WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – NOVEMBER #46 – 22

  • Feed Your Head Guest Mix: PIDR                                                                                                                             

PIDR [Passion In Dark Rooms] is a London-based DJ Collective consisting of Kirsty Pemberton, Russell Penn, and Marc Hasler. Together they have promoted and been residents at their own parties in and around the Capital alongside guests of the likes of Ali Renault, Phil Banks of Forgotten Corner, Vactrol Park, Jonny 5 of Bahnsteig 23 Nathan Gregory Wilkins and many more. Musically… expect the unexpected.

  • 80s seminal New York no-wave / post-punk band Liquid Liquid – “Zero Leg (A-Tweed x Oltrefuturo Edit)” (originally from 1981)

As many of you should know, Liquid Liquid was a pioneering New York‘s late 70s/early 80s so-called No-Wave group, who knew, like few others, how to combine Funk, New Wave, and Post-punk, abstracting and minimizing it in a visceral and atavistic alchemy. Rediscovered in the late 80s by House DJs and above all, at the end of the 90s, thanks to the Punk-Funk revival of bands such as The Rapture, Out Hud, or !!!, as well in addition to a well-deserved compilation co-released by James Lavelle’s Mo’Wax and Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal labels plus a couple of remixes. Italian-based rhythm company’s edit instills further trippy, ritualistic and tribal dimensions, to add stronger low-end groovy density and crisp, chugging and rolling rhythmic dynamics, strewing it with acid suggestions, absolutely appetizing for the most trance-inducing dancefloor.

  • Krasnodar, Russian EBM /acid /synthwave /breaks /techno producer Sanyanameste “Please Your Body” single on Khoinix

Russian producer combines buzzing undulating EBM bassline menace, tinny Industrial rhythms, hypnotic vocal loops, and dramatic synth washes to ignite ceremonial dancing catharsis.

  • Lyon based, French experimental /breakbeat /downtempo /trance /electronic producer Guillaume H. (Worst Records, Positive Education), aka A Strange Wedding “Inferno Seri (New Player In Town)” from upcoming V/A “No Digging After Midnight” compilation on Virtual Forest Records

Paris based Virtual Forest Records hosts a new 12-track compilation, “No Digging After Midnight”, to showcase the mesmerizing dark side of the French electronic scene, delving into a melting pot of influences from all different genres. Lyon‘s electronic visionary producer forays into deep, obscure, hypnotizing realms, where stifling humid atmospherics and ceaselessly menacing crisp echoing percussions, collide with rolling metallic low ends, strident swishing FX and droning oscillating frequencies, to trace eerie, disturbing yet intriguing subterranean routes bridging ancient esoterism and dystopian future.

