WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – APRIL #14-23

  • Italian Darkwave /Synthwave entity created by singer-songwriter Arianna Todero (Echoberyl lyricist) and Paris-based musician and producer Adriano Iacoangeli (of Echoberyl and Fluid Ghost), aka POLYVERSO “I Hear Voices” from the new LP “Wunderkammer” [Mother Solitude Records]

An overall solid, multifaceted, and haunting sophomore album for the Darkwave / Postwave studio entity, following their debut in early 2019, with a vibrant electronic heart and strong emotive weight; Adriano sets up a driving, pounding rhythmic section and throbbing droning basslines, topped by icy moody synth riffs, while giving free rein to an at times sharp, evocative and sparkling guitar work, to counterpoint Arianna’s penetrating, powerful, high-pitched and emotional, somehow both wicked and introspective, vocalizations. A captivating LP with its cold, sober and melancholic, subtly restless, melodic elegance, clearly 80s retro, yet never predictable, often danceable, with its own distinctive identity.

  • US dream pop /post-punk band Stigmata Kiss – “Seraphim” from ‘Stigmata Kiss / The Pural Muses’ – split EP on Dark Entry Records                                                                                                                                 

On its second split EP, the enigmatic act Stigmata Kiss, teeters between ’80s-influenced sinuous murky Gothic shadows and shimmering atmospheric Dream-Pop bliss, deftly bringing out brightness, mystery and depth in its introspective, subtly haunting, sparkling guitar-laden sound, despite the too rigid rhythmic patterns, that bounce through winding somberly pulsing basslines, spindly resonant and ringing guitar echoes over reflective angsty vocal isolation imbued with an immersive frenzy of restless and brittle charm.

  • Gothic rock band from Finland, Distant Stares – “В Квартире Темно feat. Kristina Miroslavskaya” single

Finnish Gothic Rock one-man band is back to search for beauty in darkness and seems to be innately cozy with it, this time draping his haunted baritone with the majestic operatic vocals of Kristina Miroslavskaya, to conjure pounding rhythms, dire, taunting bass lines, and eerie magical morphing synth atmospherics around a dramatic vocal delivery, confessing terror and euphoria at the hands of succubus cries, to stir the gothic romantic soul with shadows and solace.

