WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – NOVEMBER #45-23


  • GOWAX “Dark Dance vol. 9”

Antwerp, Belgium-based experienced DJ/Producer Gowax with a gripping and immersive set mixing some of his recent favorite darkisch spheric hypno tracks. Still very much Dark Disco, New Wave, Techno, and EBM infused, but slightly uptempo…just trust Patrick and ‘Wave Inbetween’.

  • UK bass /garage /house /techno producer Kindimmer “Futurama” from “Fathers Without Fathers” EP [Omena]

Amid the Bass and Garage inflected opening and the IDM-tinged minimalistic clinking finale, is the lush cinematic warm atmospherics of “Futurama” that shines with a slow build of wandering rich layers of humming and enveloping synth sweeps, blended with subtly tinny oscillations, steady smooth pattering kick drums, and swelling humming basslines, wavering with organic emotional depth into immersive ethereal outer spaces, proof to an imaginative eclectic artist to follow steadily.

  • Parisian EBM /rave /industrial /techno DJ-producer Pierre Berge-Cia – “Entropist” off “Exit Wound” EP [Vast Perception]

I’m not as into straight techno stuff as I was in the early 00s ’cause I’m not clubbing anymore due to ‘age limits’, but the dizzying, shadowy and turbulent Industrial-charged melodic techno from the Parisian producer, fueled with relentless hard-hitting drums, trippy ravey synths and buzzing cavernous basslines, and it’s not the first time, always worth my listening time and imaginary headspace of dancefloor devastation. The same I could say for the even more incendiary DLV firecracker below.

  • Montreal-based Mexican ambient /experimental /techno /Latin /dembow /percussive /percussive sound designer and composer Ultima Esuna “Frondoso” title track of the upcoming “Frondoso” EP [5U LTD]

Up-and-coming Mexican electronic artist, relocated to Montreal, nimbly blends Techno, House and Dembow elements with a Latin flair, in a teeming, lush and fanciful tropical array of seemingly disjointed yet subtly cohesive clutter replete with incessant crispy percussive patterns, that roll and bounce through ritual hypnotic kick drums, frenetic brittle chimes, hollow drops, and lingering angsty obsessive tones, fusing mesmerizing whispers with crackling magnetic vivid intensity.

