WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – February #09-22

Photo by Robert De Mitri

  • Désordres Sonores // ‘BROKEN FEELINGS’                                                                                                             

Montreal, Quebec‘s ‘Musical Rendez-vous’ dedicated to coldwave, darkwave, post-punk, synthpop, shoegaze and all other obscure discoveries. This week Vague LanesClaustraphobiaSimon MinoSavage GroundsPlague Pits and more. Subscribe to Désordres Sonores’ Mixcloud profile here.             

  • Australian Post-Goth project from Melbourne/Brisbane, LOCUST REVIVAL “No Funeral” from the “Your Delusions Are Not Mine” EP

Another brilliant new EP for the post-gothic Aussie band, now expanded to a trio, always deft to conjure gloomy and macabre atmospheres with poignant melodies cloaked in ethereal tones, whose stand-out track is driven by syncopated rhythms throbbing along with relentless bulky and punchy bass and jagged piercing atmospheric guitar lines to inject to meandering moods into isolated, desperate vocals of misery through an obsessive and excruciating tangle of eternal hopelessness and fear.

  • Norway goth /post-punk trio lead by ex-Wallpaper Silhouettes Mats Davidsen, Painted Romans “The Begging Existence” (single).

Eclectic Norwegian veterans’ new single is rife with an intensely ’80s sounding effected-laden ethereal guitar sound, somewhat in the vein of The Mission or The Fields Of The Nephilim, that wanders and stings agonisingly, decored with evocative swirling keyboard swells, propelled by rapid crashing clap inserts and steady drum beats, that shatter the tomentous suffering from emotional painfilled vocalizations wept in shame, frustration, and fear rising desperately into trembling howls, struggling to survive under a harsh and oppressive rule of law.

  • Scotland‘s goth /darkwave /coldwave new project of Lea Torn (AKA The Secret Experiment), Lords Of The Northern Sky “The New Bliss” single

New alias for the Scottish artist, accustomed under his main moniker, The Secret Experiment, to create an elegant and arcane brand of gothic atmospheric darkwave. The new single delivers nearly symphonic organ-like soaring arrangements and twinkling folksy guitar melodies, with a majestic mystical and esoteric encircling aura built by dark and ominous celestial cries to cloak a dim apocalyptic narrative in morbid melancholy and chilling moods, trudging and droning, hell-like, around a haunted vocal release of catastrophic death, decay, and plagues to usher in a great reset under a scorched cloudy sky.

