shifting depths.

  • Spokane, WA synth dark experimental electronic witch house producer Frank Ocean, aka BLVCK CEILING “Carpe Diem” single on Lower District
  • Kharkov, Ukraine dark ambient /gothic rock /darkwave /post-punk artist Ivan Marymoro AKA Hans Helwinden “Mass Murder (feat Undinyx)”
  • Brooklyn, NYC dark electronic krautwave /trip-hop project of Robert Toher (former Brooklyn’s Eraas), Public Memory “Clocktower” single on Felte                                                                                                                    
  • French coldwave /synthwave /minimal synth collaboration from Brittany, Irène de Milo & ModeInGliany – “Les Graminées”                                                                                                                                
  • Kvistgård, Denmark minimal synth duo Dan Mortazavi and Kenneth Neuhaus, AKA The Product “Crawl Above” from the the sophomore album (39 years after their debut) “All The Love Not Given” on Sound+Matter – Sores+b-o-d-i-e-s
  • Italian electro dark synthwave solo project from Turin, ZOLTAN FREITAG “Deja-vu” (unreleased) from the album “Rewind the Future” (2019)
  • Japanese industrial /experimental /minimal synth artist from Tokyo, Soloist Anti Pop Totalization – “Blue recollection” from the forthcoming new cassette album soon on TONN Recordings.                              
  • Danish dark wave /synth-pop project started in 1987, N∆EON TE∆RDROPS “THE FIGUREHEAD” (The Cure cover) from “SHADOWSISTER/THE FIGUREHEAD” from the upcoming single on DISCON RECORDS in association with LOVE OD COMMUNICATIONS
  • Amsterdam New Wave /Coldwave one-man band Grimdeluxe “Young Love” single
  • Swiss experimental /NDW /coldwave /post-punk /wave /synth-punk project of Carlo Onda, KARL KAVE “Schlöfrig Schlöfrig Pyjama” from V/A “Flennen No. 12” cassette compilation on Flennen
  • Belfast‘s synth electronic side project of Crystalline Stricture, aka RIVAL – “Class War” single
  • Vienna, Austria coldwave /synthpop /synthwave producer BLANK PICTURE “Blackness” single on A-Dur Records.
  • Zurich-based minimal synth /synthwave /darkwave project by Markus W (Veil of Light), SLEEP FOREVER “Just For A Day Video” single from the debut album ‘Boyhood’ out May 6, 2022, on DKA Records.
  • Ontario post-punk /coldwave /new wave project of J. Bermel, AKA Für Lange “Tomorrowland” from the debut EP “…in a world so cold”
  • French/Swiss post-punk /coldwave /minimal wave band Factice Factory “New Horizon (Lichtblick Version)” [Section 25 cover] a tribute to legendary Factory Records‘ late 70s/80s Manchester post-punk band Section 25
  • London, UK coldwave /synth-pop duo SILENT STAR “The White Cat” from the 12″ vinyl EP “The Cross Of Stamford Hill”
  • Prague based, British post-punk /new wave duo A DULL SET “Corsair” new single.
  • Budapest, Hungary new wave /art punk /post-punk band Vidal – “Igazán” from the debut album “SETLIST”
  • Turkish Goth Rock /Post-Punk band featuring members of Ugly Shadows and Tatlin Effect, aka OSCURIDAD ETERNA “Death” from the EP “Burning”
  • Toulouse, France goth /synth-pop /darkwave /electronic solo project August Angst “Sleep” debut single
  • Saarbrücken, Germany synth /post-punk outfit ANGST4 “Erinnerungen” single
  • Stockholm, Sweden goth /post-punk /darkwave duo Tíklá “Never Be One” from the upcoming debut LP “13 Realms”
  • Quito, Ecuador EBM /post-punk /darkwave /electro goth project PROLEPSIS “She’s my end” second single from the upcoming album
  • San Diego, CA darkwave /synthwave /post-punk solo project of James Ivey, THE DIRTY SUN “Looking up from a hole” single on Split Banana Records
  • Louisville, Kentucky goth /darkwave /post-punk solo project of Albie Mason, aka SCARY BLACK “Transatlantic Tears” new single.
