WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #14

Photo by Valerie Kabis


  • Berlin-based dark ambient/coldwave/darkwave/post-punk project of Anna Nin (aka None), aka Glaring “Like An Animal” from the new EP “Mortality”

Accustomed to constant and close releases, I swear that the other day I wondered what happened to Anna Nin, a little bit dismayed, and, as if by magic, here I am immediately satisfied with a brand new EP, as Glaring, of her unmistakable icily atmospheric, dark and enveloping, at the same time seductive and depressing haze of harrowing synths, hypnotic rhythms, and haunting vocals, of consistently poignant and uncompromising emotional impact, quite appropriate in these reflective and sour days of forced reclusion. Just don’t forget to dim the lights.

  • Australian Darkwave/Dream Pop/Post-Goth project from Brisbane, LOCUST REVIVAL “Grey Days” from the forthcoming album ‘PARTIALLY HERE’ coming May 2020.

Brisbane‘s ‘tortured soul’ delivers a wistfully intoxicating post-punk ballad of bruised goth romanticism and heartwarming darkly ecstatic melodies, peppered by bleeding howls of angst and fatalistic declarations. 

  • Lyon, France coldwave/post-punk trio The Midnight Computers “Anxious” title track from the upcoming new album on SwissDarkNights Label

Gloomily beguiling, powerful and driving deathly post-punk racket from French trio The Midnight Computers made of gripping lurching rhythm, seething guitars and menacing guttural vocals.

