WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – November #47-21

  • KAROLINA BNV – Bordello Radio #84                                                                                                                     

Courtesy of Bordello A Parigi radio, Novosibirsk-bred Moscow denizen Karolina Bnv drops a gripping and intoxicating vinyl-only mix exploring a wide range of styles from House, Acid and Italo to EBM and Electro, with a sneak peek of her upcoming debut EP on Wrong Era.       

  • Tokyo, Japan ambient /house /leftfield /downtempo /tropical producer Shota Ikawa aka IGAXX “Futur Raw” off upcoming “Here And There” EP 10″ on Macadam Mambo

Japanese producer meanders and rolls through boundless fields of electronic music, moulding heady and moody atmospheres drenched in analogue synthetic chill-out delight, laced with elements of House, Jungle, Kraut, Balearic/Tropical and ambient, recalling 90s seminal labels as Irdial Discs and Sähkö. Let’s indulge in the trance-inducing broken downtempo rhythms and deep airy pads, dancing at the same time with body and mind.

  • Russian rhythmic noise /industrial techno producer Ausgewalt – “5sigma” from V/A “OOTGY007” compilation on Strahinja Arbutina label’s Optimism Is Out To Get You

Croatia based Strahinja Arbutina‘s “Optimism Is Out To Get You” radio-show-turned-label is going strength to strength with its 7th depth defying adrenaline-fueled seismic concoction of Breakcore, Trance, Techno, Breaks, Industrial, Noise, as the title suggests, surely you will find something that will blow your mind and shake up your dancefloor.

  • Moscow based ambient /industrial /techno /acid /electro producer (aka DJ VST), Stas Zavyalov “JSR 041021″ from ” SONS OF TRADERS PRESENT: STAS ZAVYALOV” album on SONS OF TRADERS RECORDS

I’m a messy person, so I’m disconnected with the mathematical precision of the enigmatic Moscow‘s electronic experimentalist Stas Zavyalov (aka DJ VST) that invariably every week drops out on Soundcloud his warped, fragmented, circular splinters mingled of Ambient. Industrial, Acid, Techno, and Electro; I guess some of those numerically titled jams are collected on Berlin-based, by the way of South of Italy, SONS OF TRADERS RECORDS‘ upcoming album, just enough for melting and crumbling your brain.

