WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips – FEBRUARY 2024 – #08-24

Akihito Takuma


  • Greek darkwave /death-synth /wave-noir /decadent cabaret one-man project based in Athens, Tango Mangalore “𝑟𝑒-𝑉𝑎𝑀𝑝” title track of the upcoming ltd. CD/vinyl 12″ album “𝑟𝑒-𝑉𝑎𝑀𝑝” via Minimalkombinat Records [mk141]

After having set sail for a few years for who knows which mysterious seas, or perhaps, on the contrary, after undertaking a long hiatus of existential pondering, the Athenian lone sailor returns to our aural shores with the first fruits of rejuvenating inspiration which will be part of the next album, also on vinyl, telling us about an alienated vampire longing to be left alone amid eerie horror-like stacks of sparkling icy bright synth melodies, doomy bass lines, and steady dynamic rhythms, surrounding urgent agonized vocals and desperate whines in a dire glaring aura of sorrow and pain.

  • Greek Darkwave /Industrial /Coldwave /Goth Electronic solo project of SmokeMachines, aka Murder of Crows “My Heroine” single

The third immersive single, as evidence of a steady progression, from the newcomer Greek solo project A Murder of Crows, is a chilly introspection about addiction, that unfurls on a slow-slung throbbing murky backdrop of crisp hypnotic beats, a resonant ‘somberly talking’ bassline, desolate rolling plucks and dramatic icy bright swirling synth swells, to slowly creep over soft haunted vocals, fading in and out of conscious pain.

  • Hungarian dark electro /synthpop act Post Analog Disorder “Memory’s Maze” single

An uplifting poem about hope in the darkness fuses driving beats, flickering buzzing bass loops, alluring synth swirls, and dim icy Middle Eastern-infused melodies, into a trance-inducing high-energy dance number around distorted ritual chanting vocals, searching for beauty in the soul’s tears.

