WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #48


  • Paris-based techno/EBM/electronic producer MIND | MATTER “Dreaming Of Your Own Death” off of V/A “Various Artists 001” on Switch. Records                                                                                                                 

The ambient IDM electronica classic double vinyl album “Colourform” in the remote 1993 was one of the first ‘electronic’ artifacts I bought; consequently, it’s deeply emotional to listen to a stunning ambient futuristic HIA‘s track still fresh and imaginative after almost 3 decades.
Unfortunately, the limited physical widely expanded 11 CDs wooden box set edition, in aid to Macmillan Cancer Support ‎(T100), sold out in an hour! We must be glad of the digital edition of this beautiful Touched Music‘s compilation with a plethora of great producers.

  • Italian dark ambient/ritual/cinematic/soundscape/electronic producer DARSE “Reunion” from the forthcoming 2020 album “Dramatics” due out January 10, 2020 via his own Berlin-based Obseqvivm Records

Atmospheric, haunting, and intriguingly ominous ambient tones from Obseqvivm records founder, that wind you away in a dark universe steeped in hissing and sinister drone textures and mystery of stark disturbing beauty. Don’t sleep on the full release at the start of next year.

  • UK seminal cyberpunk/ambient/electronic musician Paul Frankland aka WOOB ‘上の Lv.F’ from the new album ’スリープ 研究 プログラム’
  • UK experimental electronic producer Will Flisk “Alien Alien”                                                                                   
  • Paris-based experimental electronic producer François X – “Dirty Chat (Yotam Avni Reshape)” off of “Irregular Passion Reshape” album on Paris’ collective/label DEMENT3D
  • French experimental/minimal electro/analog synth DIY project, Projet De Vie [PDV] “Pastis 31” from cassette album “Sortie Physique” on ERR REC

Birmingham, UK early ’90s experimental/bleepy ambient-techno/electronic producer Robert Bird, aka Higher Intelligence Agency “B-theory” off of V/A “Touched By Silence (The Compilation)” on Touched Music

