WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – April #15-21

Noell S. Oszvald

  • Odilon’s Grip‘s Edgy Electronic Beats | 14/04/21 |                                                                                                 

Edgy dark electronic new music from Wet Skin, Paranormales, Black Light Odyssey, Lola Kumtus, Alpha Sect, Notasugang, Unidentified Man, Ohne Nomen, Ship Her Son, Tronik Youth / Black Light Smoke, VIOT, Kondratie, WLDV and many others. Don’t forget to subscribe to Odilon’s Grip Mixcloud Page for further DJ sets and full playlists.

  • Los Angeles-based goth /darkwave /post-punk producer THE YOUTH CULT “Existence” from upcoming “Rituals” EP                                                                                                                                                                 

Mellow, cinematic and dusky synth-laden cold wave first preview from the upcoming EP by L.A. goth solo-project, The Youth Cult, driven by a clap-charged steady tight drum machine awash with airy, chiming synth flows, dripping dazzles of melancholy, dotted by gleaming, reverb-infused guitar lines, to enshroud distant, haunted male vocals, wandering ghost-like through a foggy maze of painful memories. Edgier and pounding, equally evocative, post-punk number is “Bury Me”, the other track unveiled, you can listen to below.

  • Russian gothic /post-punk /coldwave duo from Volgograd, GIANT WAVE “Love is a Lie (feat. Little Nemo)” from the new EP “ПРАВДА”

Longstanding Volgograd duo are back with a 3-tracker of their distinctive, intense 80s dark post-punk sound, driven by bouncing and vehement danceable rhythms, sprayed of icy synth, and dramatic and vibrant gothic guitars to fuel emotive, tormented vocalizations, shattered by pain and loss, amidst a helpless societal meltdown. Exemplary is the EP closer propelled by hypnotic, marching beats and blistering bursts of guitar melodies played by Nicolas Dufaure, of 80s French coldwave legends Little Nemo, that bleed reverb-scattered pain and sullen moods around vocal emotional outcries, “Love is for Liars.”

  • Seattle-based darkwave/post-punk duo conceived in Minneapolis/St Paul, HALLOWS “All That Is True Dies” new 3-track single on Cold Transmission

Seattle resident electronic darkwave duet, Hallows, somberly floats and palpitates in a droning, shimmering dark aura of airy synth eddies, heart-pounding beats, and flickering bass tones, haunted by emotional vocalizations, spilling tragic feelings of haunting pain into the twinkling skies of yesterday.

