WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #49


  • New York‘s hardware-based electronic DJ/producer and The New U.S. Government head Michael Padgett, Ole Mic Odd “Get The Fffuck Out” from V/A “The Best of NYH Part 2” second part of two-volume compilation to celebrate 5 years of Tilburg‘s New York Haunted label

Like it or not, Tilburg-based New York Haunted runs by Vincent Koreman a.k.a. DRVG CVLTVRE is undoubtedly one of the most eclectic and progressive labels around, always ready to highlight a consistent batch of talented young producers. Now it’s time to celebrate 5 years of glorious activity with two-volume best-of compilation album series. The lo-fi acidic ghetto electro jam by New Yorker Ole Mic Odd is one of my faves…

  • Detroit based experimental/dark techno/electro producer Francois Dillinger “Afraid of Nothing” from the new EP “No Reentry” on the Latvian label Blind Allies.

Dark, immersive and hypnotic electro with cinematic elements from Detroit‘s producer Francois Dillinger, made of icy bleak synth, deep swelling ominous bass frequencies and sparse mechanical beats to build an impending sense of building dread and tension relentlessly bordering the mysterious bottomless abyss of darkness

  • Madrid, Spain experimental/industrial/electro duo Telephasycx! – “Realized Spitx” from the upcoming EP “math.random( )” on Madrid’s label Rator Mute

Spanish experimental A/V duo Telephasycx! ably combines industrial and electro elements that simmer and brood along with bass distortions, broken rhythms, droning atmospheric tones, corrosive sounds and voice scraps to create something fully penetrating, hypnotic, dissonant and utterly gripping and intriguing all at once.

