WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – April #14-21

Lydia Roberts Photography

  • Odilon’s Grip‘s Edgy Electronic Beats | 07/04/21 |                                                                                                  

Dance to the edgy beats of new music from Panther Modern, Ivan de la Rouch, Velvet Kills, Memory Clap Acid, Notausgang, Echoberyl, Black Light Odyssey, BlackRabit., Hannibal Peck, Acid Vatican, Ludviq, Wachita China, DJ Anunak, and many others. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow Odilon’s Grip‘s Mixcloud page here.

  • Turkish one-man New Wave /Post-Punk project of Mert Yıldız from İstanbul, RAIN TO RUST “Dead Violets Night (feat. N.L.P.)” new single

One-man solo post-punk project from Istanbul, Rain To Rust, returns in collaboration with fellow artist Matt Loftin with a re-invention of a song from “Stillborn Flowers” album, wielding new instrumentation and lyrics to add 80s-tinged new wave and synthpop hooks, fusing richly bright and airy synthetic washes, Peter Hook-esque wistfully evocative melodic bassline allure and a beguiling haunting and intoxicating pull between dual vocal energies to elicit a liberation from the toxic flow of modern uncertainty. 

  • Ukrainian EBM /darkwave /new wave /techno /post-industrial electronic one-man band formed in Lviv in 2020 by Anton Shiferson, aka SHIP HER SON “VIER LITER WASSER (REVISED)” from “VIER LITER WASSER” new single from the upcoming album “ESSEN”

Ukrainian post-industrial electronic one-man-band first single implements edgy darkwave guitar danger, rumbling walking hypnotic bassline, clinking and metallic industrial rhythms around a robotic Teutonic female voice, to inject dire spirals of simmering anxiety through the clanging boundaries of doom. On the flip fellow Dnipropop finest Kurs Valüt add bass-heavy dancefloor punch to the recipe.  

  • Belo Horizonte, Brasil synth dark/punk electronic project of Cauê Rocha (Xopô), aka ASSECLA “Já foi” off the “Grave” EP on DARQ DISTRO

There’s an intriguing heartfelt quality in the Brazilian DIY electronic dark/punk solo project with an 80s nostalgic debut 3-tracker entwined in something between synthpop and darkwave through hypnotic iterations of icy bright synth swirls, bouncing industrialized disco-like rhythms, warbling droning bassline, and melancholic male vocals lost into a brooding stream of consciousness left in rousing bursts of obscure dancy bubbly grooves.

