WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #51

  • MICK WILLS – RADIO RITUEL 33                                                                                                                               

Few around have the heartfelt attitude, music knowledge, and boundless passions of longstanding German DJ/remixer, here, courtesy of Elena Sizova and Blackmoon77‘s Radio Rituel, with another flawless mind-bender set of bleak, obscure and dense heavy yet trippy dark electronic sound, ceaselessly wavering between classic and modern, beauty and menace, noise and harmony, heaven and hell, memorable imprints of the past and exciting new finds.

  • Greek EBM /industrial techno /dark electronic producer from Athens, MORAH “Corsets • Sawf Remix” from the upcoming ltd. cassette+booklet EP “Rosslyn” on Athenian Phormix sister label dib project

A thick, bleak and ominously gripping mesh of hypnotic ritualistic rhythmic noise, unruly techno, kinked electro, rugged EBM and disruptive industrial imbued with a straightforward punk attitude from Greek DJ/Producer on very limited tape plus 8 pages booklet, A4 + A5 inserts.

  • Amsterdam based Italo disco/psych/cosmic disco Italian producer Daniele Labbate (aka Disco Mortale), aka Daniel Monaco “No FTR (Franz Scala Remix)” off upcoming “No FTR” EP on Logical Records                              

Italian Slow Motion label head Franz Scala ignites a heavy dose of cosmic turmoil with off-tempo trance-inducing mechanics to unwind mesmeric bass pulses and banging beats around airless robotic repetitions stabbed in eerily dramatic and spacey synth flashes to magnetize the dancefloor with ignorant bliss.

  • Italian/French ‘psychedelic electric body-disco’ duo of Justine + Rodion based in Mexico City, DEUX CONTROL “Des Visages (Feat. Jordi Sorder)” off upcoming LP “Sex Miami” on Höga Nord Rekords

Enigmatic and sensual slow burner mixes creeping, deep throbbing bassline allure with thudding rhythms, twinkling keys, piercing guitar slivers and dangerous anticipation to surround steamy and seductive female vocals in a surreal reality of sex and fear.

  • Detroit-born/New York-based electro/synthwave/electronic/new beat project of Nico Nightingale, aka Neud Photo “Transit” off upcoming V/A “Deviate 001” compilation on Deviate                                                                               

Fave New York-based, more than a decade standing, DJ and producer shows a compelling glimpse of his eclectic dark electronic sound with a robotic and eerie technoid electro number through mechanical bouncing, crispy rhythms, sparsely enigmatic female vocals, droning, oscillating basslines, flashing synth chords and airy swirling strains, that deftly concoct to menacingly prowl into alluring dancefloor danger.