  • German Darkwave /Avantgarde band HEYMSTATT “Was Vor Dir Liegt” off upcoming debut album on Tiefklang Media Group                                                                                                                                           
  • French synth electronic coldwave/minimal wave project of Frédérick Barbe from Bordeaux, Cold Colors – “We Were Young” (Unreleased 2021)                                                                                                                 
  • Tennessee experimental /post-punk /minimal wave project of Daniel Holt, Human Figures “For My Angel” from the cassette album “Footsteps” co-released on Frigio Records and  Btx3R/F01101/Exe.
  • Belgian lo-fi new wave /synth wave /coldwave solo project Dachau David “Diesel Dance” from the cassette album “Droeve Demo Sessie” on VLERK
  • US electronic /post-punk /synthpop /synth wave moniker of Santiago Leyba, aka Only Violets – “Comedy” from the upcoming cassette EP “Only Violets & Santiago Leyba” on Post Present Medium
  • Swedish electronic /new wave /synthpop artist (member of late 70s/early 80s Cosmic Overdose and Twice A Man), LARS FALK “Lullaby To The Few – L.Orf / Lo-frex Remix”
  • Cincinnati, OH electro /post-punk /synth-punk band THE SERFS “Debt World” from The First 7″ EP on Market Square Recordings
  • Spanish minimal new wave /post-punk band from Valencia (featuring members of Antiguo Régime and Tercer Sol), Nunca Nada “El Futuro Se Sentó Sobre Sí” from the new album “Discordia” on Flexidiscos and Btx3R/F01101/Exe.
  • Rennes, France based shoegaze/coldwave/post-punk band DENNER “A Stab Of Loneliness” from the vinyl 12″ EP “Semi Monde”, second part of the trilogy series on Meidosem Records
  • Athens, Greece darkwave /post-punk duo of Valisia Odell and Antonis Konstantaras, Strawberry Pills ”Όλα Καίνε” new single
  • Jakarta, Indonesia Dark Disco /Dark Post-Punk teen band CAMLANN “I’m Nobody” from upcoming album “Circa 1983” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Italian post-punk /darkwave /sadwave one-man project of electronic producer (aka Religius Order), STRANGERS FOR LOVE “A Beauty Lie” new single                                                                                                     
  • Los Angeles-based goth /darkwave /post-punk producer THE YOUTH CULT “Bury Me” new single                 
  • Mexico City synthpop /post-punk /new wave /’post wave’ project of Joan Drums & Aira Revlan, THE ETERNAL NOW “Substance”                                                                                                                                       
  • Mexican lo-fi post-punk solo project Young Heavywave “Labios”
  • London, UK post-punk /darkwave solo project from the guitarist of goth-pop trio Candy Cane, Stay Sleeping “Are we alive?” new single
  • Brussels, Belgium new wave/post-punk band (with two former members of 80s new wave band Amazing Games), Unsaid “World of Disease”
  • Quebec‘s Cold Wave /Synth Pop /Dark Wave duo Gabriel and Yseult AKA MENTHüLL “Happy Sunday (feat. Damien de La Bergerette)” new single.
  • West Palm Beach, Fl post-punk /synthpop /synthwave duo Violet Silhouette “Anyway it Cracks” from “SEMIPERMANENTDEREALIZATION” EP
  • German electro /synth-pop /synthwave /new wave musician Philipp R. Münch, aka The Rorschach Garden “Desire (2020 rework)” from the album “Grain Culture” (Recorded between 2018 and 2020)
  • Istanbul, Turkey dark doomer /post-punk /synthpop collaboration ALTAN & DISOLV ‘Tutsak (feat Disolv)’ new single
  • Saint-Petersburg, Russian synth-pop artist ATOW “Москва” title track from the new mini-album “Москва”
  • Philadelphia, Pn Industrial /New Wave /Synth Pop duo Buried Statues “Altered Ego (The Survivor)” from the debut “District” EP
  • Jacksonville Beach, Fl nihilistic new wave solo project TUFF TURF “COFFIN BREAK” from “BRAND NEW WAYS TO BE CRUEL” LP
  • Paris-based dark disco project by Thomas Pietrois-Chabassier (production, writing) and Baptiste Bertrand (music), aka État Limite – “Le Chat de Schrödinger (La Mverte Va A Rimini Versione)” off upcoming EP plus remixes “L’Amour n’existera plus” [État Limite]
  • US dreamwave /synthwave /synthpop musician from Miami, Trevor Something “No Love” new single
  • Moscow, Russia electronic /darkwave /synthpop duo thewalkingicon “Wizard of Words” from the album “Shadow of the Saints” on Negative Gain Productions