  • Toulouse, France electronic dark synth wave solo artist Sopoorific “Auras Around Humans”                                                                                    
  • Munich, Germany witch house/synthpop/electronic project HAND IN WAVES “While Roses Wither”
  • Kyiv, Ukraine post-punk/darkwave/gothic project of Stan Przhegodsky, aka Black Light District “Hospital Waste”                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Melbourne, Australia post-punk trio PLASTIC CHAIRS “Storm Surf” from the new EP “Sleep Walking”
  • French synth-punk project CORPS DÉCHIRÉ “Fatal insomnia” from V/A “Die Tomorrow” charity compilation on Etang Brulant
  • Sofia, Bulgaria minimal wave/ electro/ post-punk trio, Les Animaux Sauvages “1984” new single
  • New York‘s shoegaze/post-punk/coldwave project Sara Stuttgart “Hideaway” from new “Vortex” EP
  • Wien‘s experimental/electronic/post-punk project (Pürouette auf der Krafftmalerei) “Flux” from V/A “Compilation C” on CUT SURFACE
  • Russian ‘sad synth’/electro-pop/darkwave solo project of Moscow‘s Kirill Ovchinnikov, Заговор [Zagovor] “Наследник (демо)”
  • Puertorican new wave /post-punk /synthpop duo from San Josè, LUST ERA “Noche Lenta”                                     
  • French shoegaze/krautrock/synthpop project from Strasbourg, JOHNNY TCHEKHOVA “La Lubie” from the forthcoming album on New Sinister.                                                                                                                       
  • Rennes, France EBM/dark electronic/minimal synth/synth-pop project of Gwladys Orbs, aka CARRIEGOSS “Secret” from the new “Touch” EP
  • Second Decay – “Close My Heart (Randstad Edit)” [originally 1992]                                                                         
  • Stockholm, Sweden EBM/electro-pop duo of Joachim Andersson (8kHz Mono) and Jonas Hedberg (Operation Blue Eyes, The Pain Machinery), GREY MASK “Dream Your Dreams” from the S/T debut album
  • Dutch/Croatian electronic/minimal synth/post-punk/electro/darkwave duo of Ingmar Pauli (Novamen, Sumerian Fleet, The Martians) and Saša Rajković (aka Zarkoff and part of Lab Personnel, Sumerian Fleet), aka NeuGrau – “Get down and howl” from the new cassette EP “Beneath the skin” via She Lost Kontrol
  • London, UK dark minimal synth primitive electronic music project THIS IS THE BRIDGE “Take It Or Leave It”       
  • Turin, Italy electro dark synthwave solo project ZOLTAN FREITAG “Closedown”                                                   
  • Colombian Post-Punk/Synth Wave band from Medellin, No Hay Juventud “Nobody (Las Confusas – River Mix)”
  • Brisbane, Australian art-rock/coldwave/post-punk band Nite Fields “Invitation” from ”A Voyeur Makes No Mark” limited edition album on Lost Race (200 vinyl) and Perfect Aesthetics (50 cassettes).                                    
  • Zurich-based minimal synth/synthwave/darkwave project by Markus W (Veil of Light), SLEEP FOREVER “Subdue The Earth” title track from new cassette EP on Black Verb.
  • Düsseldorf based cold-wave /minimal synth solo project of Joa H. (Epic Dreams / Cosmic Hula Radiators / Mängelexemplar / Electric Western & The Pocket Calculators / Ex Nine Circles), DELOS “Planets” new single on Carisma Studios
  • Moscow‘s experimental/industrial/post-punk/dub/synth/avant pop electronic duo Marzahn. “Wir gewinnen nicht” new single
  • Greek space cabaret/analog synth-punk trio from Athens, DRAMACHINE “Εντολή-19” off of Split EP “Covid-19” by Dramachine & Electric Dispoiler
  • Russian post-punk/coldwave/synthpop one-man-band from Moscow, Холодный звонок – ‘Огни’ from the new EP ‘Механизм’
  • Los Angeles-based post-punk/new wave/coldwave solo project, The Sea At Midnight “How Many Times” new third single
  • Melbourne/Naarm-based coldwave/dark-wave trio No Statues “Overtime” lead single from the upcoming debut S/T cassette EP in May
  • Seattle-based darkwave/post-punk duo conceived in Minneapolis/St Paul, HALLOWS “In A sleeping World” from the debut cassette EP “Subtle” through Phage Tapes
  • Houston, TX darkwave/synthwave duo of Manuel Lozano & Sky Lesco, Tearful Moon “The Lost King” off of the new album, “Under the Red Veil”, out on both vinyl and CD via Young & Cold Records
  • Norwegian coldwave/post-punk project from Trondheim, ANTIPOLE “Syndrome ft Paris Alexander [UNDERTHESKIN Remix]” from the new remix album “Perspectives II” out now via Young & Cold Records
  • Ukrainian post-punk/coldwave duo from Kyiv, Icy Men “Could Not Sleep (Carlo Onda Remix)” from the new album “Low Light” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Poitiers, French coldwave/darkwave/post-punk project of Nicolas Albin, THEN CAME THE RAIN “Shock Doctrine” [PSS 460 Version]
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina shoegaze/post-punk trio DRESDEN “Frecuencias” from the debut EP “La Revelacion Del Vacio”
  • Leipzig, Germany new wave/synthpop solo project NAPALM VISIONS “Flashlight” new single.
  • Berlin-based Italian dark electronic/synthwave musician, singer and producer LAURA SCHEN “New Perspective” from the new fourth album “Moonworld”
  • Chelsea Wolfe – “Erde (Ash Code REMIX)”
  • San Diego, CA Dreamy/ Electronica/ Cinematic/ Synthpop / Experimental duo By an Ion “Vestiges (Feat Laura Levenhagen)” new single
