WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #46

Matias Alonso Revelli

Picks Of The Week:

  • Early ’80s Italo Disco project produced by Stylóo members Alberto Signorini and Stefano Colombo, Paul Paul  “Good Times (Kid Machine Remix)” new reissue EP 12″ plus two remixes of this 1983 classic via Giorgio Records                                                                                                                                     

 A reissue via Italian label Giorgio Records of a sought-after Italo-disco classic from way back in 1983, with a sick killer remix from Mancunian electro-italo producer Kid Machine, who injects his distinctive futuristic space-out synths and chugging bassline.

  • Experimental/electronic/psych/house/techno collaborative project between Barcelona based Parisian producer and La Belle label owner Antoine Harispuru & London-based duo of Raoul Marks & Ed Cox, Golden Bug & In Fields “Ground (Feat. Phoebe Coco)” from the upcoming album “Vibrations Metalliques” via Höga Nord Rekords 2019  

Trippy, atmospheric and space-out midtempo stomper with a mysterious and arcane vibe from an upcoming full-length that is shaping up to be intriguingly unpredictable and eclectic.

  • Brazilian industrial/dark techno producer XIAO QUAN “Righteous Invasion” title track from upcoming cassette EP on Hangman Satellite

Definitely the producer of the week with two EP, one together with DJ , Brazilian electronic experimentalist XIAO QUAN, not new to this playlist, is finally receiving the attention he deserves with his industrial-charged energized, hypnotic and erratic techno sound.

