WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – MARCH #10-23

photo by Michelle Brea

  • Washington D.C. darkwave /post-punk /gothic rock 4-piece band Cemetery Sex “Vampyre Blues” (Demo Version) debut single

A gripping debut demo track for new DC 4-piece Cemetery Sex with a cinematic Gothic Rock slow burner with a groovy ’70s R’n’R vibe, of hellish alienating and dreadful emotions that skips through hypnotic convulsive drumming and enigmatic rubbery bass throbs, lit by eerie glistening guitar echoes, to build a murky simmering backdrop for powerfully dramatic female invocations, cut by choppy, shredding riffs rising up from the depths, while falling tragically into tumultuous swaying tides of “Vampyre Blues.”

  • Marseille, French electro noise /punk solo project MUMUSE – “Cnsm” from the cassette album “Alrt” co-released by Ganache Records and Coeur sur toi

French electro noise /punk soloist unleashes a steam-powered industrialized splinter fired up like a speeding train, propelled by a ruthless slashing drum machine, rip-roaring rippling low ends and densely whining and droning layers of synths, to get stuck in an endless inwardly spiraling loop of anxiety-driven turmoil.

  • Thessaloniki, Greece EBM /industrial /techno /trance dark electro solo project of poet, lyrics writer and musical composer Tristixia (one half of Kama Muta), YELLOW DAN – “ΟΥΤΟΠΙΑ” from the upcoming debut album.

Dark Industrial Electro solo project with ‘Phonk’ and more familiar EBM sound suggestions from Thessaloniki, made of one half of Minimal Synth act Kama Muta, delivers a refreshing and quite distinctive first preview from his debut LP. A feverish off-kilter utopian vision swerves, with obsessive mechanical urgency, through rapid punchy snares, dramatic bright synth swirls, hypnotic, flickering bass line drones, warped bending stabs, and abrasive guitar riffs around robotic, male/female spoken words, shifting angrily into a detached coexistence of alienated dreams.

