WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #10  


  • Darkwave/EBM/Synthwave female solo project from Turkey, BEWITCHED AS DARK “Lone Wolf Club” from the upcoming new album due March 29.                                                                                                                     

Turkish noir darkwave mistress unleashes seething eerie blazes of dangerous obscure emotions over sinister funereal synths and whipping rhythms, just to whet our appetites for the upcoming new album.

  • Lisbon-based Glam Synth-Punk Darkwave/Electro-Rock duo of Su Eko and Harris Iveson, VELVET KILLS – “The Key” from the new album ”Bodhi Labyrinth” on Icy Cold Records/Manic Depression Records and Unknown Pleasures Records.

Conjuring up lush and striking synthetic rhythmic vibrations and mercurial fascinating vocals Lisbon-based duo alchemize their distinctive idiosyncrasies and sharp social commentary into a contemporary take on the synth-led coldwave sound to perfection.

  • Croatian darkwave/minimal synth/coldwave/synth-punk project by Goran Lautar from Zagreb, NEON LIES “Drugz” from upcoming third album “Loveless Adventures” co-released on Cut Surface, Wave Tension Records, Cosmic Brood, Black Verb Records (vinyl) and Periphylla and Mental Healing (tape).

Ominous and shrouding vintage synth bleakness, resounding bassline rumbles, and hypnotic, bouncing drum machine pulsations bleed into haunting vocals to form a heartfelt and dense, deviant synth-punk lament plunged in our dystopian reality.

