WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – NOVEMBER #47 – 22

  • Podcast 087 // Votre Chien X Brutal Forms                                                                                                           

Personally known for the below remix of The Man & His Failures new single, Votre Chien is an Industrial /Rhythmic Noise /Techno DJ/producer based in Greece, that ‘combines electronic music with h/noise elements, attempting to tame the unorthodox & aggression and translate it into shape and form, both visually & audibly.’ He’s about to release his first EP “Prefrontal Cortex” in December, on Brutal Forms. Check it out!

  • Enigmatic Spanish Italo /Electro /Cosmic /Synth Wave project DΔLYΔT – “Trajá” title track from the EP “TRAJÁ” 12″ vinyl on Waste Editions

Drawing elements from Synth Wave, Italo, Electro, Ambient and Trance, the enigmatic, seemingly Spanish, project triggers temporal and spatial dimensions, dazzling light and dim shade, pensive melancholia and angsty disconnection, through a heady swirl of mercurial sweeping synth washes, buoyant sparkling chimes, incessant deep throbbing low ends and clattering punchy dancing rhythms to open blocked pathways of murky gloom with repetitive sentient waves of cosmic stimulations.

  • UK experimental /minimal /ambient /electronic sound artist Dylan Henner “We’re So Young That We’ll Never Grow Old” from the forthcoming vinyl 12″ album “You Always Will Be” on AD 93

The new record from British composer Dylan Henner ‘touches on themes of nostalgia & longing for times passed’. The first foretaste lays out sunny ambient field recordings blend into an eclectic array of depth-defying electronic frequencies and modulations, invoking swirling, droning, and warbling synth textures, trembling, lilting bass palpitations, muffled and celestial vocal airs and light-blowing mists to transform a bland mental state into a heady entrancing, thought-provoking expansion.

  • Amsterdam based ambient /cinematic /wave /techno /synth /electronic collaboration, Interstellar Funk & Loradeniz – “Lurking Orange” from upcoming EP “Never Been” (AD019) on Artificial Dance

Shapeshifting electronic sound investigator Olf van Elden AKA Inter­stel­lar Funk announced his first collaborative project with Istan­bul-born, Ams­ter­dam-based DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Loradeniz, teased by a beat-driven atmospheric, spatial, and esoteric soul-stirring reverie that unfurls anxious obsessive pinpoint chiming synth melodies, crisp stacking percussions, ominous warm trembling bass lines, and edgy zipping swirls to open parallel timelines of hidden destiny where primal atmospheric effects, evocative layered frequencies and sad hearty serenades, fusing past and present thoughtforms into a shapeshifting headspace of clarity and insight.