  • Manchester-based house/techno/electronic producer Mark Stewart, aka Claro Intelecto “Two Thousand” from the first volume of the archival collection “In Vitro – Volume One” on Delsin Records
  • French experimental techno producer/DJ/multi-instrumentalist & sound artist from Montreuil (vocalist of post-rockers TNHCH and co-founder of MAÂT production trio ), Tim Karbon “Bougie Senteur” title track from new EP on Estranged Records                                                                                                                                 
  • Tambov, Russia techno electronic producer Vladimir Dubyshkin “4 Elvis has left the building” from “Budni nashego kolhoza” EP on Trip Recordings
  • Canadian born, Berlin-based experimental/industrial/IDM/drone/techno producer Aquarian “Hate Is a Strong Word, Pt. 1” from the upcoming debut album “The Snake That Eats Itself” on Bedouin Records
  • Medellín, Colombia dark electronic/industrial/techno producer Anderson Cano aka T.D.D. “Damage K (Original Mix)” off of “Damage K” EP on Analogue Texture Records
  • London, UK experimental/new beat/doomcore/industrial/electronic Djs/producers The Party Machine “Fundamental Automation” from the new sophomore EP “Compulsory Enjoyment” on VEB89
  • Italian experimental/industrial/ambient/dark electronic producer Giuseppe Sciretti aka Nigh/T\mare “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” from the forthcoming 2020 split cassette “VASSAGO” with Noform via Athens’ Several Minor Promises
  • Italian dark electronics / industrial/EBM producer Antonio Barbetta (aka Antonio) from the Adriatic Coast, RAW AMBASSADOR “Driving Blind” from upcoming cassette album “Under My Control” on Industrial Possession                                                                                                                                                                
  • Belgian/Spanish dark techno/body music/EBM project RADIKAL KUSS feat. HIV+ “Mujer ùnica” from the EP “Laster und Tugend” on Unknown Pleasures Records
  • Bogotà, Colombia industrial techno/noise from the bad half of Alpha & Necromante, aka Bad Faith Actor “Sed Non Satiata” from the cassette EP “The Value Of X” on Theory of Yesterday
  • Medellín, Colombia industrial/techno/dark electro producer Alex Restrepo, aka Sadxmafioso – “The Hocker” from V/A “Bloque Sur – F” split compilation series on Pildoras Tapes
  • French-Iranian new wave/techno/EBM composer & dj SINA XX “Goofy Girl (The Horrorist Remix)” title track from the upcoming EP on Tripalium Corp                                                                                                                   
  • Bogotà, Colombian experimental techno/industrial/electronic producer GAËL feat. Ravetop – “Hipomania” off of V/A “Tears for Fears Vol. 2” on SOIL
  • Unknown – ‘My Name is Mud (Part II)’ (Olta Karawane Edit)                                                                                 
  • French EBM/dark ambient/industrial noise/electronic artist VERSET ZERO “Missa (Donna Haringwey Remix)” from the upcoming cassette EP “Sabbatum Nigrum” via Intervision
  • Berlin-based Italian EBM/Techno producer VELVET MAY “You Could Never Drown” from upcoming EP “Phoebe’s White Skin”, out soon on his own Tears Of Waves                                                                               
  • Berlin-based Italian EBM/techno/industrial/noise/electronic producer (aka Hannibal III, The Sympathizer, Sons of Traders), aka TANS “Prolet Kult” off of upcoming new V/A “ANATEMA Vol.2” compilation via Belgrade’s Minor Adjustments Records
  • Colombian industrial techno/EBM duo Alpha & Necromante “Falsos Positivos” from V/A “Bloque Sur – F” split compilation series on Pildoras Tapes
  • Gulfport, Mississippi dark electronic/EBM/noise/industrial project RESIST CONCEPT “Beast Within Me” from “Black Magic” EP
  • Egyptian experimental/drum & bass/techno/ electronic producer LEDERRICK “Annabel” from new album “Human Host”                                                                                                                                                           
  • Bogotà, Colombian electronic duo GAËL & Franco, aka Vltra Delta Drive – “CTC“ from the new V/A “Autonomous Strangling Machine” EP on Forkha
  • Italian industrial/EBM/techno producer NGHTLY “Creatura della Cenere (HUREN Remix)” off of the upcoming cassette album “Illusione dell’Essere” on Clan Destine Records
  • Canadian industrial/dark electronic / EBM-techno producer and musician (former Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit, Delerium, Youth Code and Conjure One) Rhys Fulber ‘Right Hand Of The Free World (Phase Fatale Remix)’ from new EP ‘Baut Mit!’ on Sonic Groove