  • UK experimental electronic producer Will Flisk “Last Transmission”                                                         
  • USSR/Russian minimal/wave/electro/synth electronic musician from Chelyabinsk, Novosti Kulturi [Новости Культуры] “Запуск” oof V/A “Der Kosmonaut” LP (Hertz-Schrittmacher ‎– HERTZ059)           
  • Stockholm, Sweden experimental /dark ambient /electronic artist Ida Matsdotter, aka Fjäder “Her Words Are Poison” title track from the new EP “Her Words Are Poison” on Innan Gryningen
  • French Dark Techno/Industrial producer Basic Structure ft Nour – “Drift lines” from Basic Structure‘s “Emotional Pressure” EP on Tunis’ label Trouble.
  • GT Modell – “We Wont Let You Down” – Netherlands, 1983 (Swarm Edit)                                                         
  • UK based electro /rave /industrial /post-punk project of French musician/DJ and producer Jerome Tcherneyan and Czech performance artist and DJ, Barkosina Hanusova, aka Years Of Denial “Rêverie” off of upcoming V/A “Murder 02” compilation on Murder Records   
  • Montreal, Canada industrial /dark synth /post-punk /EBM /techno project of multi-instrumentalist and composer, Tetsuo Paradi, aka The Marquis “A World Lit Only By Fire” taken from the album “The Suburbs Dream Of Bloodshed”, soon on Aufnahme + Wiedergabe
  • Lyon, France industrial/acid/EBM/post-punk/electronic producer and co-founder of the label Rafale Records, L’Ätlas “Shadow of the Past” title track from upcoming EP “Shadow of the Past” on Parfé Records
  • Berlin based EBM /industrial techno /electronic music project of Thomas Ricard, co-founder of Area Z Records, aka Foreign Policy “Their Names Can Be Counter on Ten Fingers” from “Watching Existence” [X-IMG20] EP 12″ on Sarin’s X-IMG
  • Berlin-based/Australia-born dark techno/coldwave/darkwave project of DJ, vocalist, producer, and performer Alison Lewis (Linea Aspera, Keluar), a.k.a. ZANIAS “Komodo” from upcoming V/A “Seven Years Of Delirium” on Liber Null Berlin                                                                                                                 
  • Italian dark electronics / EBM producer Antonio Barbetta (aka Antonio) from the Adriatic Coast, RAW AMBASSADOR “Stahlwerk” from his upcoming EP “Stahlwerk” [NBR014] on Nu Body Records                                      
  • Gothenburg based EBM/industrial techno producer Fredrik Carlsson – “Windows” off upcoming V/A “Tricks of The Trade” on FERMA                                                                                                                                       
  • Berlin-based Swiss techno DJ and producer Chlär “Naughty Boy” off new EP „Only The Past” on Berlin’s [selected]
  • Greek psych /ethnic /techno electronic producer Aggelos Baltas (aka Dream Weapons and Fantastikoi Hxoi), Anatolian Weapons “Lockdown IV” off upcoming V/A “Tears for Fears Vol. 3” [SOTA042] cassette compilation on SOIL
  • Tbilisi, Georgia acid dark techno producer Puritan – “Whitesnake” off of upcoming V/A “Murder 02” compilation on Murder Records                                                                                                                                       
  • Detroit-born/New York-based electro/synthwave/electronic/new beat project of Nico Nightingale, aka Neud Photo “Poisoner” from upcoming V/A “Unreleased Territory Vol. 2” on Electric Shapes
  • US producer Colin Cameron Allrich‘s experimental/ambient/IDM/Industrial Electronic project Slighter “Wirehead (royb0t Remix)” from “WETWARE: Compiled” album on Confusion Inc.
  • Vancouver, BC experimental/IDM/industrial/synth/electronic project of Skinny Puppy‘s multi-instrumentalist cEvin Key “Thirteen” from upcoming 2021 LP “X̱wáýx̱way” on Artoffact Records
  • Icelandic experimental electro producer from Reykjavík, KULDABOLI “Afi kenndi mér íslensku” from the new EP “Ekkert nema ískaldur veruleikinn” on bbbbbb recors
  • Kent, UK dark electro musician Stuart Flower aka Dexterous Numerics “Subterfuge”        
  • Dutch experimental electro producer from Rotterdam, IAN MARTIN – “Conservative Chakra” off upcoming EP “Heartbeats” on Onrijn Records                                                                                                                               
  • Milan, Italy dark/techno/breakbeat/electro producer LAGOS feat. Vecthör – “Délire Paralléle” from Lagos’ “Ritualistics” EP on his own Ogoun Records
  • Los Angeles-bred breakbeat /house /street beat /electronic producer Nicholas Benedek, aka Benedek ‘Doodat’ from the upcoming “Mr. Goods” LP on Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S.)                                          