  • Mid 80s founded German avantgarde dark wave duo Deine Lakaien “Run” from the 10th double album “Dual” on Lupus Lounge / Prophecy Productions
  • New York-based dark electro project by Kevin Grady aka Black Plastic “Acid Rain (feat. Richard Butler & Robert Calvert)” from the sophomore LP “Club Grotesque” on Cleopatra Records
  • Experimental industrial group from New York, Warcrimes “Super Predators” from the upcoming LP “KEL-TEK 223”
  • Antwerp, Belgium EBM /dark electro project Reality’s Despair “Our Future is Cold” from the new album “Perfidious Depopulation” on Insane Records
  • San Antonio, TX experimental /EBM /darkwave/ industrial artist MVTANT ” MINDSHADE [Multiple Man Mirrorshade remix]” from “Gore + Mirrorshade” vinyl 12″/cassette reissue edition of the first two 2019 EPs plus bonus remixes on DREAM Recordings
  • Dnipro, Ukraine dark electro /minimal wave /synthpop project Kurs Valüt – “Nomer (Inertia Remix)” new maxi-single on маяк шатсн
  • Santiago, Chile EBM /Industrial /Dark Electro act Statische Monotonie “Cold Blood” new single on “Pink Bunker Ltd.
  • San Diego, Ca goth /EBM /post-punk /darkwave solo artist Dizzy Grraves “Nearly Frozen” from “Plagued” EP on InClub Records
  • Ajaccio, Corsica goth /coldwave /darkwave /post-punk project DEATH BLAZE “Crestfallen Flesh (Hanging Above)” from debut 2-track Demo
  • Adelaide, Australia new wave /post-punk 4-piece THE CONDOS “Cost of Living” from the second 10″ EP “Attachment”
  • Spanish dark electro project of Valencian musician Javier Andreu, LA FIESTA TRISTE (Fête Triste) “La Fête Triste (“Trisomie 21” tribute)”
  • German dark electronic /synthwave /darkwave collaboration Tom Laukemper & ENFIN NOIR – “Secret!” (Lyrics & Vocals by Enfin Noir) new single                                                                                                                          
  • Mexico City gothic rock 4-piece Lúcida Fila “Sinister” new single
  • Italian goth /batcave /post-punk band THEY DIE “That Flame Goes Out” from the debut LP “Deviant Love”
  • International goth/deathrock /punk / post-punk trio Cross Stitched Eyes “Overpass” off the new in 9 years LP “Autosarcophagy” on Ruin Nation Records
  • London, UK industrial /noise /post-punk band BODY HORROR “The Gimp’s Gimp” debut single
  • New York solo lo-fi/ raw /garage /post-punk project, Print-Head “Julie” off the cassette “Happy Happy & Hardcore Pop” collection of the previous two tapes (2019 “Hardcore Pop” and 2020 “Happy Happy”) on Discos Peroquébien
  • West Texas-based goth / new wave /shoegaze /post-punk death trio Lesser Care “Palm” from the new 2-track single “Palm/Acquired Taste”
  • L.A. indie rock /post-punk band Adult Books “Grecian Urn” title track from the sophomore LP “Grecian Urn” on Taxi Gauche Records
  • Rouen, France post-punk band Unschooling “More Is More” from debut “Random Acts Of Total Control” 10″ EP on Howlin Banana Records
  • Canadian synth power-pop /new wave trio Autogramm “No Rules” title track from the LP “No Rules” on Nevado Music
  • L.A. based Australian post-punk act Death Bells “New Signs of Life” from “Live From Bombay” EP on DAIS
  • Southampton, UK based, Polish electronic/darkwave/post-punk trio from Gdynia, DOGS IN TREES “The Coil (2021)” from the new EP “Coil”.
  • German Post-Punk act from Leipzig, Nietzsche and the Wagners – “Alles ist…” from the LP “Ill Omens” [PHY066] on Diffuse Reality Records
  • Berlin-based post-punk /dark electronic /coldwave project of Johannes Stabel, aka XTR HUMAN “Wie ein Gott” from upcoming LP “G.O.L.D” on Braid Records
  • Paris, France retro /dark electro /Italo /dark disco / retro /synthpop artist, DJ Varsovie “Tes Derniers Signes” upcoming new single on Intervision
  • Mississippi based lo-fi /shoegaze /new wave /synthwave solo project of musician Warren Ard, Blue Livingroom “You’ll Know When It’s Over” from the debut LP “For Keeps”.
  • French shoegaze /coldwave/ post-punk solo project from Orleans, Glasszone “Nightwalk” new single taken from the LP ” Moments”
  • London, UK lo-fi bedroom synth-pop project by musician Hannah McLoughlin, aka Spike Pop “Voca Me” from the debut EP “So Mysterious” on Ezi Deth Rekords
  • California-based, Belgian avant exotica /coldwave /dark electronics /cabaret electronica producer, YNV “Estuary of Light” from the upcoming album “Golden Hour Ritual” on Lurid Music

Noell S. Oszvald