WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #48

  • DUSK109: Clarence Park                                                                                                                                           
This week’s set, courtesy of Amsterdamner DUSK. electronic concept, comes from French dark electronic experimentalist and LARMES label head CLARENCE PARK with at less of an hour of both ominous and powerful, as it is unyielding and hallucinated hazy trip on the blurry boundaries of the glacial obscurity, amidst mystical arcane abstractions and crunching relentless and haunting ritualistic sensoriality, delving into mesmeric and captivating, as cold and sinister, mazes of the imagination to get lost in.
  • Milan, Italy indie dance/synthpop/new wave/nu-disco producers and Nothing Is Real label heads, Alberto Iovine and Alessandro Fumagalli, aka Modular Project – “Electronic Disco (Curses Remix)” off “Electronic Disco” EP on Nothing Is Real

Berlin-based New-Yorker dark disco wizard Luca Venezia, a.k.a. Curse, ignites ominous ticking and flickering tense retro-synthetic moods around distorted robotic vocal inflexions, echoing and droning cursed doom, amid dangerous tight bassline treachery’s disturbing injections of dancefloor mayhem, surging pressures beyond recommended doses through hypnotic slashing snare beats and spitting deluges of winding low ends to release your unbridled body ceaselessly sweating in darkness.

  • Barcelona-based, Argentinian native experimental/ EBM/ breaks/ acid/ electro DJ/ producer Thissperso “Enjambre 63 (w/ Dim Deck)” from upcoming 12″ EP “Aborto Obligatorio” on NNY Records                   

Barcelona based electro punk experimentalist team up with fellow Argentinian partner in crime Dim Deck to unleashes demented vocal cries wind chopping arrhythmic skipping beats with swirling synth sirens droning decor to rise and fall with uncommitted tighten-up bassline menace into a disorganized harmony of visceral sick dimensions.

  • Munich/Vienna disco/house/electronic DJs, producers and founders of Freeride Millenium Records, JORKES – “Insomnia (Benjamin Fröhlich Italo Drama Version)” from “Wet Dreams” EP on Freeride Millenium

Permanent Vacation label boss Benjamin Fröhlich casts intense glaring drama enshrouded in darkness, triggering ’80s-tinged bouncing Italo synth-pop emphasis to build ominous tension through eerie and sinister arpeggiated airy synth swathes, embedded between hypnotic bassline bleak oscillations cut in deep throbbing rhythmic dimension, droning fearfully into intoxicating atmospheric layers of anticipatory doom.

