WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – DECEMBER #50 – 22


  • Black Lodge Radio EP 101: KOSMIK                                                                                                                        

 Solo all vinyl experimental journeys by Rezident of Los Angeles-based global esoterik electronic resistance The Black Lodge, Kosmik, into strange soundscapes and visionary rhythms old and new, including selections from a variety of BL members.                                             

  • French EBM /post-punk /techno producer FLUX “SSK (Human Experiments Remix)” from “XIIIe OEIL (Remixes)” EP on Harbor Concept

Galloping, gritty, hard-hitting and buzzing rework by fellow Parisian producer of purely crackling dance-floor smashing EBM-infected techno.

  • French EBM /industrial /synth-punk /techno /dark electronics producer Loic Bodjolle, AKA Cardinal & Nun – “Infection” single

French producer is finally back with a claustrophobic industrial-inflected techno slow burner through hypnotic, clangorous tight rhythmic patterns, menacing undulating rumbling low ends, and wailing synth spirals, binding together to drive, wrest and contort, haunted by a foreboding pain-filled fate, locking you into a droning, deranged and oppressive infection.

  • Durham, North Carolina‘s experimental /minimal synth /techno /industrial solo project of Mimi Luse, AKA Permanent “Nervous Tic” from the upcoming EP “Hunger Or Nausea” 12″ vinyl on Modern Tapes

North Carolina‘s DIY electronic musician veers from her 2021’s bedroom Minimal Synth-inflected debut release to visceral and stone-cold Industrial Electronics territories, rife with minimalism, repetition, and strained mechanical rhythmic clatter, nodding to Throbbing Gristle, Esplendor Geométrico and Suicide, to cloak the listener in an obsessed droning trance and black-clad allure.

