WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – January #01-22

Photo by Robert De Mitri

  • ZartBitter “Please!!! Can we hear some different?”                                                                                                   

Northern German hopeless dreamer, grew with dad’s NDW records and later fascinated by abstract and experimental synthesizer sounds, delivers a hypnotic mix of Synth-Punk, Mutant Wave, Post-Punk and Synthpop, created for LYL Radio‘s “Night Travel on a Blanket”.

  • Brazilian new wave /post-punk band from São Paulo, ZVIET “Heaven” new single on Systemica.

In their sophomore single, the Brazilian band expands into a trio and opts for the English language, instead of the oddly Russian of their debut, exploring familiar early 80s UK leanings with a driving dismal post-punk bassline throbbing relentless menace, awash by wistful glowing synth sweeps, over hopeless, bleak, and minimal vocal obsessions wept in the warm melancholic airs and tragic dreams of “heaven.”

  • Colombian coldwave /shoegaze /post-punk band from Bogotá, SADKÓ ”Despierta” new single on Tres Incendios Records

New single for the Colombian coldwave/darkwave duo from Bogotá, always characterised by a resonant and emotional hazy and heartfelt aura to layer secret obsessions with sad piercing and sparkling guitar riffs, haunted and eerie synth glows, and soft melancholic vocals to evoke a hopeless mirage of love, doubt, and fear left waning in a droning desperate plea of yearning.

  • Post-Punk / Surf-Goth from Melbourne, Desmond Doom “I Hope I Never See Your Face Again” single

