WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – JANUARY #02-23

  • Smolensk, Russia new wave /post-punk one-man band Gorodki “Call The Police” from the debut EP “Vampire”

Russian solo project showed up at the end of last year with his mesmeric and electrifying version of “The Perfect Girl”, as well included here, returns with a 4-track EP wrapped in sinister and dismal spectral soundscapes, imbued with a languid psychedelic vein, built with ceaselessly terse and glacial transfixing layers of echoing goth-clad guitar tones, hypnotic rhythms, and obsessive doomy bassline throbs into chilly grey, shapeshifting mists, around haunted vocal broods, lost in a compulsive headspace of traumatic unrest and desolate barren chasms.

  • Texas-based goth /dark electronic /darkwave audio and visual experimental side project of Don’t Get Lemon/Funeral Bloom member, COMITI “Queen of Silver” single

Trance-like synth-heavy new single from Austin‘s electronic experimentalist builds eerie auras, injecting fear and joy into a surreal world of lashing marching beats, gurgling and percolating throbbing low ends, and epic entrancing dazzling synth swirls surrounding groveling sinister vocals, bouncing back and forth into an unrestrained chaotic last dancing ride of impending doom.

  • Medellin, Colombia Cold Wave /Post-Punk solo project No Juventud “Dolor” single off the upcoming EP “Nudos” 

Droning and dirgey new single to tease the upcoming EP for the Colombian one-man band with shivering ceremonial synth strains, and undulating bass lines with disconnected, jolted frequencies to shred numb distorted vocals into lost broken pieces of abandoned pain.

