WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – March #9-21

Jacques-Henri Lartigue photography

  • Odilon’s Grip‘s Edgy Electronic Beats 03/03/21                                                                                                      

This week, exploring the underground electronic music scene in Greece. With new music from Purient, L, Ludviq, Blakaut, Roberto Auser, Favio Inker, Mansfield.TYA, Tilly Electronics, Meshes, Alpha Sect, and Petros Spatharos, great tracks by Synths versus Me and Shad Shadows, and many others. Don’t forget to join Odilon’s Mixcloud Page for a full tracklist. Enjoy!!!          

  • Nao Katafuchi + Arnaud Lazlaud – “In Between Time” from V/A “FORBIDDEN FIGURES II” A Support Compilation for NAO KATAFUCHI to help fund legal fees incurred by still ongoing injurious legal claims.       

The injurious legal claims against Münster, Germany-based Japanese synth ace Nao Katafuchi seem to have no end, another compilation in support of the cost of mounting legal fees was needed, 20 amongst our faves, international artists join the case.

One of the many highlights is the cold, slick, and retro-futuristic remix by Xavier Paradis, aka Arnaud Lazlaud (Automelodi, Liz & László), of an unreleased old Nao song, oozing neon-lit 80s vibes, elegantly bouncing amidst blinking synth swirls glowing, and fluttering, and droning groovy bass oscillations, and a final squealing and emotional brief nostalgic guitar burst, while breathless impassioned male vocals gently stir nostalgia and pain into the bittersweet melodies of a hectic life.

  • French EBM /dark electronic /coldwave /darkwave duo POTOCHKINE “Possédée” new single

Second devastating, perfectly produced, dark EBM-embedded electro banger in a row from French duo flickers impending doom through trenchant rumbling bass lines that throbs below sensual shrieking, female vocals, writhing in agony and ecstasy, possessed by sweeping tortured emotions, while eerie tinkling synth stabs and heart-tremoring crispy rhythms dance hypnotically into the intoxicating pace of a ruthless bliss.

  • Athens, Greece darkwave/electro duo fronted by former half Meat Injection Plasticine K, Night Haze “The Light” new single                                                                                                                                                         

Steady, droning rhythmic frenzy ignites glistening, piercing guitar lines that gloomily chime and inflame the anxiously impassioned female vocals desperate supply of fear and dread, amid bleak, icy, bright synth melodies signalling eerily throughout the darkened light. Just over a year from last “Flesh & Lies”, another compelling single from Athenian darkwavers.

