WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips –  JANUARY 2024 – #04-24

“Admit Nothing, Blame Everyone, Be Bitter” (Barbara Kruger, 1987)


  • Detroit, MI shoegaze /dream pop /synth-pop /post-punk solo project Soft Touch “Honest” from “Honest and Upset” single

Cold Synth solo act from Detroit is back as usual after a long interval. A pondering about minimalism or, being satisfied with what our consumerist timeline would consider little, injects rising euphoria into a haunting reverb-laden aura led by a metronomic cold drum machine and bleak droning bass oscillations underlying soft humble, peace-filled vocals, punctuated by clanky twinkling chime melodies and sullen whirring synth flourishes, eliciting feelings of melancholy and joy at the hands of balanced and “Honest” living.

  • Chicago-based DIY goth /shoegaze /dream pop /post-punk singer-songwriter Alessia Kato, aka Ghost Days “Roses in Bloom” from 2-track “Kiss at the Cemetery” single

After realizing a brillint debut album at the very end of last year, the Chicago-based dream-pop singer-songwriter turns aesthetically and slightly musically to goth and duskier synth-laden tones through a bittersweet alchemy of rapid hypnotic marching beats, ominous buzzing bass lines, and warm enveloping wistful synth wafts, to merge seamlessly with a celestial boundless sky of magnetic ethereal vocals, casting out doubt and fear to make room for love.

  • Spanish goth /post-punk / deathrock trio from Barcelona, MALEFIXIO “Estoy Dentro” single

High-energy goth-fueled new single for the Spanish trio after a period of hiatus, with the band’s wicked ‘evil spelled’ combination of Dark Post-punk and Deathrock, where urgent heart-stomping drum beats, humming pulsing bass lines and buzzing sharp-edged guitar riffs are drawn with ominous chilling vigor against a cold sinister-laden background whilst prominent seductive vocals and alienating back-ups fuse with heavy ritual mists of supernatural fascinations.

