WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – January #3-21

  • Odilon’s Grip‘s Edgy Electronic Beats 20/01/21                                                                                                     

Dip into the dance-inducing shadows with new music from ROÜGE, Guinæpig, Brandski, Supernova 1006, Notausgang, MUFTI, The Marquis, Eric Random, Mala Herba, and Rue Oberkampf, great tracks by WLDV and R Gamble, and many others. Don’t forget to join Odilon’s Mixcloud Page for a full tracklist. Play loud!!!            

  • Leipzig, Germany techno/coldwave/darkwave/synth solo project, нат.аша ‘hym.ne’ first track from the upcoming new album “Leere Spiegel”

Dark-wavey one-man-band from Leipzig under the enigmatic moniker of нат.аша is refining, in the last year, his analog synth-driven sound on the forgotten by some, albeit not by all, Soundcloud, which mixes urgent pounding rhythms, unsettling, obsessive synth melodies, ominous buzzing basslines, with acid, techno and rave undertones, in an increasingly convincing way, with above all a heap of anxious darkness. In the first preview from the ongoing new album “Leere Spiegel”, his simmering, agitated male vocals unleash determined finality “We will never see each other again.”

  • Guadalajara, Mexico dark rock /post-punk /gothic rock trio Animal Rojo “No Second Part” new single

Swirling and energetic, finely crafted, dark Gothic Rock from Guadalajara, weaves wicked, razor-sharp guitar riffs and blazing wandering melodies with menacing grinding bass lines, and punchy rhythms to ignite seething chaos around dark, intense male vocals releasing vengeance into the apocalyptical doom.

  • Belgian post-punk /darkwave /’epitaph pop’ duo from Antwerp, Sebastian Melmoth “Fallen House” off the cassette EP “Mourning Glory” on Perfect Aesthetics

Out from a batch of 9 tape releases to celebrate 5 years of Russian label Perfect Aesthetics, dig the ghostly darkwave of Haunted as well, Wildean named Belgian duo Sebastian Melmoth deliver five chilling dark post-punk dirges punctuated by industrialized martial and obsessively mechanical rhythms along with relentless bleak droning low ends, awash by mourning, solemn waving synth swirls around detached, distorted growling male vocals, harshly releasing primal pain into funereal and decadent icy cold realms, where affliction reigns unchallenged, in an eternal descent into the darkest crypt of the human souls, dimed by modern-day fear, pain, and disenchantment.