  • Early 80s formed German darkwave /post-punk trio DAYS OF SORROW “Bleed” from the brand new album “Soulmate Sister”.
  • Spokane, Wa Batcave /deathrock /gothic rock /darkwave band Headless//Heartless – “Theme Song” from 4-track ‘Demo 2022’
  • Isle of Man, UK gothic rock /darkwave /post-punk duo of Mark Sayle (Slow Decay) and Phil Reynolds (Phil Reynolds and the Dearly Departed), Mark E Moon “Blacklight” from the new EP “Lux Vindictae” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Montebello, Ca goth /post-punk /darkwave band House Of Breath “Shadow Dancers” from the EP “Moments marked forever”
  • Texas post-industrial /gothic /dark electro /dark wave solo project by Veronica Campbell, AKA Death Loves Veronica “Hate Me” from the LP “Corruption for the Insidious”
  • Athens, Greek experimental minimal darkwave solo project of Nick D., DAS NOIR “Your Eyes Deceive You” from Das Noir album “Take A Look At The World”.
  • Colombia dark electronic /synthwave solo project Ambivalencia – “Dominar el tiempo“ from V/A “Latinoamerica Suburbia II” on Morfina Records
  • French darkwave /synthwave solo project NAM’S “It’s not a great song”                                                                 
  • Berlin-based collaborative Electro /New Wave /Dark Disco band project by the producer Kalipo and the DJ/producer couple Local Suicide fronted by Greek native Dina P., DINA SUMMER “Headhunter (Cover)” [Front 242, 1988]                                       
  • Paris-based FrenchItalian darkwave /coldwave duo Echoberyl “Overwater” from the upcoming album “Mother : Remixes” on Mother Solitude Records
  • Peruvian dark synth wave artists Bruno Bazzetti and Noelia Cabrera “Anything is a Mistake” from the eponymous  EP on Bestiario Collective
  • Mexicali, Mexico industrial /electronic /darkwave group of Mario Cabada (No Devotion Records, Bolaspace), John Bechdel (Ministry, Fear Factory, False Icons), Roberto Mendoza (Panoptica, Nortec) & Ant Banister (Sounds Like Winter, Lunar Module), AKA HeatWave International “We Won’t Be Silent” debut maxi-single on GIVE/TAKE
  • French ethereal wave /coldwave /synthwave duo from Paris, Saigon Blue Rain “Night of the Scarlet Moon” (unreleased) from V/A “SenkWaves – A Senkrecht Compilation” cassette via Senkrecht Records
  • Nice based, French Electronic /Darkwave project Halo’s Eve “Sol Invictus” single
  • Las Vegas-based industrial /EBM /goth /electronic /darkwave Mexican solo project Fairy Pussy “Siglos” (Single)
  • Halifax, Canada Drone Post-Punk trio BOAR GOD “Inside” from the single “Birthplace/Inside”
  • Minsk, Belarus post-punk/coldwave band Super Besse – ”Grustno” from the 12″ vinyl 4th album “Tristesse”
  • Leeds, UK punk /post-punk trio NAPE NECK “Warm Air” from the cassette EP “Look Alive”
  • Poland‘s Nowa Fala /Post-Punk 3-piece band MNODA “Podróż na księżyc” from the EP “Dziękuję, źle”
  • Dresden, Germany Post-Punk /New-Wave 4-piece DIE ARBEIT “Kaugummi im Haar“ from sophomore album “Wandel” on Undressed Records.
  • Brooklyn, NY alt /indie rock /post-punk trio Interpol “Toni” from the 7th LP “The Other Side Of Make-Believe” on Matador
  • Spanish darkwave /post-punk /coldwave solo project URCO “Morir en verano” (New mix)                                                                      
  • Norwegian New wave | Post-punk | Indie rock project from Oslo, TÅSEN TEA PARTY “Walk Alone” from the 4-track “Alone” EP
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia new wave /post-punk instrumental solo project Past Day “Summer Vibes” from the album “Summer Vibes”