Probably born for fun on Soundcloud, initially instrumental, the Surf-Goth solo project from Melbourne combines the grey mists and melancholy of the 80s British post-punk, a heavy infatuation for the Smiths and Eastern European and Greek suggestions. Recently also on Bandcamp, the new catchy yet poignant single unfolds on a crisp, crystalline guitar work along with a bleak, murky warbling bassline, pricking piercing pain over evocative heartfelt vocals doused with poetic lyrics of broken-hearted blues into a dismal, excruciating ode of forlorn tragedy.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina Dark Ambient /Industrial /Occult /Neo-Folk solo project KAZERIA “A Requiem for Daylight” from the retrospective collection “The Plague Years [20202021]”
  • London-based neo-folk / post-punk band NAEVUS “Setbacks” from the forthcoming album “Raise Your Puppet”
  • Strasbourg, France Dark Ambient /Dungeon Synth project DOÜVES “L’Alize” from “DOÜVES” album on Montrez-Moi Vos Muscles
  • Montreuil, France Industrial /Ambient /Drone /Gothic /Darkwave /Electronic project Attention fête “Les litanies de Satan” from the album “Menschenbrüder”
  • Quimper native/Paris based experimental electronic /synthpop artist CLARA LE MEUR – “L’hiver c’est un calvaire” from the cassette album « Hier à la plage » on Le Syndicat Des Scorpions
  • Kyiv, Ukraine post-punk /darkwave /gothic project of Stan Przhegodsky, aka Black Light District “Comfort and Danger” from the in-progress album “Black Light District II”                                                                                                                                   
  • Melbourne Experimental /New Wave /Post-punk duo Jenny Branagan (NUN) and Andrea Blake (ASPS/Chrome Dome), aka VACUUM “I’ll Call You” from the upcoming “Vacuum” debut LP via Heavy Machinery and It Records
  • Austin, TX shoegaze /darkwave solo project Misty Days – “Falling Moth Wings” from the LP “Venus Tears”
  • Italian dark punk/ post-punk trio Les Belmondo “Un Promeneur Solitaire” from “Rue St. Honoré” EP on We Were Never Being Boring Collective
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico lo-fi /goth /post-punk /darkwave /coldwave solo project (Fka The Endless), Slow Danse With The Dead “Is There Another Way?” single
  • Houston, TX New Wave /Post-Punk band Tides “Cosmic Flower” from upcoming “Swim Like God” EP on Maxiecore Records
  • Fresh Washington resident post-punk /darkwave /coldwave solo project, This Cold Night “90°” (Single)
  • San José, Costa Rica goth /darkwave /post-punk duo MOLT “Sincronicidad” from the debut EP “Pasado Inconsciente”
  • Danish Post-Punk /Coldwave band from Copenhagen, KOLD FRONT “Sol” from the S/T Mini-LP on Symphony of destruction
  • Łódź, Poland Post-punk /Coldwave solo project LAS FLORES “Watch Where You Walk” first single from the upcoming debut “How Was Your Life?” EP
  • Paris, France Indie Rock /Coldwave /Post-punk duo ELECTRIC PRESS KIT “DE BATTRE MON COEUR…” off of the new album, “EXIT” on BLU-CRUSH RECORDS
  • Chicago based new wave /post-punk /synth brother duo Theodore and Ronnie Appert, aka Dramatic Shapes “Moment of Light” (Single)
  • Arkhangelsk, Russia sovietwave /coldwave /new wave /retrowave duo ЭЛЕКТРОЦОЙ [Electrotsoy] “Любовь” from “Absolutely Live At The Lodge Of Eternal Love” EP
  • Michigan based industrial /post-punk /coldwave solo project (aka Aerma), Into Her Final Sleep “Ablazed” (Single)
  • Norwegian New wave | Post-punk | Indie rock project from Oslo, TÅSEN TEA PARTY “The Cold”                             
  • Austria Post-Punk band from Vienna, TAUBSTUMM “Motten”                                                                             
  • Berlin /Hamburg minimal post-punk three piece project (Aus, Adrie, Die Letzten Ecken, Liiek, Benzin, Mercedes Guevara, Schimmel über Berlin), DIE SCHIEFE BAHN “Naja” from “6 Song Demo” 7″ EP on Emotional Response
  • Los Mochis, Mexico new wave /darkwave /post-punk trio LEONORA POST PUNK “Luna” from “Polvo” EP
  • Portland, Or based darkwave synth duo (formerly Necrodolly), Ruby Lustre “Ricochet” from the debut S/T EP
  • US post-punk /darkwave duo based in San Francisco, BREEDINGDOUBT “Muv2” from “Callous” EP
  • Berlin-based DIY post-punk /darkwave /synthwave one-man-project of Alexander Leonard Donat, VLIMMER “Vierwand” from V/A “M.A.D. II” compilation on Music Analysis Discussions Records
  • Electro-wave /synth-punk from Southern Italy, UPHORIA “Presa Male (French Version)” from vinyl 12″ LP “777” on IDIO[T]PHONE RECORDS
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia industrial /electronic /shoegaze /synth-punk act, DRIVEOVER “Thriller” from the upcoming LP “Showtime”
  • Los Angeles based electro /darkwave /synthpunk project from the singer of Secret Mutilator, Darrack Des Roche AKA Walls of Poland “The Modern World Has To Die” from the new album “The Tomb”
  • Los Angeles based goth synthwave /post-punk one-man-band Nass Zuruck “Bad blood” single
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia electronic /post-punk /synth DIY solo project VETKAMI “In the arms of foliage” from 2-tracker “April’16 (first demo)”
  • Gothenburg, Sweden darkwave /coldwave /post-punk outfit STAR WARSAW “INGET KVAR” (Single).
  • Italian Darkwave /Post-Punk one-man band IC2 “The Others” single
  • Philadelphia, PN goth rock /post-punk project of Fredrick Dotchel, aka TRAGIC AGE “Blood On Your Hands” from “Parting Gifts” E.P.
  • Melbourne, Australia deathrock /doom goth /post-punk band SEA LUNGS “Piss Up a Rope” (Single)
  • Portuguese post-punk /goth /darkwave project Vulto Violeta – “Abstratos” single
  • Mexico City goth-wave /darkwave /post-punk band, Blood Dance ft. Bari-Bari – “Burn Slow” single
  • Suffolk, England goth /post-punk band SENEX IV “My Black Angel” single
  • London, UK Goth Rock/Post-Punk band BLACK ANGEL “Breathe” single
  • Santiago, Chile darkpunk /deathrock band DGA 95 “Tinieblas” from the LP “Palabras en sombras”