  • Australian ambient /drone /experimental artist, vocalist and musician (half of dream pop band Heligoland) based in Paris, Karen Vogt “cloud thirty-seven” from “Little Pink Fluffy Clouds D” 4th and final chapter of four improvised LP’s series
  • L.A.-based ambient /IDM /acid /techno electronic musician (one-half of Awakened Souls) James Bernard “inward” from the album “a sliver of silver” (Excerpts from a Livestream performance for 9128. live on 3/21/20)
  • Montreal, Quebec ambient /drone /field recordings /sound textures project of brothers Francis and Pier-Luc Tremblay, AKA Grandbruit / Lamasz “35 mm F1.4” from the album “Jeudis” via Florina Cassettes
  • Scotland, UK experimental /ambient /electronic producer Neil McDonald, AKA Lord Of The Isles “Solo” from the album “Subtle Thoughts” on Lapsus Records
  • San Francisco‘s ambient /drum & bass /breakbeat /deep house veteran producer Brock Van Wey (aka bvdub, East Of Oceans), aka Earth House Hold “Make It To Tomorrow” from the special 4-CD sleeve album “How Deep Is Your Devotion” on A Strangely Isolated Place
  • Ambient /cinematic /downtempo /electronic collaboration of Danish and French composers Henrik Laugesen and Vincent Villuis, aka LAUGE & AES DANA – “Hiding in the Clouds” from “Terrene” LP on Ultimae
  • Slovakian Dungeon Synth duo Škreter “Watching Embers of Fire Before We Go To Sleep” from the album “The Shore”
  • UK post-industrial /ritual /breakbeat /electronic artist (one half of The Fertile Crescent), Susu Laroche “Munojat” from V/A “AMF&F003” compilation on Accidental Meetings
  • Israeli dub /ethnic /psych /tribal techno act from unnamed members of the Moontribe collective, The Souvenirs “Bush Lark Ritual” 2-track 7″ single on Tel Aviv based Fortuna Records
  • Lo-fi /experimental /ambient /psychedelic /electronic collaborative project by French DJ and musician Low Bat and Dresden-based producer Heninspace, AKA Lowspace – “Sonntag Gibt Milchkaffee” off the upcoming split tape “A Given Moment” with Lostsoundbytes [Phase Group]
  • Berlin-based experimental /ambient /psychedelic electronic DJ and producer (aka Grand Optimist), Philipp Otterbach “The Lost Track” off of V/A “Enter The Decagon” LP on Fasaan Rec.
  • Piedimonte San Germano, Italy ambient /electronic /electro producer Mirror Of Sadness “Empty Field”
  • Greek dark ambient /IDM /techno /electronic /analog modular synthesist Bakis Sirros AKA Parallel Worlds “Dysfunction” from “Plector” (DiN76) LP on DiN label.
  • Athens, Greece industrial /ambient /drone DJ-producer Devika “Paradoxical Rem” from 2023 V/A “LIMITATION” compilation 12″ vinyl/CD on Pi Electronics [π]
  • Mid-80s West London industrial /electronic duo Andrew Burton and Elisabeth Clark, Pornosect – “Pressure Level” from V/A “80s Underground Cassette Culture: Volume 2” on Contort Yourself
  • Malta Dark Ambient /Industrial /Ritual /Tribal /Techno project Devil’s Breath “Embrace Of The Serpent III” from (ZZS 096) “Embrace of the Serpent” album on Zazen Sounds Publishings
  • Breda, the Netherlands ’80s industrial /tribal /experimental /dark electronics one-man project of Marien van Ooers AKA Het Zweet “Voices of Calamity” from the upcoming 2×12″ vinyl compilation “HET ZWEET – ARCHIVES VOL. I (’82-’88)” on Modal Analysis
  • French/Italo techno /EBM /electro collaboration between veteran electronic producers Marc Ayats and Jørgen Thorvald (aka Gionata Bettini), Ayats-Thorvald – “Lune Atroce (Celldöd Remix)” title track of their forthcoming EP “Lune Atroce” [Electronic Emergencies]
  • Russian acid /coldwave /electro /EBM DJ-producer Alexey Bork, aka Rudiment “Zeitenwende feat. XTR HUMAN” from upcoming cassette EP “ZEITENWENDE” [WIE EIN GOTT]
  • Stockholm-based EBM /no wave /electro-funk duo Johan Skugge & Martin Thomasson AKA Harlem Electronics “Salt your wound” off upcoming 6-track E.P. ‘Tracer’ [Body Musick]
  • Lyon, France industrial /electro /techno /body music DJ-producer Ramtarr – “Dysfunction” from V/A “Timeframe” EP via Sharped Records
  • Illinois‘ harsh noise /techno /industrial producer Daymon Kiliman, a.k.a. Luct Melod “Argute” from the cassette EP “Intarsia” [Vives]
  • Spanish EBM /Cyberpunk /Synthwave /Darksynth /Electronic music producer Nightcrawler “I’m a Bit Paranoid (Asymetric80 Remix)”
  • Canadian industrial synth electronic producer from Toronto, Holon “No Discernable Pattern Detected”