  • International noir jazz musical collaborative group comprising of Adriano Vincenti (Detour Doom Project, Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte, Senketsu No Night Club) and rounded out by Melbourne, multi-instrumentalist Terry Vainoras (Vainoras and the Altar of the Drill, Neon Dread ), Giovanni Leonardi (Senketsu No Night Club) and female Mexican saxophonist Maria Ruvalcaba Uribe, aka Last Call at Nightowls “My Distant Dream” from “Ask the Dust” album
  • Marseille, France dark electronic music project Another Dream – “Space Sirens”
  • Utrecht, Netherlands dark synth minimal electro solo project SOLOLUST “Too Much Days a Row” from the upcoming cassette EP “Non Ferro” on SOIL
  • Israel post-punk/minimal synth act אנטיביוטיקה [Antibiotics] “Sufat Solar” from the EP “Minimal Souvenirs”
  • Greek dark electronics/analogue synth project of Toxic Razor (Beatbox Machinery, Eerie Sopor, Paradox Obscur), METAL DISCO ft. Keren Batok – “Aurora Consurgens” from the forthcoming “Sex, Drugs and Hardware” album due out this Spring                                                                                                                                                       
  • French synthwave/darkwave project of Sébastien Carl from Bordeaux, H ø R D “#11” from upcoming HØRD third full length album ‘’Bodies’’ on AVANT! Records                                                                                                   
  • Los Angeles synth-punk/post-punk all-girl trio AUTOMATIC “Calling It (Peaking Lights Disco Rerub)” on Stones Throw                                                                                                                                             
  • Early ‘80s cult London, UK new wave/synthpop DIY project of Anthony Waites, aka Scenes de la Bohème “Zara” from the upcoming 6-track LP with 4 unreleased track ‘‘Standing in the Rain’’ on Minimal Wave.
  • Canadian synthpop/post-punk/coldwave duo from Ottawa, The Seance “Rites of Macabre” from the debut “The Seance” EP
  • Texan darkwave/post-punk/minimal synth/coldwave solo project of Houston based musician Bruce Courtney, THE STAVE CHURCH “The Call” new single
  • Berlin-based/Australia-born dark techno/coldwave/darkwave project of DJ, vocalist, producer, and performer (former Linea Aspera and Keluar) Alison Lewis, a.k.a. ZANIAS “Extinction” title track from the upcoming “Extinction” EP on Fleisch                                                                                                                                                
  • Russian ‘sad synth’/electro-pop/darkwave solo project of Moscow‘s Kirill Ovchinnikov, Заговор [Zagovor] “Не знаю/I don’t know”
  • Barcelona-based post-industrial/post-punk/minimal synth duo DAME AREA “La notte é oscura” from the 12″ EP “La Soluzione é Una” on Màgia Roja label
  • West Ukraine’s dark minimalistic electronic ‘autumn pop’ project BEDROOM TALK “Bullet of Love” from the new EP “La solitude” on Pincet
  • Los Angeles‘ goth/EBM/electro/darkwave solo project of Daniel Crook, Dearly Departure “Space” from upcoming album “Manifest”
  • Italian darkwave/sadwave one-man project of electronic producer known as Religius Order, STRANGERS FOR LOVE “Imagine a Day” from ‘Split Tape’ EP on Rengaine Records
  • Ghent, Belgium post-punk trio PARTISAN “I Believe In You” from the upcoming LP ”Savage Peace” on Isolation Rec.
  • Columbus, OH minimalistic post-punk/coldwave solo project INTO GREY “In This Moment”                                
  • Madrid, Spain post-punk/synthwave/coldwave act † VVV “Ataque de pánico en la sierra” from the new album “Escama”
  • Paris‘ dreamy synth-pop project of Matthieu Roche, FRAGRANCE. “At Last – Opale Sad Mix (feat. Maya Postepski)” on Synth Religion
  • Moscow-based electronic synthpop/dream pop project of Dmitry Gruber (aka Galatée) with Diana Rivera on vocals, aka Hjördis-Britt Åström – ”Black Lake” from “Holograms” EP from the forthcoming new album due out this Spring
  • Vienna‘s synth wave/minimal synth solo project of synthesist/singer (1/2 of Mitra Mitra and Violetiger), Violet Candide, aka Peppy Pep Pepper – ”Design For Living” from the second cassette album “Granny Chic” on Modern Tape
  • Brooklyn, NY Post-Punk/New Wave/Synthpop 3-piece NATION OF LANGUAGE “Tournament” off of forthcoming debut album “Introduction, Presence” out April 2020
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK industrial/synthwave/darkwave duo Vigilance State “Gladness” second single
  • Turkish dark-wave/gothic-pop act from Istanbul, ELZ AND THE CULT “Horrified” new single on Cold Transmission Music
  • Mexican coldwave/synthwave/darkwave duo Ruinas Para Una Era Futura “Máquina de Guerra” from “Ausencia de Mito” EP on Æviternæ
  • Early ’80s US gay New Wave duo of Frank Oldham Jr (vocals, lyrics) and Paul Hamman (music) from New York City, Maxx Mann “Leather Man” from the vinyl/CD reissue of the limited 1982 album “Maxx Mann” on Dark Entries Records.
  • Hungarian synth pop-noir duo of Emese Arvai-Illes (vocals) and Krisztian Arvai (keyboards), Black Nail Cabaret “No Gold” from the upcoming LP “Gods Verging On Sanity” on Dependent Records
  • Houston, TX electronic/darkwave/post-punk/coldwave solo project of Andrew Freeman, Closing Cell “Preservation of a Ghost”
  • Warsaw, Poland goth/coldwave/darkwave/new wave solo project Ekko the Strange “Cover the Body” from the 7″ single “Cover the Body/Future Mirrors”
  • Russian dreampop/synthpop/new wave band from Yekaterinburg, Русская Беспредметность “Механика снов” from S/T cassette album via HИИ tape records
  • UK dark electro trio from London, DICEPEOPLE “Destroyer (MATT HART Remix)” from “Destroyed” [EP]
  • Brazilian minimal synth/synthpop/dark electronic project by Diego de Oliveira from Rio, Cubüs “Os Gritos Não Se Calam” new single on Paranoia Musique
  • Detroit, MI dark post-punk rock band VAZUM “Fall Down” from the forthcoming album “Vampire Villa” due out in 2020
  • Oakland’s shoegaze/dark post-punk/coldwave band (former members of All Teeth, Life Long Tragedy and Creative Adult), FEARING “Good Talks” from the upcoming album “Shadow” on Funeral Party
  • Austin, TX post-hardcore /post-punk trio Fossil Arm “Country Song” from the upcoming debut album “In Bad Decline”
  • Italian dark electronic /post-punk /darkwave band from Bologna, Two Moons – ”Never More” from the new LP “Over” on ICY COLD RECORDS
  • Polish coldwave /post-punk band CABARET GREY “Freezing Point (live)” from the cassette EP “Live in Berlin”
  • Nice, French shoegaze/coldwave outfit ASTROLAB “The Passenger” from the sophomore album “Nothing but dust” on D-Monic
  • Melbourne based ‘bratwave’ duo (formerly Heat Wave) featuring Kalindy Williams and Kurt Eckardt, Hearts and Rockets “You Don’t Know What You Have Until You’ve Had Enough” from “Hearts and Rockets/Zig Zag” Split 7″ Single, a collaboration between Roolette Records and Psychic Hysteria, as part of Brunswick Music Festival 2020.
  • Canada/UK post-punk supergroup featuring members of Gad Whip, Everything Is Geometry and Semen Priest / King Pong Dub System, VOID FILL “Dot 2 Dot” from ‘EP #2’
  • Portland‘s minimalistic art-punk outfit LITHICS “Hands” from the forthcoming third album, “Tower of Age”, out June 5th, 2020 via Trouble In Mind Records
  • Brooklyn, NY experimental art-punk band featuring members the defunct post-punk project Pill and electronic/art-rock combo Eaters, P.E. – “Machine machine” from the ”Person” LP out now on Wharf Cat Records
  • London based, Italian psych noise-rock /post-punk 4-piece QLOWSKI “Ikea Youth” new 2-track single on Maple Death Records
  • Melbourne-based garage rock/disco-punk outfit ZIG ZAG “Crying All The Way To The Bank” from “Hearts and Rockets/Zig Zag” Split 7″ Single, a collaboration between Roolette Records and Psychic Hysteria, as part of Brunswick Music Festival 2020.
  • Slovakia/Germany electronic/darkwave collaborative project of Peter Chudík (aka AnAstromo) and Miriam Christina aka (Theothersideofwho?), 580 MILES “Passion” from the new mini-album “Farewell Phoenix”
  • Australian garage/synth-punk solo project from Sidney (a.k.a Strut Boy), Heavy Larry “Micro Management” from cassette album “Natural Selection” on Warttmann Inc.
  • Venezuelan post-punk/new wave/fantasma peligroso/pop outfit from Caracas, RECIPE MORADO “Las Dudas [Black/Rmx]”
  • Slovakian goth act lead by Lord Vothmor (or. Absinthe) based out of Orava Castle, MOROSINTHE “Pale Face and Black Lipstick (Original)” from ‘Morosinthe’ EP on Thirteenth Records
  • Dreamwave/ethereal wave/goth-pop project of GermanBrazilian multidisciplinary visual artist and musician Gloria de Oliveira – “The Only Witness” new single from upcoming compilation album “Fascination” on Reptile Music
  • Italian folk-gaze/ethereal outfit CORDE OBLIQUE “The Moon is a Dry Bone”