WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – JANUARY #03-23

  • Athens, Greek experimental minimal darkwave solo project of Nick D., DAS NOIR “No Place We Can Hide” new single

Athenian Das Noir project’s new single instills urgent shadowy ambiances pierced by sinister chilly ethereal guitar melodies, to  open lost haunted portals over a nocturnal stream of restless stretchy bass lines and steady drum beats whilst dramatic female voice clips shatter the hypnotic realm of false safety around numb frightened vocals, suffering in the conflicting feelings of an abusive relationship with “No Place We Can Hide.”

  • Portland, OR based goth /post-punk /darkwave solo project RICHIE FILTH “Abigail” single

Spotted on Soundcloud, the latest of the earliest efforts from the North American musician, under the alias of Richie Filth, is a Post-punk/Darkwave dancing seduction with gothic overtones, enclosed in dark romantic auras, that drives steady racing rhythms, obsessive bass throbs, poignant icy bright synth swirls, and glistening guitar melodies, to sway and dance with urgent alluring passion along angsty lovelorn vocals, longing for “Abigail”, whose moody desires cause aching restless yearnings.

  • Italian darkwave /coldwave /sadwave one-man project of electronic producer known as Religius Order, Strangers For Love “Alone with my Fear” new single                                                                                 

New single from the Italian electronic DIY producer with a classic Cure-sque 80s post-punk sound steeped in introspective emotional heft, weaves through pervasive throbbing basslines, melancholic sparkling guitar echoes and poignant flashing synth melodies around lost angsty romantic vocals, longing for love amid obsessive desires.