  • Lipetsk, Russia ethereal ambient /dark folk musical and poetic project of Natalia Drepina, Your Schizophrenia “Winter interrupted” from the album “(С)Нежное Одиночество”
  • Darkwave /EBM /Synthwave female solo project from Turkey, BEWITCHED AS DARK “Telepath” from the new album “Megantereon”
  • Vienna, Austria coldwave /synthpop /synthwave producer BLANK PICTURE “Follow Me” single on A-Dur Records.
  • Danish industrial /dark electro /synth solo project ee:man “Stay n fight” single on Town And Towers Records
  • French dark synthwave /post-punk /synthpop /military pop act LARME BLANCHE “Providence” from the upcoming album “Egotripes” on UNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS
  • Perth, Australia based DIY psych wave/new wave /space synth-heavy duo of UIU‘s Greg Weir and Belinda Eldridge, aka TRUXTOPALIEN “Aurinaa of Curamenscia” from the album “The Nydaic Scrolls”
  • Tallahassee, Fl darkwave /new wave /synthpop solo project Candle Wishes “Home 2″ from the album “All that is in motion now”
  • Dortmund, German minimal /synthwave /dark electro DIY solo project Age O.P.F “Beautiful World Of Happiness” – ‘Zwischenspiel’ single
  • Swiss/UK leftfield /minimal synth duo Tanz86 “Dancing” single
  • Athens, Greece based experimental electronic audio poetry project by Ioannis Gardiklis and Yoma Mot, aka VEI Scale “Let’s” single from upcoming s/t debut LP on Thinkbabymusic Collective
  • Dalarna, Sweden coldwave /synthwave /synthpop producer Lars-Göran Forsberg aka FOPMUSIC “I´m here now” single
  • Greek darkwave /electro-pop /dark pop project of recording artist-graphic designer Spyros Psarras based in Athens, KORFIAN “Sabotage” single
  • Berlin-based UK trip-hop /new wave / coldwave / synth pop solo project A.D. Mana “Lure” single
  • Long Beach, Ca lo-fi minimal synth /post-punk /darkwave /coldwave solo project, Nights Templar “Claustrophobia” new 2-track single “Claustrophobia / O Dhalgren”
  • Mexican dark synth /electro /post-punk /deathwave solo project from Monterrey, Vestron Vulture “Astronema” from the EP “Ghoultears″
  • Houston, TX-based Post-Punk 3-piece Tides “Cosmic Flowers” from the upcoming EP, “Swim Like God” on Maxiecore Records
  • Seattle, Wa based DIY Coldwave /Darkwave Solo Project Festering Wounds “Lie” from the LP “Resuscitating Dead Flowers”
  • Quito, Ecuador EBM /post-punk /darkwave /electro-goth project PROLEPSIS “Paralysis” first single from the upcoming album.
  • Boulazac, France Post-punk /Cold Wave solo project, Without Emotion “Peur”.                                                        
  • Berlin-based NewYorker electronic /Italo disco /new wave /post-punk /coldwave /dark techno producer Luca Venezia aka CURSES – “Miriam” from upcoming LP “Incarnadine” on Dischi Autunno                                                   
  • Experimental /industrial /new beat /electro-punk of Swiss musician and Yello founding member, Carlos Perón “Raid At Fat Bennies” (unreleased) from the 40th-anniversary edition (plus bonus tracks and Frigorex EP) of his 1981 debut album “Impersonator” on mecanica                                                                                                     
  • Nashville-based synthpop /darkwave /synth producer Jordan Lieb, aka Black Light Smoke “Never Go Home – Tronik Youth‘s HI-NRG Remix” off of the upcoming “Remix EP” on Nein Records
  • Belgium based cold analogue synth-project CRYPTOCHROMA “Drifting Vessel” single                                               
  • Perth, Australia Post-Punk /Electronica /New Wave /Synthpop duo Crimson Boy “Love Song (Cinematic Mix)” from the 7″ EP “Love Song” on Lightarmour Editions
  • Montreal, Québec darkwave /industrial /synthpunk solo bedroom music project, Plague ’94 “L’enfer” from the EP “The Visage of Hatred”
  • Detroit‘s EBM/ industrial /dancepunk /darkwave duo Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller, aka ADULT. – “Our Bodies Weren’t Wrong” from the album “Becoming Undone” on Dais Records
  • Lima, Perù industrial /EBM /darkwave /electronic duo ZWE1HÄNDER “Allein” from the debut LP “SchwarzWeiß vol.1”
  • Rochester, NY Industrial /Darkwave /Synthpunk project KOMRADS “Exile (Skold Remix)”
  • Houston, TX veteran darkwave /synthpop /dark pop band PROVISION “Still – People Theatre’s Beside Mix” from the dual single “Still Afraid”
  • French electronic /synth-punk act Sainte Horreur “All eyez on you” from “Baby Baby” EP on SOZA
  • The Hague, Netherlands synthpop /synthwave /electronic artist Alina Valentina “Lost fellowship” from the sophomore LP “Life is like a fairytale”
  • Paris-based Swedish dream pop /synthwave /synthpop singer-songwriter Jotta Hautanen, aka YOTA “Runaway (Night Drive Remix)” single on NewRetroWave Records
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands darkwave /post-punk /synthwave act Minor Crime “Let Me Bleed” single.
  • Leipzig, Germany new wave /post-punk 4-piece ONYON “Fell Naturell” from the s/t album
  • Poznań, Poland nowa fala /post-punk band Mnoda – “A co u Ciebie?” single from upcoming EP “Dziękuję, źle” on Koty Records.
  • Swedish post-punk /goth-gaze band THEN COMES SILENCE “Rise To The Bait” single from the upcoming LP “Hunger”
  • Italian deathrock /post-punk /gothic rock band The Spiritual Bat “Heroes Anymore” from the LP “Mission : Create” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Norfolk, Virginia goth-rock /post-punk /darkwave solo project BLOOD PACT “Morning” from the s/t EP
  • Colombian post-punk solo project Píldora Letal “Sombras” from the upcoming album “Hologramas”
  • Barnaul, Russia coldwave /post-punk band, ютта замбона [jutta sambona] “анкор / again” single
  • Italian post-punk /darkwave band from Florence, VIDEO DIVA “Rimane Niente” from the upcoming LP “Oxi” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Kansas City, Missouri dream pop /post-punk /new wave duo Static Phantoms “Bathed In a Blue Light” title track from the debut LP
  • Italian post-punk /new wave /shoegaze trio from Naples, STELLA DIANA “Sleepless Girl” from the new album “Nothing to Expect”
  • Melbourne/Berlin New Wave /Post-Punk trio House of Light “Radiate” single from the upcoming album “Come Into My Night”
  • Dundalk, Ireland shoegaze /trip-hop /post-punk 5-piece Just Mustard “Still” single from the upcoming LP “Heart Under” on Partisan Records
  • Amsterdam-based synth wave/ post-punk five-piece Silent Runners – ”Nothing Stays the Same (Single edit)” first single from the upcoming spring 2022 album on Cold Transmission Music.
  • French new wave /post-punk 4-piece band Noirset “Memories” from the debut album “Conditioned”
  • Kirov/Saint Peterburg, Russia DIY post-punk trio Черная Речка [Chernaya Rechka] “La Mirada” Spanish language Mexican tour single
  • Lithuanian three-piece post-punk band from Vilnius, LOCAL BLOOD “Control” single
  • Russian Post-punk act from Krasnodar, Аут “I Don’t Want War” single
  • Brazilian surf /gothic rock /post-punk band SIGNO 13 “Zémar (Missão Crüls)” from the cassette edition of the 2021 debut album “Serpentário” on Black Kingdom
  • Denton, TX egg punk /post-punk /power-pop outfit BOBO “Relevant” from the cassette EP “Government Issued Human Female”
  • Kraków, Poland new wave /synthpop band Bad Light District “Nie Chcę Nic Mówić…” from the new album “Brak Oczekiwań”
  • Rouen, France dark post-punk /cold wave solo project NICE COLD NATION “World War” from the upcoming album “Safe”
  • UK legendary Bauhaus/Love & Rockets founding member and bassist, DAVID J “Lay Over and Lay” from the upcoming LP “What The Patrons Heard” on GIVE/TAKE
  • London, UK synth electronic musician Rodrigo Passannanti and Claudia Placanica “The Eternal” from the EP “Open Source”
  • Italy/Norway post-rock /cosmic doomgaze project formed in 2021 by Nick Magister (Ghostheart Nebula) and Therese Tofting (Fairy, Funeral Void), Hermyth “Cosmic Woods” from “Starseeds” album on Meuse Music Records
  • Berlin-based ambient /drone /electronic producer Anasisana “Do You Think I Hold Your Hand Without A Reason (ft. Evitceles)” from “Rose In A Bottle” EP

Photo by Robert De Mitri