WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – Jan. #4-21

  • Odilon’s Grip‘s Edgy Electronic Beats 27/01/21                                                                                                 

Dance the dark night away with new music from Balvanera, Crystalline Stricture, Black Dahlia, Mind Matter, Venderstroik, Yuega, Nat.axxa, Half a Twin, Confines, Tenderlash, Konstantin Unwohl, and Outtake, great tracks by Blind Delon & Sopoorific and Poison Point, and many others. Don’t forget to join Odilon’s Mixcloud Page for a full tracklist. Play loud!!!         

  • Mexican post-punk band Cat Fiction “Baltimore” from the EP “Taste Like Sun” on We are one Records

It is curious how some post-punk Mexican bands sound akin to their “Doomer” Russian counterparts, it’s the case of the debut EP of Mexico City outfit Cat Fiction, amidst swaggering webs of blistering ringing guitar melodies, punchy bouncing rhythms, winding pulsating basslines, and invigorating, emotional vocals to do it exceedingly well constantly steeped in heartfelt melancholy and subconscious pain, the addictive “Baltimore” above all, while “Serotonin” gives glimpses of possible more introspective, downtrodden realms. Excellent debut.

  • Canada/Portugal goth /darkwave /post-punk duo Alone After Midnight “Without Her” title track from the debut EP “Alone After Midnight”

Doesn’t certainly lack in dark romanticist charm and nocturnal mysterious intrigue the debut EP from the international duo Alone After Midnight, where abrasively hypnotic sparkling guitar riffs intersect with a somber serpentine bass line around buried baritone vocals whimpering malaise and mortality, fatally “Without Her.”

  • Norwegian electronic /synthpop duo of Isak Rypdal & Alexander Bjørneboe from Oslo, Electro Spectre “A Different Kind Of Love” new single taken from the upcoming album ‘Stereo Dreams’ on CrabKeyRecords

Veteran Norwegian duo’s elegant and endearing yet uncompromising electro-pop vision seems to know no down-falls, even incorporating synthwave hues, in a both nostalgic yet refreshing new single, that swirls and sparks with retro sprightly icy, bright synth melodies and buzzing bass tones, weaving a danceable electric tapestry of dire romance around dizzying dual male vocals’ ecstatic and dramatic release of “A Different Kind of Love.”           

