WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – January #0-21

  • Odilon’s Grip‘s Edgy Electronic Beats 13/01/21                                                                                                     

Straight into the darkest side of the dancefloor with unreleased tracks from Fotoapparat and ElektroTerapi, new music from Boy Harsher, Ali Renault, Tenderlash, NABTA, Years of Denial, Contre Soirée, Chinosynth, La bande-son imaginaire, and ROÜGE, great tracks by Buzz Kull and Metaman, and many others. Don’t forget to join Odilon’s Mixcloud Page for a full tracklist. Play loud!!!

  • Hamilton, UK goth/darkwave project of Lea Torn, THE SECRET EXPERIMENT “Emptiness” title track from the new EP “Emptiness”

Lea Torn‘s prolific and mysterious project, properly named The Secret Experiment, lures increasingly from week to week with drops of darkwave utterly mesmerizing in their brooding dark splendour, between solemn and hypnotic rhythms, brittle tinkling synth chimes in a fascinating rise and fall of emotional intensity along with haunting, ghostly, atmospheric male vocals exuding magnetic momentum of excruciating pain.

  • Kyiv, Ukraine synthwave /darkwave /post-punk singer, songwriter and musician, The Room Without Sun “The Falling” from the new 3-track EP “Decades Of Darkness”

After over two years of absence, Ukrainian one-man-band is back with his melancholic and introspective blend of 80s tinged synth wave and post-punk, steeped in monochromatic meditative and minimal grey tones, instilled by bleak deep bass undulations with glowing icy synth washes and sparkling yet poignant guitar chords over intense, emotional male vocals, falling hopelessly into an impassioned croon of swirling sadness and mesmerizing dark romance.

  • Ventura, Ca post-punk /deathrock 4-piece Detoxi – ‘In Laughter’ title track from upcoming “In Laughter” EP vinyl 12″

Californian deathrock 4-piece steadily weaves impassioned Marr-esque jangly chiming guitar strings that sew bleeding emotions through punchy steady drum beats and a low, meandering bass line, while anxious, atmospheric male vocals breathlessly drop toxic memories into a communal catharsis for modern dystopic blues, “In Laughter.”