  • Vancouver, Canada-based David Salisbury‘s experimental /ambient /drone /techno-noir /electronic project Camp Of Wolves “Lure the Midnight Hour” from the cassette album “A Whisper of Broken Things” on Woodford Halse.
  • Berlin-based, St. Petersburg‘s experimental /ambient /spoken word /electronic producer Alexandra Zakharenko aka Perila “Fossil” from the 2-track single “time is language we share”
  • Miami, FL dark ambient /industrial /drone /experimental /electronic / improvisation collaboration of Night Foundation (Richard Vergez) and Doris Dana (Mónica Mesa), AKA Za Za “Stagnant Nostalgia” from the cassette album “Za Za” on Noir Age
  • Italian experimental /ambient /noise sound artist Cristian Usai – “Restart” from split cassette EP “Cristian Usai + Jiselle Kamppila” on Inferior Press Productions
  • Budapest ambient /cinematic /soundscape /electronic producer Imre Kiss – “Theme III (Contact) feat. Geri Kovács & Árpad Kiss” from the album “Keys to Cassiopeia” upcoming on Exiles
  • German ambient /electronic Non-Print label head and producer, Głós “World Enough (The End Of Głós)” from the upcoming LP “World Enough” on Affin
  • Iceland ambient electronic producer Árni Grétar, AKA Futuregrapher “Fiskilækur” from V/A “TUNdrous” CD compilation of 3 EP’s from the TUN series on Móatún 7
  • Frankfurt am Main ambient /downtempo /dub techno producer Krystian Shek “Here For You” from upcoming full-length album ‘Suddenly’ on rohs! records
  • Australian ambient /techno producer Rick Bull aka Deepchild “Under Dark Earth (Feat. Holly+)” from the album “Mycological Patterns” on A Strangely Isolated Place
  • Sierra Leone-native, NYC based ambient /experimental /dub /noise /electronic producer Lamin Fofana “Oily (Resurfacing)” from “Unsettling Scores” album on Peak Oil
  • Berlin-based IDM /industrial /acid / breaks /electro /experimental British DJ and producer Chris Jarman aka Kamikaze Space Programme “Dust To Dust” from upcoming “Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust” EP 12″ on Natural Selection
  • Lithuanian ambient /trip-hop /downtempo /house /breakbeat /techno /electronic producer TEATRE – “Rush” from the upcoming album “Metropolis”
  • London based ambient /Italo /kraut /sci-fi /analog synth DJ-producer Timothy J. Fairplay “Chariots In The Sky” off upcoming EP “Chariots In The Sky” on ARCHAIC FUTURE SOUNDS
  • French Industrial /Dub /Electro ‘criminal music’ producer Axel Larsen “Dans la peau d’un Simplist” from upcoming “L’été Noir” EP 10″ on Macadam Mambo
  • Spanish EBM /Cyberpunk /Synthwave /Darksynth /Electronic music producer Nightcrawler “Partners in Pain” from the new EP “Perverse Frequencies”
  • Italo/French EBM /Techno /Synth Pop duo Marc Ayats and Jørgen Thorvald AKA Ayats-Thorvald “Lune Atroce (Erotico Poetico EBM Radio Edit)” from 5-track EP “Lune Atroce” on Electronic Emergencies
  • Nashville, TN experimental/new beat/cold electro producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Holt (AKA Human Figures), AKA Death Posture “Bread and Circus” from V/A “COULER SUR LE VISAGE VOL. I” tape compilation on COMME DES LARMES
  • London-based industrial /EBM /electro /techno producer Dans Mon Salon – “Pilman feat. Manuel POV” from “Apparition” LP [Amplify Records]
  • Frankfurt am Main-based Italian EBM /electro /industrial /raw dark electronics project of Antonio Barbetta (aka Antonio), aka RAW AMBASSADOR “Sonar Pain” from V/A “Anatomy Vol. 3” on BODY MUSICK
  • Moroccan experimental /EBM /industrial /techno musician-producer Maniaque Nocturne “Raghoul” from the upcoming V/A compilation “Tekchbila ⵜⵉⴽⵛⴱⵉⵍⴰ Vol. 1” on L’Amme Label
  • Hamburg, Germany EBM /industrial /punk /electro /wave duo Levente Pavelka and Johannes Haas AKA Schulverweis – “Partisane (digital bonus)” from the cassette “Schulverweis live im Proberaum – Jetzt wird GEPISST!” on Neoprimitive
  • London-based EBM /Industrial /noise /techno conceptual artist Wvalaam Klous “Welcome to the darkside” from the album “Living Hell”
  • Mexico City based EBM /dark disco /techno /electro /indie dance Russian DJ-producer (AKA Blast Attack), Velax “Psychos Sapiens” from his forthcoming first album “System Slave” on his own label Industrial Insights
  • Jeffersonville, Indiana EBM project of Paul Chenault (member of the Hush Ltd art collective), Control I’m Here “It Will Last You The Rest Of Your Life” from “Occult Hexology” EP
  • EBM/Acid /Disco /Industrial /techno producer Karla Is Not From Monaco – “Grado Zero” from “Grado Zero” EP on Black Leather Records
  • NIN – “Terrible Lie (Richard Easel Remix)” [free download]
  • Berlin-based industrial techno artist, madwoman “Are You Not Entertained” off upcoming “Guided By Shadows” on Brvtalist Sound Recordings
  • Berlin-based Industrial /Techno duo Schwefelgelb “Einer Macht Den Twist” from “Whirlpool-Gedanken” EP upcoming on their own label n-PLEX
  • Berlin-based Italian industrial /acid /techno duo (TANS and Mike Tansella Jr.), Sons Of Traders – “Anybody” from V/A ‘FC002’ EP 12″ [Feral Colony]
  • Los Angeles-based dark techno producer PILO ‘I Forgot Your Name’ from ‘Return The World’ EP on Boysnoize Records
  • Strasbourg, France electro producer Vondkreistan ‘Lost Echoes’ single
  • Madrid-based breaks /ghetto /techno /electro DJ-producer Robert Cosmic “101” from “101 & Yuh” EP on his own Mars Frequency Records
  • North-West of England underground house /Detroit techno /electro producer and owner/founder of L&T Recordings & Non Stop Rhythm, Tom Carruthers “In The Night” from “Programmed World” album vinyl 12″ on Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S.)
