WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – NOVEMBER #46-23

photo by Angie McMonigal


  • “Lost Entity Sounds Of Tomorrow” By RUNE COSMIC                                                                                                   

A nostalgic trip down my memory lane, hopefully yours as well, through plenty of 12″s I still dearly own, in the compelling Live Vinyl “Freestyle 90s House Mix”, by veteran Danish DJ (since 1979) and vinyl collector (since 1983) Rune Cosmic aka Universal Beats, part of the Club scene in Silkeborg from 1986 with Club New Romantic, Club Sunshine (House), Club Submarine and Deep Space (Techno) in Aarhus. Enjoy!

  • South West of France ambient /acid /downtempo /bass /chug /psych /organic /electronic producer and Reptilian Business Records co-founder, Da Iguana – “The Moon Forest” from “(lm)∈tal ” EP [Jux]

An exotic moon forest enchantment radiating vivid palpitating sensations rolls through an insistent sharp bounce of crispy tribal percussions, light springy clanking chimes, a vibrant warm bass line, hypnotic droning dangers, and sheer reverberant bedazzlements into a heady adventure of mercurial Da Iguana treasure.

  • London/Warwickshire, UK lo-fi /drone /soundtrack /psych /jazzy /post-rock /electronica duo of long-time musical collaborators Oscar Ball and Dan Carney aka Lyndhurst “Holiday Inn” from the upcoming sophomore “Caves” EP

an intriguing circuitry of slightly disturbing yet playful swooping melodies fascinates with staccato loops, droning swathes, frenetic punchy beats, soft tinny chimes, and jazzy brassy flairs, all assembled with painstaking accuracy and a lightness of touch that is sure to awaken and unnerve the listener’s mind.

  • Toulouse-based French/Lebanese electronic /ethnic /body music /techno activist producer and Toulouse Gouffre Club label boss, Psaum, aka Arabian Panther النمر العربي “Gaza’s Tears” from V/A “By the People, For the People” fundraising compilation for Palestine Children’s Relief Fund [House of Afandi Records]

A dramatic and hearty throbbing Arabic-tinged stirring tribute over skittering broken beats highly resounding the bottomless sorrow for the ongoing barbaric US-backed Zionist slaughter, from Toulouse-based freedom-through-sound activist, the artist I know best know better from the 100% of proceeds go to the PCRF (Children of Gaza) multi-genre collaborative music album. I dislike rhetoric, but these are the most thoughtful words I read lately from renowned American journalist Chris Hedges “I hope one day we will meet. You will be an adult. I will be an old man, although to you I am already very old. In my dream for you, I will find you free and safe and happy. No one will be trying to kill you. You will fly in airplanes filled with people, not bombs. You will not be trapped in a concentration camp. You will see the world. You will grow up and have children. You will become old. You will remember this suffering, but you will know it means you must help others who suffer. This is my hope. My prayer.”