  • Chicago lo-fi /dark ambient /analog multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer K-ORA “ISAE (Ancient Space Version)” from ” ISAE (ISON Cover)” single
  • Savoie, South of France cinematic /darkwave /industrial young electronic producer Yorismäki “Dystopia” off the upcoming CD album “Vacuity Pulse” [+Closer² /Unknown Pleasures Records]
  • Berlin-based darkwave electronic duo MISMÅ “Marshamana” second single
  • Charlotte, NC wave /post-punk sextet led by Bo White, Patois Counselors “Bands I Barely Spoke With” from the upcoming live album “Enough: One Night At The Daisy Chain” via ever/never records
  • Antwerp, Belgium lo-fi experimental wave /synth pop act Burger Service “Coenraad” single
  • Italian/Polish electronic /dark wave project, Weekend by the sea “Words miles away”
  • Sacramento, CA post-punk /darkwave /electro-punk duo Alma Morta “Stay” single
  • German dark ambient /coldwave /darkwave /post-punk project of Anna Nin, aka Glaring “Everybody Who Lives Here Is Lost” from the new EP “DR666”
  • Turin, Italy electro /minimal /wave /synth-pop solo project Zoltan Freitag “Serial Products” from the two-track single “Nonsense Twist”
  • London/Liverpool, UK dark minimal synth /coldwave /primitive electronic music project THIS IS THE BRIDGE “Here I Am” from the new album “The Dead Past”
  • Kittery, Maine darkwave /synthwave duo Terror Forms “Mortar” (Single)
  • Gainesville, FL darkwave /synth-pop solo project Draining Kiss “Against The Light” single
  • Berlin-based industrial /post-punk /electro-synth-punk project of Alexander Leonard Donat (Vlimmer), ASSASSUN – “Sling Me Out” from the 3rd ASSASSUN album, “Post-Climax” via his own Blackjack Illuminist Records
  • Los Angeles-based darkwave /synthpop project of Canadian producer, singer, and performer Robert Alfons aka TR/ST “Slug” from “TR/ST” EP on Dais Records
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas goth /darkwave /dance /post-punk /synthpop /scuzzwave solo project, Damien Hearse “MARATHON RUNNER” from the album “ALONE/APART”
  • US Dark Wave /Synth-pop act Dead Astronauts “Erase Me” from the upcoming album “Ghosts” [Cold Transmission Music]
  • Berlin-based synth-pop /dark pop band WHITE NOISE TV “Deep Waters” single of the forthcoming third album
  • Rio de Janeiro electronic /darkwave /coldwave /gothcore project of André Luiz, aka Astrophysics “ASHAMED” single
  • Swedish industrial /futurepop /synthpop duo, E:LECT “Secrets” single
  • Melbourne, Australia electro-pop band PARRALOXBlondie vs New Order – Atomic Monday (Parralox Remix V1 Demo)”
  • Austin, TX industrial /dark electronic pop band created by singer and drummer, Rona Rougeheart, aka SINE “From Beyond feat. Leæther Strip” from “Luxuria” EP via Remission Entertainment and Emergency Hearts
  • Bonn/Bad Salzuflen, German industrial /dark electro /old-school EBM duo Ton:Fehler “Worte” from the second EP “Is das schon Kunst ?!”
  • Berlin-based NewYorker electronic /Italo disco /new wave /post-punk /coldwave /dark techno producer Luca Venezia aka CURSES “The Deep End (Redux)* from upcoming V/A “Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX – Secret Cuts” [Eskimo Recordings]
  • Sacramento, CA-based industrial /dark electronic /darkwave trio BESTIAL MOUTHS “THE KNIFE (CURSES REMIX)” from the remix album “BACKBONE” on Negative Gain Productions.
  • Leipzig, Germany Dark-Electro /EBM /Electro-Industrial project Homicidal:Ideation “Dead-time” title track of the EP
  • Lithuanian/Argentinian electronic /darkwave collaboration Augusts ft. Cosima “Drama Call” single
  • Greek Future Pop /Cyberpunk /Synthwave act formed in 2010 by Toxic Razor, BEATBOX MACHINERY feat. Kriistal Ann “Hot Body (feat. Kriistal Ann)” from the album “Physical Touch” via Werkstatt Recordings
  • Italian new wave /electro /darkwave duo from Rome, Les Longs Adieux “Antenna” from the upcoming LP “Vertigo”
  • Austin, TX 3-piece industrial /goth /post-punk band Urban Heat “Sanitizer” single on Artoffact
  • German EBM / Death Wave /Synthgrave project Verrottet “Am Strick” from “Wintergrab” EP
  • Barcelona-based industrial /goth /coldwave /post-punk /darkwave trio Newborn Ghost “DEVIL/ desert dance” from the cassette EP “DEVASTATION/ divinity”
  • Mexican Coldwave /Post-Punk independent project Divina Blasfemia “MUSICA MACABRA” from “MUSICX MACABRX” EP
  • Vienna, Austria coldwave /synthpop /synthwave producer BLANK PICTURE “Last Night” single
  • Mexico synth wave /darkwave solo act Rotten and Broken “Saviours” single
  • Asheville, NC electro-goth solo act Nevertheless Forevermore “Be (Leave It or Not)” from the debut “Mephistropolis” EP
  • Chile-based, Spanish synthpop /coldwave /darkwave solo project, Ingreso Cadáver “Anhelos y deseos” single