  • Italian dark disco /new wave /synth-pop project of Stefano Castelli (from Milan‘s post-punk band Clone Culture), Castelli feat. Luca Urbani – “Festa” from the forthcoming ‘Anni Venti’ album on Bordello A Parigi
  • Polish techno /electro /breakbeat producer CHOPP. “H8 Me Now” off “Local Brawl” EP [POTOP]
  • Nairobi, Kenya experimental techstep /breaks /electronic producer Slikback “SHEATH” from “K E K K A N” LP
  • Russian electro /dark disco /electronic DJ-producer, Disco Morato – “Pink” from “Disco Traxx” EP [Syberian]
  • New York‘s hardware-based machine funk /acid /electro DJ-producer and The New U.S. Government head, Michael Padgett AKA Ole Mic Odd “Rocket Science” off V/A “DAAF TRAX 3” compilation on the Italian label FU.ME.                                                                                                                                                                       
  • San Francisco-based breakbeat /electro multidisciplinary artist (one half of Slumber), Amber Cox “Borean”
    from V/A “Planet Destroyed” compilation [AVOIDANT]
  • Italian acid electro producer Roberto Crisma aka KWASIR “Song For A Martian – Christian Kroupa Remix” from the upcoming “Screams From Outer Space” EP on FERMA
  • Colorado‘s industrial /techno /electro-funk /electro graffiti writer-DJ-producer Johan Sebastian Bot, aka DVS NME “Guns & Butter”
  • Spanish acid /techno /breaks /electro producer Arturo Fernandez AKA Irrational Language – “Onirico” from upcoming LP “Multidimensional” [Structured Records]
  • Fribourg, Switzerland IDM /ambient /dubstep /breaks producer Fels “Charged” from “Charged” EP on Blizzard Audio Club
  • Italian techno DJ/producer Giuseppe Di Leria AKA D-Leria “Junglism” from “Not In This Life.” EP [SEMANTICA 133]
  • US house /disco /Balearic /electronic Episcopal Priests DJ-producers John Zahl & Albert Pearson, AKA Jaz & Bertie – “Crazy Boy (Physical Education Mix)” from “Jaz & Bertie” EP [Death On Wax]
  • Toulouse based EBM /Italo Disco /Synthwave DJ-producer and Ritmo Fatale label co-founder, Kendal “Come To Me (Club Mix)” single on Dischi Autunno
  • Brussels based acid /dark disco /electronic DJ-producer and Higher Hopes boss (half of Los Niños Del Parque), DC Salas “La Grande Île” from upcoming V/A “Driving Blind (Vol.3)” on Les Yeux Orange
  • Berlin‘s deep house /cosmic disco producer Tallac – “Dreaming In Dialup” off upcoming V/A “Altered States Vol.8” [Sinchi]
  • Italian Trance /Indie Dance /Italo-Disco DJ-producer Matteo Pepe aka UABOS “Fuori Onda (Amarcord Trancy Remix)” bonus remix from upcoming “Magico Infinito” EP 12″ on Taste Rec.
  • Athens, Greece Dark Disco/ Italo Body Music producer Kay-Chi “Brighter Shadows” from “Brighter Shadows“ EP [Bungalo Disco]
  • French Italo Disco /Dream House /Electronic DJ and producer (founder of Fauve Radio and Fauve Records), Romain FX – “NameYourPrice Edit 010” from “NameYourPrice Edits” edit series on Les Yeux Orange
  • L.A.’s drum & bass /dubstep /jungle DJ-producer 6Blocc – “Pluto (Data General Remix)” from V/A “[PCMS 2022.5] Facets” compilation on Pinecone Moonshine
  • Sierra Leone-native, NYC based ambient /experimental /dub /noise /electronic producer Lamin Fofana “Here Lies Universality” from the album “Here Lies Universality” on Avian
  • Bristol, UK ambient /ethereal /psych /downtempo /synth electronic musician Deep Nalstrøm “Gentle Breeze” from “Naissance Aux Mondes Invibles” album on Slow Life label/collective
  • Melbourne, Australia ambient /drone /electro-acoustic improvisation /experimental composer, sound artist and clarinetist, Aviva Endean “Nightwork” from the album “Moths & Stars” on Room40
  • Leipzig / Germany based ambient electronic music artist Enuit “We Came In Peace (Again)” from V/A “tʌntrə XXVI” compilation on Italy‘s Neotantra
  • L.A. based ambient /ethereal /electronic husband and wife duo James Bernard and Cynthia Bernard, AKA Awakened Souls “speak with love (live)” from “Live in Los Angeles 2022” album (live performance, September 2022)
  • Thessaloniki, Greece ambient /drone /tapemusic /modular synth /experimental sound artist Savvas Metaxas “Distance”
  • Preston, UK ambient /drone /space synth /electronic project of Stephen James Buckley, aka POLYPORES “Skyflutes” off of the Split cassette album “For the Ferret” with La French (crowdfund to save Preston‘s iconic grassroots live music venue The Ferret) on Preston‘s concretetapes