  • L.A./Toronto ambient /ethereal /space music /electro-acoustic sound artists James Bernard & anthéne “Trembling House [feat. marine eyes]” from the upcoming album “Soft Octaves [Past Inside the Present]
  • Virtual ambient experimental duo, comprised of Paris-based Australian dream-pop vocalist and musician (one half of Heligoland), Karen Vogt and Málaga-born, Spanish composer and multi-instrumentalist Pepo Galán, aka GALÁN / VOGT “The Dark Opens The Way (Markus Guentner Remix)” from the remix album “All The Time In The World”
  • Mc Allen, TX ambient /drone /ethereal /soundscape /electronic project of Damien Duque a.k.a. City of Dawn “Scattered Colours” title track of the upcoming cassette album “Scattered Colours” [Aural Canyon]
  • Brisbane, Australia ambient /drone /cinematic /neo-classical /piano composer and musician Amber Ramsay, aka Noir et Blanc “Patience” from the sophomore album “Rouge” [4000 Records]
  • Iceland-based dark ambient /ethereal /dark wave /experimental /electronic Greece vocalist, musician, and sound artist, Venus Volcanism – “Resuscitation’s Οstinato” from the upcoming “Tissue” LP 12” [Submersion Records]                                                                                                                                                              
  • Chigaco, IL ambient /drone /field recordings /experimental folk musician Erik Kramer “Rain for the Field” from the cassette album “Where the Fish Are as Fine as the Color of Colors”
  • Mexican ambient /drone /tape loops /electronic musician, Simonel “Minko” off the new album “Colmena” [LINE]
  • Victoria, BC ambient /drone /electro-acoustic sound artist Casey van Wensem, aka The Bird’s Companion “The Unmoving Shore” from the album “The Edge of the Sea” [Whitelabrecs]
  • London-based ambient /drone /experimental field recordist and sound artist Kate Carr “Shy, typically alone or in pairs” from the album “A Field Guide To Phantasmic Birds” [Room40] 
  • Nashville-based Berlin school / ambient /electronic experimental artist and composer Eve Maret “Magic Flight” from the album “Earth and Space” [Altered States]
  • Madrid ambient /field recordings /electro-acoustic /experimental music duo of multi-disciplinary artists Pablo Mirón and Juan Vacas (of the collective Real No Real and Ediciones Fontenebro label), aka Miradasvacas “VIII” from the album “Of No Fixed Abode” [12th Isle]
  • New Jersey dark ambient /drone /field recordings /noise /electronic project of Kyle Nelson, aka Cementation Anxiety “Eleanor” from the cassette album “Patterns of Loss” [Philatélie]
  • Itinerant North American ambient /soundtrack /cinematic /electronic composer, and producer, Martin Glass “Grace and Marcello Bored at the Sun Terrace” from the third “Magic Mountain” LP 12″ [GLOSSY MISTAKES]
  • Finland-based, Plymouth, UK-native dark ambient /soundtrack /hauntology project of electronic musician Steve Netting (aka Town & Country), aka Pennycross Coven “Invocation” from the cassette album “Between Shadows and Lore” [Woodford Halse]
  • Trans-Atlantic ambient duo of Detroit‘s Jason Kolb (Auburn Lull) and Denmark‘s Jonas Munk (Manual), aka Billow Observatory “Garden of Four Streams” from the upcoming EP “Soliton” on Felte
  • Dutch/German ambient /bass /house /techno DJ-producer Oceanic “Even If I Lose Everything (DJ Version)” from “Choral Feeling (DJ Versions)” EP 12“ [Nous’klaer Audio]
  • UK Balearic /dub /psych /downtempo /chug /baggy /electronic duo of producer Jesse Fahnestock & singer-songwriter Emilia Harmony, aka Electric Blue Vision “Other Skies (Hardway Bros meet Monkton Uptown Version)” from “Other Skies” EP [Higher Love Recordings]
  • UK ambient /experimental /psych /downtempo /electronic artist Xqui “Botany Rue (Obeah & Petru Birladeanu Version Remix)” from remix EP “(And Lies In General)” [eMERGENCY heARTS]
  • Turin-based ambient /downtempo /psych /ritual /esoteric /techno /experimental /electronic music producer and co-head of Gang Of Ducks label, Alessio Capovilla, aka XIII “Ladnaday feat. Sabina Kaufman” from upcoming LP “Permanent Rain” [Knekelhuis]
  • UK ambient /field-recordings /piano /spoken word /”dronefolk” duo of David Colohan (Agitated Radio Pilot, Raising Holy Sparks, United Bible Studies) and Zachary Corsa (Nonconnah, Lost Trail, Pines, Yearlings), aka Look To The North “Lost Futures Inhabiting The Present” from “A Shadow Homeland” album cassette [Cruel Nature Records]
  • L.A.-based, English ambient /IDM /experimental electronic music artist (Locust, Autocreation), Mark Van Hoen “This Is For Them (Version)” from “This Is For Them” EP [Touch Music/Dell’Orso Records]