  • French/Israeli ‘weird wave’ /’funeral pop’ duo of artists Xavier Klaine & Ruth Rosenthal aka WINTER FAMILY “On Beautiful Days” off upcoming LP                                                                                                                       
  • California dark synthwave solo project of Meg Wilhoite, DEATH OF CODES “Steal Your Voice (Kelli Frances Corrado remix)” from the remix single “Swords Singing” in collaboration with Kelli Frances Corrado via death pillar
  • Munich, Germany EBM /Coldwave /Synthwave DJ and producer XYNTEC “Form and Void” title track from the new LP
  • Spanish synthpop /synthwave /minimal synth project of Jose Enterrado from Barcelona, Proyecto Periferia “Mentiras (Intersigno Mix)”                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Moscow based coldwave /synthwave trio Ruble Gang “Nowaday Feeling” from the debut album “War Machine”                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Bruxelles, Belgium coldwave /darkwave project Dead Crush “La Gente Tonta” from V/A “No Time To Wax V.02” EP on Red Maze Records
  • Seminal early 2000’s French experimental minimal synth-electro project by Alaxis Andreas G., LE SYNDICAT ELECTRONIQUE // “Notre-Dame Is Burning” from “Rebuts – Forgotten Tracks 1999-2009” LP on Mannequin Records
  • Amsterdam/Berlin-based EBM /darkwave duo HOLLOW REFLECTION “Мъртви Души” single
  • London, UK coldwave /darkwave /synthwave solo project Night in Athens – “Darkness Comes Through” off the debut “The Epitaph” EP
  • Leipzig based Dark Techno /Darkwave duo Mene und Tsorn – “Perdido” new single
  • Cleveland, OH minimal analog synth solo project Our Unseen Guest – “Waiting Room” off the new EP “In Spite of Everything”
  • Oakland, Ca coldwave /darkwave synth solo project Pleasure Palace “Sad But True” from the single “Palace Of Pleasures: Demos”
  • Mexican coldwave/minimal synth duo of Dan Shamble (guitar) and Werner Karloff (synth, voice), Neue Strassen “Suburban Distress” new single from upcoming EP
  • Mexican dark electronic synthpop /synthwave duo, We Own the Night “Lines” second single from upcoming debut EP
  • Chilean post-punk /synth-punk /electronic duo from Santiago, 3V3C3S3 “Elixir” debut single
  • Bogotá, Colombia experimental /post-punk /darkwave /coldwave /synth-punk solo project KURIKU NOROI “ØBZQR” new single
  • Bogota, Colombia based, Argentinian EBM /New Wave /Post Punk musical project, Internet Dramatical Service “Holy Friday” on ATHENAS Records
  • UK experimental NeuPopAct band VUKOVAR “When Rome Falls” (lyrics by D. Tibet) from the upcoming 9th album “The Great Immurement” part two of the “Eternity Ends Here” triptych via Other Voices Records (CD)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark Dark Wave /Post-Punk project of former Metro Decay‘s Christoffer Bagge, aka TOTVM “The Body Forgives” from the new cassette album “The Destructive Character”
  • Italian shoegaze /darkwave /post-punk band from Frosinone, Sorry, Heels “She Burns” from the upcoming LP “She” on Wave Records
  • UK post-punk /darkwave solo project from Nottingham, Claustraphobia “Languishing (Version)”                     
  • Medellin, Colombia coldwave /darkwave /electro-wave trio Synthetik Division “Missing Colors” from 2-track single “Replicas / Missing Colors”
  • Swedish dreamy darkwave duo from Sundsvall, RED MECCA “All Those Stored Errors” new single
  • Warsaw solo post-industrial project by Polish singer, songwriter and music producer Natalia Gadzina, aka SHAGREEN “Bold lines” from the sophomore LP “Standstill”
  • Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary EBM /industrial /electro /synthpop project CALM T “In the quit of my lonely room (Tension Control remix)” from “Remixes” LP
  • UK Cyber Goth/ Dark Electro act (originally born as Athamay Side Project), Torturetekk “Listen” from the album “Tomb Raver”
  • Baltimore, Maryland Golgothian DeathSynth /Darkwave project Helvete Inc. “Fades To White” from the remixed EP “The Inevitability Ov Nothing”
  • New York new wave/post-punk/synthpop solo project The SERE “Time Will Tell” new single
  • Moscow, Russia electronic /darkwave /synthpop duo thewalkingicon “For Dead and Undead” from the new “Shadow of the Saints” album on Negative Gain
  • Stockholm, Sweden synthpop /dark electro-pop duo KAOS! “Endless Days, Sleepless Nights” from “Exit Three” EP
  • UK synth-pop duo THE DISTANT MINDS “Eyes Don’t Lie” new single
  • French coldwave /new wave /synthpop solo project from Paris, MARBLE SLAVE “Gourmandises” (cover verion, originally performed by Alizée in 2000) on Synth Religion
  • Italo/French new wave/synthwave/post-punk/synthpop duo of producer /musician and songwriter Adriano S. Iacoangeli and singer Cecilia Dassonneville, Echoberyl – “The Underworld (hypnoshado remix)” from the upcoming album “The Awakening Remixes” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Barcelona post-punk 4-piece Paranormales “Tigre (Velvet Condom Remix)”