  • Turkish Gothic /EBM /Dark Wave /Synth one-woman band Bewitched as Dark – “Manic Self-Harm” single
  • Netherlands goth /industrial /dark electronics duo of Ellenor Vora and Benjamin Sch (Noire Antidote), aka VONDER “Blur” from the upcoming “Horror” EP
  • Sidney, Australia dream pop /art-rock /goth /post-punk trio Eternal Dust “Candy” from the upcoming vinyl album “Spiritual Healers, Defence Lawyers” through Lulu’s Sonic Disc Club.
  • Turkish goth /post-punk /darkwave /synth project, Cold Romantic – “Amenti Salonları”
  • San Antonio, TX-based Goth Rock / Post-Punk trio In a Darkened Room “Burnt by the Sun” from the debut album “Sorrows”
  • Columbus, OH Avant-garde /Neoclassical /Gothic Rock band, GRAAL “The Kiss” from the LP “Angelfell”
  • Detroit, MI electronic /darkwave /deathgaze duo of Zach Pliska (vocals /guitar /drums) and Emily Sturm (vocals /bass) aka VAZUM “Night Shade” single
  • Miami, Florida alt rock /post-punk /darkwave band Astari Nite “Bowie In Daydreams” single
  • Costa Rica‘s darkwave /dark synth-pop artist based in San Jose, MAVROSKELETO – “Longing” from the single “Longing / Common Horrors” (re-worked outtakes from 2018)
  • Detroit, MI EBM /industrial /minimal /dark electronics /darkwave brother-sister duo Leah and Jack Komos, aka HATCHES “Toyota Angelica” from debut s/t EP
  • New York-based experimental /electro /synth /wave /electronic producer g͏u͏i͏næ͏p͏i͏g͏ ‘Incongruous Existence’ from the album ‘Incongruous’ on TONN Recordings
  • Cologne, Germany synthpop /minimal wave /retro avantgarde electronic music project by Andreas Ohle, Minimal Kommando “Ghost Punk” title track from the LP “Ghost Punk”
  • Berlin-based French dark minimal synth-wave /techno artist Alekzandra – “Golden Age” from V/A “Limitation” compilation album on Pi Electronics [π]
  • Leipzig goth /synthpop /dark wave artist XKAT “The End” single
  • Berlin-based electro garage /minimal synth-punk two-piece DAS DAS “Virtuell” single
  • Berlin-based/Australia-born EBM /dark techno /synth-pop /ethereal darkwave project of DJ, vocalist, producer and performer, Zanias – ”Simulation” first single from Zanias’s upcoming album ‘Chrysalis’ soon on Fleisch Records.
  • Mexican synthpop /dark wave /post-punk duo from Tijuana, DANCING STRANGERS “Desire” single
  • Zurich-based Wave / Synth-Pop duo Veil Of Light “Head-On Collision” from upcoming LP “Sundancing” on Avant! Records
  • Nantes, France goth /cold wave /post-punk /darkwave trio SANG FROID “Heavy Sleep Heavy Heart (Systr Remix)”
  • Denver, CO darkwave /emo /post-punk band Dead On A Sunday “Bloody Mary” (Lady Gaga cover)
  • Slovenian electro synthpop act from Ljubljana, TORUL “Now I Die Inside” new single on Infacted Recordings.
  • Portland, OR industrial /EBM /synthpunk duo PUERTA NEGRA “Sistema Falso” from the vinyl version of “Costo Humano” EP  via Oráculo Records
  • Szczecin, Poland‘s new wave /post-punk /punk solo project BZDET “All Excuses (feat. Güner Künier)” from the cassette album “DALEKO OD OK” on Syf Records
  • Seattle, WA based Coldwave /Post-punk /Darkwave DIY solo project Festering Wounds “Existential Dread”
  • Munich, Germany based new wave /post-punk /minimal cold wave duo Yakima Jera – “You” debut single
  • Calgary, Alberta goth /post-punk 5-piece, Uncanny Valley “Artificial Light” from the debut LP “Fevering Stare”
  • Quetzaltenango, Guatemala new wave /post-punk outfit GUERRA FRIA “Cuando Todos Duermen” single
  • Melbourne, Australia post-punk /darkwave project Mother’s Son “Silence Starved” from “Silence Starved” EP.
  • Boston, MA coldwave /darkwave /post-punk band TRUTH FAITH “Suffer” from the sophomore LP “Go to Ground” via Icy Cold Records and à La Carte Records
  • US goth /darkwave /post-punk collaboration PLEASURE POLICY / POSTLOOPERISH “Choke” single
  • Italian experimental /dark ambient /post-punk solo project of Giuseppe D., AKA Discontinuation Of Treatment “We Have To Be Prepared” from “Keeping Silent” EP
  • Glasgow, UK experimental /electronic /post-punk solo project When Bored “Night One” from the debut album “Jump Ship!”
  • Taguatinga based, Brazilian post-punk /gothic rock band led by Felipe Rodrigues, SIGNO 13 “Retrato Ainda” single from upcoming LP “Augurios”
  • Washington, DC occult /goth /post-punk /avant-guard psychedelic rock collective, Gorazde – “The Knife” from “Doctrine Of The Void” LP on Saccharine Underground
  • French Post-Punk /Cold Wave /Oi! /Punk band from Brest, SYNDROME 81 “Poussiere” from the special vinyl edition of 2022 debut LP “Prisons Imaginaires – INEDITS, DEMOS ET PRISES ALTERNATIVES” on Sabotage Records
  • French electro-punk /coldwave /post-punk five-piece from Paris, FRUSTRATION “Nowadays” from 2-track 7″ single
  • Hanover, Germany noise-rock /wave /post-punk band FRTG13 “Collision” from the LP “13.23”
  • French new wave/electro/shoegaze/post-punk solo project, TEENAGE SIN TASTE “Taste The Dust” from the forthcoming EP
  • AngloArgentinian, Europa-based New wave /Synthpop /Post-Punk duo Night Hexe “No Destination” single
  • San Diego, CA coldwave /post-punk duo Dustin Frelich & Amanda Toombs, AKA Cerulean Veins “Love Won’t Save Us Now” from the upcoming sophomore LP “Black” on Cold Transmission
  • Bandung, Indonesia dark punk /deathrock /post-punk band Succubus “Phantasmagoria” (off 2022 Grieve Records Compilation)
  • Wollongong, Australia rock’n’roll /noise-pop /punk-punk duo Chimers “Generator” from the 7″ single “Generator / Tooth”
  • UK lo-fi /indie /post-punk D.I.Y. collective from Bristol, Silicone Values “Bystander Apathy” from the new single “Bystander Apathy b/w When The Future Seems Futile”
  • San Diego, CA darkwave /synthpunk /post-punk solo project of James Ivey, THE DIRTY SUN “Red velvet wolf in the temple of honey” single
  • German industrial rock /’dream punk’/shoegaze /dark electronic /noise pop act from Hamburg, SEASURFER “Little girls (feat. Susana Egea of Stereoskop)” from the upcoming “Something very strange” new EP on Reptile Music
  • German new wave /post-punk /synth-pop one-man project from Buxtehude, Coloured Tears “Tortured used and lost” from “Everything reminds me of you” EP
  • Oslo based indie rock /new wave /post-punk project (Fka TÅSEN TEA PARTY), Unknown Factory “She knows where the story pretends” from the EP “She knows where the story ends”
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia new wave /post-punk solo project Чайки улетают с моря [smorya] “Без нас” from 2-track single “Из того романа”
  • Italian new wave /neo-psychedelic /dream pop band Karma Voyage “Shine” from the upcoming debut LP ”Lights in Forgotten Places” via Shyrec/Icy Cold Records
  • Swedish alt /post-punk band Cut City “Rites” from “Rites b/w Broken Dome” single
  • Romford, UK based indie rock /post-punk quartet Cross Wire “Drowning” second single from Cross Wires upcoming second album ‘Yesterday In Mourning’
  • UK/French Industrial Heavy Glam Psych Goth Rock Dance music project Golem Dance Cult “Dalek Rhetoric (Single version)” first single off Golem Dance Cult’s new album “Legend of the Bleeding Heart”.
  • Sydney, Australia power-pop /garage /punk outfit Tee-Vee Repairman “Organic Mould” from “Organic Mould” EP 7″ on Goodbye Boozy
  • London based industrial /electronic /post-punk /noise rock trio Bo Gritz “Observes and Selects” single on Glasshouse Records
  • Stockholm, Sweden based no-wave /free jazz /funk /post-punk band Receptacles “Lizards” first single from the upcoming album “The Pie” on Maternal Voice
  • Finnish occult /psych /gothic rock/metal band Sleep of Monsters “Mother of Phantoms” off the third album “ΓΓΓ” on Svart Records

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