  • Montreal, Québec experimental/ambient/ethereal/electronic musician Dråsa – “Open Your Hand (frail remix)” from V/A “Vol. VII (Various Artists 2019)” compilation on Unknown Tone Records
  • Moscow, Russia 80’s sci-fi electronic/electro project of Alexander Zharikov, Moskva-Kassiopeya “Prophecy” from the new EP “Utopia”
  • Russian electronic producer Vitaly Magadansky from Saint-Petersburg, Podval Capella “Voices” from new album “Solar Plex”                                                                                                                                                      
  • Instanbul, Turkey dark disco/ethnic/electronic producer Günce Acı – “The Circle Is Not Round (Darlyn Vlys Remix)” off of “Swallow” EP on Dogs & Vultures Records
  • Berlin-based coldwave/dark disco project Basic Instinct “Passion” from upcoming “Jazz” EP on Nein Records    
  • Mexican dark disco/eletronic producer CABIZBAJO “Cane Robbers (Dan Solo Remix)” off upcoming EP on La Volta Ros                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Vilnius, Lithuania noise-rock/krautrock/dance/experimental electronic band Without Letters “Veering Mass (Ement Remix)” off of the debut album “Abundance Supreme” on Partyzanai Pop                                                      
  • Canadian ambient/cyberpunk/synthwave/electronic producer from Toronto, HOLON “Seeking Solitude”            
  • Tokyo-based French electro sonic craftsman Fleck ESC “Shaping Grey” title-track from the new EP on Bass Agenda Recordings
  • Moscow, Russia bred electro producer/musican/DJ Anthony Kurochkin based in Berlin, BLOND 007 “Space Troubles” off of new EP ‘HC007’ on Muzikalist’s label Hypnotic Connection
  • Liverpool-born electro producer (Carbon Academy, Random Factor, Silicon Scally, Voice Stealer), CARL FINLOW “Expose” from “Obscura” EP on Fanzine Records
  • Managua, Nicaragua born electro project of Carlos Enrique González García, aka SOULDZ feat. Fotoapparat “Mrok” from the upcoming self-released debut album “Metatron”                                                                                   
  • Polish dark ambient /drum & bass producer Filip Olszewski, aka Entire “Taura” off forthcoming V/A “Beyond The Physical” on Two Hungry Ghosts                                                                                                                       
  • Experimental electronics/electro solo project by Colombia‘s drummer and synth music producer Christian Valderrama, aka PANORAMA LINEAL “Murder Junkies (Original Mix)” off of the new EP “Heart, Mind, Complacement & Malice” EP on Analogue Texture Records
  • Mexico City minimal synth/wave/synth-punk/EBM/dark techno producer Carlos GrabStein, aka 89s† – “Modulation” from V/A EP “Bloque Sur – G” via Pildoras Tapes
  • French dark minimal ambient noise electronic duo from Bordeaux, FUROR (UNN + MEER) “Is-Slotted” title track from the upcoming 12″ EP Modular Mind.                                                                                                                           
  • Berlin-based, EBM / industrial / techno French duo of Thomas Chalandon (Templər) and Pablo Bozzi (Lapse of Reason) and techno Spanish DJ Reka, REKAxIMPERIAL BLACK UNIT “Todo Avaricia” title track from the forthcoming EP on Fleisch Records.
  • Sweden-based Polish DIY Punk/Electro/EBM producer SUKABURA “Mot solen” from the 2-track single “Vid gränsen”
  • Naples, Italy industrial/electro/goth/dark electronic/EBM producer SHARPLINES “Weathering The Storm” from “Born Of God And Void” cassette album on Dead By Overdose
  • Utrecht based EBM/industrial/dark techno/minimal electro musician/producer Roberto Auser “Avalon” from split 12″ vinyl EP “Roberto Auser / Unhuman” on Enfant Terrible / Gooiland Elektro
  • Portuguese ambient/noise/industrial/techno producer Töria – “Suicide” from V/A “Romanticismo IV” via Insane Industry
  • Lithuanian experimental/industrial/techno/EBM producer TEATRE “Regret” from the new EP “Sacrificial Living” on Mosaique Records
  • Italian experimental/industrial/noise/electronic producer Andrea Natale, aka Anna Funk Damage “Wear it out” from the cassette EP “If I Can Change” out now on Marguerite Rec
  • Turkish psych/acid house/folk electronic duo Mîro and Îrfo AKA Mekîne Û Teksî “Fremde” off Istanbul’s Müstesna Records’ V/A “shelTer” fundraiser compilation album
  • Saint Etienne, France EBM /psych electro /dark techno producer and Positive Education Festival mainstay, Jacques Satre – “Turbo Chaudron” from forthcoming V/A “Worst Greatest Hits Vol. I” on Worst Record                   
  • Glasgow, Scotland experimental/bass/electronic collaborative project KLEFT – “CMBR (Ten Years Lost – Mortal Dream Remix)” off upcoming “KLEFT vs TEN YEARS LOST” album on Crash Reserve                                                                
  • Lyon, France industrial/electronic/acid/techno project of pioneer musician Laurent Prot, In Æternam Vale ft Philippe Tona – “Milton Babbit”                                                                                                                               
  • Vancouver‘s techno producer (one half of Bone Skippers), Huck Farper “Hymn Of The Aten”
  • Bournemouth‘s British acid house/techno/electronic musician ???????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ‘Embargo’                               
  • Tilburg, Netherlands experimental acid dark techno producer and New York Haunted label head, Vincent Koreman a.k.a. DRVG CVLTVRE – “Subdued By Mass Media Cut” off of upcoming V/A “Tears for Fears Vol. 2” on SOIL                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Experimental/ambient/synth producer and sound designer Oliver Vaupel (Manon Lescaut, Telluric Current, O. Vaupel), aka TRUCE “Soliloquy Of A Silkworm” from the album “An Olive Branch On The Bed, Pictures Of Christ And Military Clothes” on Janushoved
  • Berlin-based ambient/drone/electronic producer Anasisana “Hate Is Too Great A Burden To Bear” off of forthcoming V/A “Neither This One, Or The Next” compilation on Trust Collective                                                         
  • Madrid, Spain experimental/industrial/minimal synth project of Tom Esmiz, MILF Burray “Vera” from the EP “Incorrupto” on Contubernio Records
  • Swedish experimental/ambient/industrial/noise/drone project of musician Dan Stielow Mortazavi (formerly 80s The Product, and aka Suspended In Gaffa, To Feed On Others, Ism., Mischling and Atish Pare), Spite Cathedral “Dwaal” from the new album “Acknowledge Death, Bury God” on Sound+Matter – Sores+b-o-d-i-e-s label.
  • Athens, Greece ambient/dub techno project of Greek musician, sound artist, DJ, songwriter, producer and mastermind of industrial group Mechanimal, Giannis Papaioannou, aka ION “Baby Spider (Original Mix)” from VV.AA “Sounds Of Nature” compilation on Corpus Black Records
  • Burnley, UK experimental/ambient/ethereal/electronic musician Lee Chapman – “Untitled (Samuel Regan Remix)” from V/A “Vol. VII (Various Artists 2019)” compilation on Unknown Tone Records
  • Nantes, France ambient/industrial techno producer NRTHRNNS “Ular”                                                                 
  • UK analog synth electronic producer Martin Jenkins aka Pye Corner Audio “Xmas Denied (Serf Complex)”     
  • Chicago, Illinois experimental/ambient/drone musician (Hurl, Don Caballero, Thee Speaking Canaries, Taking Pictures, Papa M and part of Slint reunion), Matt Jencik “DTK (Dressed To Kill)” from the album ”Dream Character” on Hands In The Dark
  • Danish experimental/ambient duo of Mikkel Valentin Dunkerley & P.E. (aka Rosen & Spyddet), aka Olympisk Løft “En Stille Nat” from V/A “It Will Be Laid Bare Through Witnesses” album on Janushoved