  • Leeds, UK dark sci-fi gothic cinematic ambient project of composer Monty Adkins, AKA Skrika “Kiss of Svorle” from the sophomore album “Soludenia” on Cryo Chamber
  • London, UK dark cinematic ambient sound artist Fionnlagh “This Storm Will Pass (Logic Moon Remix)” from the album “What Came After” (remixes + unreleased tracks) on Ambientologist
  • Swedish ambient /drone /minimal /synth /dub techno project Civilistjävel! “Fyrkant” from upcoming V/A – “…it wasn’t really me” compilation 12″ vinyl on Knekelhuis
  • San Francisco-based Scottish ambient /trance /techno innovator since the mid-90s, Jonah Sharp AKA Spacetime Continuum “Transmitter” from the vinyl 12″ reissue of “Flurescence” EP (originally released in 1993 on his own Reflective Records) via Mental Groove Records / Musique Pour La Danse
  • Sydney via Bromley electro-dub producer Jeff Dread “Out On A Limb” from 7″ single “Dub The Farmer’s Daughter / Out On A Limb” on Efficient Space
  • Brussels based acid/ industrial /techno /breaks /electro French producer and Vastechoses label co-head, Lostsoundbytes “Brain’s Rewind” from upcoming split cassette “A Given Moment” by Lostsoundbytes / Lowspace via Phase Group
  • Berlin based, German experimental /ambient /krautrock /post-rock /leftfield /electronic trio of Robert Lippok, Ronald Lippok and Stefan Schneider, AKA To Rococo Rot “Tour De Repechage” from the CD/Vinyl album “The John Peel Sessions 1997-99” on Bureau B
  • Perth, Australia downtempo /illbient /trip-hop artist Mike Midnight “No Angels/ICU ft. 3NDLES5” from the first album “Angel Hours”
  • Texas-based IDM /dub /jazz /ambient /trip-hop /downtempo producer Gi Gi – “Sinews (feat. Hysterical Love Project)” from the upcoming LP “Lamella Pressed” on INDEX:Records
  • Glasgow, UK disco-dance-postpunk band PLEASURE POOL “Dub Without Illusion” from “Love Without Illusion / Dub Without Illusion” single on Optimo Music.
  • BelgoItalian Leftfield /Dub /Downtempo /Balearic /Synth-pop project Sexo Y Fantasia “Cherry Coca” from the vinyl album “Oneirotic” on Macadam Mambo
  • Alice Deejay – “Better Off Alone (A-Tweed X Oltrefuturo Edit)” #66 [HARD FIST]
  • Paris/Montreal house /leftfield /techno/space electronica collaboration between producers Chloé Thévenin (aka Chloé) and Ben Shemie, AKA High Season – “Pavilion 606” off upcoming V/A “From Above Vol. 3” compilation on Paris’ Lumière Noire Records
  • Frankfurt am Main experimental /ambient /dub /downbeat /breakbeat /wave /techno DJ-producer Benedikt Frey “Phrack” from the album “1987” on his R.i.O label
  • Athens based ambient /experimental /industrial /electronic project Perplexed Continuum – “Magician lost in C” from the cassette album “Wandering in future empty landscapes” on Templeyard Studios collective, founded by Lycurgus and Outermost (aka Miltiades)
  • Amsterdam based eclectic EBM /techno /downtempo electronics DJ-producer Mayo – “Personal Reality” from upcoming V/A “Modern Intimacy Volume 2″ compilation 2×12” LP on United Identities
  • UK industrial /experimental /techno /electronic composer, sound designer and interdisciplinary artist, Venus Ex Machina “Delta of Dreams” from the second album “Doxa” on AD93
  • Corfu-based, Greek industrial experimental dark electronic project of Dimitris Doukas, AKA Restive Plaggona “Full Of Wounds And Still Standing” from the remastered vinyl edition of 2018 album “Bonded Labor” via Leidforschung
  • New moniker of experimental /wave /industrial /techno /electro Italian producer Religius Order, Sintesi Selvaggia – “Qui e la”
  • Italian industrial /harsh noise /experimental electronic project, Teatro Satanico “Thanatos (Yura Yura remix)” off the upcoming cassette “Herakleitos” EP + Remixes on Florence-based Blame Records
  • Paris, France experimental /EBM /industrial /dark techno producer Pierre Berge-Cia “Empty Ft. Lesser Of” from “Calvaria” EP on INSTINKT
  • Berlin-based Saint Petersburg‘s new beat /industrial /noise /dark techno producer Alexey Volkov “Feed Them” from the upcoming cassette EP “Monotonic Impermanence” on Strange Therapy
  • Nice, France Industrial /Doom /Techno Dj & Producer Nekra Damage – “Wrong Way” from V/A “Culture of Violence 03” compilation on Culture of Violence
  • Athens, Greece-based post-punk /electronic /darkwave band The Man & His Failures “Collapsing Youth (Votre Chien Remix)” off of the “Collapsing Youth” single                                                                                              
  • Nice, France Industrial /Doom /Techno Dj & Producer Nekra Damage – “Wrong Way” from V/A “Culture of Violence 03” compilation on Culture of Violence
  • Kortrijk, Belgian industrial /kraut-wave /electro /EBM producer B1980 – “Metal Enclosure” from “Dissonance & Resonance” EP upcoming on Mosaique Records
  • Industrial /folk /noise /techno experimental AI simulated music project from 40°22’37.7″N 49°50’51.6″E, VIOLET COLD “Sülh” (Single)
  • São Paulo, Brazil EBM /techno producer Lucas Novaes, aka Lucas – “Vultures” from upcoming V/A “Unholy Body Tempo” compilation on S H I S H I
  • Berlin based cold electronics/cyberpunk/EBM collaboration between producer duo of Cuban/American Blush Response and Toronto’s Sarin, aka KONKURS “Mind Stimulant” from the debut LP “Mind Stimulant” vinyl 12″ on X-IMG
  • Rochester, NY synthpop /darkwave /minimal synth /techno /electro producer Jordan Lieb, aka Black Light Smoke “Untied From Time” off “Untied” single on Death Decay Magic