  • Orland, CA Post-Punk /Gothic Rock / Darkwave /Wave project of Ean Martin, Mercury’s Butterfly “Descension (Into You)” new single                                                                                                                          
  • Essen, Germany indie rock /gothic rock / dark folk artist (Aeon Sable, Melanculia, Deied, hgmr), Nino Sable “Script Of Devotion” new single
  • Hamilton, UK goth /darkwave project of Lea Torn, THE SECRET EXPERIMENT “Gethsemane” off the new EP “Abyssus”
  • Nijmegen, Netherlands based, English singer/songwriter/musician and The Legendary Pink Dots mastermind, Edward Ka Spel “The Cruelest Conspiracy / Nanny State” from the new album “Prints Of Darkness”                                                                                                                                                 
  • Charlottesville‘s dark ethereal electronic project of songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Alethea Leventhal, aka Ships In The Night “Plainsong” (The Cure cover)
  • San Francisco‘s post-punk /dreampop /synthpop outfit fronted by Grass Widow bassist Hannah Lew aka COLD BEAT “Double Sided Mirror (Stephen Mallinder Drone Mix)” off “Double Sided Mirror Remixes” EP
  • Salt Lake City synthpop /dream pop quartet lead by singer/songwriter Adam Klopp, aka Choir Boy “ Rowdy Friends” (Hank Williams Jr. cover)                                                                                                                       
  • Detroit, Mi based solo female industrial electro music project by E. Rohn, aka CHIASM feat. John Fryer “Yours” from the album “Missed The Noise” on COP International
  • Leeds, UK DIY dark electronic synthpop duo L∆ RISSA “Bodies” new single
  • Prague, Czechia based UK post-punk/new wave duo A DULL SET “Mouthfeel” new single                             
  • Belgian dark post-punk band from Brussels, Whispering Sons “Satantango” off upcoming sophomore LP “Several Others” on [PIAS].
  • Salt Lake City goth /new wave /post-punk 4-piece (members of Choir Boy and Human Leather), Sculpture Club “Clean It Up” from upcoming LP “Worth”
  • Frankfurt am Main, German Post-Punk // Dark Wave // Shoegaze // Art-Punk duo SUIR “Warsaw” off live 12″ vinyl “Studio Session” on Wave Tension Records                                                                                           
  • Australian Deathrock /Post-Punk from Melbourne, TRANSITIONS “After Dark” title track from the forthcoming EP of the same name.
  • Madrid-based industrial /new beat /darkwave /dark electronic project A Z O T E · M E N T A L “DESEO” (demo)                                                                                                                                                                      
  • UK post-punk/darkwave solo project from Nottingham, Claustraphobia “Your Transience is Mine” (Demo)       
  • US coldwave /minimal wave solo project Photo Gauche “…So Disgusting” (Demo)                                               
  • Berlin based synthwave/minimal wave project ENFIN NOIR ‘ChatAveugle’ [v0.4 / 03-2021]                                 
  • Mexico City synthpop/post-punk/new wave/ ‘post wave’ band, THE ETERNAL NOW “Sentence”                       
  • Valladolid EBM /Dark Wave duo Alf + Werm, CORPUS DELICTI “Cerrando Heridas Ft. ZHR” debut single on Insurgents Collective                                                                                                                                               
  • Sidney, Australia lo-fi goth /post-punk /darkwave solo project Chlorine Gargoyle “Rape Of Harmony”             
  • Catania, Italy indie /retro /synthwave /synthpop duo Gli Occulti Supersovrani “Transiberiana” from the debut album “Capolavoro”                                                                                                                                                   
  • Swiss experimental /NDW /disco /coldwave /psych /minimal wave /synthpop side project of Carlo Onda, Karl Kave “Alterii”                                                                                                                                                             
  • Berlin-based Romanian born industrial electronic/dark disco DJ and producer Miruna Boruzescu aka Borusiade “Let Go (Original Mix)” from upcoming EP “Purge” on Rennes-based label Tripalium Corp