  • Athens based experimental ambient electronic project of Copenhagen‘s artist IN ATLAS “Winter Hymnal Of Hope” poetry is an extract from “Sommerfugledalen” (1991) written and read by Inger Christensen                                    
  • Michigan/Gothenburg experimental electronic project of Aaron Dilloway, Nate Young, Joachim Nordwall and Dilloway and Andrew W.K, aka THE GAGMEN “Untitled 1” off debut S/T EP on iDEAL Recordings
  • Italian dark synth electronic Dj, Producer, Remixer and head of Mannequin Records, Alessandro Adriani “Bodyshocks” from upcoming V/A “Seven Years Of Delirium” on Liber Null Berlin
  • Madrid based experimental dark ritual techno Peruvian producer OPAKE – “Mort Amaru” off the new EP “El Devenir de la Carne” on Borders Of Known
  • Italian experimental/industrial/ambient/dark electronic producer Giuseppe Sciretti aka Nigh/T\mare ‘Unconscious Traction” off V/A “Rite Of Initiation” on Forbidden Teachings                                                                    
  • London, UK EBM/acid/industrial/electro producer OLIVER “Hell’s Dresscode (Lander Remix)” from the EP “Knuckle Love” on MSQ Records
  • Melbourne, Australia EBM /dark electronic producer LBEEZE “Insane” from the cassette album “Induced Expressions” on on Athens’ Phormix label
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina EBM/techno/industrial/noise project from Knife label founder Unknown “This Is Hell (Exome Remix)” off upcoming EP “Inferno” on Greek label OSM tapes                                                                   
  • Prague-based French ritual/EBM/noise/techno producer Léo Hivert aka The Undertaker’s Tapes – “Thy Cold Embrace” from “Autolysis” EP on Prague’s Wrong label collective
  • Copenhagen/Helsinki experimental techno collaboration, Varg2™ & Exploited Body “Bass2™ (Cease & Desist)” off the upcoming 12” EP “Etsin Turvaa” on Northern Electronics                                                                     
  • Berlin-based Dutch dark minimal industrial techno DJ/producer and Bakk and Rubber labels co-owner Thomas Van Linge aka RANDSTAD “Nerve Stroke” off upcoming “These Serpents” EP 12″ on VEYL                                 
  • Toronto experimental/noise/industrial/techno duo David Foster (Huren, Teste, etc.) and Rich Oddie (Orphx, Oureboros, etc.), aka Ontario Hospital [O/H] “Supply / Demand” from the live cassette album “No Contact (Live 2011-2019)” on new Ekstasis label
  • Derry-based industrial/dark/post-punk/funky/experimental electronic/EBM project of Christian Donaghy, AUTUMNS “Praise The Bastard” off upcoming V/A “Grey Area 5 Years – A Post Injecting Bleach World” cassette compilation
  • Spanish EBM/acid/industrial/techno duo Cavalry Stone – “Have Guts” from the cassette EP “Hate Unit” on Soil Records
  • Russian EBM/acid/coldwave/electro producer and certified psychiatrist Alexey Bork, aka Rudiment “Bomber” from the cassette EP “L.I.N.E.S” on Phormix
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental/electro/EBM/techno/dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER “Lemuria” from upcoming V/A “Congrega” tape compilation on FU.ME rec
  • Italian experimental/ industrial/ acid/ techno producer CRYPTO ORDER “Holohoax” from the upcoming cassette album “The Age Of Demoralization”
  • Berlin-based experimental/EBM/dark electronic project by producer Christoph Heinze (aka Escape to Mars), Inhalt der Nacht “In Lust Verirrt” from V/A “We Are Not Alone Pt. 2” on BPitch Berlin
  • French industrial techno producer RORGANIC “Untitled 60″ on Gomboc Records                                                        
  • TIGA – “SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT (ARMA REMIX)”                                                                                                   
  • The Cure – “The Walk (MIII Edit)”                                                                                                                                  
  • Berlin-based ritual hard techno producer SNTS “Judged By Uncertainty” off upcoming SNTS’ third full-length album “The Unfinished Fight Against Humanity”                                                                                                     
  • Voronezh, Russia‘s EBM/techno/wave/electro musician/producer Nikita Theodorov, aka St. Theodoré – “Furious Wave” off V/A “Modernation Vol.1” the first of a 4 part cassette compilation serie on Italo Moderni     
  • Dutch breaks/electro/techno producer Remco Beekwilder “Skeemask (I Hate Models ‘Eternal Snow’ Remix)” from upcoming ”Culture Vulture RMX ” EP on EMERALD                                                                                       
  • Moscow-based techno punk duo consisting of Andrew Lee and Jenya Gorbunov, aka Interchain – “Plenum (John Talabot Remix) – Digital Bonus – from “Plenum Remixes” EP 12″ on HVNX/Hivern Discs
  • Spanish by way of Munich experimental techno producer IZUEL “Atardecer en Trieste” from the EP “The Last In Line” on New York Haunted
  • Flyora – “Bottled Up (The Droid Rewire)”
  • EXEM – “I Dive In Myself (Yucca Mü cosmos edit)” #40 off “RePhrase Collection: HARD FIST EDIT SERIES”
  • Manchester, UK indie kraut electronic synthpop threesome (formed out of the previous band Chaika), W.H. LUNG “Inspiration! (Kid Machine Manctalo Rework)” from “Incidental Music Remixed” album on Melodic
  • Pet Shop Boys – “Love Comes Quickly (Tronik Youth Dub Comes Slowly Edit)”
  • Tel Aviv based indie dance production duo of Unterman label head Josef Laimon and Liran Ackerman, aka Middle Sky Boom & AckerMan – “Temp Goes High” off upcoming V/A “Muy Duro Vol. 5” on Duro                  
  • Lyon, French wave /psych /disco-funk /electronic producers and Hard Fist label heads Cornelius Doctor & Tushen Raï – “Salaam Sholay” (Edit) off V/A “Disco Hamam – 6” compilation on Jonny Rock’s Disco Hamam
  • CHROMATIC EDITS 01: Italian Boys “Gigolo” (Size M Edit) originally from 1986                                           
  • Russian experimental /ambient /electronic /breakbeat Dj/ producer Mikhail Linkov, aka DISCOTOPIA “Afterlife” title track from the upcoming EP on Diffuse Reality Records                                                                      
  • Italian electro/rave/techno/breakbeat producer and Raw Culture label head, Asymmetrical – “Raving In The Tunnel” off upcoming V/A “BRC003″ EP 12” on Besançon Rythmique Club                                                         
  • San Francisco based acid/leftfield/breakbeat/techno/electro Iranian producer Sepehr – “Riposte” from upcoming EP “Crown Jewel” on his own new Shaytoon Records
  • Italian electronic project of Rome‘s musician Manuel Cascone, aka Steve Pepe – “Il Diavolo (Eva Geist Remix)” from the upcoming EP “Vivere in Diagonale remixed” on Inside Out Records
  • Tel Aviv’s disco/dub/psych/tribal/electronic DJ /production duo Project Runaway – “Export City” from V/A “All My Thoughts – Volume One” on all my thoughts
  • Lausanne, Swiss Italo/electro/dark disco trio and Folklor Nation label founders, Adolpho & Franky, Holger Zilske – “Grosse Maschine” title track from the upcoming EP on Folklor Nation                                                               
  • Melbourne, Australian ambient/drone/chillout/electronic producer Andrew Wilson (Art Wilson, Berko, Wilson Tanner…), aka ANDRAS “River Red (Madalyn Merkey Remix)” from the upcoming EP “Joyful Remixes” on Beats In Space
  • Mexico experimental/ambient/kosmische/electronic side project of Rogelio Serrano (Equinoxious), CASAGEMAS “Dejar el acueducto” from the debut album “Trepanador de sueños”
  • Greek experimental/ambient/electronic/glitch/IDM act DSTRB “EisaiMonos” from the album “Human” on Raumklang Music
  • Chinese experimental/ambient/minimal rock trio from Wuhan, Hualun(花伦)“Kangji Bridge” from the album “Scene II”
  • California ambient/ethereal/drone/soundscape project of Austin Cairns, aka r beny “Bright (Hilyard‘s Darker Recycle)” from V/A “Sustain Series, Vol. 1” on Ambientologist