  • Berlin based EBM /breaks /post-punk /industrial-electro duo Kalte Liebe “God Hates You” from V/A “Acceleration Series Vol.2” compilation album on Voxnox
  • Athens, Greece industrial techno producer JERM “Flesh Hoover” from upcoming V/A “ANA012″ EP 12” on Analogue
  • Athens, Greece industrial techno producer Boy Tzortz – “Bodytype” off upcoming EP “Karma Vermilion” on Endlec | Renegade Methodz
  • Russian EBM /industrial /acid /electro /techno /dark disco DJ-producer Anton Komarov aka Yansyet – “Asap” from the EP “The Tears of the Motherland” on Khoinix
  • French EBM /Industrial /Techno DJ-producers and Raar label founders, Maelstrom and Louisahhh “If I Could Hold” single from the upcoming first LP “Sustained Resistance” on RAAR
  • Outer London, UK house /breakbeat /electro /techno producer Mark Bailey, aka MAN2.0 “Brain On Drugs” from the EP “Music Is Our Drug” on Next Door
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina acid /techno /electro producer Saigg – “Techno Sport (The Deserter Remix)” from upcoming “Pump Fiction” EP [ROOM RECS]
  • Bristol, UK-based bass /breaks /electro DJ & producer K-65 “Red Room” from V/A “NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH VOL. 4” EP on Crazed Behaviour
  • Japanese ghettotech /electro producer ATM – “Ultimate Power (Original Mix)” from “Power House” EP on Philthtrax
  • Bournemouth, UK techno /breaks /electro producer False Persona “Forward Motion” from upcoming “Mind Heist” EP 12″ on brokntoys
  • The Hague‘s acid experimental techno producer Planet Interface – “Witch” from “Witch” EP on New York Haunted
  • Helsinki based progressive house /breaks /trance /acid /electro DJ-producer Jeku – “Third Eye” from V/A “Dancefloor Mindscapes” EP on Helsinki’s Free Shelter
  • Berlin based Italo /ethereal /wave /indie dance /electronic solo venture of Australian musician Laura Bailey, AKA Neu-Romancer “Neue Romantika (Zanias Remix)” from upcoming EP “Neue Romantika” 12″ on Fleisch Records
  • Swedish 80s-retro-disco-synthpop act 1984 “Burning With Desire” from the debut LP “Sharp Dressed Men” on pbhmedia
  • Amsterdam-based house /cosmic /Italo /techno /electronic Dutch/Italian production duo (MOS Recordings affiliated), Aroy Dee & Spaventi feat. J.C. – “Sorrow” off “Sorrow” 12″ on Bordello A Parigi
  • London based acid /electro /Italo /house /synth DJ/Producer Alex Virgo “Fantasy” from the EP “Lightspeed” from Belfast‘s Nocturne label
  • Unknown Artist – “RSZ (Edit)” off upcoming vinyl 12″ EP “TFL 001” [Tooflie Edits] on new Latvian label Tooflie
  • Lyon, France EBM /Italo /dark disco producer Myrddin “Penser Avec Ses Pieds (Italo Mix)” off “Myrddin ft Alassë – Penser Avec Ses Pieds” EP on Ulla Records
  • Italian experimental indie dance /cosmic synth electronic producer Vale Budino, aka Budino – “Last Call Feat. Elisa Paradiso” from V/A “No Tears In The Backroom VA. VOL1” compilation album on Polari Records
  • Hamburg-based Italo /trance /synth wave /cosmic disco producer couple Bizzarro Universe “Acid” off upcoming V/A “Buone Vacanze Vol. 1″ EP 12” on Bordello A Parigi
  • Berlin-based ambient /acid /techno /bass /breaks /electronic producer Italian-born DJ-producer, Giordano “Space Time” from “The Transmute” EP on Voitax
  • Enigmatic US ambient /experimental /noise /dub /techno /electronic producer Topdown Dialectic “A4” from the vinyl reissue of the 2013 Self-Titled album on Peak Oil
  • Mid-90s Miami electro /IDM duo Romulo Del Castillo and Joshua Kay AKA Tone Capsule “DJ Tokyo” from the 2xLP remastered vinyl reissue album “Soul Oddity” [collection of 3xEPs originally released on Astralwerks in 1996] via Control Freak Recordings
  • Belgium based dark ambient /drone /cinematic /soundscapes composer Rojinski “A Secret Place” from the album “Secrets”
  • US based ambient /drone /electro-acoustic sound artist Todd Gautreau AKA Tapes and Topographies “Dusk” from the album “floating world-reflections on 36 views of newland island” on Whitelabrecs
  • Providence, RI ambient /drone /field recordings 7experimental sound artist Asher Tuil AKA Asher “Automatism VI” from the upcoming album “Automatism” on Room40
  • Portland, OR ambient /cosmic /drone /synth musician Daryl Groetsch, AKA Pulse Emitter “Darkening Forest” from the album “Dusk” on Hausu Mountain Records
  • Colorado based ambient /field recordings /psychedelic /cosmic /drone instrumental music project of musician Stefan “Golden Brown” Beck AKA Golden Brown “Orb Weaver” from the cassette album “Moonrise Orb Weaver” on Eiderdown Records
  • New Zealand drone /cinematic /soundtrack /ambient project of Winter Kneale AKA Tofujuice “I Hope You Sleep Well” from “Who am I when I’ve lost my place in the world?” cassette album via East Cape Calling
  • Perth, Australia ambient /drone /improvisional /electro-acoustic /experimental trio, Pale Ribbons Tossed into the Dark “Fable Guide” from s/t debut CD album
  • Western Australia experimental ambient /field recordings /modular synth /sound artist from Perth, SCIENTIA “Study Two – Ocean and Voices with Plyanci” from the album “Blue Veils Volume 1” on Burnt Seed Records
  • Liverpool, UK experimental turntablist artist Philip Jeck – “Live in Torino 2018” from “Resistenza” album on Touch
  • Stockholm, Sweden-based experimental /ambient /minimalism /modern classical North American organist & synthesist, Kali Malone “Does Spring Hide Its Joy v2.3″ from upcoming 3x LP/CD “Does Spring Hide Its Joy” on Ideologic Organ
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