  • Strasbourg, French experimental /modern classical /piano composer Christine Ott “Rachel” from the 5th album “Eclats (Piano Works)” via Gizeh Records
  • US/Japan ambient /drone /minimal /electroacoustic /piano collaboration Hollie Kenniff And Kazuma Okabayashi – “Endless Explorations” single
  • Atlanta, Georgia textural ambient /minimal electronic /post-rock musician Daniel DeWitt, aka The Lifted Index “Last Gasp, First Breath” from the album “Dawn Recursion” [quiet details]
  • Tromsø, Norway ambient improv analog producer Geir Jenssen, aka BIOSPHERE “Franklin´s Dream” from upcoming album “Inland Delta” album [Biophon Records]
  • German ambient /drone /field recordings /experimental guitarist and electronic improviser Alexander Holtz, aka Oberlin “Tentativa No.4” off upcoming “Invierno” LP [Lᴏɴᴛᴀɴᴏ Series / Rohs! Records]
  • Tokyo, Japan-based ambient /drone /tape loop /experimental duo of Danielle Baquet and Will Long, AKA Celer “Gems I (excerpt)” off upcoming album “Gems” [ROOM40]
  • UK/Italian ambient /drone /field recordings /electro-acoustic duo Wil Bolton & Francis Gri “Tapestries” from the second CD album “In the Still Water” [Shimmering Moods Records]
  • Paris-based ambient /drone /experimental /tape loops /electronic sound artists, Thme & Agyt “De l’huile sur la mer” from the upcoming cassette album “Au loin la côte” [Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.]
  • Osaka, Japan industrial /ambient /electro / “gagaku techno” experimental musician 99LETTERS “Nakimushinatori / 泣虫鳥” from the vinyl 12″ album ” Zigoku / 地獄” [Phantom Limb]
  • LA-based old-school style dub /reggae multi-instrumentalist, music producer and composer Jordan Chini, aka Count Dubula “Catch 22” from “Catch 22 / Ricochet” 7″ single [CQQL Records]
  • Paris-based, French ambient synth /digi-dub duo F.M. (François Marché) and Fafane (Stéphane Bodin), aka Froid Dub ”Stay” from upcoming “Synch Unity” LP 12″+7″ [DELODIO]
  • Boulder, CO ambient /chillout /electronic project of Dustin Kniffen, aka White Flashes “Magnet” from “Momentary Lapses I” EP
  • Antwerp, Belgium-based ambient /IDM /glitch /techno /minimal /electronic producer Guy Brewer, aka Carrier “Fathom” from “FATHOM” EP [FELT]
  • Switzerland-based, England-born ambient /soundtrack /synthwave /modular synth /electronic musician and composer Rupert Lally “Performance” off the album “Teenage Wildlife” [Third Kind Records]
  • Belgian IDM /glitch /experimental electronic duo from Brussels, SUUMHOW “ANDSO.ON” from the album “EXTRA FAILED ITEMS” [n5MD]
  • German minimal /techno /leftfield house /electronix duo Mix Mup and Kassem Mosse, aka MM / KM – “Flamingo” off “Ich sehe Vasen” 2xLP [The Trilogy Tapes]
  • Geneva-based, Swiss ambient /breakbeat /bass /braindance /broken beat techno artist Valérie Siron, aka Owelle “Tennis” from “It’s Okay” [Dee Dee’s Picks]
  • Amsterdam-based ambient /acid /percussive /minimal /psychedelic /techno Dj-producer Tammo Hesselink – “Work Work Work” title track of upcoming “Work Work Work” EP 12″ [Midgar Records]
  • Montreal, Québec ambient /house /techno duo Priori and Patrick Holland, aka Jump Source “Convenient Fetish” off upcoming “JS03″ EP 12” [Jump Source]
  • French ambient /acid /electro producer from Nantes, Tom Ferreira, aka FASME “Planance” off “Stretched World PT2″ EP 12” [Nocta Numerica]
  • Hamburg‘s acid /braindance /electro producer Carsten Schulz aka Quadratschulz “Single Source of Truth” from upcoming EP “Halo Welt” [Analogical Force]
  • Belgian retrowave /new beat /electro /synthwave act from Brussels, Analog 80 “Logic System” [Analog Sounds Records]
  • Czech ambient /experimental /folk /psych /electronic musical collective headed up by musician Marius Houschya, aka Habitat Ensemble “Die Vergessenen Orte” from the self-titled album [Music From Memory]
  • Iranian ambient /noise /techno /post-industrial /trip-hop /dark electronic artist GARNU DEPOT “The Root” from the upcoming V/A “Risks Issues Opportunities III” LP 12” [R.i.O. Label]
  • New York dark ambient /industrial /noise /techno artist Brien Hindman “Vestigial structures (feat. Imminent & Ivardensphere)” from the sophomore “Symbiosis” album [Ant-Zen]