  • Enigmatic Scotland-based ambient electronica female producer, Veryan “Moine Mhòr” from V/A “Turadh” compilation [Bricolage]
  • UK ambient /deep electronics /dark hypnotic techno producer George Thompson aka Black Merlin “Distance” title track of “Distance” EP 12″ [Crystal Ceremony/Transmigration ]
  • Essex, UK IDM /ambient /soundtrack /hauntology /synth electronic musician Chris Sharp, aka Concretism “Queen Victoria Street”
  • Paris-based, French experimental /industrial /breaks /techno /electronic musician-producer Couronne De Merde – “Lahore Summit (1974)” from V/A “Keep The Children Safe” cassette compilation in support for Medical Aid for Palestinians [Industrial Coast]
  • Nairobi, Kenya experimental techstep /breaks /electronic producer Slikback “THYME” from “N E T A R I H I L A S” LP
  • French slow techno /trance /breakbeat /psych /downtempo /electronic producer Pont-Levis, aka Drawbridge “Mama, am I dreaming ?” from the debut “Journey into my inner forest” EP [Electric Shapes]
  • Dutch Ambient /Electro musician and LDI Records head, Erik Griffioen AKA Lloyd Stellar “Northern Lights” from the forthcoming LP “A Brand New Day” [Neurom Records]
  • French ambient /acid /electro producer from Nantes, Tom Ferreira, aka FASME “Sky With No Stars” off “Stretched World PT2″ EP 12” [Nocta Numerica]                                                                                         
  • Detroit-based ambient /electro collaboration between Heinrich Mueller (aka Gerald Donald of Drexciya and Dopplereffekt fame) and DJ Stingray 313 (aka Sherard Ingram), NRSB-11 “Living Wage” from the clear vinyl/CD reissue of the one and only 2013 album “Commodified” originally released on WéMè Records [Disciples]
  • London, UK machine funk electro DJ-producer and No Static / Automatic label head, ARA-U – “No Information No Statistics” from “NO INFORMATION NO STATISTICS” EP
  • China-based, Bulgarian industrial /new beat /techno /experimental /electro DJ & Producer Petar Tassev aka  MANASYt “Row Hammer” off V/A “Shipwrec Electro Sampler 1” EP 12″[Shipwrec]
  • Paris-based drone /ambient /post-industrial project of Benjamin Poirier, SKAKKR “2000 Years Of Disbelief” from “Journey To Extinotion” EP [Brutal Forms]
  • Mexico City industrial /dark electro /darkwave duo, Somos Eléctricos “Manifiesto 1968” single
  • US industrial /EBM /experimental /synth /dark electronics four-piece, aka Domestic Exile “Die Erde Dreht Noch” from self-titled EP cassette via DKA Records
  • Berlin-based, Dublin-native experimental /industrial /techno producer Simon Hayes AKA Swarm Intelligence “Critical Signal” off “Swarm Intelligence 002″ EP 12” [SWRM002]
  • L.A.-based EBM /industrial /techno /dark electronics /darkwave duo Black Light Odyssey “ Synthesize” off V/A “VA#2” compilation [WIE EIN GOTT]
  • Argentinian EBM /Industrial /Post-punk /Techno act KRSSV “Carrera” off “Coupé Fuego” EP [Of Dolls and Murder]
  • Бишкек-based EBM /techno /new beat /analog synth Colombian artist Daniel Olarte aka Fiero “Wild Desire” from the second EP “Pulse Seductor” [SYNTHICIDE]                                                                                         
  • French Industrial Techno Body Music project of Timothée Gainet (aka Poison Point), aka IV HORSEMEN ”Desert Birds (Machino Remix)” off “Parade Nocturne Remixed” EP [Self-Released]
  • Thessaloniki, Greece-based industrial /techno /EBM producer Alpha Sect – “Crime D’Amour Feat. Helena Markos (Weever Remix)” off upcoming split cassette EP with Weever “Machine Crime” [Vives]
  • Greece-based Noise /Dark Electro /Punk /EBM solo project of 1/2 of One Flesh.Infektion, The Hanged Man – “Paralysis” off cassette EP “Deathwish”
  • MoroccanBelgian EBM /Arabic /body music /coldwave /techno DJ and producer based in Lille, Zaatar “Leaving For The Sky” (based on the song « Zahrat al-Mada’en » written in 1967 by Said Akl for the Lebanese singer Fairuz) single [self-released]
  • Zurich, Switzerland techno /proto-house /electro /new wave /dark disco punk producer and Relish label boss, Robi Insinna, a.k.a. Headman “Not About” title track from the upcoming “DeTurning” LP [Relish]
  • German Electro Industrial Noise project from Hamburg, STAHLSCHLAG – “Om Mani Padme Hum” from “Abhinivesha” first single from the upcoming album “Amrita”
  • Ukrainian noise /drone /industrial techno sound Dj-producer UNHAPPY “The Misery Of Empty Hearts” off upcoming EP “Victim Of The System“ [HADES]
  • Zurich, Switzerland industrial /dark techno duo TRVKT “Versus II” from “Versus” EP [Vumantra]
  • Dublin-native rave /funk /tribal techno Dj-producer Cult – “Rock The Mic” from V/A “Stuck In The Loop” 2×12″ LP [Molekül