  • Athens, Greece experimental electronic spoken word poetry project of Manos Karakatsanis (The Man & His Failures), aka Asylum Promises “Καμμένο Πανί 1995” from the single “Καμμένο Πανί / Δρόμος”
  • ’80s Zurich based Experimental /Proto-techno /Minimal Wave /Synthpop duo Aboriginal Voices – “Voices In The Memory” off “The First Album” LP [Dee Dee’s Picks]
  • London, UK dark electronic minimal duo Anil Aykan & Jonathan Barnbrook, Fragile Self “Influx In Flux” Turkish earthquake fundraising remastered single
  • Paris-based électroclash /synth-pop duo ULTRAMODERNE “I Love You” off of the new EP “Mathématiques”
  • Seattle based post-punk /minimal synth /new wave /synthpop /art rock duo Telehealth “Do the In Between” from the upcoming debut album “Content Oscillator”
  • Washington, D.C. EBM /dark synth /darkwave solo project, Maduro “Die As One” first single off his forthcoming Spring 2023 album “Pretty Cages” on Re:Mission Entertainment
  • Santiago, Chile goth /EBM /techno /darkwave act Vodoo Rage “Fun Again” off the “1212129” EP
  • Los Angeles based minimal Synth Pop duo Spike Hellis “Flight (Pressure Mix)”
  • Danish Post-Punk /Darkwave /SynthPop /Cyberpunk project ADAM In BLACK “Honey Loves” from the album “HONEY LOVES” on HaloHouse
  • Berlin based EBM /breaks /post-punk /industrial-electro duo Kalte Liebe “Spuck mir in den Mund” single
  • Greek/Argentinian EBM /dark wave /industrial /techno collaboration The Hanged Man x Abby Knives – “Fears and Destruction” from V/A – “Catastrophe” compilation [Khoinix]
  • San Antonio, TX EBM /goth /industrial /darkwave duo Gillian Dream “What’s Next” from the debut cassette “Pusher” EP
  • Cleveland, Ohio noise /post-punk /synth pop trio Haley Himiko (Pleasure Leftists), Noah Anthony (Profligate) and Christopher Brown (Cloud Nothings), AKA Disintegration “Make a wish” from upcoming 12″ vinyl EP “Time Moves for Me” on Feel It Records
  • Phoenix, AZ goth /EBM /industrial /post-punk solo act TASSEL “Death Machine”
  • Los Angeles darkwave /coldwave /synth project of Aryan Ashtiani aka MAREUX “Lovers From The Past” [Revolution Records]
  • London-based post-punk/synth-pop duo of former Visage keyboardist Logan Sky and vocalist Steven Jones, Steven Jones & Logan Sky “This Intensity (Extended Remix)” from the EP “This Intensity” on Etrangers Musique
  • Berlin-based North American dream pop /synth-pop artist SOME EMBER “Love Comes Quickly” (Pet Shop Boys cover)
  • L.A. dark wave /synthpop artist Madeline Goldstein “Seed of Doubt” from “Other World” EP on à La Carte Records
  • California based goth /Italo /new wave/dark electropop duo of James Edward along with Frank Shark, MALE TEARS “SLEEP 4EVER” from the upcoming album “KRYPT” on Avant! Records
  • Melbourne, Australia electronic /post-punk /synthpop project of George Pappas (former keyboardist from 80s band ‘Real Life’), aka ALIEN SKIN “Your Death Kiss” from the 14th album “Negative Plus”
  • French gothic industrial synthpop solo act (also known as PORN), Pure Obsessions & Red Nights “The devil in their dreams” single                                                                                                                                                     
  • Oakland, CA post-punk /darkwave project from Akiko Sampson (Ötzi, Psychic Eye) and Winter Zora (Ötzi, Mystic Priestess), AKA Yama Uba “Disappear” single
  • New Wave /Post-punk artist from Riga, Latvia, ANAIT – “Слёзы в моей крови” single
  • Ukrainian Post-Punk/Synthpop act from Kyiv, Gentle Ropes “Krov” from “Wounds” EP
  • Polish Post-punk band from Sopot, BALZAM “Don’t Wanna Die” from the debut album “Zimne Ognie”
  • German post-punk /synth wave band from Berlin, FIXED LENS “Swept Out To Sea” 7″ single on Unterschall label
  • Marquette, Michigan darkwave /gothic rock singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist (Lycia collaborator), DAVID GALAS “October’s Rain” from the album “A Dark Place To Hide”
  • Maryland post-punk /darkwave duo Dark Narrows “My Last Party” title track of “My Last Party” album
  • Milan, Italy goth /darkwave /post-punk band, The Carnage Visors “I’ll die for you” single
  • Denver, CO emo /darkwave /goth rock /post-punk solo project of Ross Ryan, AKA Dead On A Sunday “Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead” single [Left On Red]
  • New York new wave /post-punk artist Postlooperish “Birds Fly To Her” from the album “Sacred Text”
  • Riverside, CA darkwave /new wave /post-punk solo project of Eddie a.k.a. LovelyEddie “Junkie” from “Destructive” EP
  • Russian Gothic Rock /Darkwave /Coldwave band from Yekaterinburg, In My Despair “Любовный Гипноз” from “Любовный Гипноз” (EP)
  • Toronto, Ontario post-punk /cold-wave act Kaifa Net / Кайфа Нет “Zersetzung – Kaifa Net Remix”
  • Montevideo, Uruguay goth /new wave /post-punk band Hangwire “This Fun Machine” single
  • Berlin-based Goth /Synthpop /Darkwave Argentinian solo project Deus Ex Lumina “Take Me Away” single
  • Costa Rica based goth /new wave /post-punk band from San Josè, Ariel Maniki And The Black Halos “Supernova” off the upcoming LP “Fractals”
  • Canadian noisy post-punk band from Winnipeg, SOFTSWITCH “Memoriam” single
  • New Zealand Post-punk /Darkwave band Our Endless Echo “Invisible” from the album “Repeating history”
  • Oakland-based deathrock /dark punk band Adrenochrome “Fools Paradise” off full-length LP “In Memoriam” on Symphony of destruction
  • San Diego, CA darkwave /shoegaze /synthpunk /post-punk solo project of James Ivey, THE DIRTY SUN “Dancing with your ashes in the shadow of babylon” single
  • Manchester, UK electronic /industrial /darkwave band Grieving States “Have a Fun Time in Funnytown (Demo)”
  • Polish post-punk band from Łódź, Wieże Fabryk “Los, zguba” single “Los, zguba / Z dala” from the upcoming third LP
  • York, UK dub /no wave /post-punk trio Neon Kittens “Wrapped in Plastic” from “UR Toast” EP
  • Brest, Bretagne anarcho post-punk band LITOVSK “Cerises et Grenades” from vinyl 12″ S/T MLP co-released by Symphony of destruction and Destructure
  • Brighton, UK indie /post-punk quartet Public Body “No Constraint” from upcoming LP “Big Mess” on FatCat Records
  • New Zealand Indie Rock /Post-Punk quartet from Auckland, GUARDIAN SINGLES “Chad and Stacey” from the upcoming second album “Feed Me To The Doves” on Trouble In Mind Records 
  • Leeds, UK kraut /post-punk band Treeboy & Arc – “Retirement” from upcoming debut LP “Natural Habitat” on Clue Records
  • Tours, French coldwave /synthpop project led by Jules Monnier, AKA Sioul “Pieces” from the upcoming debut album “DROPS” on Figures Libres Records
  • Estonian post-punk /art punk project Beer Gardens “Going Out” from the debut EP “Getting There”