WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – December #49-21

  • Oren Greenberg [Disintegration 6/12/21] – Live at Netil Radio                                                                             

Tel Aviv-based DJ, radio host, and music collector Oren Greenberg despatched me another killer two-hour-live-mix replete with a brutalist action-packed dark concoction of Coldwave, Industrial, Techno, Darkwave, Electro, and EBM that I’m very pleased to host.

  • Thessaloniki-based ambient /EBM /Industrial /dark electronics producer Alpha Sect “Alexi Zeis” in the anniversary of the killing of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos by a police officer

Released last December 6, by Thessaloniki‘s producer, to commemorate the anniversary of a still resonant landmark case of police brutality and court injustice in Greece. Dramatic synth drone alarm charges thundering and feverish dance beats to stomp relentlessly through nefarious chaos of brutal mechanical rhythms, cut in eerie sparkling frequencies and menacing bassline danger, whilst Greek vocal clips instill panic and disbelief into the troubling headline regarding 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos‘ untimely death at the hands of the police officer in 2008.

  • Berlin-based EBM /Synthwave /Techno /Italo Disco French DJ, live artist, and producer from Toulouse (half of Imperial Black Unit, aka Lapse Of Reason), PABLO BOZZI “Ghost Of Chance” title track from the upcoming EP “Ghost Of Chance” on Jennifer Cardini’s Dischi Autunno.                                                           

Comes late in the year, although just in time to mesmerize and storm every dance floor with its heady mix of synthwave, disco, and techno. Warbling undulating bassline hypnosis drives dire moods through a droning tunnel of terse lashing beats, slow warm swathes, and icy bright chiming synth melodies to transform time and motion around lost painfilled vocalizations, weeping cries amid angry emotional bursts of aversion to falling eerily into a haunting dancing haze of ghostly, unstoppable dread.

  • British breakbeat /industrial /techno-drum & bass artist Samuel Wood, aka Sam KDC “Demiurge” from V/A “Raices” fundraising compilation on Colombia‘s Granular Spectrum.

British producer Samuel Woods is a ceaseless explorer of the darker side of ambient, drum & bass, and techno experimentation. His contribution to the huge fundraising compilation, by Antioquia-based label Granular Spectrum, can’t go unnoticed. Unrelentless tight and pounding grooves, buzzing basslines and hallucinated dazzling esoteric synths inject a dense cold and oppressive blanket of depth-defying mist, amidst restlessness and paranoia, through a dreadful and enveloping trance to open inner doorways of ancient doom into spiraling sentience of dancefloor frenzy.