  • Montreuil, France electronic /darkwave /synthpop artist Adrien V aka VIOT “Honey” from the EP “Honey”
  • Spanish post-punk/coldwave /darkwave band from Madrid, DILK ~ “Als wär’s das letzte Mal” (D.A.F. Cover)               
  • Waldheim, Germany new wave / post punk duo LisaWars “Distanz” new single
  • Rome-based Post-Punk /Coldwave /Darkwave solo project of Italian musician Marco Cattani (Halo Effect and The Mark), CHEMICAL WAVES “Alibi (feat. SARA STUTTGART)” from the LP “Stories From The World Before” on Wave Records
  • Los Angeles‘ new wave /post-punk band CRUEL REFLECTIONS “Heaven or Hell” from upcoming album “Through Motions” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Liverpool, UK indie/shoegaze/post-punk four-piece Oh Well, Goodbye ”Location and Motion” new single on EDILS RECORDINGS
  • Columbus, Indiana post-punk /coldwave solo project Into Grey “Waiting Here” new single
  • Lisbon‘s electronic darkwave project of Portuguese musician Pedro Code (The Dream Collision and Rainy Days Factory), IAMTHESHADOW “On Winter Leaves Embrace” first single from the upcoming album “Everything In This Nothingness [Still]” on Cold Transmission Music
  • French experimental /post-punk /coldwave project of Yannick Rault, Closed Mouth – “Moment Of Love” new single
  • Brooklyn, NY post-punk /synthpop musician & composer (former member of Beverly, Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls and The Vivian Girls), Frankie Rose “A Forest” from the vinyl reissue of her interpretation of The Cure’s masterpiece “Seventeen Seconds” for Record Store Day 2021 July 17th, via Night School
  • Russian gothic shoegaze /darkwave /post-punk 3-piece from SaratovLITTLE FANTASTIC PARTNER “Without Dreams” from the new album “Tamam Shud”
  • Cleveland, Oh new wave /post-punk band JAITE “Distant Star” from the sophomore EP “Lowlands”
  • Tabor, Czech Republic post-punk band D I I S T “Velvet” single                                                                               
  • New York-based, Spanish post-punk /shoegaze /darkwave solo project OSCURIDAD ROMÁNTICO “It Was Your Fault”                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Mysterious lo-fi /indie /post-punk project St. Martin’s Graveyard “Headlights Of Love”                                      
  • Hanover, Germany darkwave /post-punk band Steintor Herrenchor “Perfekt”                                                                                
  • Russian coldwave /post-punk solo project from Krasnodar, Залежь “Мертвые ближе” from the cassette album “У” on HИИ
  • Leeds, UK space rock/psychedelic/gothic rock/post-punk band Deathtrippers “Unity of light” from the vinyl 12″ album “Deathtrippers” on Dead Wax Records
  • Gorno Altaysk, Russia shoegaze /synthpop /synthwave /post-punk outfit Аудиокассета — “Спокойной ночи” off the debut “История любви” EP
  • Spanish darkwave /post-punk duo of Pawboss & Tom Esmiz, Pólipo “Nefrítico” single on contubernio records
  • Moscow, Russia post-punk one-man-band MONO DEATH “Лето” (Reimagining the old hit of the group Chi-Li)
  • London, UK guitar rock /post-punk 4-piece The Battles of Winter – “A Flaw in the Hourglass” new single
  • Long Beach, Ca post-punk /coldwave /synth-punk project Nights Templar “Holding Cold Hands” from the second single “Holding Cold Hands/Votives”
  • UK / Estonia based industrial punk three-piece band Deathsomnia “Self Sabotage” debut single on ISOLATION REC.
  • Brighton, UK post-punk/gothic rock 4-piece THE LAST CRY “Lifeline Part One (isolation edit)” from the single “Lifeline Part One Edit / Isolate Acoustic”
  • Australian darkwave /post-punk band from Sidney, Sounds Like Winter ”The Monsters” off the new third LP “Fight The Stairs”
  • Athens, Greece gothic rock quartet THE BLACK CAPES “The Bride Of Frankenstein” new single
  • Glasgow, Scotland post-punk 6-piece KAPUTT “Movement Now” from the 7″ single “Movement Now/Another War Talk” on Upset the Rhythm
  • Los Angeles, Ca indie /dub /funk /post-punk project of Lucas Fitzsimons (formerly The Molochs), aka The CUSP “Money” second single on Day End Records
  • Hamburg experimental /dada /no-wave /punk /post-punk duo Kanapee Morast “Lover Lover” off limited cassette EP “Canary Songs” on rds rec hh
  • London, UK noise rock /post-punk trio (members of USA NAILS, BLKLSTRS, THE EUROSUITE, DEAD ARMS), aka HEALTH PLAN “Post Traumatic Growth” from S/T LP on Buzzhowl Records & NIM_BRUT
  • Swedish garage /synth-punk outfit Atomic Eater – “Hope U Die Too” off upcoming “Atomic Eater / K.G.B’s” Split 7″ single on No Front Teeth & Helvete’s Kitchen Records.
  • California garage /punk band Neighborhood Brats “Who Took the Rain” from the upcoming LP “Confines of Life” on Dirt Cult Records
  • Columbus, Ohio punk /garage /post-punk 4-piece SEX TIDE “Scorpion” from 2-track “Ohio” vinyl 12″ on Feeding Tube Records

Lydia Roberts Photography