  • North Carolina dream pop /darkwave duo Feyleux “Still of Summer” from “Exposé” EP
  • Dortmund, Germany new wave /post-punk /coldwave duo Isocult “Gute Tote Zeit” single
  • UK shoegaze /post-punk /coldwave duo The KVB “Labyrinths” first single from The KVB’s forthcoming album “Tremors” on Invada Records
  • Rome, Italian EBM /gothic /industrial /synthpop/dark electro duo KLONAVENUS – “Revelation” single
  • New York‘s coldwave /post-punk band BLACKLIST “The Witching Hour” single [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
  • Houston, TX based post-punk /darkwave solo project (one half of New Today), TWO ONE SIX “Nemesis” title track of the new album “Nemesis”
  • Brownsville, TX goth /new wave /coldwave /darkwave /post-punk duo Luis Navarro & Joel Niño, Jr. aka TWIN TRIBES “Sanctuary” from the new album “Pendulum”
  • Italian gothic rock /post-punk band, They Die “Denied” from the LP “Black Magic” via SwissDarkNights Label
  • Leeds, UK experimental/ post-punk /art rock trio, DRAHLA “Default Parody” from the second “angeltape” via Captured Tracks                                                                                                                                                         
  • Chicago, IL shoegaze /darkwave post-punk Iron Years “Control” 3rd single from the LP “Reverie”
  • Lyon, France post-punk /coldwave trio TISIPHONE “The Sound Of His Voice” from the upcoming LP “Riot Puppets” on Icy Cold Records
  • Riverside, CA goth /post-punk /darkwave /dream goth solo act, Perpetual Midnight “Dead Ends” single
  • Brazilian darkwave act Poesia Abstrata “Ao Lado da Dor” single
  • Mexico City gothic rock /post-punk band Decena Trágica “Insepulto” from “Ángel (new versión 2024)” on InClub Records
  • Malmö, Swedish deathrock /goth rock band Gallows’ Eve – “The Rivers Will” from the debut LP “13 Thorns”
  • Athens, Greece darkwave /dark pop act Dire Path “Unloved” title track of the debut EP “Unloved”
  • Ulyanovsk, Russia coldwave /post-punk band PROSHAY “Rasklad” from the new EP “Poslednij zhizni karnaval″
  • Toronto Post-punk /Darkwave duo Give My Remains to Broadway “It Will All Be Red” single
  • Chicago, IL goth /dream pop /post-punk outfit FRENCH POLICE “Jetta Negro” from the album “Bully”
  • Leipzig-based three-piece Dream Pop /Wave /psych /post-punk band Twins in Colour “Hit By An(other) Iceberg” off “Hit By An(other) Iceberg / Eternal Cigarette Break” single via All My Ghosts label.
  • Vietnam-based coldwave /darkwave duo Slower Avenue “Glance” title track of the first EP “Glance”
  • New York enigmatic New Wave /Post-Punk solo project Postlooperish “Real World” single
  • Fargo, North Dakota darkwave /post-punk band LOUM “The Bottom of the Gravity Well” from the single “Tears of Time”
  • Philadelphia‘s indie rock /post-punk band (members of The Ropers, Lilys, The Snow Fairies, Pink Skull, Royal Shoals, Last Wave, and The Vexers), False Tracks “Flooding Of The Nile” off the first full-length album “Hymn For Terror” on Strange Mono
  • Oakland, CA post-punk band MARBLED EYE “See It Too” from the upcoming sophomore album “Read the Air” via Summer Shade
  • German gothic rock /darkwave solo project THE TIMELESS VALLEY “ELISA (in between breaths)”
  • Vancouver prog /noise /gothic rock band The Silence Industry “Forward, And / Or Dust” second of a series of 7″ digital singles via Aenaos Records                                                                                                                 
  • German punk /synth-punk /post-punk band Gordon Bleu “Mein Körper ist ein Tümpel” from upcoming LP “Künstliche Dummheit” via Kopishop
  • Montreal, Quebec garage punk /egg punk /synth punk band WHITE KNUCKLE “DEATH TO FEELING” from the cassette EP “ICSTQ” via Syf Records
  • FrancoPortuguese ethnic /exotic /psych /industrial /electro /noise duo Metawave “Ausencia” from upcoming second LP “Fragmento” on Wave Records
  • West Virginia‘s medieval martial dungeon synth act Úmarth “As Smoke Rises Behind Me, I Trudge on Again” from the cassette album “Along Blackened Paths” [Personal Uschi Records]
  • US dark ambient /dungeon synth act Lone Sentinel “Tears Upon My Armor” title track of the cassette album “Tears Upon My Armor” [Fogged Entity/Hammer & Flail Recordings]
  • Missouri dark ambient /dungeon synth act Fourthpeak “Copse of Spellbound Pines” from the cassette album “Watcher of the Dale”
  • Canadian dark drone ambient /dungeon synth act Dark Cascadian Forests – “Flakes of Snow Fall Silent as Ash” from the split cassette album “Wintersmeet” by Nebelkrähe/Dark Cascadian Forests [Froth]

photo by Barbara Kruger ‘We Are Not What We Seem’ 1988


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