  • L.A. experimental pop duo XIU XIU “A Bottle of Rum” from the upcoming double album “OH NO” on Polyvinyl Records
  • Kiev, Ukraine lo-fi /dream pop /indie pop /post-punk outfit Night Excitement “We’ll dance together again” 
  • Russian dream pop /new wave /post-punk band from Rostov-on-Don, Motorama ”Up” from the new album “Before The Road” on I’m Home Records
  • Russian indie /post-punk four-piece from Moscow, ГРУППА ХМУРЫЙ / GRUPPA HMURIY “Невзаимно (не со мной)” from the new EP “Картина 6, No. 21/1”
  • Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation indie /post-punk instrumental project NEKUDA “21” new single       
  • Seattle‘s ambient ethereal neo-folk /darkwave /dreampop duo of Brian and Marselle Hodges aka THE BLUE HOUR “Cold & Bare” new single
  • Salt Lake City‘s goth/new wave/post-punk 4-piece (members of Choir Boy, and Human Leather), Sculpture Club “Just One More” new single
  • Hamilton, UK goth/darkwave project of Lea Torn, THE SECRET EXPERIMENT “Corrupted” new 2-track single
  • French ethereal wave /coldwave /synthwave duo from Paris, Saigon Blue Rain “Nutshell” (Alice In Chains cover)
  • Brussels minimal wave /synthpop /electronic duo of Lou Savary & Luc Bersier, aka REYMOUR “Je te tiens, Tu me tiens” from the new album “Leviosa” on Knekelhuis
  • Belgian Synthpop /Coldwave /EBM duo based in Brussels, ULTRA SUNN “Distress” from the upcoming debut 12″ vinyl EP “Night Is Mine” on Oráculo Records
  • Mechelen-based, pioneer darkwave /electro/synthwave /new wave Belgian DIY visual artist and musician, Enzo Kreft “Woke Up This Morning” from the new album “Different World”
  • England, UK Coldwave /Post Punk /Darkwave /EBM solo project of Lebanon Hanover‘s William Maybelline, QUAL – “VR Slaves” from upcoming album “Tenebris In Lux” on Operation Qual Records
  • Brooklyn, NY psychedelic /electro /post-punk duo The Vacant Lots “Into The Depths (Cold Cave Deep Speed Remix)” on Fuzz Club
  • Palmira, Colombia EBM/synthwave/minimal synth wave solo project HUMAN 80 “Einige Landschaften” on Nevel Records                                                                                                                                                         
  • French goth /coldwave /post-punk project from Paris, CONTRE SOIREE “I’m A Monster” from the 12″ Split EP “Nuit” with Blind Delon on VEYL
  • Sweden dark disco /new wave /space disco duo SEX KINO “Ghost Train” new single
  • French new wave /synthpop duo from Paris, FORETASTE “Lost For Seven Years” from the new album “Happy End!” on BOREDOMproduct
  • UK EBM /Industrial /SynthPop project of Jay Taylor, J:Dead “A Thousand Adventures” from the LP “A Complicated Genocide” on Infacted Recordings
  • LA-based goth-pop duo Patriarchy “I Don’t Want To Die – Geneva Jacuzzi Remix” from “Reverse Circumcision: The Remixes” remix LP
  • Dallas, TX goth industrial /darkwave /synthpop act DISSONANCE feat. Melodywhore ”Damage 1st Assault” new maxi single
  • German oldschool dark-electro-project from Wiesbaden, FIX8:SED8 “Tremors (feat. Emke)” off the fifth album “The Inevitable Relapse” on Dependent
  • Chicago-based industrial dark synth electronic DIY one-woman project I Ya Toyah “Out of Order” title track from upcoming EP “Out Of Order”
  • Synthpop duo from Switzerland, BLACKBOOK “Slowlove” new single on darkTunes
  • Vancouver, BC EBM /industrial/darkwave solo project Total Chroma “Mutation” from the upcoming “Body Relics” on Negative Gain
  • French ‘Post-Synthwave’ band from Toulouse, Blind Delon “Souvenir” from the 12″ Split EP “Nuit” with Contre Soirée on VEYL
  • Hamburg, Germany darkwave/synth/postpunk music project DARK “NYCTOPHILIA” new single
  • Portland-based Goth Techno/Darkwave/Post-Punk project by Conor Knowles, aka DANCING PLAGUE “The Memory” off V/A “RIDE THE WAVE IV” 12 EP on Oráculo Records
  • Miami, Florida goth rock /darkwave /post-punk solo project Astari Nite “All Else is a Curse” new single on Negative Gain Productions
  • Liverpool, UK based goth /psych synthpop /new wave /post-punk trio, Double Echo “In The Gallery” new 2-track single “In The Gallery / Former” on Fabrika Records
  • Naarm/Melbourne synthwave/synthpop duo Rain Dogs ‘Italy’ from the self-titled EP 10″ via .jpeg Artefacts.
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico lo-fi/goth/post-punk/darkwave/coldwave solo project (aka The Endless), Slow Danse With The Dead “I’m Trouble! (Cool As A Cat!)” new single
  • Mexican synth electronic /post-punk /death wave solo project from Monterrey, Vestron Vulture “Cemetery Cowboy” new single