  • Chilean Post-Punk /Goth Rock duo of Danko Stillborn & Ignacia Strâin from Santiago/Valparaíso, VACUUM “Castigo y Silencio” from the upcoming debut LP “Reflexiones del Miedo”
  • Mexico City post-punk /gothic rock band Sombrío “Nocturno” from the EP “Esta historia”
  • Italian darkwave trio from Naples, Neila Invo – “Murder’s Prayer (Ash Code Remix)” from V/A “10th Anniversary Tumbas Eternas” on Tumbas Eternas Records
  • Detroit, Mi electronic /darkwave /deathgaze duo VAZUM “Gallows” (Single)                                                         
  • Vancouver, BC veteran New Wave /Post-punk 4-piece THE GATHERING “Love Songs ” from new “Parade” LP on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Hungarian synthpop project Post Analog Disorder “EBM Fighter” single
  • Belgium based cold analogue synthproject CryptoChroma ~ “5th Wave”                                                                                     
  • Experimental synth collective project Tral Neu “An Ideal Of Reason” [Violet Candide & Iv/An] from “Remix” EP
  • Post-Punk /Darksynth / Synthwave / Electro act from Berlin, AGE OF DISTANCE “Destination Nowhere” debut single
  • Leipzig, Germany Electronic Doom Wave duo RIGA “Vanish” from “Vanish” EP
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK goth /doom disco /post-punk /new wave one-man-band William Denton Wilde “Let’s Go For A Drive” from “Jesus Got A Gun” EP
  • Houston, TX Darkwave /Synthwave /Post-Industrial solo project Victorian Death Photos “Home” single
  • Dark Punk /Synthpop duo from Singapore, PROSPEXX “The Devil Has Won” from the upcoming debut album ‘A Quiet World’ on Symphony of destruction
  • Portuguese synthpop /darkwave project from Lisbon, FLOATING ASHES “I See You” from V/A “The Power of Union. Fight the Fascists” on ANTI-DEMOS-CRACIA
  • Amsterdam based electronic /post-punk /new wave /darkwave one-band man Grimdeluxe “A Little Love” (Christmas Single)
  • The Hague-based darkwave /synthpop /synthwave producer Alina Valentina – “Acheron” off of V/A “Shadow Wolf Cyberzine Covertape II” 19 track ‘cover tape’ compilation with various artists for The Shadow Wolf Cyberzine Issue #10 on NIGHTWIND RECORDS
  • French darkwave /synthwave solo project NAM’S “Dance In The Dark”                                                                                                                               
  • German dark electronic /synthwave /darkwave collaboration ENFIN NOIR & Tom Laukemper – “L`ANTÉCHRIST”                                                                                                                                                              
  • Berlin based no-punk /synth-punk solo project of one half of Das Das, SCHWUND “Computerstaat” from the album “DIEEZER TÜBE”
  • Philadelphia‘s industrial /shoegaze /minimal synth /drone /dark electronic solo project LUNACY “Dust (MVTANT Remix)” from the upcoming “Echo In The Memory” LP on Dedstrange
  • Italian new wave /synth-goth collective from Rome, Vampires Of Rome “The Great Commandment (Camouflage Cover)”
  • Los Angeles based synthpop duo Brian Belknap (BlakLight) and Brian Olsen (Glasspool) since 1989, Mind Machine “Sometimes” from V/A ‘Anode (An Electrozombies Tribute To And One)’ compilation on Electrozombies                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan synthpop act of Chad Pratt and Alex Hughes, aka SAME EYES “Radio Moscow” from “Radio Moscow / Bad Influence” new single.
  • Los Angeles based coldwave /synthpop duo SACRÉ BLEU! “SKULL DANCE” from “Life After The Bombs” EP
  • ItaloAmerican synthwave /electropop duo Livio Fogli & Clare Ann Matz “No Time” on Collettivo Periferico
  • German retro analogue synth-pop duo from Dortmund, Purwien & Kowa “Purwien feat. Witt – Alle Fehler (12″ Mix)” from the retrospective collection album 5=2+3+4×12″
  • Mid-80s Latvian New Wave /Minimal /Synthpop trio from Riga, T.U.M.S.A. “Zibens” from the cassette reissue of the 5th album “Nepabeigtais Skaņdarbs” (originally released on reel to reel and very limited cassette tape edition in 1988) on Underbed Storage
  • Bern, Switzerland Industrial /Synth Wave /Post-Punk band PLAGUE PITS “Pale Angels” from the debut cassette EP “I”
  • French shoegaze /coldwave project of Parisian artist Remi Lauvergne, AKA Sad Madona “Love balmain” single                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Chilean-based goth /darkwave /synthpop /electronic music project since 2012, Arachnida “Product of Hate (Paradox Obscur Remix)” from the remix album “Arachnida Reimagined”
  • Mendoza, Argentina Darkwave /Gothic Rock trio ETERNELLE “Simetría del Destierro” (Single)
  • Russian synth-gothic /darkwave music project, formed in 2015 by Marina Scherba (keyboards, vocals) and Marianna Lukianova (guitars), ечность Небытия [Eternity of Nothingness] “В тишине” from “Лепестки” EP
  • Greek darkwave /post-punk /goth rock band based in Athens, ANIMA TRISTE “River of the Dancing Gods” (featuring members of Opened Paradise) single
  • Canadian Experimental /Industrial /Post-Punk /Post-Rock solo project Numb Body “When You Lose Someone You Love (feat. Symbolic Violence)” single
  • Bradford, UK 80’s legendary post-punk band 1919 – ”21st Century Junk” from “Satellite Man” EP
  • Berlin /Hamburg minimal post-punk three piece project (Aus, Adrie, Die Letzten Ecken, Liiek, Benzin, Mercedes Guevara, Schimmel über Berlin), DIE SCHIEFE BAHN “Naja” from “6 Song Demo” 7″ EP on Emotional Response
  • Long Beach, Ca Experimental /Industrial /Post-punk brother duo, DüllHaus “Danish Export (Feat J$)” from “MONUMENTS” LP on HUSH CLUB LTD
  • Dutch darkwave collaboration between singer Yvette Winkler and musician-producer Frank Weyzig (Born For Bliss, Tearing The BlackBox, ex-Clan of Xymox), VASELYNE “Winter” (Tori Amos cover) from “Winter” EP on COP International

Photo by Robert De Mitri


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