  • Legendary 80s Italian darkwave /synthpop /electro wave band KIRLIAN CAMERA “The 8th President” new single from their forthcoming double album “Cold Pills” on Dependent
  • Latvia minimal synth/synthwave project of Vadims Maksimovs, aka LEDLAUX “The Saigon Pearl” debut single 
  • Marseille experimental /new wave /synthwave project DEFECTIVE UNIT “BB” from the self-titled album “Defective Unit” on SIMPLE MUSIC EXPERIENCE
  • Moscow, Russian lo-fi /ambient /synth /darkwave project Haunted “III” of cassette EP “Haunted” on Perfect Aesthetics
  • Belgrade experimental/ dungeon synth /electronic composer Marija Balubdžić, aka Umbra “Pli Tajm Bliz” off upcoming split cassette “Umbra & sZARSz” on Crash Symbols
  • German minimal synth project of the founder of Death Disco and Tristesse Loyal, Aaron Angebot “Masque” from the new cassette album “Interzone 3/3” on TONN Recordings
  • Italian witch wave /electro wave project from founder members of dark wave band Marlat, aka Ohne Nomen “Fell (Nightflower Remix)” new single on Cold Transmission Music
  • Italian mutated library/soundtrack/nu-disco moniker of electronic producer Joe Drive, Filippo Diana “Scaramacai (Voce Mix)” from new album “Formula Abstracta” on Medical Records
  • Iranian born minimal synth solo female electronic project of Tushna Pirrongelli based in Miami, NINA BELIEF “SHALIMAR (Element 104 ft. Nina Belief)”
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina coldwave /darkwave /EBM /dark electronic duo Balvanera “Medium” from new cassette album “Courses of Action” on DKA Records
  • Swiss experimental /NDW /coldwave /minimal wave /synthpop side-project of Carlo Onda, Karl Kave “Biz under d Lüüt go” from the new EP “Lieber Vorwärts”
  • Russian ‘sad synth’/electro-pop/new wave/darkwave solo project of Moscow‘s Kirill Ovchinnikov, Заговор [Zagovor] ‘Деньги’ from upcoming ‘Диалог’ EP
  • Hattiesburg, Mississippi new wave/ post-punk /synthpop duo CONTROL ROOM “We’ve Been Here Before” from upcoming EP “Options” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Palmira, Colombia EBM/synthwave/minimal wave solo project HUMAN 80 “Simulation Time” on Nevel Records                                                                                                                                                     
  • Amsterdam-based minimal-wave collective Tranquil Eyes “Television (Sariim Likpsalm Edit)” [originally from 1985] for the Temple of Joy compilation of Edits                                                                             
  • Bruxelles, Belgium modular cold wave project ???????????????? ???????????????????? ‘Vanity’ (demo)                                           
  • Berlin-based Electronic Post-Punk, Synth, Dark Wave project of former Metro Decay’s Christoffer Bagge featuring harpist Trina Echidna from Copenhagen, Totvm “cell.memory.” off forthcoming LP “The destructive character”
  • San Diego, Ca synthpop /synthwave /post-punk solo project TWIN ION ENGINE “Your Art” from debut S/T album
  • Berlin-based 80s Synthwave /Post-Punk /Industrial Rock solo project KANDINSKY NOIR “Miss Hauntology” debut single
  • Synthpop/Post-Punk outfit from Vienna, ORGREAVE “Disassembly” title track from upcoming debut EP “Disassembly” on Electric Fire Records
  • Boston new darkwave/synthwave/electronic music collaboration between longtime conspirators Reuben Bettsak and Bo Barringer (Future Carnivores, Emerald Comets, Guillermo Sexo), EX-HYENA “Motorfreaks” new single
  • Milwaukee, Ws experimental /new wave /post-punk solo project breathingSpell “Mister Videoman” new single
  • St. Louis, Missouri dance/post-punk/punk solo project THE MALL “Birthright” from the vinyl 12″ remastered edition of the debut self-released cassette “Zone” via Fixed Grin Records
  • New York based gothy synthwave project of JonS.,aka THE SERE “Always the Cold Moon” title track from the debut EP “Always the Cold Moon”
  • Spokane, WA witch house /darkwave /dark trap /electronic producer-DJ Eric Kerzman, aka BITWVLF “Creatures Remix (feat. Greywolf)”                                                                                                                          
  • California‘s dark electronic /new wave /post-punk /synthpop project VANDAL MOON “Hurt (Makeup And Vanity Set Remix)”
  • Spanish post-punk /electropunk act INFANTA “Me miras” from “Infanta” EP on manto espejo
  • London, UK Synthwave/Retrowave singer/producer and songwriter LAU “The Cards” new single on Aztec Records
  • Hawaii based vaporwave /synth-wave /synthpop solo project Brat’ya “Terror” from the LP “Nightwalker” on business casual
  • UK synthpop duo Jon Russell (aka Jonteknik) and Mark J Stagg (aka Staggman), aka Rocket Report “Highs Like This (Single Version)” off new maxi single