  • Detroit-based ambient /post-industrial /synthwave duo of multi-instrumentalist Christopher Samuels (Ritual Howls) and singer Kirill Slavin, aka Mission to the Sun – “Damaged” single taken from Mission to the upcoming Sun’s ‘Cleansed by Fire’ album on Felte
  • Dallas, TX-based dark electronic musician and visual artist (member of Midnight Opera), NICOLE MARXEN “Tether” off upcoming debut “Teether” EP
  • Berlin/Ankara electronic/post-punk/disco/darkwave duo Her Absence Fill the World – “Inside, Outside” debut single
  • Enigmatic Darkwave/Electronics trio from Malmo, ABU NEIN “Hollow Hills” (Bauhaus Cover) in remembrance of Sophie Lancaster (1986 – 2007)
  • Brooklyn, NY Post-Punk/New Wave/Synthpop 3-piece NATION OF LANGUAGE – “Deliver Me From Wondering Why” new single
  • Northern Irish synth electronic musician based in Belfast, Crystalline Stricture “Technique Up Mix” (Remix by Iv/An) original from the album ‘Technique’ on TONN Recordings                                                       
  • German synthpop duo started in 2007, HALF A TWIN // “Arbeitstitel” off “Nachtsentenzen” cassette tape compilation album of 12 tracks produced by Idio[t]phone Records.
  • Munich, Germany post-punk/minimal synth/coldwave trio Rue Oberkampf “Tokyo (XYNTEC Remix)”
  • Vienna-based Polish EBM /darkwave /minimal synth electronic artist and Oramics collective member Mala Herba “Lament” from the new “Demonologia” LP on aufnahme + wiedergabe
  • Russian synth-punk band based in Saint Petersburg, SUPERNOVA 1006 “Illegal” from the 5th album “History Of SUPERNOVA 1006” on Sierpien Records
  • Germany minimal wave/synthpop artist Konstantin Unwohl “Amarillo” from the new LP “Im Institut Für Strömungstechnik” on aufnahme + wiedergabe
  • Los Angeles-based experimental new wave duo Baby Buddha – “Then I Sleep (Synkronized Edit)” (originally from 1981) off upcoming Temple of Joy cassette compilation to be released on January 23, 2021                       
  • German NDW /post-punk act Neue Deutsche Hölle / NDH – “Virus” [Remastered]  
  • French coldwave/darkwave solo project from Liverdun, Cold Grey Rain “DarkDays”                                                    
  • Berlin-based dark synthpop project Jesse Blue, aka MONOCOLD “Rosen” new single
  • London, UK based electronic/synthwave/synthpop project PELOQUINN “After The Meal (Shortened Version)” off “After the Meal” EP on Stridente Records
  • Monterrey, Mexico post-punk/new wave trio PAPEHL “Tormento” from new single “Tormento x Fantaso”
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan synthpop duo of Chad Pratt and Alex Hughes, aka SAME EYES “New Wage” from upcoming album “Parties To End”
  • Australian synth-driven post-punk band from Melbourne (current and former members of Bad Vision, Spray Paint, Lowtide, Personal Touch and Rat Columns,), Screensaver “Living in an Instant” originally from last year V/A “A Long Time Alone 2” on Blow Blood Records
  • US/Canada/Switzerland Lo-fi New Wave/Synth-Pop/Synthwave act Dead Astronauts “Chauffeur and the Flame” off new album, “Silhouettes” via Cold Transmission Music
  • US dreamwave /synthwave /synthpop musician from Miami, Trevor Something “What You’re Doing To Me” new single
  • Austin, TX 80s retro synthpop artist Primo the Alien “Bad Things” new single
  • Los Angeles‘ Dream Wave /Synth Wave /Retro Wave project SelloRekT /LA Dreams “Communicator” from the new album “Sparks” on Kiez Beats
  • London-based East German electronic / synthpop artist KATJA VON KASSEL ft. RaHen “Radio Symphony” (German version)
  • English deceased Hawkind member, writer, poet, and musician Robert Calvert “Over The Moon (A Flock Of Seagulls Remx)” from the remix album “The Last Star Fighter” on Cleopatra Records
  • Mexican goth pop act GOD CAT – ‘Abigor Abigor’ new single on We are one Records
  • Mexican electronic/dark synthpop project from Puebla, SUNDATA “Gone Away” new single
  • Greek dark electro-pop artist Marva Von Theo – “Love” new single from upcoming album “Afterglow”
  • Nižnij Novgorod, Russia Italo disco/synthpop project NIGHT CALLER “Bit Of Charm” (Gay Cat Park cover)
  • Munich, Germany krautrock/disco/NDW/electropop duo WILDES “Karambolage” off upcoming mini-album “RAWWR”
  • German old school dark electro act PYRROLINE “Battleground” off the fifth album “Struggling” on Electro Aggression Records
  • Las Vegas-based industrial/EBM/goth/darkwave Mexican solo project Fairy Pussy – “Children Of Idolatry” new single
  • Brooklyn, New York industrial noise-pop project of Heidi Lorenz, OCTONOMY “On High” from the new 2-track cassette single “The Tetramorph”
  • Stockholm based Russian/Swedish industrial/electro-punk duo Ghlow “Hold On” from the upcoming LP “Slash and Burn” on PNKSLM Recordings
  • New Mexico-based post-punk /darkwave solo project Slow Danse With The Dead “Tears of Blood”
  • German post-punk /coldwave /postwave solo project, A Transition “All The People”                                             
  • Austin, TX post-punk duo Joyride. ‘In Fidelity’                                                                                           
  • Russian post-punk outfit STEREO KASSETY – ‘РАНЫ’ off the album “Monotonnost”                                                  
  • New York goth /post-punk project of Shas Michelé (Stereo Julia), Cemetery Dolls “Ravens in the Pieris” from “S/T” album
  • Barnaul, Russia coldwave/post-punk outfit, ютта замбона [jutta sambona] “охота на призраков” from the EP “ютта замбона”
  • Regensburg, Germany lockdown post-punk solo project XEROXED YOUTH “Distraction” off 2-track debut single “Information Overload”
  • Chilean coldwave /darkwave /post-punk duo from Valparaíso, Diavol Strâin “El Reflejo de mi Muerte (Quarantine Version)” from the upcoming álbum “Elegía del Olvido / Elegía del Horror”
  • French Coldwave /Post-Punk band based in Brittany, Allein in der Badewanne “George Lucas” from the debut “Steriles Land” album
  • German shoegaze/cold wave/post-punk band BLEIB MODERN “Afraid To Leave” from the upcoming “Afraid To Leave” LP
  • Italian darkwave /sadwave one-man project of electronic producer known as Religius Order, STRANGERS FOR LOVE “Stoned” off  V/A ” Deforming Reflections” cassette sampler via new Italian label e s p e r p e n t o    
  • Croatia post-punk /synthpop DIY solo project VALAL “Terminal Man” debut single
  • US psych folk /art rock /new wave /post-punk duo of Daniel Brinker (lyricist/composer) and Andy Moore (instrumentalist/arranger), Dover Lights “Memory Dissolves” from the debut S/T LP
  • US electronicdarkwave/industrialgaze/shoegaze collaborative project between Austin future punk duo Bloody Knives and Portland/Atlanta darkwave trio We Are Parasols, LAST ICE “Chains” from upcoming S/T album on No Movement Records.
  • Toronto, Ontario dreampop /shoegaze /post-punk /new wave 4-piece GENTLE “Phil of Emotions” from the debut 2-track single “Mutual Comedown”
  • Russian indie /shoegaze / new wave /post-punk band from Moscow, Культодиночества [kultodinochestva] “Фотографии / photographies”
  • English disco/post-punk pop band formed in Oxford in 1978, Wow Federation “Charivari” found track recorded in 1982 via New Reality Records
  • Brooklyn, NY post-punk /punk band FUN TIME OBJECTS “MTA Fare Evasion” from the vinyl album “C20/20 GO-GO!” (originally released on tape in 2020 via Fuzzy Warbles Cassettes ) on GOOD TIMES Rock N Roll Club
  • Russian post-punk unknown Moscow project ΔIVIΔ “Хорошо бы умереть”
  • Bethlehem, PN goth/industrial/new wave/synthpop artist Eric Vain “My Souls on Fire” from the upcoming EP “The Elude of Redemption”
  • Karelia, Russia instrumental acoustic neo-folk project Fjara “Šuomua” from upcoming cassette album “Kanteletar / Inkerinmaa” on Shum Derevyev Records
  • Belgian ambient/psych/dark indie music project Euphemia Rise & Your Schizophrenia “When the Assassins Came”