  • Los Angeles‘ post-punk /electro-punk solo project by former Cinema Strange and The Wraith member Colin Ambulance aka BITE MARX “You Sing About Love ( Because You Havent Lost Any Teeth)” new single
  • Belgian EBM /Dark Electro band based in Antwerp, Causenation “Fear The Future” from the upcoming album “Promises Of Hope And Fear” on Wool-E-Discs
  • Grenoble, French post-punk duo of Arnault Destal & Grégory Cathérina, Varsovie “Magnitizdat” new 2-track single “Magnitizdat / Kissa Kouprine” from upcoming album “L’Ombre et la Nuit” on Icy Cold Records
  • Miami, Fl gothic rock /post-punk band Rux Vendetta “Red Bandana” from the album “Mirrors” 
  • Calgary deathrock /dark post-punk band DA’AT “Olympia” new single
  • Philadelphia no-wave /krautrock /post-punk band TOE RING “Collapsed Mine” from debut single “Collapsed Mine // This is The End”                                                                                                           
  • Oakland, Ca minimal post-punk band fronted by Hannah D’Amato, FAKE FRUIT “No Mutuals” from the upcoming S/T album on Rocks In Your Head Records
  • Berlin-based casiotone punk project Bredouille “What´s Your Failure ?” from the cassette album “Cares For What Matters”
  • London, UK psych-punk /kraut /math-rock /no wave /post-punk band SQUID “Narrator ft. Martha Skye Murphy” from upcoming LP “Bright Green Field” on Warp Records
  • Dunedin, New Zealand noise pop /post-punk Richard Ley-Hamilton-led band Asta Rangu “I Dream” off split double A-side single with Males
  • Bruxelles, Belgium modular cold wave project Dead Crush ‘La Gente Tonta’ (demo).                                       
  • Yekaterinburg, Russia new wave /post-punk one-man band В.Р.ЕД. [VRED] “”Господдержка” (“State support”)” new single
  • Italian darkwave /sadwave one-man project of electronic producer known as Religius Order, STRANGERS FOR LOVE “Alone with my Fear” new single
  • Russian sad post-punk project Stepniyye Ogni | Степные огни “Капельку жизни”                                         
  • French 80’s new wave /coldwave /post-punk trio TROUBLE FAIT’ ”Appearance effect” from the new EP “Appearance”
  • Russian new wave/post-punk trio from Sevastopol, Море Ясности / More Yasnosti ‘Домой Возврата Нет’
  • England‘s goth post-punk band Flowers of Sacrifice “Shadow” from “Still Searching” EP
  • Isle of Man, UK gothic rock /post-punk duo of Mark Sayle (Slow Decay) and Phil Reynolds (Phil Reynolds and the Dearly Departed), Mark E Moon “Animals (Version)” off new 2-track single “Animals” from the upcoming album “Old Blood” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Russian lo-fi /post-punk project Мутные Пассажиры [Muddy Passengers] – “Любовь, забота, доброта” new single on The Walking Shed
  • Philly-based occult-inspired goth /post-punk /darkwave duo Eternal Emptiness “Colossus” from the debut LP “new dark age”
  • Nottingham, UK goth /post-punk band Chaos Bleak “Return/ Revenge” from the debut album “A New Age of Darkness”
  • São Paulo, Brazil punk /psychobilly /post-punk /gothic solo project from the bassist of post-punk bands “Gangue Morcego” and “1983”, Thiago Halleck, aka HallecӃ “Bruxas” new single on Paranoia Musique
  • Post-punk project from Chile, Ciudad Espejismo – “El Ritual”                                                                           
  • Indonesian Gothic /Death Rock /Post-Punk 4-piece PULLO “Astle Rune” new single
  • Austin, TX punk /post-punk solo project Espejismos “Almas Perdidas” from the debut EP “Demostración 2020”
  • Spanish darkwave/post-punk/coldwave solo project URCO “Mirar atras” first song from the new incoming EP
  • Belgian dark post-punk band from Brussels, Whispering Sons “Surface” new 7″ single
  • Canadian Post-Punk /New Wave band from Vancouver, GIRLFRIENDS AND BOYFRIENDS “Colour Shining Bright” from the 12″ vinyl album “Fallacy of Fairness” on Oráculo Records
  • Los Angeles based goth /dream pop /post-punk solo project of a member of Ter Nura, CLOSED TEAR “Lie Away” new single
  • Nashville, TN based Indie Rock /Post-Punk 4-piece led by songwriter and producer Joseph Lekkas, Palm Ghosts “Blind” new single off the upcoming LP “Lifeboat Candidate” out March 19th.
  • Noise Rock /Darkwave /Post-Punk duo of Houston‘s Daniel Srungaram & Detroit‘s Dante Palomba, NEW TODAY “Jugular” from 2-track single “Jugular & B-Side”
  • Gold Coast garage /post-punk trio The Lonesomes “Dog Days” new single
  • Italian dark ambient /psych /dark folk singer /guitarist Giulia Parin Zecchin, aka JULINKO “The Ribbon” from “No Destroyer” EP on Ghost City Collective

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