  • Italian electronic ‘disco doom’ duo of Alessandro Parisi and Adamennon aka Sacrestia Del Santissimo Sangue “Agonia-Aritmia” from upcoming cassette “Trancesubstantiation” via Rumour ¿ ///!\\\ ? Rest
  • Nashville, TN dark electro/synthwave project of Matthew Pusti, aka Makeup and Vanity Set “Theme From Radio Rental” from the album “Radio Rental Season 1 (Original Podcast Soundtrack)” on Lakeshore Records.
  • Moscow, Russia synthwave/vaporwave/jungle musician LOST-RADIO “Lostrunner” from the album “Losing & Taking the Lead” on Бюро
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia future garage/dubstep/ambient/deep house/2-Step/chillout electronic musician Kirill Zubachev, aka LA SOUL “Archangel” from the new “The Secret Album” on Imminent
  • Spokane, WA dark electronic/witch house/darkwave producer/DJ Eric Kerzman, aka BITWVLF ”You’re Lost”
  • Miami‘s experimental/ambient/space/kosmische/coldwave/electronic project of Richard Vergez, aka Night Foundation “I’ll See You / Tomorrow” from the new cassette album “Way Of Life” via Noir Age
  • Atlanta, GA experimental electronic /post-punk/industrial techno project HIGH MARKS “Later Thinking” from the new EP “Four Takes… Fake Turns”
  • London, UK deep dark industrial techno producer Joshua Corallini “Punisher” on brand new label Twizted Movements
  • Berlin-based Italian modular synth futurist Caterina Barbieri “Virgo Rebellion (Lucy Remix)” from ‘‘Lucy Reworks’’ EP on Lucy AKA Luca Mortellaro‘s Berlin-based Stroboscopic Artefacts label.                                         
  • London-based, American/Australian experimental analog electronic music project of Penelope Trappes & Stephen Hindman, The Golden Filter “New Politik (Anna Wall Remix)” from upcoming EP ‘Autonomy Variations’ on 4GN3S                                                                                                                                            
  • Croatia‘s electro darkwave ice queen Popsimonova ‘Dark Star Crashes – with Hard Ton (Rude 66 DJ Edit)’ from ‘After The Fall’ EP to celebrate Electronic Emergencies label’s fifth anniversary
  • Croatian experimental/industrial/post-punk/synthpop/electronic duo of Frank Sumatra & Domagoj Krsic (aka Cyborgs On Crack), How Green Is My Toupee – “Louise Shows Us Her Insecticide Collection”, the first track of the upcoming vinyl 12″ EP “limited edition boxset” via She Lost Kontrol
  • New Berlin-based experimental/ambient/grey area/techno collaborative project from Sam KDC, Torn and Korse, aka Vermisst “Zerfall” title track from debut EP on Horo
  • Bristol, UK industrial/IDM/breakbeat/drum & bass/techno producer and part of Ruffhouse collective, Tom Cooper, aka Karim Maas ‘Know Your Enemy’ off the upcoming ‘The Blakk Rainbow EP’ on The Stone Tapes.      
  • Greek industrial/dark electronic/techno artist Boris Barksdale “Tandem 0.6” off of upcoming tape compilation V/A “ANATEMA Vol.2” on Minor Adjustments                                                                     
  • Berlin-based EBM/dark electronic/techno French producer, half of Imperial Black Unit, Pablo Bozzi, aka LAPSE OF REASON “Emergency” from the new “Sorrows” EP on aufnahme + wiedergabe
  • Barcelona-based, Colombian industrial techno/electro/acid/new beat/noise/EBM producer Arcyniegas – “Gonorzobias”                                                                                                                                                     
  • Melbourne, Australia EBM / dark electronic producer LBEEZE “Raging For You”                           
  • Berlin, Germany EBM /industrial /electronic duo SCHWEFELGELB “Es Zieht Mich (Crystal Geometry Remix)” from “Aus Dem Gesicht Remixed” on aufnahme + wiedergabe
  • Danish/Swedish collaboration between Copenhagen‘s Loke Rahbek and Stockholm‘s Northern Electronics label boss Jonas Rönnberg, Croatian Amor & Varg2TM “God’s Face in the Fire” from the new EP “Body of Carbon” on Posh Isolation
  • Chilean electro/dark techno music and audiovisual producer from Santiago, Compadre Locura – “Vidrios Polarizados” from V/A “Bloque Sur – D” on Pildoras Tapes
  • Utrecht, Netherlands industrial/rave/acid/techno producer BRECC “Madness (Falhaber Remix)” from the new EP “Overloaded” on Coup Collective
  • Havana, Cuba born, Malmö‘s based industrial/dark techno Dj/Producer Rene Navarro (aka Zwei Gesichter & 1/2 Riot), aka Røttar “Disaster” from “Reign Of Terror” EP on INSANE INDUSTRY
  • French industrial techno producer SALEM UNSIGNED “Mammon (Original mix)” from “CANTICA” EP on RND. Records
  • Greek/Chinese experimental/raw industrial/dark electronic/techno collaboration DJ LOSER & XIAO QUAN “Kawasaki Outrun” from upcoming EP “Kawasaki Outrun” via Prague’s Unizone