  • Berlin, based experimental synth electronic artist SILVIA KASTEL “Grip” from V.A. – “Donne Che Corrono Coi Lupi” cassette compilation on Osàre! Editions
  • London-based experimental /psychedelic /electronic music producer (FKA Nan Kolè), Francesco Cucchi, aka BLUE RITUAL “Second Death” from upcoming 7-track EP “Insects” on Belgrade‘s kepasaparadoks.
  • Torino-based, Italian experimental /ambient /percussive /dub /leftfield /electronic artist and Gang Of Ducks co-founder, SABLA “Ground Loop” from the album “Music For Melted Floors” first release on Barcelona’s new label Pensaments Sònics
  • Russian experimental /leftfield /psych /electronic producer Metallic Means – “Vivid (Tassilo Vanhöfen Remix)” from “Sonder” EP [ИДА / Ida Sound]
  • Greek experimental /cinematic /psych /electronic music producer and film director Yannis Veslemes (aka Felizol) from Athens, aka VESLEMES “Pheasants” from V/A “Outsiders 01” on Inside Out Records
  • Brazilian experimental /dark ambient /breakbeat /techno /drum&bass producer I.C.G – “Skyggen” from upcoming V/A “Viuva Negra” [TEIA records.]                                                                                                         
  • London based Czech Republic born electronic performance and sound artist and half of Years Of Denial, Barkosina Hanusova “Star Gaze” from her debut book companion tape album “Fasting Culture” [Modular Mind]                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Berlin-based dark disco /dark electronic /wave collaboration between DJ/producers duo Vamparela & Brax Moody and Buenos Aires-native Damian, aka Local Suicide & Skelesys – “Naked & Confused (The KVB Remix)” from “You’re Mine” EP on Snap, Crackle & Pop                                                                 
  • German synthwave solo project from Bremen, Mental Minority “The End Again” (Single)
  • Lille, Franceindustrial / EBM/ electro/ techno producer Terence Fixmer “Blizzard” from V/A “Vortex Chronologies Evo.2” compilation on KR3 Records                                                                                                         
  • Detroit industrial /noise /breakbeat /techno producer VELDT – “A March For Steel ( Hypnoskull Remix )” from upcoming “GROUND FLOOR REMIXED” EP on detroitindustrial
  • Russian ritual industrial techno producer NOFORM “Tochka Damage (Angel Attack Remix)” from “Samot & Noform -The Instinct Series 004″ Split LP on House of Reptile Records
  • Mat Zo feat. Olan – “Problems (OKKOTO Remix)” on The Meaning Of Rave
  • Argentinian acid /new beat /techno trash project of Djs and producers May Mc Laren and Tomas Palmariello from Buenos Aires, HAPPY 707 “ Yeah!” from V/A ” Body presents Anatomy Vol.1″ [Body Musick]     
  • Spanish EBM /horror soundtrack /dark electro /synthwave DJ/producer from Bilbao, WLDV [We Love Dolce Vita] “Obsessed” off of V/A – “Cube” compilation on Samo Records
  • French trance /dark techno /electro DJ/producer from Marseille, Mila Dietrich “Drive and Cry (Bonnie Spacey)” from remix album “You Should Have Saved Me Sonner”
  • French EBM /electro composer, producer, remixer, and Black Strobe member, Arnaud Rebotini “Special A” from the “New Territory” EP 12″ on VEYL
  • Paris, French EBM /techno /synthpop /synth wave artist-producer Sydney Valette “Sabotage (Meshes Remix)” from “Death of a Comedian” EP 
  • Russian electro-punk breakout duo Locked Club “Devchonka” from “EGIPET” EP 12″ on PRIVATE PERSONS
  • Shanghai, China industrial electronics /dark techno producer, Tzusing – “LCD (Estoc‘s TFW Your Name is Written on the Ostrakon Remix)” from the album “Next Life” on his own Sea Cucumber label
  • Tel Aviv based acid /disco /electro producer Naor Dayen, aka E-bony “Rambo” from “DDE03″ EP 10” on Dalmata Daniel Extra Series
  • Offenbach-based Brazilian indie dance /electronic producer Jefferson Celestino, aka CELESTINO “Lodestar (MAN2.0 Variation On A Theme)” from ” Battle Cry” EP on Emerald & Doreen Records           
  • Berlin based disco /house /electronic musicians Douglas Greed and Fabian Kuss, aka Yeah But No “Going Down (Terr Remix)” from “The Shadow Self II” EP [Distant Echos]
  • INKA – “Kopf Hoch” (Orchid Edit) [1987]                                                                                                                 
  • French electronic /dark disco /indie dance duo Damon Jee & Darlyn Vlys “Phénomène (Original)” off of “Phénomène” EP on Dust And Blood                                                                                                                      
  • Lithuanian electronic /dark disco/ wave /techno producer from Vilnius, Zakmina “Power ” off V/A “Sailor of Wrong Era” compilation on Wrong Era                                                                                                                   
  • Lithuanian trance /psych /breakbeat /electronic producer aka Jokios Kultūros, one half of Far East Flight and co-founder of Electric Shapes, 28 – “Įženk Į Ateitį (Enter The Future)” from upcoming V/A “Unreleased Territory vol. 3” on Electric Shapes
  • Berlin-based Vienna‘s cosmic disco /electronic production duo Oberst & Buchner “Gravity Control (Zombies In Miami Remix)” [Mireia Records]
  • Koh Chang, Thailand downtempo /tribal acid /slow trance /psych /ethnic /electronic producer The Dude Of Stratosphear – “Do Saptaah ft.Yiannis (Hyperspace Vocal Mix)” from “Do Saptaah” EP [Sphearic Records]         
  • Stockholm-based cosmic /dark disco /indie dance /electronic producer (aka Fabian Kash), Leo Af Ekenstam “Stanford Torus” from V/A “Altered States Vol.5” on Sinchi
  • Turkish dark disco /psych /ethnic /electronic collaboration Günce Aci “Exposure (Stockholm Youth remix)” from “Dream of the Sirens” EP on Factor City
  • Paris-based French techno trance producer, Antigone “Lolytrance (pluck version)” from V/A “All his decisions” compilation on Moscow‘s Trip Recordings
  • Malta‘s Dark Ambient /Industrial /Ritual /Tribal /Techno duo Cultura Obscura and [Dis]event, aka Devil’s Breath – “Indigenous Lives Matter” from V/A “Teknoloġija: L-Ewwel Volum” on Wirebox Records
  • Berlin-based German/North American ambient /noise /electronic producer and composer Bridget Ferrill “Viola da Gamba” from the cassette album “Only” on enmossed
  • Hamilton, Ontario ambient scientist, guitarist & composer Anne Sulikowski “To live is to be haunted” from the new single “The Visit”
  • Brussels, Belgium ambient /drum&bass /techno /electronic producer SKY H1 “Labyrinth” from the debut album “Azure” on AD93
  • Quebec IDM /Downtempo /Chillout /Ambient producer Charles-Emile Beullac, aka Galerie Stratique “Rylka” from the album “Nothing Down-to-Earth” (originally released in 2001 on Law & Auder).
  • Shelbyville, Kentucky experimental /ambient /drone project of Jason Lamoreaux, aka The Corrupting Sea “Overnight” from the album “For Simplicity’s Sake” on his own Somewherecold Records
  • Hiroshima, Japanese ambient /drone /electronic artist and composer Hidekazu Imashige, aka Gallery Six “The Cosmos Garden” from the album “The Miniature Garden” on ARCHIVES
  • Urbana, Illinois drone /field recordings /ethereal /minimal ambient artist INNESTI “Iniss” from the album “Drifting” on Dewtone Recordings
  • Bradford, UK electronic /post-rock /ambient project of Gavin Miller (former member of Johnny Poindexter), worriedaboutsatan “You Care Because I Do” from V/A “TIIF 2021” compilation on his own label This Is It Forever
  • US ambient /drone /ethereal /soundscape /electronic collaboration, zakè, City of Dawn, Ossa “Whispers Unheard” from the album “A Pale Shelter” on Past Inside the Present
  • Sweden‘s ambient /deep electronic /drum&bass producer Ludvig Cimbrelius (aka Purl) aka ILLUVIA “Nirmala II” from V/A “2021 | Label Compilation (mixed by todos)” on A Strangely Isolated Place
  • Frankfurt Am Main, Germany ambient /electronic synthesist and composer, Jogging House “Host” from the new album “Perhaps”
  • Essex UK based ambient /drone /experimental musician and composer Robert Mells, aka Rorquals – “Ascend” from V/A “Rusted Drones Vol. 1” cassette on Rusted Tone Recordings