  • Athens, Greek experimental /industrial /techno /dark electronics producer Petros Spatharos – “Tropical Riot” off of upcoming 12” split EP “DDS08” with Filmmaker [Dalmata Daniel]
  • Bordeaux, France EBM /techno /synthwave /electronic artist, Roxane Barrow “I’M BACK” debut single
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina‘s nu-disco /electro /acid /techno /EBM production duo May Mc Laren and Palmariello, aka Happy707 “Cyber Chase” off upcoming “Escupir Un Burgues” EP 12″ [Schrödinger’s Box]
  • Rennes-based French Techno /EBM DJ-producer and Vives Label head, Weever “L’Esclave De La Machine (Alpha Sect Remix)” off upcoming “Machine Crime” EP cassette [VIVES]
  • Parisian industrial /electro /EBM /new beat /synth /techno producer Notausgang “Hide Behind Yourself” from the upcoming “Shredded With Time” EP [X-IMG]
  • New York by way of London and Belgrade eclectic techno /EBM electronic producer and Samo Records head, Facets “Breakable” from “Breakable” EP [Optimo Music]
  • Бишкек-based EBM /techno /new beat /analog synth Colombian artist Daniel Olarte aka Fiero“Inhale” from the upcoming second EP “Pulse Seductor” [SYNTHICIDE]
  • Cincinnati, Ohio techno /post-punk /electronic / EBM project of Avery Stanken, aka HEALNG “Dead Garden” single
  • Russian EBM /Dark Hard Techno side project of coldwave /post-punk duo Supernova 1006, aka Realite – “Alpha” from “Crusher Zone” EP cassette [Clan Destine Records]
  • Berlin-based, Mexican Synth-Punk /Dark Electronics /EBM producer-DJ and Miseria label founder, Carlos GrabStein a.k.a. 89st “I’m Sick of These Pigs” off upcoming V/A “Purging Realities Part II” compilation series [Liber Null Berlin]
  • Cardiff, UK-based industrial /synthpop /EBM /new beat /electronic Dj-producer David J Bull — “Shake Out, Get Loose” off “The Energy” EP 12″ [Dummy Hand]
  • Italian acid /noise /techno /EBM /cyberpunk duo of Violet Poison and Unhuman, aka Aktion Mutante – “Sword” off upcoming V/A “Purging Realities Part II” compilation series [Liber Null Berlin]
  • New York by way of London and Belgrade eclectic techno /EBM electronic producer and Samo Records head, Facets “NocÌ Feat Marija Kovacevic” from “Breakable” EP [Optimo Music]
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina EBM /dark disco /dark wave DJ-producer Abby Knives – “Some Love In Yours Words” from V/A “ 16 TRACKS FOR MAHSA AND THE PERSIAN LIONESSES” charity compilation [GLANZ + ELEND]
  • Lyon, France industrial /rave /hardcore /techno artist Istigkeit – “Jumelia” off V/A “Digital Disease” EP [HARDCODE] bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=2500248254]
  • Vienna-born, Berlin-based rave /hard techno DJ-producer DLV “Angel Of Death (Original Mix)” off upcoming “Sinner Man” EP [DLV]
  • Detroit, MI electro /techno genre-defying producer Waajeed “Memoirs of Hi-Tech Jazz (Jensen Interceptor x Assembler Code Remix)” from “Memoirs of Hi-Tech Jazz Remixes” EP 12″ [Tresor Records]
  • Voronezh, Russia-based EBM /acid /techno /electro Dj-musician-produce and Raw Union imprint head, Nikita Theodorov, AKA St Theodore – “Static Control” from the debut LP “Majesty”
  • Berlin-based Russian ambient /techno /electro producer Arpatronic – “The Gloomy Way” single [Radiation Records]
  • Italian techno /acid /electro producer Roberto Crisma aka KWASIR “I Put A Spell On You” from V/A “NPC Activities Vol. 1” compilation album [e506]
  • Northern Spain‘s Acid /Electro producer based in Lugo, Synth Alien “PAHKUM” from the forthcoming V/A “Kallaikoi – A Galician V.A” compilation LP 12″ [Archaic Print]
  • Berlin-based Australian techno /trance producer San Regret – “Post-Club Clarity” off V/A “HLX 1” compilation [Deestricted]
  • Lithuanian techno /breaks /trance /electronic duo Alex Pletnev and Logeshen Moorgan (aka Fourmi Rouz), aka Moisk “Lithuanian Summer Rain” from “Deoxyribose” EP 12″ [Griffè]
  • Bristol, UK acid /trance /prog house /breakbeat /techno producer and Familiar Strangers founder, Remotif “The Elevated Place” title track of “The Elevated Place” EP 12” [Emotional] Especial
  • Russian ambient /space /house /psy prog /trance electronic DJ/producer Konstantin Isayev (aka Volta Cab), aka Rambal Cochet “Virtual Nightmare” from “Dolphin’s Dance” EP 12″ [Alzaya]
    Yorkshire, UK-born, London-based hard-house /prog /trance Dj-producer and Beatriarchy co-founder Kitsta “Liefmans” off “Liefmans” EP 12″ [Manual Smiles]
