WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #9


  • New Jersey‘s goth-rock/post-punk/new wave solo project of Joseph DeMichele, aka Shelley’s Lullaby “Looks To Kill” new single

New single from New Jersey‘s one-man-band Shelley’s Lullaby cuts through swaying, ominously throbbing bassline, sweeping icy uncanny foreboding synths over bewitching haunting vocals, grinding on 80s Sister of Mercy-esque darkwave goth with impassioned craft and grit.

  • New York-based electronic collective, currently featuring Boris Skalsky and Paul Wood (both of Dead Heart Bloom and Phaser), TIGER MOUNTAIN “The Only Mistake” (Joy Division cover)

With the shower of Joy Division covers that at best add little to the original, here is an electronic version, by NYC’s Tiger Mountain, of the obscure b-side from 1980‘s “Atmosphere” 7″ single, which, while losing in guitar density and in melody-carrying infectious Hooky’s bassline charm, adds shrouding atmospheric eerie mystery while keeping intact its bleak and gothic flair, making us furthermore focusing and pondering of the sheer value of ‘a simple’ “Unknown Pleasure” left off.

  • Cincinnati, Ohio darkwave/post-punk solo project of Avery Stanken, aka SMILEGROUP “The House ft. Anthony Bachelier” new single

It was only a matter of time and confidence, but the intriguing instrumentals between post-punk and darkwave of the young one-man-band from Cincinnati has long needed a voice, and the quality and delivery of Anthony Bachelier‘s deep detached vocals, I don’t know if one-time guest or not, are convincing enough throughout a slightly danceable as hypnotic and obsessive, as it is wavy and cold darkwave number. The glass has been broken, others in the past are constantly improved since, let’s wish him the same path.