  • Russian ambient /downtempo /tribal /psych /techno producer LINJA – “Foghorn” from upcoming Anatolian Weapons / LINJA – Split EP on Serenades
  • Los Angeles-based synth-pop /electronic husband-and-wife duo of Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis, Peaking Lights “Walking with You” new single on Looking Glass
  • Montreal, Quebec brutal italo-disco /heavy cosmic drone /mutant industrial artist, Bernardino Femminielli “L’amour avec moi (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)” off “L’amour avec moi – The Remixes)” on I’m a Cliché
  • Saint Petersburg-based Ukrainian eclectic ethnic /psych /trance /techno /electronic DJ/producer Konstantin Isayev (aka Rambal Cochet), aka Volta Cab – “Emperor Sheikh” title track from upcoming EP “Emperor Sheikh” on Avacha Records
  • Mysterious acid/psych/chug/dark disco producer Viper Patrol “Blind Swordsman – Marching Machines remix” off “Transcendance” EP on NEIN Records
  • Zürich, Switzerland dark disco /electronic producer John Parsley – “High Life (Local Suicide & Time To Sleep Remix)” off “Coin Crash” EP on Playground Records
  • French indie-dance /dark disco electronic DJ/producer Darlyn Vlys feat. Northern Lite – “Pacemaker” off Darlyn Vlys’ “Modelo 303” EP on Damon Jee‘s new imprint Dust & Blood
  • Belgrade-based indie dance/disco DJ and producer Ivan Rapaić, aka Rapaik – “Electric Orgasm (Original Mix)” off two-track EP “Space Gangster” on UK label Paradiso Records
  • Macedonian dark disco/Italo disco duo KANTON6 – “Plage De La Ville (Italo Beach)” off “Plage de la Ville” EP on Skopje’s PMG Tanz Digital
  • Badajoz, Spain electronic producer Kali (Gameboyz), aka Modernphase Ft. Pitlane B – “Ritual” off upcoming EP “Neandertal” on Espacio Cielo                                                                                           
  • UK based ambient/jungle/drum & bass/electronic musician Jordan Parsons, aka Crypticz “Broadcast Feeling” from the album “Between Dust & Time” (LORE010) on Western Lore
  • Tacoma based experimental /leftfield /glitch /electronic producer BLANKETDRAGON “Life In Reverse (w. Mr. Bill)” from “Nothing Isn’t” EP on Billegal Beats
  • Tel Aviv-bred, Berlin-based middle east/psych/deep/techno/electronic producer Yotam Russo, aka LOTT – “Visions from Mosi’s Dream (Club Tularosa Remix)” off “Visions from Mosi’s Dreams” EP on Karakter
  • French trance/ethnic/electronic young producer Adrien Van de Velde aka A Strange Wedding “Black Magic Rituals” title track from the upcoming EP on Worst Records                                                                              
  • Berlin-based experimental/ambient/psychedelic electronic DJ and producer (aka Grand Optimist), Philipp Otterbach “Constant Diet Of Flattery” from the debut album “Everything Else Matters” on R.I.O. Label
  • London-based electronic synth project of former Visage keyboardist, Logan Sky “10 Hours to Berlin” from “Systems Broken Down” LP, a collection of instrumental tracks from 2008-2014 on Etrangers Musique
  • Sweden kosmische/Berlin school/cosmic/synth project of Jörgen Fredrikssen-Svanhvit, aka Lo-Fi Electronic “Cosmic Voyager” from “Lo-fi Electronic Spaces” album on Svanhvit Music
  • California ambient/experimental/noise/electronic duo J Novick + Ray Monde “Call of the Void” from S/T album on Moscow’s Invisible Animals
  • Slovenian dark ambient/synthesizer/guitar drones project of Primož Bončina (Mould, Prms), aka Birches “Divjina IV.03” from the cassette album “Divjina III-IV” on Cloudchamber Recordings
  • Belgrade, Serbia dark ambient /drone /experimental /techno /electronic producer Anđelina Mićić aka Zhe Pechorin “My Sunsets” from upcoming cassette album “Boundary Lessons” on Etang Brulant
  • Czechia ambient/drone musician BLEAR MOON “”Sinara” from the new “Sinara” EP
  • Philadelphia based field recordings /minimal /ambient trio, Hotel Neon “oct 12″ from “Moments” CD album on Sound in Silence
  • Brooklyn, NY experimental /ambient /synth artist LIGHTBATH “Apurina” from the album “Selected Public Works, Vol. 5”
  • Seattle-based ambient /drone /electronic musician Norm Chambers (aka Panabrite, Jürgen Müller, Spiral Index), N Chambers “Ageusia” from the upcoming album “Spectrum Garden”
  • UK ambient/field recordings project of Slowdive’s, Simon Scott “”Apart F” from the album “Apart” on NY’s 12K label
  • Recently deceased San Francisco, Ca experimental electronic music composer and synthesist (aka Trans-Millenia Consort), Pauline Anna Strom “Marking Time” from the upcoming album “Angel Tears in Sunlight” the first album in over thirty years, on RVNG Intl.

Picture by Oana Stoian