  • Egyptian 70’s singer and Shaabi music star, Ahmed Adaweya – “Bent El Soltan (thePhilosophica Edit)” [SINCHI EDITS 21]
  • Berlin/Vienna dark disco collaboration Local Suicide & Wiener Planquadrat – “Flashdance” off of upcoming V/A “Twenty Year Weekend (Two Decades of Darkroom Dubs)” twenty-anniversary label compilation compiled and curated by Glasgow’s Silicone Soul [Darkroom Dubs]
  • Parisian Italo disco /indie dance maestro of music and proud member of the prestigious Skylax crew, DJ Tsygan – “Purple Dreams” off “Purple Dreams” EP [Skylax Records]
  • Mexican dark disco /acid /psych /indie dance producers Technicism & Chinosynth – “Discodelia (Peter Invasion & Gregor Habicht Remix)” off upcoming “Discodelia” EP [Roam Recordings ]
  • Swedish/Scottish house /nu-disco collaboration Storken & Hammer – “Marabou” off  V/A “One Swallow Doesn’t Make A Summer Part 6″ EP 12” [Running Back]
  • Amsterdam-based tribal /Italo disco /proto-house Italian Dj-producer Daniele Labbate (aka Disco Mortale), aka Daniel Monaco “Change (Marvin & Guy Miami Mix) feat. Zoë Xenia” from “Change” EP [It’s a Pleasure]
  • Italian indie disco /Italo disco collaboration between Raibano label-head honcho and cosmopolitan disco-funk duo, Gianmaria Gamberini & Sparkling Attitude – “Caraibi (Panthera Krause Remix)” off “Caraibi” EP [Raibano Records]
  • Rome, Italy retro wave /Italo disco producer Andy Romano – “Monday” off “Monday” EP 12″ [Bordello A Parigi]
  • Berlin-based disco /house /electronic Dj-Live Act-Producer and GOOEY label founder, Siggatunez feat. Frankas Fall – “You Ain’t” (part of the soundtrack of the performance “Merchandise Medea” by the artist group Menade)
  • Brussels-based acid /wave /electroclash /new beat /dark disco /electro house /electronic collaborative project of Fuse resident and Higher Hopes boss DC Salas with Anthony Barbarich (aka Mirror Minds), Niños Del Parque “Antwerp Is Acied” from DC Salas & Mirror Minds pres. Los Niños Del Parque – “Frecuencias Eternas” EP [Higher Hopes Records]
  • Manchester, UK EBM /synth wave /Italo /cosmic disco duo of producer Chris Massey (Sprechen label head) & Elliott Lion (of post-punk band Editors), aka ISO City “Light Cycle” from “Back On The Grid” EP [Sprechen]
  • Austrian/German indie dance /tribal /psych /cosmic disco /electronica production duo, Nick Hanzo & Heidenreich – “Drehmoment (ft. das molekuel)” from V/A “Year V” compilation LP [Bonkers]                     
  • Vilnius, Lithuania house /rap /trash /surf /soul /indie dance /girl punk trio SHISHI “I Start to Lose Control (Fango Remix)” from “Remixes” [Good Skills]
  • Belgium-born, Geneva-based new beat /oddball disco /proto-house producer Reda Saiarh – “Malayika” off V/A “They Will Be Free: A VA For Palestine Volume 3” EP [Feed The Void]
  • Yangon, Myanmar ambient /experimental /soundscape /downtempo /electronic producer Heft – “Enough (illocanblo Remix)” from the upcoming album “Mensch” [EC Underground]
  • Berlin-based ambient /deep house /dub /chillout /Balearic Italian producer and part of Balearic Gabba Soundsystem, Matteo Gallerani, aka Gallo “That Moment” from upcoming “Hidden Inside” EP [Hell Yeah Recordings]
  • Scotland-based cinematic /experimental electronic pop musician Mark Tranmer (The Montgolfier Brothers, Wingdisk, Vetchinsky Settings, Bad Dancers Collide), GNAC “Fuyu No Tsuki (冬の月)” [ work in progress for “Winter Moon” from VF701] from the album “Estimating Green” (collection of alternative versions of tracks, out-takes, works in progress, solo piano demos, & a 7″ single edit 2021-23)
  • London, UK ambient /experimental /jazz /piano composer and producer Sam Beste, aka The Vernon Spring “A Plane Over Woods II ft. Ideophone” [Lima Limo Records]
  • North Eurasia ambient /drone /bass /guitar /loop /live recording/ music artist Egor Klochikhin, aka Foresteppe “Music Makes No Prophecy (Excerpt)” from the upcoming cassette album “Music Makes No Prophecy” [Cudighi Records]
  • Berlin-based Italian ambient /noise /field recordings /musique-concréte /electroacoustic sound artist Manuel Carbone “Leipzig 21/10/23” (Relatives Schoensein 2 exhibition at Aquarium Leipzig) [Adventurous Music]

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