  • 80’s Eureka, California based Experimental, Industrial, New Wave, Post-Punk, Synth-Pop DIY duo of Brian Ladd and Julie Frith, aka Psyclones “Keep It Together” from compilation vinyl 12″ album “Tape Music 1980-1984” on Notte Brigante
  • French coldwave /minimal wave /EBM-duo from Rouen, Hammershøi “Hammershøi Assassiné” from upcoming “Cathédrales” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Greek new wave / minimal synth solo project of Stathis Leontiadis (Human Puppets, Exetix, Plexiglas), DORIC “A-Live” from the album “Great Dead Cities” on Young & Cold Records
  • French experimental /coldwave /synthpop /dark folk duo of Victor-Yann (part of the duo Bruta Non Calculant) and Yule, SWESOR BHRATER “Happy Death Day !” from upcoming “Swesor Bhrater & Person Generic” // Split cassette album via IDIO[T]PHONE RECORDS
  • French post-industrial /synth-pop /minimal wave project of Geoffroy D, aka Derniere Volonte – “TOUJOURS” from the upcoming retrospective compilation album “NE TE RETOURNE PAS” on Tesco Distribution Germany
  • Greek experimental /post-dark wave /industrial audio-visual project hailing from Athens by songwriter and music producer Giannis Papaioannou featuring vocalist Thekla Tselepi and lyricist Angelica Vrettou, aka Mechanimal “Κοιτάζω τις Σκιές στους Τοίχους (I Look at the Shadows on the Walls)” from the upcoming album “Θόρυβος (Noise)”on Inner Ear
  • Toronto breakbeat /synth wave /minimal synth /electronic project of David Lush, MEMOREX “Machine Learning” from the EP “Service Canada”
  • Seattle‘s goth /post-punk /Italo /synthpop /darkwave collaborative single NOX NOVACULA & PROFIT PRISON “Moment Of Pleasure” new single 
  • Montreal, Canada dark synth/minimal synth/synthwave project NO “Away” from V/A “FORBIDDEN FIGURES II” A Support Compilation for NAO KATAFUCHI to help fund legal fees incurred by still ongoing injurious legal claims                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Portland, OR Experimental-Pop’ing Analogue-Synthesized Post-PostPunk-Poetry duo XIBLING “Plasticine” from the EP “Maladjusted”
  • Croatian synth electronic musician (previously Narrow, Umrijeti za strojem, I/II, Split Personalities) from Zagreb, Iv/An – “Fiction Or Fact (mitra mitra remix)” from the retrospective ltd. vinyl album “mitra mitra; Reconstruction Works” a compendium of remixes and cover versions by Vienna minimal synth duo mitra mitra via schalko label.
  • Russian darkwave/synth-project from Moscow, IX Reflections “Reflection” from the new debut album “Fragile Border”
  • Greece EBM /industrial /poetry /darkwave /synthpop project Πύργος Αθηνών “Λιμάνι” from debut EP “210”
  • Dortmund, Germany EBM /darkwave /dark electro producer Grenzlicht “Roboter” from upcoming LP “Wüste”   
  • UK Techno / Post-Punk / Darkwave / EBM solo project of Lebanon Hanover‘s William Maybelline, aka QUAL “Insides On The Outside” from the album “Tenebris In Lux” on his own Operation Qual Records
  • Industrial darkwave collaborative project of Slovak electro synthpop artist and owner of 4mg Records, ImiAFan, and Adrian Smith of 80’s UK EBM cult band “Click Click“, ImiAFan & Adrian Smith – “Try Again” (revisited) off upcoming V/A “Fill-Lex Records VA Vol. 2” on Fill-Lex Records                                             
  • Munich EBM /NDW /synthpop /dark electronic producer Nieeen – “Konni” off upcoming V/A “Alternative Fakten Vol. 2” on Munich-based platform Alternative Fakten                                                                                                      
  • Italian RitualWave duo from Pisa, CIRQUE D’ESS “Farenine 514” new single from upcoming debut LP “Black Synthetic and Dense” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Finnish dark electronic/synth-punk project of Jacques Saph (Wild Roses Of Winter, Virgin in Veil, Masquerade), aka Carnal Machinery “Solitudinarian” new single                                                                                                 
  • Dark disco /EBM /darkwave producer Aura Nox – “Stiletto feat. S//ROSE” from the V/A “Oberwave Vol.3” compilation on Oberwave
  • Italian electronic/ darkwave /synthwave duo from Rome, Venus in Disgrace – “White Desire” new single
  • Berlin-based American synthwave /darkwave /synthpop artist SOME EMBER “Excavate” off new EP “Held a Fragment of the Moon”
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba dark synthpop duo GHOST TWIN “Strobe Light” from upcoming LP “Love Songs for End Times”