  • Seattle‘s dark folk/post-punk/gothic-rock project of T.J. Cowgill aka King Dude “Full Virgo Moon” title track from the upcoming album
  • Manchester, UK guitarist and singer of post-punk-blues-Gothic-rockers Inca Babies, Harry Stafford “She Just Blew Me Away” from the upcoming LP “Gothic Urban Blues”
  • New Zealand goth/post-punk band, Disjecta Membra “Rose Petals and Confetti” (original version by Odee Rose written in 2004) Tribute and Fundraiser In Loving Memory of Otis ‘Odee Rose’ Williams
  • Barcelona‘s experimental/industrial/post-punk/psych-folk/dark synth band WIND ATLAS “Dos Ojos” from the upcoming album “Arche-Fossil” on Cønjuntø Vacíø
  • Mission, TX synthpop/synth-punk one man death machine since 2007, I Killed Techno! “The Ballad Of Marina Joyce” from the album “Doomed Forever”
  • Long Beach, CA goth/industrial/electroclash/electro-pop/darkwave artist Violent Vickie “Serotonin” new single
  • French coldwave/post-punk/dark electronic trio from Toulouse, BLIND.DELON “I Have No Fear” from “People Of God” 12″ EP on Intervision
  • Berlin-based dark electro/IDM-techno/EBM duo Petra Flurr & Killian Disttler – “Infektion” new single on Null Kultur
  • Palmira, Colombia minimal wave solo project HUMAN 80 “Kranke Regierungen” on Nevel Records                     
  • Philadelphia‘s coldwave /dark synthpop /minimal electronics project of multi-instrumentalist Lira Marie Landes aka PLASTIC IVY “Dada Lay Dying”
  • Portuguese Goth/Post Punk/Darkwave band from Lisbon, SHE PLEASURES HERSELF “Extreme” from the new LP “XXX”
  • Chicago darkwave/EBM/electro duo HIDE “Blockbuster” (The Jesus Lizard) off “Kill Your Head” 2-track single
  • French coldwave/darkwave solo project from Liverdun, Cold Grey Rain “State Of Mind”                                              
  • London, UK goth/post-punk/coldwave band New Cross “You Have It All” off of the debut EP “Panic / Disappear”
  • Russian post-punk / cold-wave band from Khabarovsk, SUPERNOVA 1006 “Agenda Suicide (The Faint cover)”                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Parisian coldwave/post-punk/darkwave trio SURE “Morrows” from the new EP “20 Years” on Weyrd Son
  • Hamilton, UK goth/darkwave project of Lea Torn, THE SECRET EXPERIMENT “Part the Veil” from the album “Omega”
  • Post-Punk /Dark Wave band from Barcelona, MY OWN BURIAL “20 Daggers”
  • Goth/deathwave/post-pink solo project Lores of The Pine “Redeyed Stalker”                                                              
  • Leeds, UK punk/post-punk trio NAPE NECK “The Gate” from the S/T debut album
  • Sydney psych/post-punk outfit, FRET “Communication”                                                                                                 
  • Manchester, UK experimental/minimal/no-wave/post-punk trio HANDLE ‘Rubber Necks’ from Handle’s debut album “In Threes” out March 6th through Upset The Rhythm and Maternal Voice.                                                     
  • Genève, Swiss coldwave /post-punk band RASKOLNIKOV “Stockholm 2” from the second album “Lazy people will destroy you” on Manic Depression Records / Icy Cold Records
  • Russian new wave/post-punk trio from Sevastopol, Море Ясности / More Yasnosti ‘Музыка мертвых заводов’ from the new EP ‘В стране моих чудовищ’
  • Chicago, IL dream pop /post-punk outfit FRENCH POLICE “Voices” from the new sophomore album “Haunted Castle”
  • Paris-based, French post-punk/new wave duo Hattoman “Altered Passion” from upcoming debut EP “Shadow People” due March 31.
  • Spanish cold wave/post-punk trio (former Cromosoma 3) from Alicante, Sindicato Vertical “Decay Fun” from S/T debut album
  • New York-based electro-shoegaze/post-punk trio The Final Sound “No Rescue” from the sophomore album “Dimensions”
  • Italian occult/coldwave/darkwave duo, aka iamnoone “Stillborn” from the new album “A Primitive Trinitas” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Mexico City garage-noise/post-punk band, Montenegro & The Blue Cave “Radio Waves” from the new EP “Simbiotic”                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Italian new wave /post-punk 4-piece from Milan, Clone Culture “Off You Go” from the upcoming sophomore LP “Innocence” on Cold Transmission Music
  • French cold-punk band from Metz, MESTRE “And Tony scored the goal” from the debut LP “Beyond the lines” on Icy Cold Records
  • Australian Darkwave/Dream Pop/Post-Goth project from Brisbane, LOCUST REVIVAL “Black Cats” from the forthcoming album ‘Partially Here’ due 2020.
  • Canadian three-piece dark punk band from Vancouver, BC., Lié “Drowning in Piss” from the new album “You Want It Real” on Mint Records
  • Australian post-punk /no-wave band from Melbourne, EXEK – “Too Steep A Hill To Climb” from V/A “Born Bad Recordshop 20 Year Anniversary” compilation
  • Brooklyn, NY minimal techno/post-punk/synth pop trio THE WANTS “Container” title track from the upcoming album on Council Records
  • Greek synth-punk trio led by former Komodina 3, George Fotopoulos, NOMOS 751 ‘Μονάδες Αποκατάστασης Τάξης (Riot Police)’
  • Bose, ID post-punk/new wave four-piece included former Built To Spill bassist Brett Nelson, SICK WISH “Translation Lost” from the new album “Goodbye Sun Hello Moon” on This-a-Way Records
  • Thessaloniki, Greece disco-punk/synth-punk outfit ΡΕΥΜΑ 102 ‘Αόρατες Πόλεις’ new single
  • Perth, Australia based DIY synth-heavy psych/darkwave /new wave duo of UIU’s Greg Weir and Belinda Eldridge, aka TRUCK STOP ALIEN ‘Invitation To Sleep’ from new EP ???? ‘Building the Soul of a Life that Never Knew Itself’
  • Russian minimal synth/electro-pop project from East Siberia, TAXON LAZARE ‘Пепел/ash’ from the new album ‘Прощай, ностальгия/goodbye nostalgia’
  • US darkwave/coldwave synth project of Veronica Campbell, DEATH LOVE VERONICA “I Came Here For You” the first single from the upcoming album “Lucid Dreams” on SwissDarkNights
  • US dreamwave /synthwave /synthpop musician from Miami, Trevor Something “You Are My Obsession” new single
  • Philadelphia‘s psych/post-punk/’drug pop’ duo (formerly of Creepoid), LOVELORN “Around You” new single on 6131 Records
  • Brooklyn, NY‘s synthpop/darkwave/post-punk outfit They Move at Night “The Waiting Game (feat. Matt McIntosh of Grandeur)”                                                                                                                                                
  • Detroit‘s EBM/synth electronic duo of Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller, ADULT. – ”Why Always Why” from upcoming “Perception is/as/of Deception” album on Dais
  • Bay Area post-punk /dream pop/synthpop project of Grass Widow bassist Hannah Lew with Kyle King, Sean Monaghan, and Luciano Talpini Aita, aka COLD BEAT “Mother” title track from the new LP “Mother” via DFA
  • New York-based San Fernando Valley‘s coldwave/darkwave duo Empathic Assessment Module “Tempted Late” from “A Moment Longer” EP
  • Grenoble‘s punk/rap/rock/electro duo (aka Churros Batiment), BLEU RUSSE “Gentil Par Superstition” from the new cassette album ‘Serrures et Palmiers’ on New Sinister in association with Petrol Chips.
  • French minimal wave/synth electronic/EBM duo from Brest consisting of Gaël Loison (also in Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones, Noroeste, TF, Moregeometrico) and Cyril Pansal (HF90 and PanMe), MAMAN KÜSTERS “Liebe Hat Keine Preis (Years Of Denial remix)” from the new studio album, “L’extase et la terreur” due out April 27, 2020 via Unknown Pleasures Records.
  • Mallorca, Spain dark electro-pop duo TORMENTO “K.O. Imminente” from “Milagro” EP
  • Moscow‘s EBM/electro-industrial/synthpop artist (formerly Zveroboy), Энтони Майкл (Anthony Michael) ‘Последний Звонок/last call’ off the debut album “Closer to God” on Moscow’s AVEC label
  • German dark synth-pop project of DJ Tom Niebuhr, aka MONOSAPIEN “Wenn der Regen fällt” new single
  • Los Angeles‘ industrial/EBM/synthpop solo project TOO DEAD TO DIE “Vice City” from “Tropical Gothic” album
  • Bethlehem, PN goth/industrial/new wave/synthpop artist Eric Vain “Disquietude” from “A Synth of Treason” EP
  • Swedish electro/synthpop/queerbody music artist Lizette Nordahl aka LIZETTE LIZETTE “Scorpio” new single
  • Berlin-based synthwave/darkwave/electronic producer, Bow Church “Hunt” from upcoming mini-album “The Spirits In This Forest Are Older Than Your Gods”
  • Bakersfield, Ca synth-wave/dreamwave duo RICHIE “Fluorescent Sky” from the debut EP “Celestial Twin”
  • Athens, Greece one-man instrumental experimental/cold synth electronic project BLAKAUT ‘Σε Μια Κοινωνία Απονεκρωμένη’ from the new album ‘Dystopian Electronics Vol. I’

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