  • London-based dark jazz /rock /folk /post-punk band formed in 1979, And Also the Trees “Valdrada” from the new album “Mother-of-pearl moon”
  • Sundsvall, Sweden darkwave /dark electro-pop trio of Jan Strandqvist (half of Red Mecca), singer-songwriter Lars Bygdén and Stefan Brisland-Ferner (of dark folk legends Garmarna), Hemvaernet “Drivis” single via Massproduktion
  • California‘s dark wave /electronic /coldwave/ minimal synth project of Michael Buchanan (Nommo Ogo, and Seacrypt), Identity Theft “Falling (Pushed)” from the vinyl 12″ LP “Omnia Vanitas” [Oráculo Records]
  • Sacramento, CA minimal wave /synth band KLINE COMA XERO “Sentimental Control” excerpt from the upcoming new LP “Running in the Dark” via OBJETROUVÉ label
  • Long Beach, CA-based electronic /synth-pop musical group formed in New Jersey in 1986, Anything Box “Please Find a Way (Bonus DAT9224)” from “Hope //:\ Worth” EP
  • New York wave /electronic /dream pop /synthpop project R. Missing “Imagination to Be Sad” single
  • London-based early 90s founded ethereal /dark wave /gothic rock band Miranda Sex Garden “Sex Garden” from the upcoming “Velventine” EP
  • Milan, Italy trip-hop /dark-wave duo Pinhdar “Little Light” 2nd single from the second album “A Sparkle On The Dark Water” via Fruits de Mer Records
  • Italian ethereal /darkwave /gothic rock band from Naples, Silentways “Aeon” third single and title track of the upcoming second studio album “Aeon” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • German dark wave artist DE LA MORTE “Beloved” from the debut album “DEDIKATION”
  • Phoenix, AZ gothic rock /dark wave Some Days Are Darker “Obsession” single
  • Bergen, Norway/São Paulo, Brazil industrial /darkwave /trip-hop duo Melt Motif – “I Wanna Be Your Dog” (The Stooges cover)
  • Casper Mountain, Wyoming goth /black metal /ritual /darkwave solo act Dusk Winters “No Tomorrow” single
  • Richmond, VA darkwave solo act Petrified Entity “Break” off the new album “Propagate”
  • East Germany New-Wave four-piece from Dresden, DRY SKIN “Again and Again” first 2-track single
  • Melbourne based dance-post-punk duo Kalindy Williams and Kurt Eckardt, aka Hearts and Rockets – “The Promise” from the 7″ split single “The Promise / Nocturne Baby” by Hearts and Rockets / Cong Josie via Psychic Hysteria
  • Chilean/Hungarian dance punk /post-punk duo based in Budapest, denevér “Had Enough” single
  • Lyon, France DIY coldwave /minimal-synth duo Lovataraxx “TILDA VAAST” from the 2nd album “SOPHOMORE” [Cold Transmission Music]
  • Ukrainian goth /coldwave /darkwave solo act RITUAL LOVERS “Faded Flowers” from the vinyl 12″ album “Call Me Malespero” [Oráculo Records]
  • Brussels, Belgian post-punk /synth wave /darkwave duo Double Darkness “Shocker (Feat Bones)” from the upcoming 2×12″ LP “City Scars” [Red Maze Records]
  • Lausanne-born/Berlin-based new wave /cold wave /techno /electronic darkwave /alternative rock project of composer and producer David Naville, aka Great White Shark “Alone, Like You (Skelesys Remix)” off upcoming second EP “Love Your Mother” on M&O Music
  • French EBM /dark electro /synth-punk /coldwave band led by Timothée Gainet from Lyon, POISON POINT – “Flowers & Surrender” from the upcoming album “Wandering Echoes” on AVANT! Records
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina industrial /techno /synth wave /dark electronics /EBM producer Nicolás Pomilio, aka Sektor Voltage “Dentro del tiempo” from “Animal en extinción” LP
  • Brussels, Belgian EBM /post-punk /techno /electro /coldwave /dark electronics duo ULTRA SUNN “Some Ghost Could Follow” off upcoming debut LP “US” via Artoffact Records
  • Los Angeles based industrial /synth-pop /EBM duo Faith In Flesh “Disrobed” from the cassette debut “New Wounds To Answer To” EP
  • Seattle, WA Minimal EBM boyband Chrome Corps. “DARPA Gets Down (single version)” new single off the upcoming LP + 3 bonus
  • Spanish EBM /Cyberpunk /Synthwave /Darksynth /Electronic music producer Nightcrawler “Crash Test Dummy” from “DYNAMICS OF A CRASH” EP
  • Lisbon, Portugal industrial dark electro /darkwave duo NECRØ – “Deathward” from V/A “ZEITGEIST CHROME VOL. 02″ compilation 12” [COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC]
  • Berlin-based dark synth wave project Paura Diamante “Abigail (Chiffon Magnifique Remix)” from “Spiders” EP
  • Italian synthwave /darkwave duo from Rome, Les Longs Adieux “Gander” from the new ‘Synth/Dream Pop Opera’ album “Vertigo”
  • Rome, Italy goth /electro-synthpop /wave solo project of Maxx Maryan (half of the cult electro-metal duo Helalyn Flowers), IMJUDAS “I love you” from upcoming LP “Viscerheart” via Spleen+/Alfa Matrix