  • Baltimore based post-punk/darkwave/synthwave solo project KISS OF THE WHIP “Come Hither” from upcoming EP “Girl Made of Stars” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Columbus, Ohio post-punk /darkwave trio, CHILD OF NIGHT “Dirtworld” from upcoming cassette maxi-single “Reduced To Ash” on Popnihil
  • Peruvian Minimal Dark Coldwave “one-man-band” from Lima, SCHMERZ “Sadé” from the new EP “Mölka”
  • Bogotà, Colombia darkwave / synthpop /coldwave duo ANTIFLVX “Cristal” (unreleased)
  • Galicia and London-based, American goth /cyberpunk /synth electronic artist, songwriter, producer, visual artist and filmmaker C Z A R I N A “Atomic: Ad Initivm” new single on darkTunes                                               
  • New York new wave/post-punk/synthpop solo project The SERE “So Red the Rose” new single
  • Buffalo, NY Alternative / Dark Wave / EBM / Synthpop solo project THIRD REALM “Strangers” new single
  • Portland‘s coldwave /post-punk band VACANT STARES “drown down” new single
  • Brooklyn, NY post-punk /darkwave duo, A Cloud of Ravens “When It Comes” first single from A Cloud of Ravens’ forthcoming album “Another Kind of Midnight”, out 3.16.21, on Cleopatra Records
  • Caracas, Venezuelan goth-pop /post-punk band Recipe Morado “Invierno” off the new album “Re•Habilitación” on Tumbas Eternas Records
  • Clifton, VA dark electronic musician, synthesist, producer, composer Jeff Burchett “And Dreaming” from the album “Ashes & Equilibrium”
  • Dundee, Scotland coldwave /new wave /dark pop 4-piece Machine Speak “Cold Star (feat. Freedom Princess)”
  • Baltimore, Maryland coldwave /darkwave solo project, 4dversary “Grey Gods”                                                   
  • Marseille, France dark electronics / industrial / techno / synth-punk producer Loïc D’almeida Bodjollé, aka Cardinal & Nun “Danse Macabre” from “Dancing In The Evil” LP on L.I.E.S. Records
  • Chigago-based post-punk male-female duo band, BELLHEAD “With Guns” off “Remix With Guns” EP
  • Chilean Post-Punk /Goth Rock duo from Santiago/Valparaíso of Danko Stillbørn (guitar & vocals) and Ignacia Strâin (bass & back vocals), VACUUM “Encarcelado en tus Cadenas” debut single
  • Montreal, Canada Goth /Batcave /DeathRock /Post-Punk band DEAD BORN BABIES “Lady In Black” new single
  • Brazilian Goth Rock /Post-Punk /Deathrock duo from Brasília, TOMB OF LOVE “Pollice Verso” from the EP “Nekropolis”
  • Trento, Italy alt /new wave /darkwave 5-piece Darvaza Wave “Sleep Like My Soul”                                               
  • Romford, UK new wave/garage/punk/post-punk band Cross Wires “The Death of Dreamland” live recording from Hotbox, Chelmsford
  • Chicago‘s experimental /minimal /noise /post-punk /art-rock trio made of Alianna Kalaba along with former Disappears Noah Leger and Brian Case, FACS “Strawberry Cough” from the upcoming 4th album “Present Tense” via Trouble In Mind Records
  • New Orleans, Louisiana gothic rock /metal /post-punk project of Joshua Strawn, aka VAIN WARR “Assassination Reverie” from the EP “Mausoleum Saturnalia” on Primal Architecture Records
  • Argentinian post-punk/darkwave/goth rock trio from Buenos Aires, SOL OSCURO “Nada” from the new EP “The Nothing”.
  • Belgian Post-Punk Synth-Wave Gothic one-man band from Brussels, NECROPOP “Share your body” from the debut EP “Get Sweat” on Musical Excrements
  • Leipzig based, Geneva‘s lo-fi /synth post-punk all-girl band (former Staches, Couteau Latex, Purpur Spytt), MARAUDER “Death/Suicide” from the album “PUISSANCE 4”
  • French darkwave /post-punk /wave band based in Paris, ORDER89 “Gangster” from the upcoming album “L’Été Des Corbeaux” on Icy Cold Records
  • Belarus Post-Punk / New Wave outfit from Minsk, Днепровский берег – ‘На работу’ off the new EP “Случай” via Русский пост-панк
  • San Francisco‘s Post-Punk outfit, Golfball Jr. – “The Switch” from S/T album via White Glove Records
  • Hamburg, Germany wave /post-punk band Wreckage Dance “Never Fall In Love Again” off debut S/T album
  • Belarus electropunk band from Brest, Hysterema “Соцлагерь (Soccamp)” off the debut cassette album “Хистерема / Hysterema”
  • Athens/Berlin Synth Wave/New Wave/Psych/Dark Electronic collaborative project between Gerard Papasimakopoulos and Fringe Society, Modern Ruin – “Permanent Vacation” off debut LP “Unemployment Line Disco” on Höga Nord Records
  • New Hampshire goth /darkwave /new wave /synthwave solo project of Nick Filth, aka Dungeon Dogs – “A Forest (The Cure cover)” on Deafening Assembly

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