  • Legendary early ’90s British acid/house/techno/rave dance duo formed by Eamon Downes (a.k.a. Ame) and Shane Heneghan (a.k.a. DJ Model), LIQUID “Sick On Synthetics” off upcoming EP on Tripalium Corp. Rave Series                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Paris based wave/disco/kraut /post-punk /electronic producer and I’m A Cliche label head Benjamin Boguet, aka COSMO VITELLI “Fragments of Reality (feat. Fantastic Twins)” off of new EP “Holiday in Panikstrasse Part 2” on Malka Tuti
  • Mexican dark-psico-dance producer Eddie Mercury ”Un Vacio” off upcoming EP on Discos Pato Carlos            
  • Prague-based minimal synth/synthpop/electro DJ/producer and co-founder of Endless Illusion label LAYUP aka Exhausted Modern ”The Serpent And The Rainbow” from upcoming “Datura” EP on Artificial Horizon
  • Brooklyn, NY hard beats/electro/techno producer and BANK Records NYC label boss Jon Beall, aka Entro Senestre “A2” from “The Youth I Used To Be” EP via his own BANK Records NYC
  • French analogue electro duo CROSSMODS “Delia’s Dream ( Datawave Lost Remix )”                                                                
  • Belgian electro producer DATAWAVE “Electric Love” ( Dark Prophet Remix )                                                       
  • Sheffield, UK electro producer iNF0 “She Kills you”                                                                                               
  • Arizona electro producer illektrolab “Nasty Bits” from “Paranoid Android” EP on Brokntoys UK
  • Tel Aviv post-punk / kraut / electronic artist Nadav Spiegel aka Autarkic “A Number by Ilia Grosz” off of upcoming EP “A Beautiful Picture” due out January 2020 on Age Of Self
  • Rotterdam‘s electro-disco noir producer Silas Schletterer, aka Machinegewehr “Above” off of “Compilation 07” on Correspondant                                                                                                                                             
  • DER KLANG UND DIE HISS – “Antenni Tranzmit” from the collection – Shawn Rudiman Presents : “6th Finger” [ten new wave and EBM-flavoured new aliases from veteran Pittsburgh‘s techno producer Shawn Rudiman]
  • Nashville-based Italo disco/dark electro/electronic producer Jordan Lieb, aka Black Light Smoke “Embrace” from forthcoming 2020 EP ‘Heat Flash’ on Nein Records
  • French ambient/drum & bass/deep electronic producer and Ultimae Records founder Vincent Villuis aka AES DANA “Unfold” from the album “Inks (24 bits)”
  • Singapore / Skopje ambient/deep techno/electronic producer Voislav Dimitrijevic, aka VOID “Occam’s Razor” from upcoming “Mental Model” EP on Alexandar                                                                                       
  • Scotland, UK minimal techno/house/electronic producer YUNGRUZT. “Libra”
  • Bushwick, NY ambient/deep techno producer BRÄLLE “Fear And Wonder” from V/A “The Legacy” via Sofia’s DVNTT
  • Berlin-based, Belgian deep house/electro/techno producer Joris Biesmans “After All These Years” from upcoming “Big Mouth” EP on 17 Steps
  • New York-based house/rave/breakbeat/electronic dancer, Hercules & Love Affair’s singer, DJ and producer, Kim Ann Foxman “Blood Moon” upcoming 12″ EP on UK [Emotional] Especial
  • London based disco/house/new wave/synthpop trio of Ella Harris, Josh Baxter, and Louis Satchell, aka PVA – “Divine Intervention” single 7″ due out in 2020 via Speedy Wunderground.                                                                 
  • Mexican dark disco/electronic producer Undefined Pattern “Estrex Humano (Original Mix)” from the EP “El Desespere” on Duro label
  • Athens, Greece electronic/synthwave/Italo disco duo EVANTON “The Game” new single
  • Milan, Italy Italo disco/electronic producer Alessandro Carnevali, aka Volantis – ‘Strada del Sole’ from upcoming EP on his own on Alzaya Music                                                                                                                        
  • Tel Aviv-based Hebrew Electronic Ironic project duo Megaphonim – “Passion Lé Session” off of upcoming 2020 album “Sofer Stam” via Unterman
  • Portland, OR chillwave / dream-pop / vaporwave / synthwave project HOTEL POOLS “Pacific” title-track from the new EP via Stratford Ct.
  • German wave electronic producer Ṿ Ʌ Ẏ U “Dry Lights w/ Imer6ia” from the new album “Blinded”                             
  • London, UK ambient/chillstep/future garage/dark electronic producer VACANT “Apart” from the new album “Belong”
  • Malmö, Sweden ambient/electronic/neo-folk project Golden Ivy – “Kläppen II” from the new album “Kläppen” on Malmö Inre
  • Washington, DC based Anthony LoPrete‘s drone/cinematic/neo classical/ambient electronic music project, Fading Language “Unworthy” new single
  • Bloomington, Indiana ambient/drone solo project (now, Black Brunswicker), Rest You Sleeping Giant “Fever Dreams at 3 A.M.” from the new and last album “The Winter Cold” on Stereoscenic Records
  • Ellsworth, Maine ambient/drone/electronic composer Bryan Hilyard, aka Hilyard “Ovo” from 2-tracker “Ovo/Orpo”
  • German experimental ambient musician since 1999, EISENLAGER “Fall asleep” from the album “20 minutes to fall asleep 20 minutes to wake up”