  • Rakesh Chaurasia – “Bansuri (Stevie R & Parisinos Sunny Side Up Edit)” off V/A [RePhrase Collection: HARD FIST EDIT SERIES #56]
  • Ambient/Neo-Trance/Tribal-Kraut collective lead by half member of The Pilotwings from Lyon, Louis E Bola, Eiger Drums Propaganda “Dark Age Of Rezuvaj” from V/A “AM: Friends & Family Vol. 2” compilation on Accidental Meetings                                                                                                                                                
  • Italian ambient /experimental /trance /kraut /cosmic electronic producer from Milan, Tagliabue – “Progresso” from upcoming debut mini-album ‘Ambiente Sonoro’ [Elephant Gait Music]                                                       
  • Italian dark ambient /psych /ritual /dub electronics project of Giulio Spampinato, aka COEDEN “Hidane” from the album “Hovering Between The Seen and The Unseen” on Natural Sciences
  • Los Angeles based ambient /cinematic techno duo Devon Steffens and Gabriel Mounsey, aka Psychic Health “Blacklight” from the new LP “The Spaces Between Colors”
  • French ambient /cosmic /trance /breaks /electro producer Jerome Boutin, aka ANDRONE – “Abducted By Aliens (A Strange Wedding Hypergravity Remix)” from the EP “Signs Of Life” on Worst Records
  • Lyon, France synthwave /industrial /electronic /techno project of pioneer musician Laurent Prot, aka In Æternam Vale “Modulation – Transformation” from “BOîtes” EP
  • Berlin based dark electronic and ritualistic music project of Vumantra Records founder and producer Vince Gagliardi a.k.a. – “Ddhrat” from V/A “NADRYV 01” first compilation on Nadryv Records, created in collaboration by Myopia Studios and FLUX Webzine
  • Toronto-based industrial /techno /experimental electronics Iraqi-born producer Rita Mikhael, aka E-Saggila “Cluebeat” from “E-Saggila / Exploited Body Split” fourth installment of PAN‘s split 12” series                                    
  • Rotterdam based experimental /acid /noise /techno project of Puck Schot AKA Acidic Male “Snot Goblin” from “Deceased in Rotterdam” EP
  • Argentina‘s Industrial /EBM /Techno producer and Of Dolls And Murder label head Damian Visgard, aka Anti Yo “La Formula (Happy707 Remix)” from “La Formula” EP [Pildoras Tapes]
  • Barcelona based industrial /acid /hard /techno DJ-producer Vendex – “Hard To Explain” from V/A “DISTURBANCE  vol. 1” 5th years anniversary compilation on The Techno’s Children
  • Slovenian dark industrial techno producer and DJ from LjubljanaOFNANA_PESA “Lisa” new single                                    
  • The Hague based EBM /wave/dark electro-disco DJ-producer, soundtrack composer and co-owner of Giallo Disco Records, Antoni Maiovvi, aka YE GODS “Make A Tiny Sound Into An Avalanche” from cassette Split EP “Pulvis et Umbra” [Deviant Pleasures]                                                                                                               
  • Skopje-based genre-breaking, mutant noise-tech producer Kronom “Breg ft. DJ Sorry (Torn Relics Remix)” from “BARIERA” EP on LARMES
  • Berlin-based Swiss industrial techno producer and Bipolar Disorder Records co-head, Chlär – “The Yokai Curse” from upcoming V/A “WIR 001” compilation on Munich based WIR Records                                                               
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental /electro /EBM /techno /dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER “All Licking Tongue” from upcoming V/A “Anatomy Vol.1” compilation [Body Musick]                   
  • Lexington, Kentucky industrial /electronic /EBM duo MOLOTOV LUST “Snake in the Grass” from debut cassette S/T EP on Hush Club Ltd.
  • Canadian EBM /techno /industrial /ambient producer (Front Line Assembly, Conjure One and Delerium), Rhys Fulber “Stare at the Sun (feat. Sara Taylor of Youth Code)” from the album “Brutal Nature” on FR Recordings
  • French EBM /electro composer, producer, remixer and Black Strobe member, Arnaud Rebotini “Italian Sex Drive” from the upcoming “New Territory” EP on VEYL
  • Lithuanian electro /EBM /wave /minimal electronics producer GIXI “Į Tavąsias Akis”                                               
  • Greek experimental /industrial /wave /dark techno producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance “Our Fates Collide (Caustic Blade Finale)                                                                                                                                                            
  • French Synth Wave/Minimal Synth/Cold Wave/Synth-Punk/Techno producer Corps Déchiré “Asphalte”                       
  • Iggy Pop – Nightclubbing (Benedikt Frey Chop Up)                                                                                                                         
  • Peter Richard “Walking In The Neon” (Club Bizarre Edit)                                                                                              