  • Viennese Italo disco /darkwave /synthpop duo Touch by Touch “Ostavi Sve” (Max & Intro cover, 1984)
  • Buxtehude, Germany new wave /synthpop /dark wave solo project Coloured Tears – “Everything reminds me of you-Chapter Two” from the LP “Secrets of Postpunk”
  • Finland Female Fronted Futurepop duo Platronic “Calling (Mitten in der Nacht)” single
  • Denmark/Sweden industrial /electro /synthpop duo ee:man & retrograth “Testing Ground” first single from the forthcoming EP “Digital Dialogue”
  • Turin-based Italian electronic /darkwave artist Paolo Virdis “Black Mirrors” single
  • German Industrial /Post-Punk /Electro /Darkwave band ON THE FLOOR “Crying on the dancefloor” single from the forthcoming album „All You Ever Wanted“ on Alice In…
  • Vienna, Austria coldwave /synthpop /synthwave producer BLANK PICTURE “The Kiss Of Death” single on A-Dur Records
  • Madrid-based coldwave /darkwave /post-punk /new wave band led by Marco Torremocha, aka DUNKELWALD – “Ruinas (Sarcoma Remix)”
  • Montreal, Quebec hypnagogic pop /post-punk /synthwave project of Alexandre Fournier, aka Alix Fernz “Muselière” from the debut album “Bizou” via Mothman
  • Gelsenkirchen, Germany goth /electronic /darkwave solo artist, Die Tödin “Dissonanz des Lebens” single
  • Columbia, SC post-punk /gothic rock band Nightsweat “Sanguine Consequence” single
  • Bavaria, Germany NDW /darkwave /synthpop solo act DIAF “Nirgendwo” single
  • Los Angeles Synth Wave /Post-Punk act Nass Zuruck “False Idle” single
  • France-based Orson Wald‘s enigmatic new wave /coldwave project Villa Vide “L’Adversaire” single
  • Portland, OR goth /darkwave /doom duo featuring Thomas Knight and Griffin C., aka Nightsister “Lost In A Past Life” single via Isolation Club
  • Louisville, Kentucky goth /darkwave /post-punk solo project SCARY BLACK “The Fallacy of Worth” single
  • German Darkwave /Post-Punk band URBANDONED. “Ride On Sorrow” from the album “Not Far From Home”
  • Kendal, UK eclectic darkwave DIY solo music producer (aka Claustraphobia), Klaus Devore “Post Truth” single
  • Waldheim, Germany gothic rock /new wave /post-punk duo Lisa Wars “Malen nach Zahlen” from the album “NEON”
  • Quetzaltenango, Guatemala new wave /post-punk solo project GUERRA FRIA “Flores, Perfume” single
  • Austin, TX wave /post-punk solo project DIE TRAURIGEN “How did it become this?” single
  • Mexican deathrock /electro-horror project Cementerio Decadente “Podrido corazón” single on Dark Grave
  • Santa Ana, CA goth /deathrock /post-punk band The Exile “Obsolete Pleasure” from the debut “The Exile I” EP
  • Los Angeles-based darkwave /post-punk act La Misère – “Pleasant Forms Of…” from “Misery” EP
  • St-Petersburg minimalistic post-punk band LIVINROOM “Fear” single
  • Brussels, Belgium post-punk band Whispering Sons “Something Good” from the third LP “The Great Calm”
  • London-based new wave /post-punk act Vincent Christ “Kingdom For A Glimpse” from “Fast Paint” EP
  • Antwerpen, Belgium new wave /post-punk 3-piece DEAD HIGH WIRE “Cry of Distress” from the upcoming LP “Wasteland Shadows”
  • Sweden shoegaze /electronic /post-punk solo project from Gothenburg, D4RKSTAR “Condemnation” (written by Martin Gore) from the single “Interpretations #1”
  • New York indie rock /post-punk /new wave solo project Sleeping with Socks “It’s a Flaw” off new EP “Burn The Bones” via Move Quiet Records
  • Sevastopol-based post-punk band, Море Ясности / More Yasnosti ‘Нехватка воздуха’ from ‘Между всех огней’ EP
  • Eugene, OR ethereal wave /dark wave /post-punk /shoegaze solo project Lesser Angels “Sanguine” single
  • UK shoegaze /psychedelic /post-punk /coldwave duo The KVB “Taxman” from V/A “The Magical Mystery Psych Out – A Tribute To The Beatles” album via Cleopatra Records
  • Hamburg, Germany synth-punk /electric post-punk duo Kostenfalle “Liebe” from the debut cassette album “Demo”
  • Sevilla, Spain punk /post-punk band Montaña “Negro calor” from the debut S/T LP via Andalucía Über Alles and Industrias MDA
  • Scotland‘s fantasy /comfy synth /dungeon synth act The Folian Society “Relaxing in the Cloisters” from the album “Tales from The Order”
  • UK dark ambient /neo-classical /dungeon synth act Wych Elm “Labyrinthine Trails and Late Night Tales” from the cassette album “Wych Elm II” [Vicious Mockery]
  • Swedish dark ambient /dungeon synth new project of Pär Boström (aka Kammarheit, Aindulmedir and Cities Last Broadcast), Trollslottet “Häxmästaren” from the first album “Sorgeberget” [Cryo Crypt]

Akihito Takuma, Lines of Flight, op.554