  • UK dark lo-fi musician and visual artist, Dorienna “Modern Mythologies” from “The Nightmare Plays” EP
  • East Hampton, NY dark ambient /electronic /dark pop painter & composer TOR LUNDVALL “Forget It!” from the forthcoming 5-CD Box Set retrospective collection “There Must Be Someone” on Dais
  • French electro /coldwave /darkwave project of Parisian artist Remi Lauvergne, AKA Sad Madona “New Flesh” single
  • Freiburg Im Breisgau, Germany new wave /darkwave trio Empathische Empörtheit “Dream sleep” from debut S/T EP                                                                                                                                                   
  • Bologna based, Italian synthpop dance project by musician /producer /DJ & performer Mike Giuliani, AKA Futuro Fatale “1982” from S/T EP on yoyodisco
  • Turin, Italy electro /synth /minimal wave solo project ZOLTAN FREITAG “Lifeless Dancehall”
  • Moscow‘s darkwave /minimal synth solo project Minimal Unit “Не по пути” single
  • German electronic /cold wave /dark wave solo project based in Leipzig, нат.аша “Moderne tage” from the 2-track single “Moderne tage & Au.sz”                                                                                                           
  • Barcelona goth /synth wave /darkwave band Headless Mannequins – “Mentira” single
  • Richmond, VA Goth /Dark Electronics /Darkwave act, Petrified Entity “Frostbite” from the album “B-Sides & Rarities”
  • Lille, France post-punk /coldwave /darkwave instrumental solo project Sinistre Rose “Neige d’Hiver” from the debut demo “The Cold Sessions” EP                                                                                                         
  • Turin, Italy goth /post-punk /darkwave duo Polina Suffer “Polina, Suffer!” debut single                       
  • Toronto, Ontario goth /post-punk /darkwave solo project OWL THEORY “Undead Melody” single on DARKK ERA
  • UK eclectic goth /synth wave/darkwave independent artist from Kendal, Claustraphobia “Goodbye Cruel World” single
  • Berlin-based goth /post-punk /darkwave band GOLDEN APES “Grey” single
  • French shoegaze /post-punk /darkwave project created by Parisian producer ManuH, AKA Distance H “Twilight” from “Intimacy” EP
  • Madrid based Spanish dark wave /post-punk 4-piece SÝN “Al Final” from “Recuerdo Rudio” EP
  • California based post-punk /synth wave /darkwave project of musician Julian Sharwarko, AKA Harsh Symmetry “Blind” off 2-track single “Blind”
  • Italian five-piece post-punk /new-wave /dark-psych band from Bologna, DegHerl “No Moon (European Ghost Remix)” single
  • Detroit, MI electronic /post-punk /synth-pop project COMFORT CURE “Love In The Worst Way” off the upcoming new EP “Not My Taste”
  • Offenbach, Germany EBM /industrial /darkwave /synthpop /coldwave duo Recht Auf Rausch – “The Last Breath On Earth” from the second cassette album “Im Osten Geht Die Sonne Auf” on Meta Moto
  • Dresden-bred, Berlin-based post-punk /dark synth /electro-wave artist Jennifer Touch “Sacred Type” from second LP “Midnight Proposals” on FatCat Records
  • Berlin based EBM /techno/ darkwave /dark electronics DJ-producer, Lorenzo Mancino – “September” from the cassette split EP “Crave Tapes Split EP I” with Videotraum soon on Crave Tapes
  • French EBM /synthwave /darkwave /synthpop musician from Paris, SYDNEY VALETTE “Pandora ( Hørd Remix)” from “Home Alone – The Remixes” EP
  • French EBM /minimal wave/ synthetic duo from Nantes, NABTA “Resist” off upcoming V/A “05” EP [DÔME]
  • Brussels based EBM /post-punk /electro /coldwave duo ULTRA SUNN “Set Yourself On Fire” from the third EP “Kill Your Idols” on Fleisch Records
  • Swedish industrial /coldwave /dark electronic music duo from Stockholm, Hidden Lines “Strahlst in Gedanken (Majestoluxe Glitzerstrahl Remix)”
  • Lisbon, Portugal based dark electronics /darkwave project of João Vairinhos (LÖBO) and Sara Inglês (Wildnorthe), NECRØ “Death Beats” from debut EP “Death Beats” on Regulator Records, Zerowork Records and Ring Leader Label
  • Vancouver, BC post-punk /dream pop /darkwave solo project of artist, musician and Actors keyboardist Shannon Hemmett, aka LEATHERS “Highrise” single
  • Vermont-based Dark Wave /Synth Pop act led by singer-songwriter Hannah Hoffman, AKA Dutch Experts “Bound by This” (single) off the upcoming debut EP “Bound by This”
  • Australian experimental electronic group founded in Sidney in 1979, Severed Heads “We Have Come to Bless the House BINAURAL” from the remastered compilation album “Severed Surround System”
  • Leipzig, Germany dark wave /synth pop /electronic Producer-Musician-Remixer, Daniel Myer, aka DSTR “Bad Kingdom featuring Lennart A. Salomon” (Moderat Coverversion)
  • French EBM /electropop act DEKAD “Promises (edit)” 2-track single on BOREDOMproduct.
  • Belgian industrial /dark electro /technopop project of Passenger S, aka METROLAND “4ir intelligence (edit)” off “1.0” EP from the upcoming album “0” on Alfa Matrix
  • German dark electro-pop duo 12 Illusions “Revalue The Time” single on Infacted Recordings
  • German New Wave Pop band based in Hamburg, SEA OF SIN “Don’t Let Go” single
  • Los Angeles-based Synthpop /Darkwave /Electronic Dark Pop songwriter and producer Sam Franco AKA Bara Hari “Violence Rising” second single off the upcoming full-length “Lesser Gods”
  • Peruvian experimental /deathrock /dark electronic project Multiples Laceraciones “Williams, el morido 2K23” single on Dark Grave
  • Grenoble, France chanson /cold synth-punk /synth-pop duo POUPARD “Je vois des morts (feat F de Shooosh)” from the upcoming fourth ltd. CD album “Cérémonie malgache II” on Choléra Cosmique
  • German synthpop /dark electronic solo project PulsR “That Time of the Year (again)” single
  • Mexican goth /post-punk /darkwave duo Rey Rata “Malditos Poseídos” single
  • Santiago, Chile post-punk 4-piece Dalias “Condenado” from the first single “Cadenas/Condenado” 
  • Austin, TX gothic rock /post-punk /darkwave band Sinclair Noire – “Leper Ostrich” off the new EP “Youthfully, Truthfully Fiendish”
  • Dijon, France new wave /post-punk /coldwave solo project AIMABLE “A l’Etouffoir !” from the CD album “A l’étouffoir !” on IDIO[T]PHONE RECORDS
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina darkwave /post-punk 3-piece Depresion Radikal “Nuestros cuerpos” from the EP “Redencion” on Tumbero Records
  • Paris based French cold wave /synthwave /post-punk band Sable Noir – “Brief History Of Coma” from the first S/T EP
  • Brattleboro, Vermont post-punk /goth pop trio THUS LOVE “Put On Dog” single on Captured Tracks
  •  Polish dark doom-gaze /post-rock /post-punk /shoegaze 5-piece from Wroclaw, GIVE UP TO FAILURE “Damages” off the upcoming second LP “Cocoon”
  • Hamburg, Germany Post-punk /Noise Rock band Billy Zach “Peace of Mind” single from the upcoming album “A Momentary Bliss”
  • Russian post-punk one-man band from Barnaul, юность-1201 [yunost-1201] “словно вчера” single
  • Nijmegen, The Netherlands early ’80s wave /post-punk band DAS WESEN – “Returning” from the vinyl compilation album “Returning” via Holy Hour Records
  • Belgian post-punk /cold wave band The Ultimate Dreamers “Polarized” from “Polarized” EP on Alfa Matrix sublabel Spleen+
  • Nyborg, Denmark post-punk band Fabrik “Atombombernes Vals” from the third EP “Mandag-demo”
  • Oslo based indie rock /new wave /post-punk project (Fka TÅSEN TEA PARTY), Unknown Factory “The Garden” from the new album “COMBINATION OF FREQUENCIES”                                                                           
  • Rostov On Don indie rock /post-punk /new wave band Motorama “Another Chance” (Single) on I’m Home Records
  • Indianapolis ambient /dream pop /post-punk /avant pop multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter Jackson VanHorn “Guise” new single                                                                                                                                     
  • UK kraut /new wave band Mistery Plane – “Disturbing” from V/A “Ethniques Psychedelics” archival vinyl compilation album from early 80s French label Vox Man Records run by Axel Kyrou (Vox Populi!) and Francis Man (FR6 Man / Kosa) [198288] on Platform 23
  • Reno, NV kbd punk band Rotary Club “American Tower”2-track 7” single on IRON LUNG Records
  • UK post post-punk band from Brighton, DITZ “No Thanks, I’m Full – (live from The Louisiana, Bristol)” from the live album “On The Bai’ou”
  • New York based industrial synth-pop artist Zohra Atash (Azar Swan and Religious to Damn), Zohra “Murder in the Temple (feat. Lydia Lunch)” title track of her upcoming debut LP “Murder in the Temple” on American Dreams
  • Italian doom ambient quartet with members of Julinko, Tristan da Cunha, The Star Pillow, AKA Bosco Sacro “Fountain Of Wealth” from upcoming debut LP “Gem” via Avantgarde Music                                       
  • Emilia-Romagna, Italy Electronic /New Wave /Post-punk one-man underground project (Fka La Fuga), NOTTE “Pioggia!” from the upcoming EP “Stanze”

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