  • Swedish dark ambient /post-industrial /noise /minimal electronics project of Alvar member Jimmy Svensson, AKA Yabibo Hazurfa “Fördömda” from upcoming LP “Svärtans tron” [ant-zen]
  • Italian Electronic /Coldwave /Post-Punk moniker of musician, Cristian HC Usai, aka LOVE OF CONSOLATION “Nerves Out!” from the EP “Verso Il Nulla”
  • England, UK experimental/neo-folk/industrial/post-punk/death-pop group Vukovar “Eternally Yours” from “An Invisible Prison II” final single
  • German experimental/dark ambient /post-punk /darkwave/post-punk project of Anna Nin, Glaring “Things Left In The Past” single
  • Australian goth post-punk band (members of The Faculty, Alien Nosejob and Exhaust World), from Melbourne, Body Maintenance “Time Enough” from the debut “Beside You” LP on Drunken Sailor Records
  • Swiss shoegaze /post-punk /synth wave artist and producer from Zürich, AKA Blanche Biau “Marode Gestalten” from the remastered vinyl 12″ edition of the debut LP “Maraudè (Remastered)”
  • Austin, TX electronic /shoegaze /goth-synth-pop power trio led by bassist and singer Amber Star-Goers, TROLLER “Out Back” from the upcoming LP “Drain” on Relapse Records
  • Denver, CO emo /darkwave /goth rock /post-punk solo project of Ross Ryan, AKA Dead On A Sunday “Passenger” off “Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead” (EP)
  • Berlin-based Serbian noir pop /synthpop synth duo Laslo Antal and Lidija AndonovSIXTH JUNE “Sanjam” single                                                                                                                                                           
  • San Diego-based coldwave /synthpop /synth-wave one-man project EM_LEN “Haunted Rooms” off the new LP “Signal.Complete”
  • Mexican synthwave /darkwave /post-punk project of Helder Camberos, AKA Red Industrie “Maschinen feat. Drey (NNHMN Remix)” from the album “Retromoderno – Deluxe Expanded Edition” on PurZynth Rekords
  • Barcelona‘s synth wave /new beat /synthpop duo SDH – ”Denial” from upcoming LP “Fake Is Real” on Avant! Records
  • Bristol, UK based Industrial /Dark Wave / Synth Pop duo Alastair Power and Alice Sheridan AKA Strange Futures “Come Back Harmed” single
  • Paris based synth-pop project of Matthieu Roche, FRAGRANCE. • ”Hanté de moi” single
  • Vancouver, BC post-punk /dream pop /darkwave solo project of artist, musician and Actors keyboardist Shannon Hemmett, aka LEATHERS “Fascination” single [Artoffact Records]
  • Berlin-based/Australia-born ethereal /synthpop /darkwave /electronic art-pop project of DJ, vocalist, producer, and performer (former Linea Aspera and Keluar) Alison Lewis, a.k.a. ZANIAS “Burial” from the upcoming “Chrysalis” LP on Fleisch Records
  • Swedish dark synth /synth wave /hauntwave artist from Stockholm, AUX ANIMAUX “Lost Souls” single
  • Danish darkwave artist Kasper Deichmann, AKA St. Digue “Shadow” the first single from the upcoming album “Toxic Kiss” via Midnat Records.
  • US witch house /industrial /darkwave /electronic act Shhadows (feat. Vienna Vox) “Under Your Spell (Live Remix)” [Re:Mission Entertainment]
  • France techno /synth-punk solo project of Bordeaux‘s Gaston Larrouy, La Rouille “Basalte” first single off the upcoming compilation “Extinction de Voix”
  • French gothic industrial synthpop act, Pure Obsessions & Red Nights “A walk with the Shining One” single
  • Norway‘s electronic /futurepop /synthpop musician KIM LUNNER “I Am Still Here (Obsession of Time remix)” off “I Am Still HereSingle” maxi-single on Town And Towers Records
  • Swedish indie /electropop act (members of The Exploding Boy), Dead Satellites “Be Gone” debut single
  • Hamburg based new wave /post-punk Maxim Winter “Zwischen dem Gelächter” from “Um uns die Bauten” EP by Maxim Winter
  • Martin Dupont – “Inside Out (WLDV Edit)”
  • Chicago, IL EBM /industrial /synthpop /darkwave /techno body music moniker of Wingtips duo Vincent Segretario and Hannah Avalon, VISCERAL ANATOMY “LA PSYCHIC” from “VOL. II” EP
  • Brooklyn, NY EBM /post-industrial electronics brainchild of Fade Kainer, STATIQBLOOM – “Separate Worlds (Qual remix)” 2-track remix single
  • Norwegian post-punk /darkwave act Brides In The Floodlights “Taste The Doom” from “Strangers Again” single on Produkt 42
  • Bogotà, Colombia coldwave duo ANTIFLVX “Crucifixio” (Lacrimosa cover)
  • Chicago, IL dark wave /post-punk project Parasite Baby “You’re Never There For Me” from S/T EP