  • France/Greece techstep /step /breakbeat /techno /electronic collaboration Brodinski & DJ Loser – “Kamaέl (Xtra Prd. Penelopes Fiance)” off “NECRO.BOT” EP CDr on Magdalena’s Apathy
  • Dutch Electro musician and LDI Records head, Erik Griffioen AKA Lloyd Stellar “Breaking Through The Atmosphere” from his forthcoming EP “Randomized Lifeforms” on Pulse Drift Recordings.
  • Lithuanian-based dark disco/electronic project led by Liudas Lazauskas, aka ROE DEERS “Thème (feat. Order89)” from the debut LP “SALT TOWN BOY” on Good Skills
  • Rostock, Germany trip-hop /downtempo /dark disco /electronic producer Daniel Nitsch, aka Hounah “The Robbery (Thomass Jackson Freak Hop Remix)” off remix EP “Broken Land Remixes” [Feines Tier]
  • Edinburgh, UK lo-fi /ambient /acid house /techno /modular electronica duo Frazer Brown and Alasdair O’May, AKA Dohnavùr “CovAcid (Bit Cloudy Remix)” from the album “Pristine Environments – The Remixes” on Werra Foxma Records
  • Mexico-based Argentinian wave /indie dance producer Cali Burton – “Chapter 41 (Skelesys Remix)” from the EP “Formas” [Teqwave Records]
  • Berlin-based electro /acid /EBM /cold wave /post-disco GrecoGerman duo Vamparela & Brax Moody, aka Local Suicide “PHD In Apology (Alejandro Molinari Remix)” off of the third of four remix EPs from their debut album ‘Eros Anikate’ [Iptamenos Discos]
  • Amsterdam-based house /cosmic /Italo /techno /electronic Dutch/Italian production duo (MOS Recordings affiliated), Aroy Dee & Spaventi Feat. J.C. – “Sorrow (Space Dub)” off “Sorrow” 12″ on Bordello A Parigi
  • Berlin-based, NewYorker electronic /Italo disco /new wave /post-punk /coldwave /dark techno producer Luca Venezia aka Curses feat. Terr – “Ghost Of Arms (Shubostar Remix)” off upcoming remix EP [Dischi Autunno]
  • French cosmic disco /synth wizard Panthera – “Noires Sont Les Galaxies” on Emerald & Doreen Records
  • Paris-based Italo /cosmic disco producer Patricio Diaz – “Keep It Strong” from upcoming V/A “RetroFutur” compilation on Mélopée Records
  • Lyon, France EBM /Italo /dark disco producer Myrddin Ft Alassë – “Penser Avec Ses Pieds (Italo Vocal Mix)” off upcoming EP on Ulla Records
  • Nijmegen, Netherlands based Italo disco /wave /electronic producer Luca dell’Orso “Drive Fast, Brake Hard” title track from the EP upcoming on Ritmo Fatale
  • Berlin-based Spanish techno /cosmic /dark disco producer James Rod “Number Chakkar” from “Different Ways” EP upcoming on NEIN Records
  • Slovenian breaks /trance /indie dance duo RotorMotor “Ouroboros” from “Ouroboros” EP upcoming on Club Mackan.
  • Copenhagen’s disco /house /indie dance DJ-producer Brynjolfur – “Sex In Space” from the upcoming V/A “No Tears In The Backroom VA. VOL1” on Polari Records
  • French indie dance /Italo disco producer Back From The Wave – “Brothers (Endrik Schroeder Strong Tie Remix)” [Roam Recordings]
  • Italian electro-disco producer, musician, DJ, and co-owner of Raibano Records, Alberto Melloni “All I Needed” from “Acid Hand” single [Raibano Records]
  • French indie-dance /Italo /dark disco electronic DJ/producer Darlyn Vlys “Fog (Chinaski Remix)” off upcoming EP “Fog” on his new label Polaris
  • Barcelona-based reggaeton-influenced alias of Venezuela-born Industrial /Techno DJ-producer Cardopusher, aka SAFETY TRANCE “Save Me (ft. Iceboy Violet)” from upcoming “Lágrimas” EP on Club Romantico
  • Dundee, Scotland bass /ghettotech /electro producer YTP “Like That” from “DNA” EP on Childplay.
  • Swiss beats /downtempo /vaporwave /trip-hop /chillwave /jazzwave producer ROMBREAKER “Remaining Years” from the cassette album “Barber Cuts 2018-2021” on Aloe City Wrld
  • Bordeaux, France ambient /IDM /electro brother producers OuD!n13 & Dave-G, AKA G-Prod – “Xpansion” from V/A “Strandgata” compilation album on Móatún 7
  • London-based experimental electronic music producer, DJ, and musician (Pluto Records head and Eglo Records co-founder), Sam Shepherd, AKA Floating Points “Someone Close” title track from “Someone Close” EP 12″ via Ninja Tune
  • Bristol, UK experimental /ambient /electro-acoustic /minimal electronic musician Kayla Painter “Infinite You” from the extended EP “Infinite You” on Castles In Space
  • French ambient /minimal /loops /soundscape musician Aries Mond “High Spot” from the 4th album “Skinscape”
  • UK based ambient /drone temporal sound collective Avrik Torrenssen “Sateessa (Part II)” from V/A “Rusted Drones Vol. 2” cassette album on Rusted Tone Recordings
  • Cadiz, Spain ambient /drone /soundscape sound artist David Cordero “Ataraxia” from the album “El Refugio Efímero”
  • Ravenna, Italy based ambient /drone /experimental solo project of Egyptian artist Mohammed Ashraf “SikSik, AKA Pie Are Squared “Further Now” from the upcoming album “The Whole World’s a Window and I Can’t See a Thing” on Lontano Series
  • Los Angeles based ambient /drone /experimental sound, visual artist and graphic designer Steve Pacheco “Himalaya” from the album “Fades” on Facture
  • Seattle ambient duo Ryan Gracey and Spencer Williams, AKA Drape “Rain’s Return” from “Ecstatic Truth” album on Oscarson
  • Canadian ambient /ethereal /modern classical artist Sleeping Lily “Disquiet” from the debut album “Floda”
  • Paris based ambient /synth wave /chillwave /piano /electronic musician Sebastien Schuller “Dancing Snow” from the upcoming LP “Introspection”
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