  • Berlin-based psych /techno /synth /leftfield house DJ-producer Nayan Soukie (of Soukie & Windish), aka Amount – “Figure Skating” off upcoming V/A “Twenty Year Weekend (Two Decades of Darkroom Dubs)” 20-anniversary label compilation compiled and curated by Glasgow‘s Silicone Soul [Darkroom Dubs]
  • Manchester, UK progressive house /trance producer Aiden Francis – “Chug” from V/A “Neptune Discs Vol 8” EP [Neptune Discs]
  • Parisian ambient /steppa /breaks /denbow /dubstep /percussive production duo, Amor Satyr & Siu Mata “Kush Pressure” off “Irie Steppaz” EP 12″ [WAJANG]
  • Belgrade-based acid /footwork /techno /leftfield /broken beats /dembow /electronic producer  Praktikal – “38 Lockt n Loaded” from “Missing a Shoe” EP [YES]
  • Liverpool, UK jungle /acid /psych /electronic DJ-producer Matica “Acid Kebap” from “Acid Kebap” groovy rework of Urfalı Babi‘s cult Turkish Disko Folk classic “Şiş Kebabı” [Self-Released]
  • Incanto Feat. Martha Monreal – “Arcano (Oltrefuturo Trance-A-Lento edit)” [HARD FIST Edit #72]
  • Parisian acid house /indie dance /dark disco DJ-producer and Human Magic Records co-head, Karla Lynch – “NameYourPrice Edit 013” [Les Yeux Orange]
  • Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Haruomi Hosono – “Stranger Love (Edit)” (originally released in 1984) from “Social(ist) Edits Vol.7” EP by Mexican Dj-producer Globemaster [44,100Hz Social Club]
  • New York dark cosmic disco /indie dance /electronic DJ, producer and spatial designer Kate Stein “Looking For Vegus (Niv Ast Remix)” from “Mentalphysics” EP [Rotten City Records]
  • Berlin-based Italo disco /synthwave DJ-producer Italo Brutalo – “You Make Me Feel So (Kay-Chi Remix)” from maxi single “You Make Me Feel So” [Bungalo Disco]
  • Brussels-based acid /house /dark disco /progressive /trance /electronic DJ-producer and Higher Hopes boss (half of Los Niños Del Parque), DC Salas “Sinking” off V/A “Familiar Faces Nº4″ compilation 12” [Riotvan]
  • London-based dark disco /psych /techno DJ-producer Mark Bailey, aka MAN 2.0 “All the Sordid Details” off upcoming “March of the Unforgiven” EP [Espacio Cielo]                                                                                         
  • 2011 progressive house classic from Pakistani-American singer-songwriter Nadia Ali – “Rapture (Zakmina Edit)”                                                                                                                                                                           
  • French indie dance /Italo disco producer-DJ-performer Marco del Bosque – “Is This Love Enough (in Angoulême) (Club Edit)” single [Ulla Records]
  • Berlin-based dark disco /indie dance producer AFIN “Give Me Tonight” off “Give Me Tonight” EP [Frank Musik]
  • Swedish Italo disco /synth wave /indie dance producer Marcus Christiansen “Blue Hour (Venice Arms Remix)” from “Blue Hour EP” [Sound Du Jour]
  • Spanish Dark Disco /Italo /Indie Dance DJ-producer Silicodisco “Labyrinth Of Emotions (Original Mix)” from “Labyrinth Of Emotions” EP [Family NAME records]
  • Corsica-based Italo disco /retro wave /psych /synth-pop /electronic DJ-producer and Bastia‘s From disco to disko label co-founder, Valerj – “Senza Tè” off “La Selva” EP [Nothing Is Real]
  • Bristol, UK breaks /techno /house legends, My Nu Leng “Lesson Learned ft. Collette Warren” from “For The Longest Time” EP 12″ [Shall Not Fade]
  • Oslo-based acid /deep house producer Atlantic Brain “Brother” from “Brother” EP 12″ [Internasjonal]
  • Madrid-based ambient /field recordings /electro-acoustic /experimental music duo of multi-disciplinary artists Pablo Mirón and Juan Vacas (Real No Real collective and Ediciones Fontenebro label), aka Miradasvacas “VIII” from the vinyl 12″ album “Of No Fixed Abode” [12th Isle]
  • Manchester, UK ambient /drone /minimal /electronic project by Lacies Records co-head and musician Andrew Hargreaves (Beppu, The Boats, The Mistys), aka Tape Loop Orchestra “Part 2” from “Onde Sinusoïdale Et Bande Magnétique” album CD [quiet details]
  • Berlin-based, Sidney-native experimental processed-acoustic guitar /electronix virtuoso, musician, composer and improviser, Jules Reidy “NON-LINEAR STAGES (V, II, I, VI, II)” from “Trances” LP 12″ [Shelter Press]
  • North Bay Ontario ambient /drone musician Allister Thompson, aka The Gateless Gate “Autumnal” long-form single
  • New York-based experimental electronics, field recordist, and producer Ian Epps – “The Neck, Bruny Island” from the split long-form album Ossa + Ian Epps “The Guise Of Wide” [Frosti]
  • Italian dark ambient /cosmic /drone /isolationist electronics artist SONOLOGYST – ‘Encoded’ from ‘Shortwave Spectrum’ double CD album (a ‘sonic documentary’ 1982-2021) [Cold Spring]

photo by Damien Gosset,  Pantin, France ’80