  • Sweden-based post-punk /darkwave project founded by synthpop artist Yestergrey, Movie Camera “Angel In Disguise” from the upcoming EP “Angel In Disguise” [SwissDarkNights Label]
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas new wave /synthpop /post-punk solo project, Damien Hearse “Easy Martyr” single
  • Washington D.C. dark wave /synthpop /gothic rock act Hex Formes “fourShadowed” from upcoming EP “Love Made You Vicious”
  • Los Angeles dreamwave /shoegaze /post-punk band Magic Wands “Joy” single [Metropolis Records]
  • Italian electro /synth wave /darkwave band from Rome, LES LONGS ADIEUX “Propagande” from the album “Piccolo Dizionario Di Parole Fraintese”
  • New York-based new wave /post-punk solo project Postlooperish “Pendulum” from “Fevers and Fits” EP
  • Kuantan, Malaysia darkwave /new wave /post-punk band QUARTER LIFE – “Lover’s Death” second single from the upcoming album
  • US post-punk /coldwave project Deth Tyrant “Endless Hail”                                                                                                  
  • French dark wave /synthwave /post-punk solo project NLIGHT “Have To Hide” single
  • Post-punk /darkwave project of Copenhagen-based producer and musician Hadrian Esteves, AKA Pulsations ‘The Hedonic Paradox’ from the LP ‘Tainted Covenant’ [SwissDarkNights Label]
  • Waldheim, Germany new wave /post-punk duo LisaWars “Wir” new single
  • Colombia Gothic Rock duo La Procesión de lo Infinito “Mavita (Mystic Remix by Synthetik Division)”
  • Paris coldwave /post-punk /gothic rock band The Cemetary Girlz “Echoes Of My Tears” from the album “L’envol du corbeau” [Manic Depression Records]
  • Riverside, CA goth /deathrock /post-punk band led by Danny Aranda, Deep Cavity “Darker I Know You” off cassette EP “Cathedral of Tears” [Transylvanian Recordings]
  • Veteran Greece darkwave /gothic rock band from Athens, LEFKI SYMPHONIA – “Anthi Tis Siopis / Blossoms Of Silence” title track from the new LP “Anthi Tis Siopis / Blossoms Of Silence”
  • Russian Post-punk/Goth-rock band from Ekaterinburg, Kennedy’s Killers “Some Ways to Born and Die” title track of the debut LP “Some Ways to Born and Die”
  • California deathrock /post-punk trio Shrouds “Degeneration” from the debut LP “Grimoire” (CD on Batcave Productions)
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia new wave /post-punk solo project Чайки улетают с моря [smorya] “Закончить это всё” from “Покой” EP
  • Chilean/Hungarian heavy post-punk duo based in Budapest, denevér “Estorbas” single [Pluto Sound]
  • Mississippi Shoegaze /Darkwave /Post-Punk band DETECTS “The Long Silence” from the 2-track single “Stripes”
  • Richmond, VA based Post-Punk /Darkwave/ Shoegaze one-man project by Tyler Gorham aka INDUSTRIAL WAIST “lover’s mausoleum”
  • Montreal, Quebec post-punk trio Memory Chain “Sons of Freedom” from debut S/T EP
  • Minneapolis based goth /dark wave /new wave /post-punk band led by Peruvian multi-instrumentalist Luis Mauricio Málaga Fuenzalida, aka JOAO “Tinderless” first single from the LP “Sex Driven Isolation”
  • Russian Post-punk / New Wave duo from Chelyabinsk, Листая Страницы – “Фонари” single                     
  • Longview, WA cold wave /post-punk solo project No Kids Pets OK “I Hate It Here” single
  • Montreal-based post-punk trio Cola “Keys Down If You Stay” single on Fire Talk
  • Mid-’90s formed Kalmar, Sweden goth /shoegaze /post-punk band LOOM “Wishes Fade to Dust” from “In the Absence of Something Better” E.P.
  • Los Angeles based indie rock /post-punk band, Warsaw Pact “Sossusvlei” the first single from Warsaw Pact’s upcoming second EP.
  • Swedish space ambient /post-rock /shoegaze /doomgaze /cosmic drone duo Daniel Änghede & Lisa Cuthbert, ISON “Peregrination (feat. Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity )” from the album “STARS & EMBERS”                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Trans-Atlantic Art-Punk-Noir duo made of legendary English punk rocker, Steve Lake of Zounds, and Oakland, CA‘s opera singer, Mia Dean, AKA Blood Moon Wedding “Wild” from the debut 2xLP album “Blood Moon Wedding: An American Nightmare”
  • UK post-punk /indie /dream pop /new wave duo PARRAMATTA “Scratched on a Wall” title track of the new EP “Under a Monet Moon”

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