  • Salzgitter, Germany synthpop band IN GOOD FAITH “Rising” new single
  • German electroclash /darkwave /electropop duo Twelve Fairies And One “Fata Morgana” from the EP “The Invitation”
  • Los Angeles darkwave /gothic band, Childhood Dilemma “Butterfly On A Wheel (Extended Version)” from “Butterfly On A Wheel (Remixes)”
  • Los Angeles-based coldwave /darkwave Urdu language band formed by PakistaniAmerican lead vocalist Azeka and bassist/producer Gil, AURAT “¿Can You Hear Me?” from new single “Khaar”
  • Adelaide, Australia darkwave/electro/post-punk gothic disco project THE GHOST OF BELA LUGOSI ”Guinea Pig” new single
  • Philadelphia electronic /darkwave /industrial /synthwave duo R E P < > L ^ K N T “Thinking” from the album “When we were androids”
  • Las Vegas-based industrial /EBM /goth /darkwave Mexican solo project Fairy Pussy – “VHS • Star” new single                  
  • Bochum, Germany post-punk /darkwave /synthwave solo project Schwarzer Sand “Der stille Planet” title track from the sophomore EP “Der stille Planet”
  • Mid-’80s Dutch experimental /new wave /electro /punk collective (members of Unit Moebius, Funky Sobrietas and even Leuk & Ko), MINIGOD “Her Darkness” from 3-track 7″ vinyl single “De Bus” (recorded in 1987) on The Hague’s RUBBER
  • Poznań, Poland post-punk / darkwave duo Błogie Milczenie “Nie zmienię się” from the new EP “Przykro mi”
  • Iowa City new wave /post-punk solo project Plush Wake “Poisoned Ground” new single
  • French Shoegaze /Darkwave /Post-Punk trio from Paris, FTR “More & More” new single
  • Indie /Art-Rock /Post-Punk six-piece group from South East London, BLUE BENDY “Glosso Babel” from 7″ vinyl single “Glosso Babel / International” on via Simonie Records.
  • Russian dream pop /new wave /post-punk band from Rostov-on-Don, Motorama ”Today & Everyday” new single
  • Santiago, Chile new wave /shoegaze /post-punk outfit TØLVA “Mirlo” from the debut S/T EP
  • Mexico City synthpop /post-punk /new wave/ ‘post wave’ band, · THE ETERNAL NOW “Invocation”      
  • Los Angeles based new wave/synthwave/darkwave project of Carlo Mancia, MortalBoy “Miscre
  • Russian post-punk solo project 21 June – “Black Sun”                                                                                       
  • Belgian post-punk/indie/goth rockers A Slice Of Life – “Sweet Sin (Lockdown Mix)”
  • Bryansk, Russia coldwave /post-punk band Predznanie “Ненависть” from the EP “Терапия” on Русский пост-панк
  • Post-punk /gothic rock /darkwave /coldwave band from Belgium, GROUND NERO “In The Blood” new single
  • Madison, WI/Tucson, AZ goth /deathrock /post-punk 4-piece YUKA ZOLO “Deprivation” from debut cassette EP “Bleed” on Forbidden Place Records
  • San Diego, CA occult punk/deathrock band New Skeletal Faces “Nacht Zen” off Split cassingle w/ Detoxi through Plain Disguise.
  • New Zealand Post-Punk band from Auckland, made of Fiona Campbell (Vivian Girls, Coolies), alongside Thom Burton (SoccerPractise, Moppy), Yolanda Fagan (Na Noise, Echo Ohs) and Durham Fenwick (Green Grove), GUARDIAN SINGLES “Heartland” from debut S/T album
  • Santa Cruz, Ca post-punk /shoegaze /dream pop husband/wife duo FADED SF “Not enough” from sophomore LP “Enough”
  • Alicante, Spain new wave /darkwave NUEVE DESCONOCIDOS “Todos Mis Cristales” new single
  • Swedish indie /post-punk band from Stockholm, A PROJECTION “Darwin’s Eden” new single on Metropolis
  • American darkwave /new wave /post-punk trio Feeding Fingers “Goodbyes That Last for Years” from upcoming album “I Won’t Eat the Horror”
  • Mid 80s founded German avantgarde dark wave duo Deine Lakaien “The Walk” (The Cure cover)
  • Swedish dark ambient /darkwave /gothic rock band from Stockholm, Foghorn Lonesome “Wildfyre” new single
  • Scottish Goth/Post Punk project from Aberdeen, Hail Of Teeth “All There Ever Was, That’s All That Will Be” from the debut EP “All There Ever Was, That’s All That Will Be”
  • Los Angeles‘ post-punk /electro-punk solo project by former Cinema Strange and The Wraith member Colin Ambulance aka BITE MARX “Fluoride” new single
  • Bay Area experimental /no-wave /post-punk trio PREENING “Rapt Fashion” from upcoming EP “Dragged Through The Garden” via ever/never records
  • Paris, France post-punk /noise rock trio ECHOPLAIN “Beyoncé” from the new album “Polaroid Malibu”
  • Kansas City, Missouri post-punk/shoegaze/dream pop duo CLUB SINISTER “Creeping Towards the Deep End” from debut S/T EP
  • Berlin-based psych post-punks The Underground Youth ”For You Are The One” from the upcoming album ‘The Falling’ on Fuzz Club Records                                                                                                                      

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