  • EBM/Techno/electro collaboration between Amsterdam-based, New York Haunted boss Vincent Koreman and L.A.-based, Mexico City-bred and Glauben Records head Monchis Machino, aka MACHINO & DRVG CVLTVRE – “Espejos” from Drvg Cvltvre & Machino – “Espejos” EP on 99CTS RCRDS
  • Berlin-based/Australia-born dark techno/coldwave/darkwave project of DJ, vocalist, producer, and performer (former Linea Aspera and Keluar) Alison Lewis, a.k.a. ZANIAS “Holocene” from the compilation “The World Of Monnom Black II” on Monnom Black
  • Frankfurt am Main, Germany acid/electronic/techno producer duet Lucas Lejeune and Carsten Fluck, aka LE JEUNE FLÜCK “Lies and Deception (Norwell Remix)” from upcoming EP “Desbelieve” on Dionisyan Mysteries                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Belgian dark disco/electronic producer from Liege, ARTHUR JOHNSON “Inside (Original Mix)” off upcoming EP on La Dame Noir                                                                                                                                     
  • Lithuanian electronic/dark disco/wave/techno producer from Vilnius, Zakmina “Not Everyone Can Enter” from upcoming from V/A “Ombra INTL 012” on Berlin-based Ombra International                             
  • Berlin-based coldwave/dark disco project Basic Instinct “I Am My Own Ghost” from upcoming “Jazz” EP on Nein records
  • UK dark cosmic disco/electronic producer Kenny Everest – “Ester Island ( A.I.N.T. Mix )” off of ‘Ester Island X Local Divers’ EP on Bullshit Corner
  • Mysterious Berlin/London based Middle Eastern-influenced electronic trio Mount Kismet “In The Desert” off debut album ‘’Warmer Lanes’’ via Disco Halal.
  • London, UK veteran electronic producer Jerome Hill – “Mob Rule” from the EP “Eat The Evidence” on Dext Recordings                                                                                                                                                                
  • Copenhagen, Denmark techno/rave/trance/electronic duo FUNERAL FUTURE “Blue Euphoria” title track from the new EP on Neuromantic
  • Italy/UK acid/techno/electro collaboration between producers Alessandro Signore and Carl Jones, aka Kill Ref & Coefficient “Tree” from the new EP “Correspondence” on Italian label KR/LF
  • SOL/O ‘Untitled (Live at Suicide Circus 2019)’ from ‘CA008 : SOL/O_untitled /// MATIERE AMORPHE_Lass  Sie In Ruhe (5″ edit)’ on 140bpm ravey electro. 5 ” edit version via Berlin-based label Circonstances A.
  • Dresden, Germany breaks/electro producer GNISTA “Playtime Worktime” off of V/A “BLUE” compilation on Uncanny Valley
  • Ukraine electro producer Lectromagnetique – “Poison” off of upcoming V/A EP “War To The Future” on Gladio Operations                                                                                                                                                               
  • Bogotà, Colombia experimental/ambient/acid/electro/techno producer DAMAGED CLOCK “Acid Moment (Original Mix)” from “Motions” EP on Analogue Texture Records‘ Machine Series
  • Munich-based ambient/electronica/krautrock duo of Martha Plachetka & Anatol Locker, aka LUCID GRAIN “Paradigms” from upcoming cassette album “Sustain & Release” on Modularfield
  • Moscow, Russia ambient/drum & bass/techno producer TORN “Sin” from the new EP “Forsaken” on Horo
  • Analogue deep techno/electronic duo of Italian producer Marco Antonio Spaventi and Dutchman Gijs Poortman (aka G-String), CRYSTAL MAZE “Jack of Shadows” from the album “Enter The Maze” on Indigo Area
  • Polish experimental/techno/ambient moniker of electronic music producer and composer Anna Suda from Wrocław, aka AN ON BAST ”Cloudscape” bonus track from upcoming album “Coherent Excitations” on Cologne’s Modularfield
  • London, UK ambient/dub/deep techno/electronic project of Billy Hesmondhalgh, Arkaean – “Callow Tongue” from the album “Dawnlit Passage” on Silent Season
  • Manchester, UK / Ukraine ambient/vaporwave/dreampunk duo of CMD094 and Panta Rhe, aka KUROI AME “Rain Inside” from the cassette/vinyl album “Sacred” on Shenghen’s VILL4IN
  • Danish experimental/ambient duo of Mikkel Valentin Dunkerley & P.E. (aka Rosen & Spyddet), aka Olympisk Løft – “Første Strygerstykke For Paradis” from V/A “The Lament Of Electra” on Janushoved
  • Preston, UK ambient /drone/spacesynth/electronic project of Stephen James Buckley, aka POLYPORES “Clonal Colony” from 2-track floral Lathe Cut 7″ single “Additional Flora” via Castles In Space
  • Bordeaux-based dark ambient/industrial/expérimental project ZUMAIA “This is my voice (v2)” off 2-tracker “This is my voice” [Tribute to Leonard Cohen]

Matias Alonso Revelli