  • Glasgow/Birmingham techno collaboration Slam + Rebekah – “Erratic Movements” from “Louder Than Chaos Vol. 3” EP on Soma Records
  • Galway, Ireland hardcore /industrial techno producer Elliot – “Parcel Tongue” from “Juno (Pantheon Part II)” compilation LP on Wonderlust Records
  • Belgian industrial techno DJ-producer HiDude “Pop In Collars (Marco Leckbert Remix)” from “Pop In Collars” EP 12″ on Darkground Records
  • Dark-dance electronic side project by Adriano from the French duo Echoberyl, aka Fluid Ghost “Hard Rain” off the 2nd Mini-Album “End-Stage Photophobia” on Mother Solitude Records.
  • Zurich‘ based Italo disco /Balearic /electronic producer (aka CCO), Florin Büchel “Serendipity (Romain FX Remix)” from “Serendipity” EP on MMDiscos
  • Berlin-based based Italo/cosmic disco /proto-house Italian producer Franz Scala – “Overflash” from the upcoming EP “XXX013 – Splits Secs & Franz Scala” [XXX]                                                                                                                                                         
  • Argentinian-born, Barcelona-based ambient /acid /minimal /techno producer Pfirter “Commitment” from the second LP “Altered States” on MindTrip
  • Boyna, Greece IDM /breakbeat /Bleep /bass /drum & bass producer Pera Sta Ori / ΠΕΡΑ ΣΤΑ ΟΡΗ – “Pandemonium or Horde” from upcoming EP “Pandemonium or Horde” [Ogoun Records]                                         
  • Miami, FL ambient /deep /dub /techno producer Elias Garcia – “1 AM” from “Pattern Interrupt” EP on IDS RECORDINGS
  • UK grime /dubstep /techno /dub duo Itinerant Dubs – “Untitled” from V/A “Ten Years Serendeepity Part 4” EP on Milan‘s Serendeepity
  • Melbourne ambient /dub /techno producer VACATETHEROOM “Do U Believe (Command D Dub Mix)” from “Do U Believe Remix” EP on Lost Properties
  • UK experimental /ambient /techno /electro producer Kurt Baggaley, aka Scape One – “Solyaris” from the remastered album plus bonus tracks “Let’s Put the Future Behind Us” (Originally released on Remote Audio in 2003 as a very limited 12″ EP)
  • London artist HNRG /electro /acid house artist No Data Available “Hi Energy” from “Acid Trucks” EP on Das Booty
  • Brighton UK acid house /techno electronic producer and Chicago Bee label head, A-Eno-Acid – “Mind Bend” off of “Warning ! Do Not Consume Popping Candy When Listening To Space Dust” EP (Chicago Bee 007)
  • Tel Aviv based acid /disco /electro producer Naor Dayen, aka E-bony “Daddy Issues” from “DDE03″ EP 10” on Dalmata Daniel Extra Series
  • Madrid, Spanish acid /techno /funk /electro DJ-producer F. Vinuesa – “Analog Activity” from his forthcoming EP “Self-Programming” on his own label Distrito 91.                                                                                               
  • Kent, UK ambient /electro musician Stuart Flower aka DEXTEROUS NUMERICS – “Polydeuces“ from V/A “TM 2022 Nord” EP 12″ on Ténébreuse Musique                                                                                                                   
  • London UK 2-step /garage /electro producer FELIXCW – “IKNOWUWANNADOIT” [TAIPAN TRAX]                     
  • Pennsylvania‘s experimental/acid/primitive house/electronic producer Connor Clasen, aka IXVLF “Stonefield” 
  • Portland, Or IDM /hip-hop /electronic producer GUJA “Undone”
  • Paris based dub /hip-hop /breakbeat /techno electronic producer Divagar – “Floating Dub” from “Dub” EP on Coquelicot Records
  • Russian experimental /ambient /IDM /electronic artist Nick Zavriev, aka Ambidextrous “Equilibrium” from the cassette reissue (plus bonus tracks) of the second album “Errorism” (originally released on CD via Shaped Harmonics in 2001) on Mestnost
  • Wuppertal, Germany soundtrack /atmospheric /experimental electronic collaboration between brothers Robin Brüning & Roman A. Brüning, aka Rotkehlchen – Studio & Studio KHz “Drachenkopf” taken from old sound session-tape recorded in the middle of the 1990s.
  • Danish ambient /drone /synth electronic project, Internazionale “Birds Of Paradise (ft. Mareld)” from the cassette album “Vestiges Of Nature” on Janushoved
  • Chinese experimental /ambient /psych /minimal rock group from Wuhan, Hualun(花伦) “Birth 降临” from the upcoming album “WUHAN WUHAN 武汉武汉” on bié Records
  • L.A. based ambient electronic solo project of Taiwanese/American musician and visual artist, Emma Palm, aka No Translation – “Horizon Line” from upcoming V/A “connected #2” tape compilation on i u we records
  • Argentinian ambient electronic musician Sebastian Oliwa, OLIWA “Nightara” from the upcoming album “Exile” on Zeon Light.
  • Norwegian ambient /modern classical composer and pianist (half of the duo Deaf Center), Otto A Totland “Companion” title track from the album “Companion” on Sonic Pieces
  • Swedish ambient /industrial noise /tape loops /audile concrete DIY solo project by Matthias Andersson based in Gothenburg, aka ARV & MILJÖ “Dirty deeds done dirt cheap” from V/A “Contemporary Homemade Music from Sweden” compilation on Discreet Music