  • Russian cold-pop project of Giant Waves members liya Volchansky & Andy ‘Avalanche’ Fomin, aka Karlův Týn ‘Абонемент’ from the LP ‘Мерцание’ on YoungAndColdRecords
  • Nottingham, New Hampshire dream-punk/post-punk outfit DREAM CRUSH “Grape Soda” from the EP “Lost Hope”
  • Danish post-punk/coldwave trio (with members of Copenhagen‘s Metro Cult), Kold Front “Signaler” (DEMO) teaser from the upcoming new album.
  • Austria-based indie/new wave/post-punk project of young Russian musician Mikhail Shlepin, aka Скубут ‘Преступление’ from the debut album ‘Заветная Улица’                                                                                          
  • Berlin’s punk/deathrock/post-punk band GESTURE “Fiction” from debut 6-track cassette S/T EP ‘Demo’ on Static Age Musik
  • Natal, Brazil tropical punk band VALVULOSA “Carnaval no abismo” from the new EP “Desencaixada”
  • Saint-Petersburg, Russia punk/post pop duo TAPENIGHT ‘Все Орут’ new single                                        
  • Chicago, IL dark post-punk new project from Christine Wolf (Daylight Robbery, Primitive Teeth), David Wolf (Daylight Robbery, Endless Column), Milo Mendoza (Melanin, Staring Problem), and Vince Miller (Permanent Residue), aka EXEDO “Lone Boot” from “Demo 2020” EP
  • Czech Republic noise/post-punk 4-piece from Tabor, D I I S T “Mist” new single                                                   
  • Montreal, Canada-based postpunk/darkwave project of Portuguese multi-instrumentist and producer Sérgio Pereira, Morte Psíquica “Labirinto” from the album”Suite Nº Zero”
  • Mexico City-based shoegaze/psych/post-punk 5-piece BEZTIA “Espejo” new single
  • Russian post-punk/experimental pop/coldwave band formed by Vladislav Parshin (Motorama) in Rostov-On-Don, Утро [UTRO] — ‘Подсолнух/Sunflower’ new single on I’m Home Records
  • Hanover, Germany noise-rock/post-punk band FRTG13 “Your Days Are Numbered” from the new EP “Corona Sessions”
  • Basque Country post-punk trio from Bilbao including members of Los Carniceros del Norte and La Calle Morgue, SOMA 101 “Cazadores de Vampiros” from the album “1984” on Bat-Cave Productions
  • Brazilian surf/gothic rock/post-punk band SIGNO 13 “Abismo céu (single 2019)” from the debut album “Serpentário – 2019/2020
  • Norwich, UK post-punk solo project by the singer of The Raudive, KEENING “Fallen Man”                                            
  • Ostend, Belgium darkwave/goth rock project of J. Wolf, aka YOUR LIFE ON HOLD “Dead tree (merciless radio edit)” from “Lockdown” EP
  • Los Angeles, Ca goth/darkwave/deathrock/post-punk solo project RESTWELL – “Lonesome” from the debut EP “Lonesome”
  • Mexican darkwave /post-punk duo GANT “Stronger than madness” from “Tales of a Sacred Night” EP
  • Yekaterinburg, Russia goth/synth/post-punk one-man-band Angletèr – ‘Porazhenie” title track from the debut EP
  • Rennes, France post-punk solo project TABLERAZ “Glass”                                                                                     
  • Synth Coldwave/Darkwave/Post-Punk duo from Colombia, Das Kelzer “Am Rande Des Todes” on Nevel Records                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Hamburg, Germany 90s EBM/electro-wave project of Beton Tapes label founder Haiko Herden, The Evasion On Stake ‎– “Prophecy (Sebastian Swarm Edit)” [originally 1991]                                                                                  
  • Wrocław, Poland noise-pop/synthwave/synthpop project XDZVØNX “Face by Face” from the new album “Everything we dreamt about”
  • Brazilian dark post-punk dance trio JENNI SEX “Treasures” from the upcoming LP on Wave Records.
  • Peruvian experimental/lo-fi/post-punk/synthpop trio from Lima, GIUL CAOS “Pisar Suelo Grisl”                                 
  • Spanish analog dark synth/krautrock/post-punk solo project URCO “Tus huesos”
  • Orlando, FL synth post-punk/coldwave project of Darren Robert Earl Crittenden, aka Alien Witch “Get It On” from the new album “SEASONLESS WORLD”
  • Los Angeles based new wave/darkwave/electro-pop project of Carlo Mancia, MortalBoy “Precious Blood”           
  • Mexican new wave/synthpop trio MOONS.S “New Era” debut single on We are one Records
  • Chinese krautrock/post-punk band FAZI / 法兹 – ‘Tian Shui Jing 甜水井’ from ‘INVISIBLE WATER / 假水’ EP
  • Late ’80s Belgian new wave/post-punk group from Bruges, RED ZEBRA “My Boss, The Robot” new single to be included on the new compilation cd to be released on April 18th
  • L.A.‘s post-disco dance-punk DIY duo DE LUX “Dancing Is Dangerous In Los Angeles” new charity single (all proceeds towards Fingerprints Music in Long Beach) on Innovative Leasure
  • Dutch synthpop/electro rock duo Erwin Tuijl and Desirée Coumans aka Pocket Knife Army “Time Will Tell” from ‘Monthly Release Challenge 2020
  • Bulgarian experimental Coldpunk/Postwave band from Sofia, Voyvoda “Katastih” title track of the new EP
  • Brisbane, Australia ethereal/dream pop project of Amber Ramsay, aka Cloud Tangle “Romance Me” from the debut album ”Kinds of Sadness” out now cassette/vinyl via 4000 Records and False Peak Records

Photo by Valerie Kabis

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